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August 18th

It's been a long time since I joined a new HYIP, which just launched called  ....  Gov.Bid

I like unique where normally, a site attracts attention with a new concept and compensation plan.  Gov.Bid is definitely unique but reading through the on site material and information, 'get started', etc. , It's basically fund my account wallet with Bitcoin and select a contract (Starting at $5) ... more funding options to come.

For example: I bid on a contract valued at $10, with an expiry of 11.50 and a countdown clock. I'll update with more information when I experience the workings of this venture.

August 17th

A yearly anniversary is coming up and that's tomorrow. Back in 2008, Bitcoin began starting to slowly make it's rounds in social media on August 18th, giving birth to the crypto community. Today that's grown so big, some financial institutions are a tad nervous they'll shoulder in on their business.

Bitcoin was outside of any countries rules and regulations, however the noose is getting tighter and today, Banks that began to welcome crypto are now rethinking that. Where banking is still in the grey area of rules and regs ... for now, they don't want any trouble with the law.

For example, one of Britain's top banks, Barclay (Private Bank) was enjoying Coinbase's business I'm sure but has now cut ties with the Wallet/Exchange out of the US. Why? I can only think of legal repercussions if hidden in crypto transactions are crooks and terrorists moving and 'rinsing' their money. 

This all depends on the country, in Japan ... Bitcoin is a recognized currency.

On the 'Trading' front with BTC-USD, I remain on hold where uncertainty remains as Bulls and Bears wrestle daily with near end of day, equal amounts of buying and selling the last few days. 

August 15th

Read a good term to describe Bitcoin's performance lately, 'stumbling'. There's no strong trend in fairly steady 'buying' to drive the price up at this time.

Diversity Fund  sent me USD funds yesterday and I had a 5.7% gain for the previous week.

August (Tuesday)

The stock market was in a tizzy again yesterday over a weekend of some investors nervous about the China - US tariff issue. That looked good for another possible jump in the Bitcoin price but Markets rebounded today so that didn't happen and BTC continues to fall, so far today. I'll watch and wait before I do anymore trading.

August 11th

A coolish day here in Nova Scotia ... sign of Fall already? I'm sure there will be more warm and toasty days yet to come.

It was a lazy Sunday for the Bitcoin market and the coin didn't move much but did come up around 18:15 Atlantic Time so I sold for USD with a small gain, Also watched the Altcoins move some, specially Ether and Litecoin gaining today.

August 10th

Although the new generation of seafarers and commercial fisherman rarely use it these days, the weather glass or Barometer was and still is a reliable indication of bad weather or storms to come. I used it daily and gave the glass a tap and the needle would move indicating a current 'high' or 'low' pressure reading. A significant move or the needle already at a low pressure reading ... something's coming.

Checking in on Bitcoin this morning and pondering 'Trades' at $11,855 ... that's high I was thinking. Too high for a buy with USD.

Not long after, I tapped the BTC chart at the top right. Is it stuck or broke? $11,350! Some big BTC holders or what I call Whales 'sold' and down she comes about $500 USD within minutes. So far it remains at that level. I did buy BTC at that level suspecting it will go up again eventually.

My Passive Trades  sent Bitcoin to my external Wallet furthering my gains in that venture.

August 9th

On the waterfront here in Halifax and in the downtown core, there are many pubs and eateries catering to all tastes with many having ethic menus. Gourmet Burger joints are popular with the tourists in the summer and visitors from the busy cruise ship season. Of course everybody likes their own variety added to a burger. For example Jimmy The Tulip doesn't like Mayo on his burger with the above clip.

Bitcoin Trading, I bought BTC yesterday and it was high enough in the early AM to sell but I'll wait for now where indications are it could go higher yet but currently bouncing around the 11,750 USD range.

Update: 16:20 ... sold BTC when it climbed to 11,850 USD

I find Kraken has the best charts for what I want to see and in their top menu, clicking on "Prices" opens a new page with Charts and how the Sells to Buys ratio is doing.

I watch that as I play on 'The Pit' for trading as well although their charts is all one needs to get info on making a decision to Trade and they have now added ETH/USD.

Big Investor  has a promotion of 2.2% for 80 days resulting in a 50% gain at expiry. Normally a special that's available for 24 hours at a time with the promo starting tomorrow, Saturday. 

August 8th

Where I play in the stock market and gain experience, I read and watch the daily financial news and opinions on what's happening. Sometimes it's about the worst events in years and a couple days later ... 'looking good now'. So, for the long term investors the daily ups and downs are to be ignored but I find it all interesting.

But, and although it's too early to tell, I can see a relation between a short term downer in the Markets and how that relates to Bitcoin going up in value. Gold was usually the sole 'go to' precious metal for investors looking for safe havens outside of Bonds and GIC's. 

Big difference however is investors can still lose in both where Gold has average $20+ daily movements to Bitcoin moving in hundreds of dollars in minutes. Buy too high and they come down while staying down ... not good.

Risky as heck so I don't bet the farm on any of it and just play with cash I set aside for investing.

So far, at the time of this post, Bitcoin is not moving much and the stock markets have rebounded today after the first half of the week being in the fog ... all about doom and gloom that suddenly lifted.

PTCShare  revisited ... The site is steady when it comes to earnings as advertised and got paid in USD yesterday. My Upline, Diversity Fund owner is at or near the top level in daily earnings so doing very well.

August 7th

The stock market got rattled again by Mr. Trump on Monday figuring it's too quiet on the International front so I'll slap more tariffs on China. That will keep me on the front pages of the news. So, some investors usually panic and either pull and hold their cash or see Gold going up as well as Bitcoin (until yesterday afternoon). There was and still is a rush to buy Bonds but the interest rates dropped so that's a wash for now.

The Markets are more positive today after the usual from the White House ... perhaps we can solve this Trade War later. Crapola of course while (it ain't my fault) Mr. Trump remains at the reigns.

Once again, uncertainty surrounds the Bitcoin investor community, which way will the coin will go? Currently about $100 shy of where it sat for most of the day yesterday.

Update: BTC moved up past 12 grand and made my first 'no fee' trade on 'The Pit' for a gain. Also sold BTC for USD on 'Kraken' for a gain.

Diversity Fund  sent me USD yesterday and I got a  gain of 6% for the previous week.

August 5th

The Pit   fires up today and the first 10,000 users enjoy no fee for 30 days. This exchange requires '2 factor authentication' or 2FA to move fiat/currency or crypto 'in' initially and out of the site each time as well when signing in; a security measure. I'm using Google Authenticator with Yubikey coming soon.

Meanwhile, I'll watch Bitcoin for now as it is high, too high for my comfort zone moving up over 1 grand in a few days and although forecast to breach 12,000 USD, there could be a quick sell off as well, looking at the past history with the coin.

August 4th

It's the long 'Natal Day' weekend here in Halifax with a holiday tomorrow. A lot of festivities around the waterfront with nightly concerts and fireworks.

I've been watching the Bitcoin charts and topped $10,900 USD before falling back some. Considerable more action with the coin than a few days ago hanging around below 10 grand before it starting to climb on the 1st.

Capital One  ... they recently had a serious data breach with a hacker gaining personal info on thousands of accounts in the US and Canada. The firm will start to send notices to those affected next week. A Canadian firm has already started a class action lawsuit against the company. It's rare but this individual has been caught by the FBI and in custody in the US.

​​August 2nd

Hot and humid weather continues for Nova Scotia with a break coming on the holiday weekend here, forecast to come down to mid to low 20's C.

Reminds me of that album by Neil Diamond I bought decades ago called 'Hot August Nights' (1972).

Predictions about BTC moving up yesterday were spot on and I sold some to USD yesterday evening on 'Kraken' for a profit while it continues moving up today.

Big Investor  completed two more Bitcoin transactions to my external 'Wallet' the last few days.

August 1st

Some upbeat news about Bitcoin starting August; the forecast is about BTC possibly move up to $10,500 USD or more with the impact of a Federal 'rate' cut in the US affecting interest rates with banks and financial institutions. Canada's 'Bank of Canada' isn't saying if it will follow suit while it holds interest rates steady so far.

It's a sign there is an issue with the economy, etc. and they are attempting to correct. It's all a short term adjustment with investors and back to normal probably by next week.

Usually a time, those following these trends well shed US Dollars for Gold or as it becomes more popular with some ... Bitcoin and/or other crypto-currencies.

So, I decided to do some Bitcoin - USD 'trading' today with that positive news.

July 31st

The most popular Exchanges out there are adding new features to gain more members and move themselves up higher in popularity over their competitors.

The Pit , I mentioned yesterday is firing up in 5 days and in today's news involving Kraken   .... now allowing fiat or currency funding from 180 countries including the US and Canada. Kraken is now valued at 4 billion dollars. The US based Exchange has also added a service for Institutional investors (Bankers, Fund Manager's, etc. and also fits in that 'Whales' or 'big money' category) called Interchange

I'm all set with The Pit. With the registration process I was invited to link my  'crypto wallet' and that's now connected. The first trading pair will be the popular ... BTC/USD with more to come.

July 30th

Today and tomorrow will be hot and humid in Nova Scotia, cooling down some on Thursday.

Early election cat calling in the US or 'kid like' name calling in the US with Pres Trump and the Democrats on Twitter and the news media. Makes you wonder where this dude has Nuke weapons at his disposal.

Looks like news today of Facebook possibly shelving their crypto coin, Libra for awhile over regulation red tape in the US. Meanwhile Bitcoin took a modest jump in value.

The Pit is a new 'Exchange' by with nearly 40 million "Wallets", I'm a member of. More information about The Pit soon.

Diversity Fund  completed a USD withdrawal to my external account and posted a gain of 5.9% for the previous week.

July 27th

It's been my kind of weather the last few days here in Nova Scotia, cooling down by evening and warm by mid morning.

There's not a lot happening with the price of Bitcoin bouncing around the $9500 USD Range. I can picture Crypto Traders tapping their fingers on their laptops ... do something. Which usually happens after a lull in the action.

Around the globe, there are some exchanges closing or already gone either to miss management, authorities have been watching transaction from suspected crooks or outright scams.

Currently, I'm with Coinbase, which has been top notch to date and, based in Luxembourgh, I've been with for a couple years now or more.

I like California based 'Kraken' and doing some 'Trading' there.

In development is a new exchange called  EurekaX  and recommended by Diversity Fund, so I registered and wait for news of it's official start.

Meanwhile, My Passive Trades  sent a quick Bitcoin transaction my way.

July 25th

Thanks to Facebook and it's crypto currency, Libra ... it's now in the face of the US government and regulatory departments. Although Bitcoin was not an initial disruptive issue with the Feds ... it is now with more regulations expected to come.

Bound to happen when you try to wiggle into the Big Bankers business and attempt to cut into their 'fee' cashcows for the global sending and receiving of currency. Calls and nudging gov't officials that have some pull no doubt. Anyway, the cat is out the bag on all that and see what happens down the road. I suspect more US exchanges could move their offices to International or what they call ... offshore.

July 23rd

Today, my progress with 2 ventures I funded via  Diversity Fund .

My Passive Trades  ... my first spend is now in profit and I'm in profit overall with that site.

AdFlow  sent me a Bitcoin transaction, which I joined at the beginning of July. I gained back over 34% of my spend in that advertising site to date.

July 22nd

We are into our last full week of July already. I'm not much for the overly warm days, drenched with humidity so I'm looking forward to the lower temps ... low 20 degrees C is my type of weather. Spring and Fall are always my fav times of the year ... the rest I could 'fast forward' thru if possible.

Bitcoin remains fairly steady at the low to mid 10 grand USD range. Fees for transactions are reasonable for now until another surge of activity on the Blockchains comes along ... usually spawned by the crypto 'Whales' out there or ... big spenders.

2.75% is what I'm currently earning with my savings account in  Tangerine  , an online Bank I mention on my 'The Fintrek' page. A lot higher than your average brick and mortar bank. 

2.2% is now the rate for premium packs with C 300 Club with a gain of 50% based on my principal. I figure that 'off and on' special will come to  Big Investor  in the future, usually an option to buy in a 24 hour window. July 23rd: 2.2% added today and available to purchase for 24 hours.

There is one 'wee' difference between the rate I get at my online bank and the sites I mentioned above. 2.2% is a daily rate while with my Bank, it's yearly, calculated daily and added monthly. Well, more than a 'wee' difference. Huge actually but that's the difference between guaranteed with my Bank and high risk ventures. I dabble in both and more.

July 20th

The first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 mission crew plus the people who made it all happen are celebrating 50 years today since that event. I remember as a youngster watching Walter Cronkite on the news at that time taking time to honor that accomplishment. 

A room filled with an IBM computer at that time was used to work out the math, still double checked by NASA people until it became more reliable. That room filled with banks of that one computer all fits into a thin laptop today or a top end cell phone.

Now the the FB 'Libra' coin talk has died down some with the pros and cons, Bitcoin is once again on the move up ... for now.

Big Investor  has had a good start and now accepts Perfect Money (USD) as well.

July 17th

Facebook's 'Libra coin debate' in the US Senate the last couple days has had an impact on the price of Bitcoin lately where crypto minded folks figure that will just bring on more regulations in the US, which we don't want.

If the US Congress just concentrates on what to do with Libra and keep Bitcoin out of the picture for now, that will be a positive thing.

So kind of a gray area for now about which way Bitcoin will move although the coin has gone up in price today.

Meanwhile, I received my first Bitcoin transfer from  Big Investor  in less than 24 hours. Great start.

My Passive Ads  also sent me a quick Bitcoin payment to further my gains in that venture



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