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Bitcoin wallet with receive and send options are available with SolidTrustPay. Bank funding or withdrawing for USA members is not available at this time.

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February 16th

A mid month Blog post published called  February Quotes  about the current general investor outlook while spreading caution about crypto Wallet Providers/Exchanges. They are not like Banks where account balances up to stated maximum amounts are insured against loss.

February 14th

Happy Valentine's Day

Bitcoin has been fairly steady at it's current value for nearly a week. Not that there is anything wrong with that where I like stability but usually some shift follows days of little movement.

Hashing Ad Space  has beefed up it's security and members logging in today require password, Pin and Wallet address changes. Asimi is about $2.50 each,at this time.

ACX Crypto  is coming out with a new mix of plans starting with a min of $10 ...

2% per Day for 60 Days, then 1% for Life

1% per Day for 120 Days, then .5% for Life

.5% per Day for 240 Days, then .25% for Life

Less Risk for Earnings Adjustments

2% and 1% Crypto Packs could be affected by a future Earnings Adjustment, if necessary.

.5% Crypto Packs will NEVER be affected by any type of Earnings Adjustment - unless absolutely, absolutely necessary!

7 Days to Change Plan

In addition, for the first 7 days, you are able
to change the plan you chose, for each
Crypto Pack purchase you make.

Buy 2% Crypto Packs Today, and you get
7 days to decide whether to "downgrade"
to 1% or even .5% per day earnings.

February - Humpday

Nearing the halfway thru February, Ol' Man Winter is reminding me here that he can still sock it to us with a mix of snow and freezing rain today.

More on HYIP's, there's a site I look at when sizing up a new or existing high yield plan(s) and I can can see how many new ventures are launching on a steady basis.

Higher than normal deposits by 'Monitors' and 'RCB's' are a factor that a site is more popular than others on ...

However, one point to keep in mind is that the Admin(s) of a site could be paying a monitor(s) with member's funds and also providing some free plan purchases. That means a cut in member's overall funding that 'could' impact withdrawals in the short or long term. Some Admins do and some don't and no way of knowing.

That all factors in when making invest decisions with risk factors in mind.

February 12th

What's new with the HYIP's? Conicore  continues to pay me in quick time and sent Bitcoin to my external Wallet.

The Admin of BitAeon deserves some kudos for operating a grand project and continues to pay since I first invested back on November 6th. I jumped out of that pool early with a profit but of course no one knows how long a risky venture will operate.

The drama with QuadrigaCX continues where spurts of news continue to come out about the defunct exchanger.

Funds were going in and out right until the owner's death, which was proven along with a million dollars worth of Ether.

His wife now owns millions in real estate here in Halifax and in BC. If that will be scrutinized in the attempt to uncover millions owed to members (that hasn't been found) is yet to be seen. Provincial and Federal SEC's not getting involved.

​​February 11th

I added a new February article to my Blog on the right and  Hashing Ad Space updated last night that folks who register or those members who have not purchased Advertising can continue to collect free Asimi for another two weeks simply by watching a member's Ad for 7 seconds per day.

February 10th

A NHL game that went into overtime last night with Toronto being the victors over the Canadiens; Habs coming away with 1 point.

Good to see Bitcoin on the rise the last couple days with renewed interest for now.

ACX Crypto  had another past decent run but lately there's been account adjustments. See what the future holds there as they always manage to come up with another plan to keep earnings and withdrawals steady.

My Asimi balance is growing nicely with 
Hashing Ad Space  and where it's price is in relation to Bitcoin, it's value is currently $2.75 USD per token. 

February 8th

After the All Star Break, the Montreal Canadiens are flying high with another win last night. They face the Toronto Maple Leafs Saturday night who are also on a win streak with their last game. Both teams have 3 consecutive wins. Who will win the tie breaker?

Diversity Fund  sent US funds my way and I'm long in profit from my first spends in the Club.

February 7th

Coinbase  updated that it now offers a Paypal service to Europe:

The expanded service means customers of 32 European countries will now have the PayPal withdrawal option, with a total of 28 member countries in the EU and the four nations of the EFTA: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Support for the option in other nations will continue to be added this year, the firm said. Further information about that is available on their site an/or Blog.

So far no mention of a PayPal service to Canada after the US was added awhile ago.

Bitcoin continues to 'layer down' staying below $3400 USD at this time.

Hashing Ad Space  is a tad slow today due to member activity on site. The owner and Admin is working on it. (Asimi up to $3 in relation to Bitcoin so far)

February 5th

We are into a mild weather pattern here for a couple days. Good to be able to crack the windows and let some fresh air circulate. 

I added more funds to both  Diversity Fund  and  Hashing Ad Space  (Asimi currently climbed to 0.95 USD; holders have nearly doubled their value). Just a note that token coins tend to go up and down in relation to their Market Cap.

New Crypto trading site news on my Tickers and Trending page for today.

February 4th

The New England Patriots won the Superbowl in a low scoring game.

The NHL had a few games on tap as well and the Montreal Canadiens got a win in overtime.

I added a Blog article for  February  while we are getting a break from an extended cold snap, with a welcome mild weather trend moving in for a few days.

February 3rd

Superbowl Sunday

Our resident groundhog here in Nova Scotia, Shubenacadie Sam, figures there will be 6 more weeks of winter weather yet. Possible but I think Sam may be a tad off this year. I'm thinking 4 weeks.

The New England Patriots kick off against the Los Angeles Rams today for the NFL Championship.

I received another quick Bitcoin transfer from Coinicore.

February 1st

We are back into a deep freeze type weather until Monday and then back to a mild spurt for a few days here in Halifax. I'm looking forward to that. Just more expense when it's too cold. More heat and the car burns more fuel.

Bitcoin has been fairly stable the last few days and climbing some today.

I decided to fund  Hashing Ad Space  and doing some advertising while collecting the Asimi token daily. The current value is now on site, as well as on the 'Waves DEX' exchange. It's been fluctuating between 50 and 55 cents USD.

 ACX Crypto Club and associated sites had a bump yesterday with account adjustments and onwards with that long running venture. They updated the recent Bitcoin dips was the root cause. News: Compensation is shifting to 1% per day.

'January 29th

Bitcoin is looking a tad better today staying above $3400 USD at this time.

I'm still sizing up Hashing Ad Space  and it's definitely not your ordinary Advertising site. Unique actually while I continue to collect free Asimi, currently worth 50 cents USD each for now.

So, I can't buy direct into the site for Advertising that starts at a minimum of $20 worth of Asimi, which lasts for one year, viewing 1 site to earn additional Asimi. That multiplies with each Advertising contract bought. 

I do that via 'exchange' (from Bitcoin for example) on Waves DEX.There I can view the 'going price' for Asimi.

I fund and withdraw Asimi to Waves DEX ... from there I can exchange back to Bitcoin as an option.

So, in the end on the compensation part, Asimi will fluctuate like Bitcoin does so that has to be kept in mind as a member of Hashing Ad Space.

The only advertising site I am with that accepts SolidTrustPay called ... AdzFeedsend USD to my STP account.

January 28th

It's not what crypto investors wanted to see starting the day with Bitcoin dropping down farther to start the week. As always ... It's adjustment time. A couple billion drop in Market Cap with that coin/cash being routed somewhere? ... some other ventures for now.

Meanwhile, where I also have the option to deal in Bitcoin, I got a payment in US Dollars from  Diversity Fund . Last week's gains increased to 5.6%

January 27th

It's been a fairly quiet weekend and on the crypto scene, Bitcoin hasn't changed much with small fluctuations compared to it's usual big swings in value.

More news about 
Hashing Ad Space  with a soft launch being tomorrow, on Monday, barring any unforeseen delays.

Meanwhile, I'm viewing an 'Ad' per day and collecting free Asimi's. Kind of reminds me of an 'Airdrop'. The Admin, Luke Millard updated that will continue for about 2 weeks after the launch. Members can up their views and Asimi by funding with a minimum of $20 worth of advertising. I've also been watching Luke's videos available on the site explaining the concept and compensation. 

January 25th

Bitcoin hasn't moved much the last couple days and speculation is that it will soon break out in some direction. Hopefully 'up', which means more money in the end.

Coinicore  sent Bitcoin my way and my daily earnings continue for the life time of the project.

In my daily Ad watching, I've come across a new outfit that deals with an internal Token called Asimi

Hashing Ad Space  is not launched yet but members can gain some Asimi for watching Ads, which can eventually be exchanged for Bitcoin after Opening day. Looks interesting so far.