June 20th

Trump's trade wars, as expected have brought on a dive in the stock markets for now. Apartment and industrial based (dividend) REIT's remain a stable invest here in Canada. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is holding just above the $6600 USD range.

ACX  ... it's been awhile since I got paid within 24 hours but that happened yesterday and the funds are in my external Bitcoin wallet. 

World Cup of Soccer ... Germany lost it's first match against Mexico. They play Sweden on Saturday. So far, the Germans have not shown their usual dominating style of play.

June 19th

Temperatures are around 20 degree C into the last half of June with a couple days of rain each week here in Nova Scotia keeping the fire index down.

Separating children from the parents of illegal immigrants at the US boarders is the big story so far this week. Horrifying for the families involved and stunned onlookers ... this can't be happening. Mr. Trump has the power to put an end to that but he's making it political that the opposition is responsible. No doubt that whole federal scene is just getting more nuts with trade wars on top where no consumer, company or country involved wins.

The major crypto currencies except for Ripple are being pulled up by the rise of Bitcoin so far today. The 'Bulls' want to see BTC break $7000 USD.

June 16th

Probably the top story in the Crypto world currently is 'for now' the SEC doesn't look at Ether, or Ethereum as a 'security', which means legal in the US. That caused a spike, then dropped in the value of Ether that slowed but is climbing again at this time.

in the courts however, a judge could have a different view and may decide to rule it as a security. This usually comes up when folks buy heavy into the coin and then it drops off losing a lot of money ... then a call to the lawyer to discuss options. 

It's all a gamble and risk from the get go but understandably tough to absorb a loss after reading and listening to hype from founders and promoters.

When I started years ago and learning the ropes, I added some hype but soon dropped all that and just discuss the compensation plan not the 'store front window dressing'. There's always risk involved.

June 15th

The World Cup of Soccer is underway in Russia with Russia getting a win in the first game of the tournament. My team, Germany plays on Sunday.

ACX   ...  the first few payment proofs have been posted on the TGF forum I watch. I'm in the process of building my cash wallet to withdraw soon. Like the past ... I'll continue with the funding with a percentage of what I get paid and I don't 'wait' long to withdraw.

What they offer currently is a daily low rate that's between; say a GIC at a bank for example and a HYIP. As always, success depends on activity from the membership.

Can't compare anything to the stock market where an investor can make a huge gain or loss ... or slow but steady earnings with a good pick; an example being dividends depending on the company and amount bought.

Bitcoin had a short term rally and falling back since yesterday's high. 

June 14th

The price of gas hits me directly in my wallet and that moves up and down with the price of oil per barrel. Last week gas dropped about 10 cents a litre but now the price of oil is climbing once again due to increased demand and decreased supply. I expect another hike at the pumps soon.

Near the end of June OPEC will discuss pumping more Oil or keep the flow as it is now. Higher oil prices are good for our western industry (Alberta) here in Canada. More money, capital and jobs but the downside ...  it'll cost me more.

It looks like Bitcoin has it it's low for now nearing $6000 USD and is now on the climb once again. Interesting to see how high it will go this time.

ACX  ...  after a week, the adjustments are done and it's back to business they say. Funds currently in a member's 'Wallet' and deposited via Bitcoin, PM or Payeer will earn 0.2% per day (0.1% on the weekends)

June 11th

Now in 2018, more than ever, the online money making ventures are hand in hand with Bitcoin. I look at it all as a huge mistake, which I can see by an overall snapshot of the niches involved.

In comparison, just assume stocks and mutual funds could 'only' be bought by Bitcoin exchange and then the value of the Bitcoin and a person's invests dropped by thousands of dollars over a couple days. Panic for sure. Never work.

ETF's and crypto related companies are shouldering their way in global investing markets but they are bought and sold by 'fiat' currency like CDN or USD.

That's kind of what's happening with the ventures I mentioned in the first paragraph and the crypto is too unpredictable to know if it will climb again although it is likely at some point.

Moving on with  ACX, which is now becoming more dependant on the value of Bitcoin then the years before dealing with just the dollar (USD) ... members continue to wait for an adjustment coming soon. 

June 8th

Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals have won the Stanley Cup in Vegas. The franchise has come close before but haven't won it all in over 40 years.

There's not much change in the value of Bitcoin now at mid 7 grand USD.

One of the more popular crypto exchangers out there, Coinbase has applied for licences in the US to make it 'legal' on paper and in the eyes of the Feds/SEC with future expansion planned.

June 5th

The Washington Capitals are a game away from winning the Stanley Cup in the NHL after a night of Vegas caught not checking the man and 'watching' the puck in their end most of the night.

ACX  ... looks like there is going to be some kind of shake up soon to get back on track. Positive discussions are being held in their conference room about this issue with member input.

Once again Mr. Trump has decided to stir up controversy and apply trade tarrifs to Canada, which is not sitting well with our Federal Government and the industries involved. I see China has also put forward an ultimatum to end the added higher US tarrifs on their end.

June 4th

It's a quiet start to the month with regards to the online money ventures and crypto. They seem to revolve around each other these days where Bitcoin has made some gains but nothing 'Bullish' so far.

Tonight, the Washington Capitals hope to make it a 3 games to 1 series at home against the Vegas Golden Knights. Vegas was off their game in the last one. See if they respond in this game.

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