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July 17th

Facebook's 'Libra coin debate' in the US Senate the last couple days has had an impact on the price of Bitcoin lately where crypto minded folks figure that will just bring on more regulations in the US, which we don't want.

If the US Congress just concentrates on what to do with Libra and keep Bitcoin out of the picture for now, that will be a positive thing.

So kind of a gray area for now about which way Bitcoin will move although the coin has gone up in price today.

Meanwhile, I received my first Bitcoin transfer from  Big Investor  in less than 24 hours. Great start.

My Passive Ads  also sent me a quick Bitcoin payment to further my gains in that venture

July 15th

Starting another week, the tide has suddenly changed with Bitcoin and the top crypto coins out there with uncertainty which way it will go, where it dipped below 10 grand USD but has recovered since.

Kraken  is back up after a few hours of maintenance and I did a 'Trade' there this morning.

Here is a quick breakdown of  Big Investor  and in my July 10th post ... I mentioned the venture is similar to  C 300 Club , where I continue to gain at this time. Compensation: 2% per day based on principal/repurchases with 1/2 on the weekends and a 30 day money back policy if not satisfied. A minimum of $10 via Bitcoin to start and that comes with a 'variable' rate plan.

Note: There are ongoing 'tweaks' to the site however the compensation is unaffected with my second daily gain in my account/wallet.

As always in any type of investing, please weigh the risks and accept if funding. For example; people have, currently are and will always lose big time in the Stock Markets depending on their picks while others are in a steady gain. 

In a perfect world, learning how the Markets work and initially investing in what you know and how it all works between the daily rise and fall of prices in stock/crypto Markets, an investor will normally enjoy gains. Works for me so far.

July 14th

Big Investor    is the name of the new site and it's now open for registration and funding via Bitcoin or Perfect Money (USD). PM currently not available but will be an option soon. 

​One of the more popular exchangers I'm a member of in crypto land is called Kraken and the site going down for maintenance today at UTC 2100 hours or 09:00 PM for 3 to 8 hours. The owner sent out a couple emails about this where it's a high traffic site and for members not to panic.

What’s the purpose of this downtime? 
We’re performing an upgrade that will improve latency and performance, as well as enable us to bring you more exciting features in the near future.

July - Saturday

We are heading for mid July already, the temps here have been comfortable with no oppressive heat with high humidity levels so far. Hope it stays that way but usually we get some extra warm days in August before the fall sets in.

Knowing it's all predictions and sizing up charts, I moved some USD back into Bitcoin for an eventual swing up, which sources figure will happen in the near future.

In my last post I mentioned a new site starting up soon and looks like that will begin as early as tomorrow. More news on that when it comes up online for a launch.

​My investor thing when I accept the risk ... the early bird gets the worm philosophy.

Diversity Fund  , which posted 6.1% gains for the previous week, paid me quick in USD. As I 'rent' more packs quicker these days, my daily earnings accumulate faster in turn while older Packs are expiring with a profit.

July 10th,

The temps have been in the mid to low 20's C here in Halifax the last few days. Comfortable weather I call it. Don't need to burn extra 'juice' to add to my Power Bill for fans running 24/7.

It's becoming kind of a trend with the past and current high and low with Bitcoin over the last few weeks. Traders sucking up the big gains when figuring BTC has peaked for now depending how much used in transactions. Now I wait for the next 'session'.

There's a new 'crypto based' site I got word of that's launching soon and I'll update about that. I assume it will be similar to the Crypto 300 Club I joined for it's first day online in the fall of 2018 and made a profit with my initial spends. Today, C 300 is sending Bitcoin when I withdraw, within 48 hours. 

Like everything in investing, accepting the risk personally is the thing before spending any cash or digital coin.

July 8th

While Bitcoin flirts with hitting that $12,000 USD mark, being just $50 shy in the last 24 hours ...  PTCShare  is performing as advertised although a learning experience I'm sure for folks who haven't been involved with this type of site before.

A little over $3,000 worth of daily Ads are distributed among the members in levels from 1 to 10 with 10 gaining the highest 'clickable' money ads. I'm not sure if any one is at the high levels yet. Top earner in the last 48 hours gained $182. Last Friday, the number of money attached ads doubled to over $6,000 worth.

July 6th

Yesterday, we had the first scorcher for 2019 in Nova Scotia with a heat wave topping at about 33 C. I, for one am not used to those high temps and my system became 'disturbed'. Today, is a few degrees cooler but still very warm.

The short term forecast for Bitcoin after a drop yesterday is a possible 12 grand USD breach. This year, more financial outfits with 'bank related' clients are rating the daily fluctuations with terms like 'overvalued' that put a Market term on the last time BTC came close to $12,5000 USD on June 26th, with a sudden drop after that.

Patience ... in this face paced world today, it's not so easy to harness. In a blast from the past with a site that's been online for years, I received 2 transfers of Bitcoin after my last transfer 6 months ago. Cool. I have to think how many ventures have went 'poof' since that time. A lot.

July 4th

Independence Day - USA

​​Yesterday, I swapped more USD to Bitcoin anticipating a 'bump' in value. So far, it's been a gradual rise. Interesting where this is the 5th consecutive '4th if July' that Bitcoin has gotten a boost.

July 3rd

The Bank of Canada is lowering interest rates in October a tad and looks like it will stay that way into 2020. Good news for folks that have mortgages, looking for loans and investors. In the US a similar trend could be happening with a possible update about a drop in interest rates coming soon.

An update on  AdFlow.me  ... last two days I gained 2.3% based on my principal.

July 2nd

Folks who got caught up in the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) with Bitcoin and traded for or bought BTC approaching 13 grand USD and at a loss currently are thinking ... don't be cruel. Long term predictions are about BTC reaching that height again and perhaps higher in the future.

Diversity Fund  sent me USD funds yesterday and I added a piece related to the site on my Tickers and Trending page. 

Although it's been around for awhile, I added ...Better Bits Club  to my list of online ventures. This site is different from the 'norm'. The owner posts weekly updates and members see gains from deposits come into their account 'once a week' on Mondays.

Yesterday my weekly gains equals about 2.5% per week day including Saturday and Sunday. Not too shabby.

July 1st

Canada Day

There will be fireworks here tonight in Halifax over the harbour but I had a taste of that at 05:30 AM when a thunderstorm boomed directly overhead. What you call a rude awakening on a holiday along with the ground shake from the vibrations.

We've been having a few of those lately during the past week.

Currently Bitcoin is coming down in value to start off July with the high set in June for 2019. Looks like a 'dwell time' to see which direction the BTC will go next and that could change at any time.

Meanwhile Facebook and it's eventual coin release, Libra is send shock waves through the financial sectors. Ok, I guess we have to pay attention to this crypto stuff now where it's becoming real competition for some of us.

In Europe for example, some banks say they will now compete for fees with instant transfers by or in the year 2020. 

An update on the new  AdFlow.me, the compensation plan has kicked in today and I'm seeing a 3% gain. Gains will be realized on a weekly basis ...  Monday to Friday. I do know this advertising site is run by an experienced Lad but like every startup, depends on how popular it becomes with members and onlookers.

June 29th

We are into the Canada Day long weekend and schools finished for the summer holidays yesterday.

It's nothing strange to see wild jumps in Bitcoin within a matter of minutes and the coin currently seems to be 'bottomed out' for now with another trend up 'predicted'. But it's just that ... a prediction.

Through my membership in  Diversity Fund  I joined and funded a new 'long term' venture called ...  Adflow.me .

Launched today, the compensation is about $10 packs that earn a minimum 1% per day with a profit of $2 for a total of 120%. I started with a $29 yearly membership funded by Perfect Money. I used Bitcoin for the compensation plan that also comes with advertising that accepts SolidTrustpay as a funding option.

June 27th

I would assume those with the big bucks or 'Whales' in the crypto market have researched Bitcoin's value history and some probably involved in the 2017 shoot up to over $19 grand USD before that bubble popped and sort of prepared for what can happen in a few minutes. Then it's about how fast to get those fingers working on the keyboard, mouse and/or screen.

Yesterday, Coinbase (back to normal) became overwhelmed and crashed for awhile while BTC fell from over 13 grand quickly and millions were tied up in transactions ... selling. Once a significant drops occurs others are watching and want to sell as well probably figuring a repeat of 2017. Today, Bitcoin is hovering around mid to high 11 grand USD.

That's how volatile Bitcoin is. People can forecast and estimate changes but out of the blue, big drops or climbs occur.

My Passive Trades  issued a same day Bitcoin to my external wallet and quite a bit of interest in that site. Minimum $5 pack purchase earning up to 1.25% per day. I'm in profit overall. I joined that one thru a 'heads up' from Diversity Fund.

June 26th

In this last week of June and like Gold, the digital gold ... Bitcoin is on a steady rise. A person back in January or February and new to crypto bought 1 Bitcoin bouncing around at about $3500 USD and just checked on the value today ... what! 12 grand!

That's how crazy the Bitcoin ups and downs over a year can get. Feels like a lottery win no matter what unbelievers think or say where a noted Canadian millionaire called it 'crypto crap'?

Crypto Crap? ... feels like new synthetic $20 bills when I withdraw from my bank.

The question now for that person. Do I exchange and withdraw to my bank or HODL? Taking into account that Bitcoin's value is unpredictable, there's probably thousands of people mulling that decision over. Reminds me of the Stock Market. When to hold and when to fold/sell.

Diversity Funds  sent USD my way and posted 6.4% gains for the previous week. Hasn't missed a beat on my end since I joined and operating for over 2 years.

June 23rd

The first day of summer has come and gone with very comfortable temperatures here now while the humidity levels are low.

One level that is not low is the $11,000+ USD level for Bitcoin. Many a skeptic said Bitcoin will never recover from the highs of 2017 but here we go again. Repeat phases or Trends?

An update on  PTCShare  ... there are just a few paid Ads on the weekend with the main compensation kicking in again tomorrow ... Monday to Friday. So far, I gained back 18% of my principal in 5 days last week. Monday to Friday. Not too shabby. Interesting to see how this upcoming week pans out.

Some members got a partial or full refund where the site's starting day ... last Monday ... the allotted paid Ads were not the correct amount. That's honest of them. They can purchase again if they wish



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