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December 14th

If your a full time crypto trader, there's money to made for those with experience but me, being a 'hobby' trader, it's not the best time in the current 'bear' trend.

I'm with  QuadrigiaCX  and made some money as well as lost some with BTC/USD  and BTC/CAD trades while there continue to be a lot of activity on that platform. Approx: $1,218,000 worth in the last 24 hours.

For now I'm cooling my heels and transferred some of my USD Bitcoin to  Coinbase , which was completed in the normal time frame. Good to know where investing money in a trading site is quick and easy (with usually a KYC - Know Your Customer application involved).

You wonder over time, how easy is it to get funds back out of sites where I've had funds in for long term? I found out today, just as easy and quick.

A December Thursday

Getting near mid December I posted a new article to my Blog called ....  Cold Spurts

December 12th

So far, it's been dry here in Halifax, with off and on cold spurts like today at around - 16 C with the wind; turning milder tomorrow and staying mild for few days after that. The provinces around us have gotten more snow recently.

Great to see Bitcoin holding in it's current range for now where funds coming into Crypto Wallets stay as gains.

Diversity Funds  had an increase in the previous week with a 5.4% gain

December 10th

There's crypto buzz out there with posts about 2019 and more news/development involving 'Stable Coins'; for example 1 Coin = 1 USD. There are already several on the go but like everything, there will eventually be a top few that will be noteworthy. 

The main thing is that an outfit should have and some already have, an 'open book' policy showing that they have the USD plus surplus to match every coin on the Market. 

Like a dude walking into a bank pulling a pallet full of gold worth 50 million and the branch advertises they deal in gold and silver. 'I want to cash this in now.' Not going to happen ... not for a few days anyway and that's a bank. 

It's not likely everybody holding a Stable Coin will want to all cash in at once but a site showing they can over a few days

is what people want to see.

Crypto 300 Club  continues to send me Bitcoin when I request, normally the following day although the site shows 2 days. I'm well into profit with the Club and look forward to more payments in the future.

December 9th

It appears Bitcoin has once again 'bottomed out ' for now at around $3,300 USD and gained some since yesterday.

Here in Halifax, the price of gas didn't last long at a low of 0.98 cents a liter and will climb again (already over a $1 CDN) as Alberta and the OPEC nations have cut production for now; in turn the oil per barrel cost has gone up steady since then.

With our detention of the Huawei CFO and China demanding her release, I suspect that will once again weigh on stock markets tomorrow. Probably cause further 'Trade' tensions.

December 7th

Although I'm a fan of Bitcoin and the crypto market of which Bitcoin continues to drop in value, I prefer to deal with US dollars when investing.

Adfeedz  sent a USD payment to my SolidTrustPay account. One of my fav traffic exchanges at this time.

Also with a USD payment,  Diversity Fund Club  sent funds to my Perfect Money account.

In the continuing turmoil is the Canadian stock market scene where thehead of finance for Huawei was detained in British Columbia, wanted in the US for possible skirting of the current embargo on Iran. China is not happy of course and wants the lady released.

So, for some reason this set off another selling panic fearing a China backlash on some companies here. Also, that this problem may disrupt the US - China tariff war negotiations.

There's suspicions of security issues with Huawei's cellphones invading people's privacy and security experts warned of that but the company continues to do big business here.

Just another example how issues right out of the blue can affect the stock market in Canada along with other events on a daily basis.

December 6th

Currently, it's a good time for Crypto Traders with the recent fluctuations of a few hundred dollars US at a time. For those just into 'holding', it's not a pretty picture today with Bitcoin dropping about $400 US from that $4000 level it's been sitting at for few days.

I joined and funded a revenue share program recently with advertising which uses a secure 'crypto coin' payment 'go between' called  Coinpayments . It's a multi use site with options that I could use for the future, notifying me with each initiated and completed transaction as well as, notifications when I 'log in' as a security measure. In case of a possible hack

December 4th

The price of a barrel of oil has risen slightly over news of a possible OPEC production cut and here in Canada, Alberta has also announced a cut in production having a large oil stockpile and forced to sell it too cheap to the US for now than they would like.

Great for me at the pumps, where gas is below a $1 a liter but I don't think that will last long.

I'm impressed with  Coinbase  after a referral and I received $10 after a funding deposit; quicker than the time 'window' they provided. Coinbase's funding and withdrawing option to US Banks is a reasonably cheap way of transferring Bitcoin and Altcoins to fiat, or currency.

December 2nd

The newest advertising/revenue share site I joined and funded is  AdFeedz  and I'm impressed so far with the flow of the automated script and gaining back nearly a 1/3 of my initial deposit.

Being a site that accepts SolidTrustPay (based in Canada), is rare these days. I've been with STP for over 10 years now and it has adopted Bitcoin so I use it as an exchanger as well.

For the USA and other accepted countries such as Canada, one of the largest crypto exchangers in the world is called  Coinbase , offering funding and withdrawing to US Banks as well as debit/credit cards.

With Coinbase, I'm also interested in their stable coin called USD Coin and to see how popular that will get in the future. Being a member of Binance, there is also an option to trade for USDC on their exchange, currently ranked #1 on CoinMarketCap.

December 1st

Optimistic about December  is the latest post in my Blog.

Although my incoming 'gains' haven't changed much a lot happened in the crypto markets last month as usual. Unpredictable putting it mildly.

I like to give kudos to where they are due so today, they go to  Token Logic  where I'm in profit now with today's instant Bitcoin payment. Great job goes out to that crew.

November 30th

Another hurricane force like wind storm passed through our northern coast and hit Newfoundland head on causing some damage with wind speeds up to 150 KPH.

That's the second one this month knocking the power out here for several hours yesterday.

Just to recap the basic compensation with  ACX Crypto , Each time I buy a $10 advertising pack, I gain 2% (1% on the weekends) for 60 days ... the break even point and then 1% per day (1/2% on the weekends). Payments come in on the scheduled time and at times, earlier than expected. I've been funding mainly with Bitcoin and also with PM (Perfect Money) at times.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin is bouncing around the $4000 USD range these days.

November 28th

We are into a spurt of mild weather once again in Nova Scotia. I'm good with that and also with the rising value of Bitcoin for now.

I'm assuming the equal amount into 2 free coins resulting from Bitcoin Cash's past hard fork is now being exchanged back to Bitcoin by the masses involved. Since it's free coins for those who held Bitcoin Cash in the exchanges that supported all that like Kraken and Binance.

Makes sense. Something I would do ... convert the free value of the two 'forked' coins back to Bitcoin while the price is going up some. Or exchange and leave it in Bitcoin Cash.

AdFeedz  has upgraded it's security system, which includes adding a PIN number and answer to a security question. There also a referral promo contest on the go ...

'There is not one contest but 2 contests, one Global One, with the $700 in Total Prizes and the other is a Group Contest, with smaller prizes set up by the group manager.'


Bitcoin wallet with receive and send options are available with SolidTrustPay. Bank funding or withdrawing for USA members is not available at this time.

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