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  Gord's    Updates

​​Feb 17

It's a cold windy day here in Halifax but warming up by Monday. So far, it's been a very mild winter.

Bitcoin continues it's 'Bull' run today and it was a great week for the recovery of digital coins in general.

Feb 15

In the NHL, Toronto Maple Leaf fans have plenty to cheer about as the Leafs under the guidance of former Detroit Red Wing coach, Mike Babcock are racking up the wins heading for the Playoffs. Meanwhile, the Montreal Canadiens are the not doing well with 3 consecutive losses. The Habs won't make the playoffs and a lot of trade rumors are flying about. 

As thrifty flower buyers for Valentines ponder how long those expensive roses will last while munching on the last few chocolates in the box,  Bitcoin is once again up over 10 grand in USD value. How long? ... nobody knows that answer. New developments are the 'Lightning technology' crypto outfits are adding . A faster and cheaper transaction option. In tune with today's world of 'wanting it done yesterday' mindset.

Feb 14

Happy Valentines Day

.... and I hope couples don't lose that lovin' feeling in the video above by the inspiring ... Righteous Brothers.

Speaking of 'love', Bitcoin and Crypto owners in general must like the bit of a 'bull' run since yesterday driving up values.

ACX  ....  it is the longest running program I've been involved with and like the Markets and Crytpo's ... it's had it's fluctuations so just a reminder to 'accept the risk' for 'better or worse' where nothing is guaranteed in this online Biz. Kind of a play on words there where's it's Valentines and the marriage or plans of it.

Feb (Tuesday)

I'm always sizing up fees. There are options with investing where I can move my money to get lower fees and other times I'm stuck with the standard that's available. Either way, can't escape them.

Good to see making Bitcoin transactions is close to being normal these days where the value is fairly steady compared to the wild swings of the past and Blockchains getting congested ... Miners than raising their confirmation fees and being selective. The last two sends I made where confirmed in less than an hour which is normal.

In the Market place, investors are also getting smarter and thriftier by joining low fee Fintechs, Roboadvisers with the rave being ETF's instead of Mutual Funds for their low management fees. 

The overall goal is more 'net' dollars in the end for me from the original 'gross' spends or invests.

Examples are Tangerine Investment Funds that come with a 1% management fee compared to the typical brick and mortar bank's 2% or higher. ETF's are lower than that 1% and the reason they are so attractive now. 

Feb 12

Crypto's haven't been talked about much in relation to the stock markets but these days where a lot of selling is happening in the stocks lately, Crypto currencies are in a bit of an upswing starting the week.

ACX  ...  with some unscrupulous members creating multiple accounts to take advantage of a free cash bonus has resulted in all members getting a deduction today in their DSC wallets. Moving on ... I requested a withdrawal today to my STP account.

Feb 10

The Winter Olympics are under way. Canadians have yet to win a medal but it's early and a lot of competitions are underway. A positive overview of it all is that the two Korea's have opened channels for talks.

With the Olympics there are some movies that come to mind like 'Cool Runnings' about a Jamaican bobsled team.

This year it's, 'Eddie the Eagle'.

The Markets along with the Crypto's had a wild up and down ride last week with things improving Friday and today. Slower to recover in Canada.

Feb 08

SolidTrustPay  based in Canada has a new website look and added new features. TrustPoints Reward Program where a min transfer of $10 is worth 1 point. 100 points or more can redeemed for cash, gift cards ... transfer them to other members or donate to charity.

I've been using STP for a decade or more with the convenience of withdrawals and deposits from my bank.

Feb 07

From a young age, I've always been interested in space and NASA. Yesterday, Elon Musk's SpaceX 'Heavy lift' rocket had a successful launch, with 'boosters' returning to earth. Opens a new era where more cargo can be shipped to develop larger space stations and platforms for future long range space flights.

ACX  ... I received a SolidTrustPay payment yesterday evening. Current members and those who register can now visit a Conference room with a 'one time' $5 credited to their wallets for purchases.

Feb 05

The Philadelphia Eagles are the SuperBowl champions for the first time in an entertaining game last night. 

The Markets on both sides of the border have taken a dip since 2018 rang in ... more drastic last Friday. Crypto's have as well. Now the wait for things to level off and go from there.

Feb 04

SuperBowl Sunday ... a lot of folks wearing New England Patriot toques here today as they play the Philadelphia Eagles. The half time show features Justin Timberlake who put out one of my fav tunes of 2017. Can't Stop the Feeling. What I call, a feel good song and toe tappin'.

I remember reading that Time magazine called the song cheesy in so many words but they also hammed up Trump when he won the Presidency, later issuing negative articles about the man. What? ... they couldn't see that coming.


On my 'Tickers and Trending' page, I added some information about an online Bank that I have been dealing with for years. Initially called Ing Bank, Scotiabank ( one of the top 5 banks in Canada) bought out the Canadian branch of Ing Bank and renamed it  Tangerine  back in 2012 backed by CDIC, Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation.

They have a current promotion where a $100 deposit will gain a new account opening a bonus of $50 to Jan 31, 2018

(Add Tangerine Key number: 24769201S1 when registering) plus a 2.40% on savings and TFSA deposits to December 31, 2017.

I'm also into their investment portfolios with a current gain through my Tax Free Savings Account ... TFSA.

Currently watching but not registered with any sites at this time