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January 20th

The Big Swap  is the latest post on my Blog about the Markets and high yield.

About a couple hundred dollar drop since Saturday with Bitcoin. Reminds of a low tire ... needs to be pumped up. Slow start to the week but it's only Monday.

January 18th

Usually on the weekends, Bitcoin doesn't 'move' a whole lot but edging up over $3700 USD today, which is good to see.

My 'High Yield' sites are all in good shape to date. No news is good news on that front.

January 17th

First time I heard of Adele was with a James Bond preview mention of Adele as the intro singer in Skyfall, 2012. Unique and powerful voice I crank up on the stereo. A trend of songs from her for a couple years and don't hear much from her these days ... as trends go.

With trends ... the High Yield is what they call 'hot' at this time after being fairly quiet thru 2018. From past trends, the crash of a couple of the top sites is followed by the fall of a house of cards effect. Hopefully, I won't see that happen for awhile.

But meanwhile, like all 'bubbles', good to be in at the start if one wants to play.

Royal7  sent a Bitcoin payment my way.12 Daily Coins  paid me instant to my crypto 'Wallet' yesterday evening.

Rolling along so far in that high risk category.

January 16th

Not much change in the value of Bitcoin today. Kind of the same amount of selling going on as there is buying from folks around the world.

It's the worst crypto nightmare when an exchange such as Cryptopia suddenly goes offline due to a hefty hack with about 3.6 million in coins swiped. I'm not a member; Cryptopia is based in New Zealand.

They are expected to be back online. Meanwhile the tech unit of the police are involved. Apparently, The coins were sent to a wallet in the exchanger, Binance, which has frozen some of the coins/funds while the theft is being investigated. Hopefully folks will have access to their wallets, coins and funds soon.

Diversity Fund  had a slightly higher return for last with a 5.5% gain.

In High Yield,  Rapid Interest  andCoinicore  sent Bitcoin to my wallet.

January 15th

It's been bitter cold here in Nova Scotia the last few days, warming up some tomorrow. We have about a month and a half of the normal winter left to go before the usual March thaw.

Bitcoin is bouncing around above the $3600 USD mark these days.

With the High Yield, I received another Bitcoin transfer from  Royal7. Another site I joined is 12 Daily Coins , and I got an instant BTC payment today to my external crypto 'Wallet'.

January 14th

Looks like it's going to be an overall 'down' day for the Markets today. Bitcoin is down below 3600 USD so far but recovering some at the time of this post.

China is seeing a drop in imports; no doubt from the tariff issue so that will 'weigh' on stock markets today I figure.

Meanwhile, I registered with a High Yield site out of Australia that accepts Bitcoin and Perfect Money...

Dominat  is on it's 1st day and affordable with a $10 minimum funding. Earnings are accrued on business days and I'm in a 20 business day plan at a high 7% per day. Over 1500 investors joined so far so that ups my chances of seeing a profit, which takes 15 days (business).

Diversity Fund  sent me a payment yesterday after I further funded ... operating since 2016.

January (Sunday)

A 'feel good' story for a change as the US Government shutdown continues. Although the US Pres. Trump shows Canada and Mexico his back in political relations, he makes a ton of money with his business in both countries. Most citizens don't share his attitude.

Knowing Air Traffic Controllers are working with out pay, their Canadian counterparts ordered pizzas with others delivered meals planned as a friendly gesture. More on that story at this link ... 

Air Traffic Controllers

I thought that was cool were caring for your fellow 'person' is alive and well.

There's steady news about pressure on Trump to end his 'Wall' tantrums while approx. 800,000 Gov't workers have no pay cheque. The US Coast Guard for example, protecting the US coastline and aiding those in trouble in all kinds of weather. Nuts when you think about it.

There's news about Ether or Ethereum with an upcoming fork bringing about Constantinople, which is expected on the 15th of June. More update about that on my Tickers and Trend page.

January 11th

Bitcoin is rebounding some today after a continued drop of about $400 due to mass selling. 

In comparison to a stock, with fluctuations like that ... investors would be tearing their hair out in horror but just normal stuff for the crypto's and Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, also on the rebound after account adjusts,  ACX Crypto sent BTC to my external wallet in the usual time frame.

Also had Bitcoin incoming from the  300 Club

Royal7  sent a quick BTC transfer to my 'Wallet' yesterday evening and that's my first payment from that site. That's 14% gained back so far.

January 10th

The Bank of Canada has decided not to raise interest rates as planned for now. Good news for mortgage, loan and credit holders. Also for the stock market where interest rate increases usually drive down the TSX for a day or so. History shows that increases have the same effect in the US.

Bitcoin is 'dancing' around once again with about a $300 USD drop since yesterday. Interesting to see where the coin goes from it's current price of $3811 USD.

Crypto 300 Club  ... I added more Bitcoin today to boost my daily earnings. I've been in profit for awhile and enjoying the gains since then.

January 9th

I added to my growing balance in  Diversity Fund  and invested more funds in the plan. Last week's profit stepped up to 5.4%.

ACX Crypto  ... been a member for years. Back to normal operation and requested a Bitcoin transfer.

January 8th

I added a new article to my Blog about the  First Week of 2019

All of a sudden there's a flurry of new High Yield sites launching. The one that interested me has a plan that is a blast from the past which I have done well with but as always ... that's no indication of future performance.

Royal7  accepting Bitcoin and other crypto's plus Perfect Money. 7% per day for 30 days. Just launched so an optimum time for me to fund.

A risky venture to build on my crypto 'Wallet' where Bitcoin remains above $4000 USD (at this time).

Coinicore,which I joined and funded in later 2018, sent Bitcoin to my 'Wallet' in quick fashion today

January 7th

Bitcoin is on a two week high and still climbing as of this writing ... Sweet. Interesting where one can read countless articles of it either falling off a cliff in price or zooming up or performing like it is now. All assumptions where coins are subject to the whims of investors and coin holders on a daily basis.

ACX Crypto  had a great run and I collected a nice gain but I see account wallet shifts today. Adjust like usual on my end and I'll continue on with the site.

An impressive update from the crypto coin payment processor I currently use,  CoinPayments  ...

Since opening our doors in 2013, CoinPayments has grown exponentially year over year to produce close to $1 billion in business transaction volume and an additional $1.3 billion in consumer transaction volume in 2017 alone! Today, CoinPayments supports over 1,000 altcoins for a user base of over 2.3 million businesses and users across 182 countries.

January 5th

We are back to the mild weather here in Nova Scotia, saves on the heating bills for now. 

With the zigzagging of Bitcoin in price lately, the keen Traders must be enjoying the gains watching the lows and highs.

Diversity Fund Club  updated about their involvement with RevsUpTime  and I have a vested interest as well. With a hefty funding by DFC, payments are being made quickly so that's good news on my end. Both operators have been in business since 2016.

January 3rd

Starting 2019, I'm pleased with the crypto currency scene so far. Bitcoin is inching up in value, perhaps breaking the $4000 USD level soon.

Both  C300 Club  and  ACX Crypto  sent Bitcoin payments my way so that's also a good start to the year with that 'high yield' scene.

Apple, being a major player with the stocks, reported lower gains for the first time in 10 years so that sent vibrations through the major stock exchanges with a lot of 'selling' happening so far today. Thousands of Apple stock holders are thinking ... please 'don't bring me down'.

Well, they are forecasting 20 billion more in revenue than their last quarter for a total of 84 billion for the year but because they figure they will be shy of their target of about 5 billion all hell breaks loose. That's the stock market world. Go figure.

Traffic in the city is back to normal after the holidays in this short work week for Monday to Friday, 9-5 folks.

January 1st

Happy New Year

The Montreal Canadiens won their final game of 2018 last night and go home after a 6 game road trip. Impressive with all the new faces starting the season and now ... near the half way point ... 40 games in.

One has to stay positive with invests and roll with the adjustments that come from time to time.  2019 and The Positive Outlook  is the latest article on my Blog.

My newest addition in the High Yield category,  Coinicore  started off the New Year with a quick BTC payment to my external 'Wallet'. I'll add their latest update to my Tickers and Trending page noting that it is 'high yeild' but dealing with crypto currency.