May 20th

It's the "May 24th" long weekend here, traditionally the opening of the camping/RV season ... also known as Victoria Day. 

Back in 2016, the glut of oil by OPEC and other nations hit oil producers on this side of the Big Pond hard and Oil dropped from about $110 to around $26. Companies downsized and others shut down with layoffs. A major hit to the economy and stock market for a few months.

Today, there's a shortage and expected to continue for awhile with the US and Iran troubles plus, it was a planned move by the Middle East to lower production for now at the same time. Oil is up to $80 USD a barrel and climbing. Good news for oil producers in Canada but no so good for yours truly where the price of gas keeps going up, costing me more money.

May 19th

In the 80's, may fav' one hour action series was Magnum P.I. ; Tom Selleck, the main character is now Frank, on the popular police drama series ... Blue Bloods.

The new version of Magnum looks great and look forward to the first show. 

In a tight scoring game, Vegas is now ahead in the series against Winnipeg ... 3 games to 1 and the next game is in Winnipeg tomorrow.

ACX  ... I received a Bitcoin payment to my external BTC wallet. 

May 17th

Former Pittsburgh Penguin goalie and Stanley Cup winner. Marc-Andre Fleury now with Vegas is at the top of his game where Winnipeg lost in Vegas last night.

ACX  ... I repurchased 80 Adpacks yesterday evening at $10 each and earning more daily then before yesterday's reset. Looking at it all from the ACX side, I'm not sure if this is the result they were looking for. Requested a withdrawal as well.

With the humanoid type 'Bots', Artificial Intelligence developers with Google are upset that the company is making a bid to win a multi billion dollar contract with the military. It's not part of their original vision to make the computer brain for machines of war or 'terminators' ... originally designed for peace keeping. I have to agree with the AI department and some are threatening to leave or have already moved on.

May 16th

I haven't mentioned  Trident Crypto Fund  since it's launch of the compensation plan. 

Currently there's a high activity of buying their TDC Coin as the 'rounds' continue (11th out of 77) and with each completion of a round ... the prices inches up. Started at .60 cents and now at $1.07 with over $3 million spent by members according to the site's stats.

In about 26 days from now, the exchange page is scheduled to open where members can swap TDC Coins or Tokens for Bitcoin. That will get me more interested if it becomes a reality.

Meanwhile, what makes Trident more HYIP'ish than legit, is the referral compensation although that part is Binary based. I'll update on developments with the exchange part of the project where members 'could' eventually see cash in hand from those Coins or Tokens.

ACX ...  the latest news is a type of reset will take place where withdrawals are taking too long. Members won't lose any adpacks bought and should make the withdrawal system pay out faster. I've been through this type of process many times in the past and resumed with my gains.

One major point to keep in mind with the Bitcoin rave ... is that a money manager's stockpile can take a good hit when the price comes down. For example ... near a $1000 with every Bitcoin held because of the drop in value from $9200+ to the current $8300 USD.

On the flipside ... increase with a 'Bull' run but they are short lived these days.

May 15th

Vegas is playing at home next in the NHL Playoffs where that series is now tied. For both Vegas and Winnipeg fans, it's a first for their teams getting this far.

For everybody interested in where the digital coin market is heading in the future, there's a major conference ongoing with some leaders and gov't officials participating.

In the end, it's all about what's happened so far. What lies ahead remains murky but in the end it's all about money, attempting to stay unregulated and bypassing Banks. With authorities ... taxes while working on getting it all on a leash.

May 14th

After a couple abnormal colder and wetter months for weather here, it's steady warm now getting into spring big time. 

ACX paid to my Perfect Money account today fairly close to the backoffice schedule. I further funded and purchased. Meanwhile, I also have a larger Bitcoin payment in the works. Probably be weeks end or early the following week before I receive that.

Happy Mother's Day

For all the Mom's, it's their special day. Mom will be 92 at the end of May with 64 of those years spent living in Canada. Mom loves her sports speaking of which ...

The Winnipeg Jets won the 1st game of their semi final round in the NHL Playoffs against Vegas at home.

For soccer fans, the World Cup starts next month.

May 11th

Between the ups and downs; when Bitcoin goes up and peaks, the price doesn't stay 'up' very long before a 'sell off' drives the value down again.

For folks who are into earning Bitcoin and receiving/accumulating the coin in a 'Wallet' for eventual withdraw to a Bank or bank machine ... it can be either a good or bad thing.

For example: I just received Bitcoin while it's on the rise and gaining ... beauty! However, if the digital coin is falling in value, I'm losing money. The only option there is withdraw it at a further loss or 'hold' and wait for the price to come back up.

Personally I'm patient and wait ... to a point. But, that's the game.

For those who are just doing the HODL (hold long term) it's all good unless there's a major bubble pop that some say will eventually come. But, nobody really knows at this point ... unpredictable is the word.

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