​​​​​​​​​​​​April 23rd

Scrat, always good for a chuckle ... kind of reminds me of the chase for the dollar online. 

Trident Crypto Fund  is about 8 days away from launch of it's 3 part compensation plan. For the passive with no requirement to recruit or sponsor folks is the 140% plan including principal and profit. The other 2 parts are bonuses for members who have a downline. 

Winnipeg Jets and Nashville Predators in the next round of the NHL Playoffs. Should make for an awesome series.

Toronto needs to win tonight at home to stay alive against the Bruins.

Pittsburgh moved on to the next round yesterday with Halifax lad... Sidney Crosby. 

April 22nd

March and April up to now has been an unusually cold and windy month. Looks like that's going to change with temps north of 10 C next week. Looking forward to that.

Bitcoin is also heading north of months of staying in the range of low 7 grand USD to $8,000 USD. General crypto news figures it's money flowing back into Bitcoin from other coins that's not moving up as expected. Perhaps it's the tighter regulation and those exchangers and crypto sites that comply with the laws of the land ... make them more attractive to investors, etc.

Traders are probably all shook up with the unpredictable Bulls and Bears in the Crypto scene.

The Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Bruins at home and now head back to Toronto for Game #6.

April 21st

The Winnipeg Jets won their opening Playoff series and now rest for the next round. Another franchise first.

PK Subban and the Nashville Predators are facing tougher opponents in the Colorado Avalanche and that series is tied up. Toronto is going to try and stay alive against Boston tonight ... in Boston. A tough one and must win for the Maple Leafs.

ACX  ...  The Bitcoin time frame to get paid is up on the site and currently 4 days. There's a nice bit of Bitcoin activity with members new to crypto, creating 'external' Wallets ... funding and withdrawing.

April 20

Bitcoin had a high of $8516 USD so far while millions of dollars are being traded per day in the various exchanges around the world.

The Toronto Maple Leafs head back to Boston losing last night and down 3 games to 1 in that series. Leaf fans hope they can rally and tie up the series.

Winnipeg will try and win at home tonight to make the Jets the first Canadian team to advance in the Playoffs.

Overall, the surprising Las Vegas Golden Knights swept their opening series in their first NHL season and advance. Their secret to winning 'stays in Vegas'

ACX  paid me to my Perfect Money account and I purchased with PM today. Members are awaiting the first Bitcoin payments to roll out after testing was completed yesterday.

April 18

The Winnipeg Jets are up 3 games on their opening series and head home for another 'White Out' from the fans hoping the Jets can finish off the Minnesota Wild to advance to the next round. Best 4 out of 7 series.

ACX  opened funding and yesterday evening .... withdrawals for Bitcoin users in their crypto based compensation plan. 

Trident  ...  joining with no obligation, members can receive 5 of the limited 300 bonus coins left. If any more will be issued is unknown at this time. Normally, with a limited supply a crypto coin could go up in value later. They go on sale in May.

April 17

Leaf nation is happy today their Toronto Maple Leafs won at home last night to get back into that series with Boston. The Bruins lead the series; 2 games to 1.

ACX  updated funding is available for Bitcoin, withdrawals to be enabled today ... I'll update about that.

April 16

It's the start of another weekend and some highly invested speculate that the Stock scene and TSX will look more rosier heading into the fall or the 4th quarter of this year. The price of Oil is being forecasted to go up due to higher demand than current reserves and production. Good for Canada's Alberta but see how it pans out.

EthMine  ... to date, this Admin is showing the HYIP world how it's done and I got paid to my Bitcoin Wallet pushing me further into profit.

Trident  started a video contest and the information is on site with some nice cash prizes.

​​April 15

Of the two Canadian teams in the NHL Playoffs, the Winnipeg Jets have won the first two games of their series while the Maple Leafs are looking to win a couple games at home after losing the first two to Boston.

Rare since the start of the year but Bitcoin continues to move up during a weekend. 

April (Friday)

Probably the biggest news today is the value of Bitcoin which has shot up from $6600 USD a few days ago. 

With Bitcoin, I'll update when  ACX  has enabled funding/withdrawing for the coin.

Trident  has set up it's own exchange site for it's TDC coin to initially trade for Bitcoin. It's a work in progress and for a preview ... here is the link for that:

Trident Exchange

It will go live Q1 of 2019

We will start with trading of Trident Coins itself after the ICO inside the exchange and later once the whole system is stabilized.  

April 12th

The NHL Playoffs started last night with Sidney Crosby from Halifax and the Pittsburgh Penguins winning their first game against the Flyers. Crosby with a hat trick.

Winnipeg and Vegas also won their first games. Both firsts for those teams.

ACX  ... with an unexpected shake up in payment/withdraw options decided to drop STP after using the processor for years.

Added are the funding/withdrawing options with Bitcoin for members who have external Bitcoin 'Wallets'

I use "Blockchain" with the most popular USA based, multi crypto-coin site being "Coinbase" Both are free to register and create "Wallet(s)".

ACX members can now add their wallet 'codes' on the ACX site. Currently I'm waiting for them to enable the Bitcoin withdrawal/fund.

I'll use STP to receive Bitcoin from my external Bitcoin Wallet for withdrawal to the Bank. I can also fund STP with Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin wallet with receive and send options are available with SolidTrustPay. Bank funding or withdrawing for USA members is not available at this time.

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