June 23rd

The first day of summer has come and gone with very comfortable temperatures here now while the humidity levels are low.

One level that is not low is the $11,000+ USD level for Bitcoin. Many a skeptic said Bitcoin will never recover from the highs of 2017 but here we go again. Repeat phases or Trends?

An update on  PTCShare  ... there are just a few paid Ads on the weekend with the main compensation kicking in again tomorrow ... Monday to Friday. So far, I gained back 18% of my principal in 5 days last week. Monday to Friday. Not too shabby. Interesting to see how this upcoming week pans out.

Some members got a partial or full refund where the site's starting day ... last Monday ... the allotted paid Ads were not the correct amount. That's honest of them. They can purchase again if they wish

June 21st

After a couple weeks of mostly sun, rain has moved in for Nova Scotia ... until Sunday so far. 

The prediction that Bitcoin was going for a 10 grand USD high came close so far with a few dollars shy. I kind of expect a 'sell off' soon now that high has been reached.

Now that the G7 countries are going to scrutinize Facebook's crypto called Libra, something else has popped up and I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing. Countries included in the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and that have crypto exchanges active will

have a new rule possibly enforced within a year.

Sending from one exchange to another, the personal info or 'KYC' of the sender must be included. Data Sharing? Isn't that the big fuss Facebook is tangled up in and now it will be some sort of International law. There's a gray area where this outfit, FATF recommends countries involved 'could' or 'should' enforce this on exchanges.

I can see sending a 'name' but ID info like driver's licences and passport info? That's not kosher.

See what develops from that and also a warning that some exchanges could shut down if enforced.

June 20th

With all the uncertainty in the Stock Markets ... although upbeat again for now with China and the US meeting again to discuss Tariffs, some investor cash is going back into Gold this year and nearing $1400 an ounce. Looks like ETF's covering the major Gold companies out there are popular once again.

Looking back, when Gold goes up, Bitcoin usually goes the opposite but so far today, Bitcoin is on the rise as well.

Diversity Fund   had another good previous week where my gains came in at 6.1%. I added more funds today.

June 19th

After the first news about Facebook's 'Libra' (crypto-currency) came out, the feedback has begun ranging from US Gov't inquiries, Facebook members (of which there are about 2 billion currently) and on the International front, with countries keeping an eye on the development of the coin and will it cause any issues on their home fronts. Positives and negatives.

Either way, the Facebook crypto division is moving ahead with development.

Looking ahead with crypto binoculars, I think I can see Bitcoin moving up that slope even more than previous highs this year so far. On the high side 10 grand? Perhaps $9500 or more before another pull back? The Facebook 'Libra' announcement gave Bitcoin a slight shudder and some selling going on but that has sunk in now and back to normal.

PTCShare  'shared' about the same amount of 'cash attached' Ads as it did yesterday but members will see that their number of BAP's gets consumed everyday so earning get less over time unless repurchasing or further buying of 'bulk ads' at a $1 each.

June 18th

We are getting into summer type weather here in Nova Scotia with humidity levels climbing up there some days.

In what digital coin and exchanger/wallet providers can you trust? That usually builds over time and I don't see the few top rated 'coins' collapsing or going anywhere.

So when a highly anticipated 'coin' comes along backed by sponsors like Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Coinbase to name a few, I expect it to be on the up and up right out of the gate.

Facebook now has an affiliate 'blockchain based' site online called ... Calibra. A separate company but owned by Facebook. It's not operating yet but I added my email to be notified when it's ready to go.

The coin to be hosted on that site is called ...  Libra , a global currency/ stable coin. Just speculating, but I figure it will be added to Coinbase as well sometime in the future.

Already, there are millions of dollars behind all this development. 

June 17th

Where crypto currency is unpredictable, I moved some of my Bitcoin gains to USD at $8,800 a couple days ago but it certainly has shot up since then and moving north again this morning so far.

Kind of looking like the bull run in the fall of 2017 but I figure there will be a 'sell off' coming again soon.

So, this is the 1st day of 'money attached' advertisements in PTCShares  ... I gained about 4% back from my funding yesterday. Some quick notes ... the first few Ads are worth the most, I have the option to repurchase with the minimum being $1 and higher levels (1 - 10) gain more.

Today, there are over $2000 worth of Ads distributed among the 'Levels' for members owning BAP's.

June 16th

Bitcoin reached a yearly high of $9381 USD in the last 24 hours equal to about 19 billion moved in the last day. Wicked amount of 'coin' in transfers and trades.

Since the first 'earnings' Ads begin tomorrow with  PTCShare  I funded today and started an Ad campaign. The first payments have been sent out as well mainly for commissions.

June 14th

Yesterday, I swapped some USD PAX (Stable Coin) to Bitcoin to get in on the current upswing ... looking for gains.

See how that develops.

PTCShare  is scheduled to launch today in a few hours. Mainly for pre-funding from what I understand for Monday ... first day for the compensation plan to start up.

The Toronto Raptors are the NBA Champions after their win last night.

For Canadians, I added a post on my 'The FinTrek' page about the online bank; Tangerine (owned by Scotiabank) and their summer bonus just kicked in for 2.75% interest on new 'savings account' deposits. I've been with them for years ... back when it was ING Bank.

June Thursday

Reading up on the Bitcoin 'forecast' this morning, expectations are for a high of $8500 USD and see what develops from there. BTC has moved higher in 'trade value' since yesterday.

52 years ... the St. Louis Blues have waited to win the Stanley Cup and that happened last night in Game 7 in Boston. The team was in last place in January and made some changes ... all the way to champions of the NHL.

Tonight, the Toronto Raptors have an opportunity to make history as well with a win to be the NBA champions

June 12th

Bitcoin has been fairly flat-lined the last few days but moving up some today. Litecoin is gone crazy with steady new highs. LTC long time HODL'ers must be liking the growth so far in 2019.

There's usually a lot of hooplah and interest with a new/popular launch. Something like the lead up to a blockbuster movie release ...  PTCShare  is a couple days away from start up with the first earnings opportunity being made available on Monday, June 17th according to the latest update. 

The  PTCShare Facebook  page has some information on the inner workings of the site. More details to be added tomorrow.

Diversity Fund  sent USD funds my way and had gains of 6% for the previous week.

June 11th

After a rain soaked May here in Nova Scotia, we are into our 5th straight day of sun so far in June.

It's the final and Game 7 for the Stanley Cup in Boston tomorrow night with St. Louis missing their chance to clinch at home in the last game.

The Toronto Raptors and their fans hope to finish in Oakland on Thursday night in that NBA championship game.

CoinBase Earn  has added their 2nd coin in a month and this is a 'Stable Coin' called Dai pegged to/or worth $1 in USD each; for those who like stability compared to Bitcoin or into holding both stable and fluctuating 'coins' like me.

June 8th

Diversity Fund  deserves mention once again today for sending US funds my way and a revisit to  RevsUpTime   after surpassing the 6 month hump; last month already. 

June 7th

We got sun! Finally, for a few days off and on  ... hovering around the 20 C range.

Bitcoin is on the move north today perking more interest from the crypto community I'm sure.

The St. Louis Blues surprised me and beat Boston last night. The teams are headed back to St. Louis with a 3 games to 2 lead for Game 6 and a possible Stanley Cup for the Blues although I'm not counting out the Bruins.

PTCShare  is in it's 7 day countdown to launch. A recent update with 30 thousand members signed up so far. Quite the interest in that venture. I added that updated to my Tickers and Trending page.

June 6th

It's not unusual to have rain here again today in Nova Scotia but looks like sunny weather for the weekend coming up.

The big story in the NBA playoffs is the Toronto Raptors that now lead in that series causing a lot of excitement in Toronto and basketball fans Canada wide.

For now, my decision to move my Bitcoin gains to 'stable coin' (PAX USD) was and still is a good call where BTC peaked at $9,000 USD briefly and could go to the low 7 thousands although hanging around the mid 7 grand mark for now. The crypto grapevine talk is that BTC will hit more new highs in 2019 but again that's just gossip.

C300 Club  has been steady with the Bitcoin payments to my external Wallet to date. As always the Risk and possible Rewards should be weighed when considering these type of ventures.

D-Day and the 75th anniversary of that event during Word War II is being remembered today with ceremonies being held the last three days with Veterans that were on the beaches of Normandy attending.

June 5th

I'm not confident yet that Bitcoin has hit a leveling off point yet after a near 1 grand drop in exchange value to the USD. Fees remain high from time to time during a given day so wise to wait and check for reasonable rates. From 20 cents to a dollar range I call reasonable.

After the St.Louis Blues comeback to win game 4 at home in the NHL Final round ... it's back to Boston tomorrow night to see which team will get that tie breaker at 2 games apiece and usually the edge to win the Stanley Cup.

Good to see the Markets rebound yesterday evening as the 'The Tariff' debacle and threats have sunk in and absorbed by investors. Looks like possible interest rate drops in the US and Canada coming which is some good news.

My Passive Trades  sent me Bitcoin yesterday and I added funds a couple days ago as well.

Some of these crypto 'potential' earning sites I'm in are not ritzy and full of eye catching graphics like HYIP's but on average ... for every 4 I enter, 3 stick to their compensation plans lately, providing gains on my end.

June 3rd

June 5th is Tim Horton's Camp Day. I donate where it's for a good cause and I'm usually there every morning to satisfy my Tim's coffee addiction.

It looks like there's mixed reviews on which way Bitcoin is heading next but for now, the value is dropping. Where's the bottom going to be and hopefully short lived.

Starting this week; a kind of a panic in the Markets to sell for some where there's talk of a possible rescission and of course Mr. Trump wanting to cause more issues with further Tariff threats. Go figure and I've come to learn that it's in his nature to cause unrest.

June 2nd

Coinbase Earn  has added a new 'learning and quiz based' token/application called EOS and the EOSIO with an opportunity to earn $10 worth of the EOS Token.

Certainly like to see that system with the Bitcoin blockchain currently. With the EOSIO system ... users can send in a 1/2 second and takes about 2 minutes to finalize with no fee. The EOS Token is currently valued at $7.64 USD with a market cap at 7 billion.

Recently, I made a Stellar transaction on Coinbase  that was very fast and free as well. Sweet.

It's been 49 years since the St. Louis Blues have payed at home in the Stanley Cup finals. The Boston Bruins took control of a way too defensive minded Blues in the 1st period and easily won the game; now ahead in the series ... 2 games to 1.

June 1st

The first day in June is sunny. That's a good sign but back to cloud and rain tomorrow thru to Monday here in Nova Scotia.

Two big anniversaries in June

The Big One ... World War II.

The beginning of the end of that war. D-Day and 75 years ago on June 6th, 1944. The invasion of Normandy by Allied troops.

Closer to home, to be celebrated on June 15th, is the 100th anniversary of CN Rail at Pier 21, Halifax. Pier 21 is now a busy spot for the Cruise Ship season (May to October) and known for it's Immigration gateway into Canada. Memories for me where my Parents landed there in 1954.

They boarded the CN train to eventually work and raise a family in northern Ontario, where I was born a few years later.

An interesting article here with a chart 'mid page' showing Bitcoin's gains and the stock market shrink due to Trade woes and possible recession returning within 12 months.

Gold is also up ...


However, I wouldn't exactly call Bitcoin a safe haven but for those who are experienced with the swings, etc., can make some gains along the way, specially with 'stable coins' now more popular to stuff gains into to avoid pitfalls.

Diversity Fund  sent me US funds.

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