March 18th

This is great to see in the middle off all the disturbing news in the world ... flash mob dancing? 

Coming together to have a good time. I'm sure some of it is planned with the cameras already setup but onlookers join in and that's what it's all about.

March 17th

With crypto trading ... the majority of companies online charge a small fee with each trade depending on the amount. A couple outfits have now launched 'no fee' trading to attract customers. Someone joining has to go through "KYC' or 'Know Your Customer' to be legal. Questions and information. Once verified, the next step it to personally accept the risk involved where it's highly volatile.

With the 'stock market', Banks in Canada charge from $6.95 to near $10 for each trade made on their personal investing sites.

Wealthsimple Trade  is launching soon, a product of Wealthsimple with over 100,000 customers and over 2.5 billion invested in their ETF products

No minimums and no fee trading. It's what 'do it yourself' stock market investors have been asking for ... lower fees. Certainly a surprise with no fees. I'm signed up and wait for the platform to launch to look it over before any funding.

An article here with an overview ...

The latest investing trend: not just low-fee but no-fee


March 16th

You know there's something wrong when the medical community warns of a crisis with doctors and surgeons in Canada, as Saudi medical people leave or prepare to head back home. Where's our young and talented looking for a career?

Guess that comes down to our 'recruiters' seeking out International folks with bonuses, etc. Mind boggling.

Where there's a shortage, lower University tuition to make the occupations more attractive and/or tax free deductions from future pay cheques. Unfortunately, it's just the opposite as tuition increase every year

Well, they say our Canadian men and women train, get some experience and head for the US for the big bucks. It's like everything, you want something worthy and dependable, you have to pay a good dollar for it.

Good story here from the CBC but can relate to anyone going through a crisis ... what's my next move and dealing with the stress.

With the constant tug of war with Bitcoin; back and forth with short bull runs and then longer sell offs with the bear runs ... BTC seems to come back to around the mid $6000 USD range in 2018, where the next surge and plunge will happen eventually.

It would be nice to plan around that but again ... too much uncertainty with the crypto's.

March 15th,

Good to see Bitcoin shake off the cobwebs and climb some today. 

A lot of news as usual associated with the crypto. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) scams the SEC snares as they go through their long list of investigations. Hackers continue their harvest of millions with nothing being done really on that front. Who? ... from where? Using aliases and decoy locations. Almost impossible to track. 

What's crazy is there are books, videos and articles on how to hack for money. Like allowing a gambling addict into a Casino and then having a program available for him to stop. Ain't helping.

On our side is the 'grey' or 'white' Hat people that block and thwart the hacker attempts. All very sophisticated and high tech stuff.

Amongst all this there's some positive news for the future and developing opportunities, while some popular outfits have been on the go for awhile continuing to grow and expand their services.

ACX  ...  sent me a Bitcoin payment and no issues at this time here in the middle of August.

August Monday,

On the International scene, there's a spat going on between Saudi Arabia and Canada. All started over a human rights issue but I figure there's a more deep rooted cause. Anyway, the Saudi's don't want anything to do with us Canadians for the time being but the Saudi Arabian oil sales will continue as usual of course. Can't got to hell with it, still need the billions coming in for the Kingdom.

Where's Canada's friends and allies in all this. None to be seen, not even the US or Brits. Meanwhile, Saudi's studying here have been told to come home and they are leaving for now. No surprise with Mr. Trump where there's a festering dislike here for the man from what I have seen and heard plus the feeling is mutual from the Donald. But that's politics and behind that ... big business. Nothing personal they say.

Not much happening with Bitcoin where it's bouncing around from low to the mid six thousand range USD.

August 10th

A couple of lads in a US university looked into trends relating to Bitcoin. Being a world wide online 'Market'; Bitcoin reacts different to the daily news and company/financial issues money and stock markets swing to.

What they have researched and seen is that there is a tie to social media and the price of Bitcoin. How?

Looking at Google Trends and keywords like 'Bitcoin'. If it is used more over a period; triggers an increase in the price. May be small or a large increase. Same as when applied to Twitter and Facebook. Hogwash, I'm thinking but bringing up the Google Trend Charts and inputting Bitcoin, while looking at the Bitcoin price chart for the same period, I was surprised to see they are on to something.

Stands to reason I guess, more interest in searching a word, it already has or will become 'more' popular in a positive or negative way. 'Bitcoin Hacking' used more as a keyword in searches, seems to bring on a dip in price for Bitcoin. Interesting stuff.

​​August 9th

Looks like Bitcoin has reversed it's slide and climbing in value once again.

ACX  ... steady as she goes with a payment sent yesterday to my external Bitcoin wallet.

August 8th

In reference to my August 7th post, The US SEC has delayed a decision on approving the VanEck SEC until probably October. Probably adding to the continued fall of the Bitcoin value for now and being a benchmark; some of the other major coins have fallen to their lowest in 2018.

I added a video to my Tickers and Trends page from CNBC Bitcoin Trader with reactions and predictions about a future Bitcoin ETF approval.

Why so much fuss about the ETF? Over time, an ETF provides a diversified investment into crypto companies that 'normally' go up in value. However and as always ... there is risk involved. 

August 7th

The Winklevoss brothers. I first heard of them when they got into a dispute with Zuckerberg over the Facebook concept stating it was their idea. Eventually, Facebook's owner Zuckerberg paid millions worth in shares to settle.

Today, the Winklevoss brothers are also 'whales' with Bitcoin holdings and have been trying to get a crypto currency based ETF approved. So far, denied by the SEC of the US.

This Friday, an outfit called VanEck will possibly get a decision from the SEC to get their Bitcoin ETF ... good to go or be delayed for a few weeks. With some guarantees in the fine print against companies that might go belly up that are within the ETF that the managers choose;

where they monitor and can drop outfits within the ETF and add better performers.

But, normally ETF costs are fairly cheap at a normal 20 to $25 range; looks like these will initially cost a crazy sum of around $200,000 each possibly. I'm not going to whip out my cheque book any time soon for those.

However, that could open the door to more 'normal cost' ETF's that are easy to buy/sell any time during a trading day with low maintenance fees and they will be interesting to study and see if they will be doable.

On the 'guaranteed part against loss' I mentioned with VanEck's application to the SEC, that could be a hitch where ....

"The SEC is always going to have some hesitation about claiming that anything is guaranteed or insured in any scenario."

August 6th

It's a holiday Natal Day here in Halifax and it's going to be another hot/humid one.

As the temp climbs the next couple days, Bitcoin continues to fall and below $7,000 USD so far today.

ACX  ... continues to be steady with payments going out to members within 48 hours.

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