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Sept 22nd

Clean money. Being 'old school' I keep thinking our Canadian money bills are paper. But they are made of a synthetic polymer material embedded with a security precaution against counterfeits.

Doing laundry, I forgot I had a couple twenties in my shorts. Not until I pulled the clothes out of the washer and seen them laying at the bottom with a shiny newly washed Toonie. Oh crap ... I delicately picked up the twenties expecting to lay them out to dry. They weren't even wet. I had to chuckle at that after. Spun dry cash!

Talk about risk; Marijuana stocks were big in the news last week and continues into the weekend. With less than a month to go before weed becomes legal in Canada. US and International beverage companies are interested in getting in on the action.

Even being a prospect of a billion dollar outfit like Coke for example, ramps up investor speculation and thoughts of a quick cash grab, which in turn spurns more buying of that Canadian based weed stock, although not selected yet. Thousands up to millions can be made or lost in these rapid market swings. Many poised on the phone with a broker or the clicker on a mouse to 'sell' for a gain before a drop if Coke (for example) decides to look at a different weed company or delays their decision.

Look familiar? Crypto coins comes to mind.

Meanwhile, coming down to less than a hundred up to a few thousand dollar invests and the ever present risk factor ...Crypto 300 Club  paid me for the 2nd time to my Bitcoin Wallet.

ACX  also paid me to my external Bitcoin Wallet within the 'on site' time frame.

Sept. 20th

After receiving a  Crypto 300 Club  Bitcoin payment yesterday, it's good to see Bitcoin rising in value some today. It's been stuck in the low 6000's USD for a few days.

​Cooler temperatures have moved into Nova Scotia, mid to high teens with near frost early his morning; prepare for the odd overnight frost. 

The NHL preseason is underway with the Toronto Maple Leafs looking the strongest so far among the Canadian teams. Games of testing lines and making further cuts for a final roster before the start of the season.

Sept 18th

I prefer to buy and spend Canadian when possible. So when it came to shopping around for a Bitcoin trading site, I seen Toronto and Vancouver initially. 

Looking over  QuadrigaCX  based in Vancouver, it had the options I was looking for. KYC, or Know Your Customer requirements was and remains the first step to get started. KYC is law in some countries and soon will be in others. Legal name and other info is required.

Poloniex, is an American trading outfit and a few months back, a lot of customers got blocked and there were trading site issues with stricter KYC requirements to continue or part of the registration.

Eventually Poloniex was bought out and swallowed by 'Circle' a growing company backed by Goldman Sachs, a Wall Street bank out of New York. 

Wait a minute, how did a US bank get into the crypto game? The sleeping lion behind the scenes, slowly buying up what they see as money maker outfits.

Slowly the blocked accounts are being sorted through and released that have complied with the KYC and the information supplied is satisfactory to their people.

ACX  ...  mentioned this in a recent update where they say they are involved and currently have a blocked Trading account until released to access. That relates to the update about ACX on Sept. 16th.

Sept. 16th

On this side of the 'Big Pond' Coinbase is probably one of the more popular and recognizable names when it comes to 'crypto wallets' with transactions to and from those wallets; based in California, USA.

The company is currently expanding it's operations and building on it's office staff in New York. No doubt looking to entice some big players like Wall Street people. With future plans to expand internationally such as Europe, etc.

With the drastic drop in the crypto market value overall since 2017, most similar outfits are probably pondering the future and holding on to their cash, while others are downsizing to keep that profit level as before.

ACX  ...  just paid me for the 2nd time in the last 7 days. My normal span for withdrawing but their processing of those payments is taking longer. I'm sure there will be news about that soon. I assume it's the new program,  Crypto 300 Club  with the similar script beginning to sway folks to fund more into that plan.

Sept. 15th

It's mid September and a we got a heat spurt that's hung around for a few days here in Nova Scotia. Slowly cooling tomorrow and into the start of next week.

Bitcoin is hanging around the $6500 USD range these days. Adding a some stability for now in the crypto market with Ether having gained from a low of below $170 USD last Wednesday to currently over $220 USD.

Sept. (Thursday)

Here in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada, we are no strangers to hurricanes and dread being in the path of one. It's currently the annual Hurricane Season with the US taking direct hits so far. First Hawaii in the Pacific and now the powerful 'Florence' is headed straight into the Carolinas with up to 2 million people asked to evacuate.

Normally, a hurricane like Florence swings up the eastern seaboard and heads for our areas but it's early into the season. Last year, they mostly swung out to sea and Newfoundland got more of the brunt. They pick up speed in the warmer southern waters and tend to weaken some when hitting colder North Atlantic waters. But the strong ones like Florence don't slack in wind speed much until they make landfall.

Sept. 11th

It appears that investor confidence in 'Ether' is dropping off these days as the coin continues to drop in value as it heads down to $180 USD. 

Not much on the go actually in crypto except the original Bitcoin (benchmark) which is 'normal' these days.

An update from  Crypto 300 Club introducing a temporary boost in terms; 2% weekday rate (1% on the weekends). $10 to start. The normal rate is 1% per weekday (0.50 % on the weekends)

Sept. 10th

We're getting the odd colder night here now in Nova Scotia, a sign that summer is coming to a close but also closer to a new NHL season starting.

The first full week of school started today and the majority of folks are back on the job. 

Meanwhile, Mr Trump's trade (tariff) threats to Canada and China continue to worry the markets some.

​Oil is slowly creeping up in price. Probably feel that at the pumps soon.

Sept. 9th

After a couple weeks and delayed starts, 

Crypto 300 Club  is underway and using the same script that ACX is reselling. It's been the first venture I have joined in a few months. Minimum withdraw is $2 and accepts Bitcoin.

Before that, I tested a 'Miner Contract' outfit that runs for a year but at this point, I see that "trend" has passed where the majority are not living up to the potential initially promoted. Overall, the crypto mining business is down from last year but still making a good buck. Some of these outfits have over extended by building extra 'mining centers' or expanding the original complex.

Noise pollution, exceeding power requirements and increased government control have forced some to downsize or move/diversify into other areas. Even planning on going 'public' on stock markets to raise operating funds through selling shares.

Blockchains, the operating system behind crypto is not going anywhere as Companies and Banks around the world are currently using or developing their own models.

Sept. 7th

NASA and space flight interested me when I was young and still does today. Recently I came across a movie with an inside look at the work that went on behind the critical re-entry calculations into the earth's atmosphere and totally surprised by the pioneers behind this math. Miss and a capsule and (more recently) ... shuttles would burn up or be 'skipped' back into space; like throwing flat stones across a pond and watching them bounce off the surface.

Hidden Figures  kept me interested from start to finish during the early 60's USA. One of the best I watched this year.

​Around $6300 USD seems to be that spot between going down further into the basement or going up in an elevator with Bitcoin. Dropped about a $1000 this week and now moving up again between the dips.

Word is a 6% per week venture I mentioned previously 'could' start up today.

​Update:  Crypto 300 Club  has started. 6% per week. I found my confirmation link in my spam folder in gmail so shifted that to inbox and I funded with Bitcoin.

Sept. 5th

​​Two out of three ain't bad ... that's the way I justified my wins/gains over the years. Certainly, nobody has a perfect record and the more cash available, the more some add a tad more risk to their next investment looking for a higher and faster return. But the 'wins' over time absorb any losses in the long run I have found if your a 'diehard' like me.

Off a cliff? Between 6AM and 12PM (Noon) Bitcoin dropped about $375 in a matter of minutes. I don't think even the seasoned Trader was ready for that.

The cause? ... some believe it's a major Wall Street bank in New York, Goldman Sachs delaying their crypto-currency exchange launch rather than get tangled in the SEC's web although the Fed's themselves are unclear on some rules they are thinking of adding.

Perhaps, but with the major crypto holders and traders being from across the Big Pond, most don't even know what a Goldman Sachs is? Some jazz type band with some talented Saxophone players?

More than likely some financial bigwigs on Wall Street pulled some of their millions expecting huge gains but getting the news that the bank exchange is a no go for now. Thus, the sudden drop in value. Wall Street became even more famous with release of the movie 'The Wolf of Wall Street'.

All kind of strange to me where the crypto world doesn't want anything to do with Banks or Government control and now Bitcoin rolls with the ball and chains being denied or dropping/gaining an investment scheme.

Meanwhile,  ACX  has paid me a few times to my external Bitcoin wallet since my last update about the site.

Sept. 4th 

Fall is coming on this month and a lot of folks do some major house/apartment cleaning or debate on it like me ... perhaps wait until spring cleaning time? Windows ... I always think about that ... 'sorry, I don't do windows'  but I eventually cave and do them anyway.

Bitcoin continues to slowly move up in value so far today. 

I'm expecting the venture to launch today I mentioned in previous posts and will update about that when it surfaces. (delayed until further notice ... update to follow)

Sept. 2nd

It's the long labor day weekend with Monday being the holiday and then schools open here while the temps continue to stay up in the low 20 degrees.

In my August 30th post, I mentioned a high yield site opening soon and that's scheduled for September 4th, Tuesday.

Bitcoin is above $7200 and holding fairly steady there for now

August 31st

Ellens' talk on Bitcoin was a few months back and actually raised some hackles with the Bitcoin community but where she mentions, BTC is something like the stock market; I'm saying if you don't understand the basics and study up on what your investing in, it's best to keep your funds safe in 'cash' until you do. Just my opinion.

At times it becomes information overload but if the basic concept sinks in and stay informed, your more prepared for what lies ahead. There's a lot of underlying stuff like  waiting for/wanting the lowest fees, wait times when blockchains get overloaded and the biggie; ok, I got a nice stash of Bitcoin now ... how do I get some of it out of my digital wallet to my bank and to cash in the hand?

All behind the scenes issues I quickly got bombarded with and had to research, google and experience by doing transactions.

August 30th

We're getting another blast of heat here In Nova Scotia, cooling down some tomorrow to a normal, low to mid 20 C.

An expected sell off with Bitcoin, the benchmark for digital coins. Dipped down to about $6800 USD and has moved up some since then.

One percent per weekday is not exactly High Yield when you think about how Traders can make decent jumps in profit with Bitcoin, a climb of over $600 since the 24th of August. Assume owning just 1 Bitcoin, that's easy money ... just watching, waiting and most important ... if a person can time it right to 'sell'.

Back to the 1% ... when I size up a new opportunity, I look through the hype and figure ... how long to break even on my first funding and further into profit ... going solo and just on daily earnings. A few days shy of 17 weeks or 4 months. (doesn't include additional funding and/or repurchases that will compound/increase the daily earning total)

With this new site starting soon, taking on the risk factor; that should be doable with a dedicated management to the plan and folks involved. Next goal is gaining up to another 50% on top of my funding.

More details to follow on all that.

Bitcoin wallet with receive and send options are available with SolidTrustPay. Bank funding or withdrawing for USA members is not available at this time.
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