​​​​​​March 20th

On great days, some feel the dance coming on like Michael in 'Billy Jean'. Never could get my hips to work like that though.

It's spring although it doesn't feel like it outside yet here in Nova Scotia but I'm not complaining. The heat and humidity of the summer will be here soon enough.

The long running  ACX  has an incentive out now for those who purchase more Adpacks and that's displayed on the site. In the meantime I got paid twice to my STP account yesterday.

CAPS  is going to re-enter all the members who purchased into their binary system by order of payment date tomorrow; Wednesday, the 21st of March. Members will be required to surf 12 sites per day, which not much of a chore ... a daily work out for the 'clicker' finger.

Bitcoin is getting a head of steam up today as it nears $9000 USD. Looking good for the holders if the Bulls can continue to overcome the Bears.

March 17th

Happy St. Patrick's Day

May the luck of the Irish be with you on Paddy's Day. Certainly needed in anything investing and in the crypto world despite doing what research is available.

March 16th

EthMine  received an auto Bitcoin payment. Currently at 50% of my original deposit returned.

CAPS  advertising 'rotator' is now up and running for members to add their affiliate sites or blogs, etc. It's recommended to look at 12 sites per day to view other opportunities and gain points to advertise a viewing member's site on the ad exchange.

Note: Site maintenance is underway to be completed in about 24 hours.

ACX  paid me quickly yesterday to my STP account (Bitcoin option) and requested a withdrawal again today. Prior Packs owned by members before Jan 6th, 2018 will see an increase in the rate they pay out daily that have bough packs since Jan 6th.

Bitcoin could get a rally over the next couple days after staying around it's current value of around $8100 USD.

March 15th

At mid month and although it is too early to tell, the HYIP scene seems to be improving some realizing that a very few sites will realize a profit for an 'early in' investor. With that in mind,  EthMine  is into it's 3rd week. 1 year plans ranging from 2.6 to 3% per day.

CAPS  is my newest with it's binary plan.

 With the Crypto's ... countries are working on regulating and reign in the once 'self governing' digital coin markets. In the US, senate hearings over crypto currency debate with those for and against. 

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