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March 18th

Crypto spring? Some in the crypto world feel there will be a resurgence in Bitcoin after the 'crypto winter' driving it to new heights in value than the last year. Possible but I doubt it. BTC with probably fluctuate like it is now for awhile.

Meanwhile, new tokens surface steady, almost daily; attempting to duplicate's Bitcoin's initial steady rise but for now, BTC remains king.

Coinicore  sent me a Bitcoin payment in quick time to increase my stake in my crypto wallet.

March 16th

Bitcoin is over $4000 USD today. Regarding Bitcoin and crypto in general in Canada, our financial regulatory commissions are now more serious about regulating exchanges and crypto sites here. To be expected after the fallout from QuadrigaCX.

Probably be awhile before I see official news on the proposed rules and regs to come.

March 14th

I prefer  the range where Bitcoin is these days with the odd spike in value where you know what to expect when sending and receiving transactions. Specially if the 'coin' is invested for a term.

Hashing Ad Space  sent out a recent update and my interest is focused around this tidbit (when it's ready to go)

Now approaching 100,000 registered members, 
The first step is to introduce our new FREE earning product.

This product, among all the additional advertising products and improved advertising functions we are developing, will continue to drive Hashing Ad Space forward

I suspect that will have something to do with earning their 'coin' Asimi (currently $1.90 USD), which then can be used to fund a daily 'earning' plan.

Diversity Fund  .... for the previous week, had a 5.7% for gains. I requested a USD withdrawal today.

March (Humpday)

My team in the NHL are the Montreal Canadiens and although it's iffy if they will make the playoffs with about a dozen games left to play in their regular season, it ain't over until it's over. 

Meanwhile, my fav player and goaltender, Carey Price became the top goalie in Hab's franchise history with a win last night to pass Jaques Plante. (315 games)

Revsuptime  sent a payment to my crypto wallet and I continue to earn there daily while further purchasing today.

Crypto Monsoon  had a minor earning issue for a day and that was resolved causing their coin, CMN  ... to more than double in value within a couple days.

March 11th,

This week's temps so far, are all above zero. Nice.

Crypto Monsoon  has two plans as I mentioned in my last update. $40 minimum, which earns a total of 130%, principal and gains, up to 2% per day. That's paid in US dollars 

The other 'stacking' plan is for 30 days with a minimum of $20 for 112% and that calculates CMN at it's fluctuating value, earning 0.4% per day.

Currently, I'm in the $40 plan, watching the CMN token as the venture grows.

March 9th

I've been watching a new venture for awhile that's just beginning to ramp up so I joined and funded with Bitcoin.

Crypto Monsoon  has two plans and funds deposited exchange into their coin called CMN which started at 0.01 cents and currently nearing 30 cents as it climbs in value.

Withdrawals are scheduled to be enabled on the 20th of March.

Years back before Bitcoin was even thought about and developed along with Blockchains, some ventures used their own tokens but matched the current USD currency value.

Today, the focus has switched to buying the tokens coming on the scene 'low' and looking to sell or withdraw at a 'high'er value than the initial starting price.

March 8th

Bitcoin is climbing in value again today. Good to see. I made a wee gain in a trade with Kraken.

Coinicore  , now in it's 107th day of operation sent me a quick Bitcoin payment.

Diversity Fund  ... members who have at least 1 profit pack can also 'withdraw' gains received by viewing Ads in their Directory Ads page, highlighted in a gray background. A recent update showed over $3289 paid out with this bonus besides earnings gained from Profit Packs.

March 7th

We are getting frosty nights here in Halifax, but by midday, the snow is melting from the past weekend snow storms. Springs getting closer

Keeping in mind that the higher the 'market cap' or asset held by all owners with 'coins; in crypto land ... the higher the price.  Hashing Ad Space  is bringing back watching one Ad for free Asimi, currently worth around $1.90. Waiting for an update on when that will start.

Members can build up or add to their current 'on site' Asimi total to purchase a 1 year Asimi plan to earn daily.

Asimi is currently being traded on the 'Waves' exchanger.

March 6th

Starting March, there's kind of a lull in the action as I'm mostly 'watching' these days, apart from the invests and ventures I'm currently involved with.

There's a few issues in Canada now like an economic slowdown causing business worries across the land and the Bank of Canada will decide on interest rates today. No increase or a rise that will probably affect the Markets in the short term if they go up.

Our leader and PM, Justin Trudeau is in bit of a Liberal party crisis with elections coming this fall over crooked contracts by  departed management with a Quebec engineering company; leaving the current management with damage control that won't go away for now. Personally, who cares, most folks got enough on their plate at home and on the job ... move on with fixing the issues that hang around like storm clouds in every province.

March 3rd

Back to back snow falls this weekend are ending tomorrow, (Monday) in Halifax. Hopefully, this is the early traditional Paddy's Day snow storm that hits every March before spring weather sets in.

Bitcoin is fairly steady since last weekends peak and drop.

Some crypto sleuths continue to look at the QuadrigaCX missing 'coins' mystery. The latest is that the so called 'Cold Wallets' are practically empty after weeks of wondering if that's where the millions are stored.

Some are speculating the 'missing' 90 million wasn't there in the beginning while another says he tracked 100 million of Ether to 12 different Wallet/Exchanger sites.

Meanwhile Kraken is offering $100,000 to the person or group that can solve the mystery.

March 1st

After a few days of a steady bitter cold wind here in Halifax, the weather is finally changing and turning milder with the sun today.

Here in Nova Scotia, I expect us to be getting into some spring like weather mid month.

Diversity Fund  had a previous week of 5.6% for gains with another week will soon concluded. Also received a quick USD payment yesterday.

Coincore  also paid me quick to my crypto 'Wallet' in Bitcoin.

Patience can be a virtue and I'm now in profit from my first spends with Revsuptime. I've expired several pack purchases with that site and continue to buy at this time.

February 27th

The drama continues to unfold with the now defunct crypto company called QuadrigaCX. 

I was a member and lucky enough to decide to quit it and request funds be paid to my Bank. That took about 2 weeks but shortly after that transaction was complete it all went south.

The latest news is at this link ... Lawyers offering services for recovering funds in QuadrigaCX.

The whole affair is an example of what can happen when involved with 'unregulated' crypto outfits. Weighing the risks comes to mind.

With Bitcoin, it seems like a wait and see game of; who is going to drive up the price of BTC once again so a crypto investor can sell with a gain like last weekend. 

February 25th

I'm thinking a lot of folks into Bitcoin got a surprise Saturday when it climbed to near $4200 USD and that was a rare forecast some crypto news wires got right where the 'coin' market is so unpredictable. Many folks were probably waiting for that peak to either convert some to cash or 'Trade'; where it took a sudden plunge after that high with all the selling. Today, BTC is slowly rising again in value.

The US and China continue to work on an agreeable Tariff deal so that's a major issue and positive one for now with the Markets.

My invested 'stuff' is performing as advertised and looks like a long running one (years) is coming back to life after a couple weeks of silence. More news on that when the gears start turning there again. Needs some oil and maintenance.

February 23rd

Both the Stock and Crypto Markets have improved in this later part of February but buying comes with risks of course. For now, they are fairly stable.

Keeping fees to a minimum is a major topic today with commercials now on TV about chats between financial advisers and clients. With the client pointing out that high fees are cutting into the gains and not acceptable. Years ago there wasn't much discussion about that issue and the rates financial advisers and Banks charged was just accepted as the 'norm'.

It's wise to shop around where ultra low to free options are available today.

With Blockchains, I always check my transaction fees that are very low these days before confirming compared to when Bitcoin neared 20 grand in value in the past.

The same goes with the fees for Trading any 'coins' on exchangers. Script errors have been known to happen and better to cancel and recheck.

February 21st

Heading into the last full week of February, Bitcoin came close but hasn't broke that 4 grand USD level yet.

Revsuptime  ,I funded on the 2nd of December, 2018 continues to perform well. I followed Diversity Fund into that site and their latest post about Revsuptime is positive as withdrawals are completed.

The newest crypto related site I joined and funded called;  Hashing Ad Space  updated that watching one Ad and getting Asimi for free will end on Monday, 25th of February. To gain further an 'Asimi Stake' is required. 84,000 members to date.

February 19th

Yesterday was a provincial holiday ... Heritage Day and overall on the finance scene, it was quiet over the long weekend here in Nova Scotia.

One highlight is the rising price of Bitcoin. Could break the $4000 USD level today for the first time in awhile.

Diversity Fund  sent me US funds yesterday and showing a previous week's gain of 5.7%.



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