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May 25th

Buying the Dip? ... it seems some 'Whales' moving Bitcoin worth hundreds of thousands and millions worth in single transactions has sparked a sell off currently. 'That fear of losing value with no possible regain' thing I ignore. But, buying more crypto on the way down (hopefully at the 'bottoming out') is what comes to mind for when it rises once again in value. Like everything, it's risky business and no timing it ... just a gambling guess from watching the crypto news and alerts.

As I mentioned in previous articles, I prefer Tezos where it's very easy to own and at a low price per coin; affordable by all plus a legitimate token.

Like most altcoins, it tends to move with the price of Bitcoin. I bought more today on the inkling that it will rise from it's current price.  More than likely, Tezos could drop further in price before another 'swing' upwards happens. 

Here in Nova Scotia, we are behind the other Atlantic Provinces in opening up with the covid-19. We remain at 1 case per day. Word is, shops forced to close by health orders may be allowed to reopen early June while more shops in Malls plan to open and some have already opened. Hopefully all goes well and people continue to do their part with distancing, etc.

May 23rd

With a 'string of luck', a 'Bull' type investor can make huge gains in cash or crypto while many of these type of investors don't want to think about possible losses or the worst scenario that can happen. That's what keeps a lot of cautious investors from taking additional risks and chances they could be missing out on. That mindset ... better to hold on that opportunity than possibly be out hundreds or thousands of dollars.

An article caught my eye and gets into that. Some of these type posts come with lessons that are good to know going forward and may come in handy at some point but all investors from small amounts to 'whales' trip up from time to time, no matter how cautious ... while keeping the downside in mind but 'all in' going after the upside of it all ...


May 20th

Looks like we are finally getting into some decent weather here after a soggy and cool spring in the Atlantic provinces of Canada. 

Backlog ... I'm one that's involved in a logjam of pending transactions with Blockchain.com and Fees are up like I figured. Good job I have lots of patience to wait while I keep busy.

With Fees, it's like shopping around for a better deal when your focused on an item you want. There are a lot of exchangers out there and I'm in a few but find Coinbase has the best rate in comparison to date. A difference of $3 USD, I didn't have to dole out yesterday to move Bitcoin in the normal time frame with a transaction. A noteworthy article here about what's going on currently with 'backed up transactions and fees'.

May 18th

I expect 'small business' here in Nova Scotia to open soon while many are hurting to keep things afloat and could be slow going for awhile. There's only so much cash reserves for the business before thinking about personal and family. I don't expect much change in the covid-19 issue here which could hang around for months, the rest of this year and possibly beyond with social distancing, etc.

Personally, I miss shops like Chapters ... browsing around in the morning with coffee in hand.

Crypto and the Bitcoin markets remain on a high. Good to see compared to the 'shaky' stock markets although up in the 'green' today while Canada's TSX is closed for the holiday.

The big draw with Bitcoin from the start was the low fee and fairly quick person to person transfers. Mainly using it all as a type of payment processing on my end. Heading for mid 2020 and after the 'Bitcoin Halving', I'm seeing higher fees, but reasonable at times.

There's talk of the UK possible going to negative interest rates. Ouch! Don't want to see that here or I'll be pulling all my cash from savings accounts. I'm not going to 'pay' my Bank /and or FinTech to keep money in a savings account. I don't expect that to happen here however but these are strange times not seen before in my lifetime.

May  16th

The start of the camping weekend in Newfoundland where I grew up was called 'the 24th of May' weekend but in 2020, the long holiday weekend is here with Victoria Day falling on the 18th. In Newfoundland, it could be the nicest kind of day for pitching the tent and having some fun but could wake up to a foot of snow on the ground the next morning where the winter type stuff tends to hang on later than here in Nova Scotia.

Lifting more restrictions here, folks can go out and enjoy the outdoors if they wish along with boating and hitting the beaches all with social distancing in mind.

The compounding investor losses during these covid-19 times for a lot where there's no head nor tails to the Markets. Builds up stress and panic in some while economies are slowly opening in stages but in some areas, that had to go in reverse due to more virus cases and then there's the looming '2nd wave' top Doctors expect to come at some point when things open up more.

With crypto ... positive so far as bitcoin, the benchmark for Altcoins, is staying up in the $9,000 grand level so far.

On the negative side and just for folks involved, Telegram threw in the towel with their legal battle against the US SEC, and scrapped their gram token plan. Now they owe investors 70% of their principal deposits with no date on when that will happen yet ... about 1.2 billion to be paid back on their promise to make that happen while investors take a loss. Always wise, specially in the US, to keep the ever watching SEC in mind when big money schemes ramp up online. Facebook knows what that's all about but they continue on track planning for an outside US or 'offshore' launch at some point with their token and exchange plan.

May 14th

With the crypto community, the much anticipated 'Bitcoin Halving' has come and gone with the next halving happening in another 4 years. Anticipated because that event in the past has been followed by a decent Bull run but circumstances are different today for many reasons although there is a spike in the price of Bitcoin today.

The only negative part is possible higher fees for transactions and see if that holds true for the long term or just because the blockchain is busier today

Here in Nova Scotia, there is no change as yet while we remain in a State of Emergency although talks are ongoing about opening up more ... in stages.

May 10th

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms. Normally a lot of Moms would get treated to a Dinner out but with restaurants closed here except for takeout, it's a different year and time for sure with the adjustments we have all had to get used to.

New Brunswick, bordering the province of Nova Scotia is opening it's economy more rapid than Nova Scotia which looks like the end of May or 1st week in June for here so far. Schools are now closed for the year and that's a good move. Prime Minister Trudeau warns of opening everything too quick could bring on more cases of Covid-19 and he's probably right. See what happens as we remain in a State of Emergency for now.

Looks like the Bears or 'Sellers' got nervous and Bitcoin dropped from a near 10 grand USD level the last couple of days. The 'Bitcoin Halving' occurs on Monday, May 11th and those who had selling on their mind probably figured it would drop in price after the 'Halving' but the Bitcoin crypto market is unpredictable as always. There could be a another climb in price yet.

May 7th

The numbers of covid-19 cases are slowly coming down or what they call 'flattening the curve' here in Nova Scotia. I imagine small to large business owners that have been shut down since mid March are now thinking about how to comply with social distancing measures and what needs to be done to their shops in modifications. There will be recommendations from health officials I'm sure in the near future as other provinces are opening sooner.

As a crypto enthusiast, the main event these days is the rising price of Bitcoin with speculators assuming it's due to the nearing 'Halving' date. More US 'Whales' or big spenders are getting involved as well.

When 'Markets' are down, some investors search for alternative ways to add gains to their money.

May 6th

Wondering what the Bitcoin Halving is all about? Here is a detailed information document from Kraken explaining what it's all about and why it raises interest levels with some Bitcoin holders ...


Not too keen about the part where 'fees' may be higher for doing transaction as Miners get paid less and Bitcoin becomes a tad more valuable with each 'halving' but that happens at times when blockchains becomes extra busy.

May 2nd

The Nova Scotia government has taken the first steps to loosen restrictions although the State of Emergency continues. Parks and trails are now open. Beaches and playgrounds remain closed. They'll monitor this and look at opening up more with clinics and businesses next that were forced to close due to the spread of the virus concerns.

Bitcoin is moving opposite to the Markets these days as it flirts with the $9000 USD level. Markets were down yesterday with already old news about the economy etc. but reacts Monday to Friday in different ways that sometimes ... makes no sense. April with all the shutdowns in Canada and millions laid off, the Canadian market index, TSX gained 10%. Go figure

April 30th

Looks like we are starting to get the covid-19 spread under control here in Nova Scotia while restrictions remain in place with no plans to lift them gradually as yet. Good news so far.

What will happen when inter province travel resumes with no 14 day quarantine requirements? ... probably bring on some more cases to be dealt with but that's in the future. One step at a time they say.

Bitcoin began soaring yesterday, spiking to $9400 USD after midnight today. That perked some interest in the crypto world bringing up other coins as well.

Telegram has decided to reschedule launch of their Gram token to April, 2021 with a 72% refund to original buyers or wait to get a 110% return after launch. That won't be happening in the USA however. They have a 1.2 billion dollar float available for refunds.

Interesting ... take a 72% of principal refund now or wait for a possible 110% in April 2021? I'm not involved but being In Canada, which usually sides with the US decisions on these matters, I would take the 72% and look to add growth to that, eventually recovering my initial spends and more.

April 25th

Two provinces here in Canada have plans for a gradual lifting of restrictions over the next two weeks. Here, in Nova Scotia ... no change as covid-19 cases continue to be from 20 to 40 cases per day. Mostly in retirement homes in the province. Latest is, a few more weeks before things being to open here unless a drastic drop in infections.

The stock markets had a couple decent days to finish the week and Bitcoin is moving up in turn. Tons of issues on the go however in almost every sector as governments print more cash to prop up the falling economy for now. Billions of dollars.

With my April 18th update, Tezos is once again repeating that scenario ... on the move up. Looking good until Bitcoin drops once again.

I like this quote when it comes to predicting the future with investing and the current ongoing calamity with the price of oil per barrel;

'Even this week, a barrel of expert forecasts is worth less than crude itself'

April 22nd

In general, there's not a lot of new investing going on with the economies in North America practically at a standstill while the Covid-19 virus continues to make it's way through the population since March. With the price of oil going into the negative for the first time ever, that also has a huge impact on that industry. The price is up some today but has a long way to go to get back to at least the $50 USD range.

Pre-virus, crypto enthusiasts talked about Bitcoin soaring in price before the Bitcoin Miner 'halving' and with that event 19 days away, I didn't expect that to happen although still time. Too many issues these days within crypto and the virus shutdown keeping many holding on to their cash or the bitcoin they own now.

April 20th

Facebook is in the news again lately with their 'in the works' crypto currency outfit called Libra Association, out of Switzerland. Their crypto wallet site will be with Calibre, setting up in Ireland where a number of big name companies go to avoid high taxes.

One main change is the setting up of multiple 'coins' ... one for each countries currency they will be involved with instead of the previous one coin ... blanket coverage for all currencies. 

I'm watching the theory that Bitcoin is following the S&P 500 in the stock markets. Today, that looks like the case as the S&P 500 is down and Bitcoin is falling as well after holding fairly steady over the weekend when the stock market was closed. See this week if there is any positive news that gets the Market back in the up mode (green) despite the virus fallout and oil continuing to fall in price.

April 18th

While we have a cooler than normal spring on the go here in Nova Scotia, no changes so far in our current State of Emergency here with the latest updates about a possible lifting of restrictions in a few weeks.

There is kind of a correlation between the movements in Bitcoin price and the S&P 500 in the stock markers. The Markets finished this week in the green yesterday and Bitcoin is moving up slowly some today.

Tezos (XTZ) is an interesting token and certainly affordable to buy with a range lately of $1.50 to $2.50 USD.

On the 1st of April ... worth $1.60 USD and today worth $2.25 at the time of this posting. Good for some Trading fun ... for example:

I invest $100 in Tezos at $2.00 each ... 50 Tezos worth. A week or two later, it rose up to $2.50, which it has done a few times since I got involved.

That original $100 gained $25 for $125 worth of Tezos. Like 'comfy couch' gains, just watch the charts/prices and trade.

Like most tokens, Tezos follows the ups and downs with the price of Bitcoin.

April 15th

Our Premier here in Nova Scotia got increasingly upset in the past weeks with people who weren't following the covid-19 recommendations like social distancing, etc. and that's were the T Shirt slogan came from when he said on an update to the province; Stay the blazes home! That caught on real quick like Trudeau's comment about wearing a mask ... speaking moistly.

Meanwhile, not a lot of changes but provinces and the federal government in Ottawa are now talking about the gradual rebooting of the economy and lifting some current restrictions like many countries around the world are planning these days. However the border to the US will remain closed for some time, where the US remains a hot spot for the virus.

Bitcoin is making it into the big time, with a stock now listed on Canada's TSX ... Toronto Stock Exchange.

The Bitcoin Fund(TSX: QBTC.U) basically about the price movements of Bitcoin in USD.

One point that's a stickler for investors is fees and keeping them low so not to have that much of an impact at the end of year. Years back, most just accepted a management fee of 2% or higher ... erasing thousands of dollars over the long term.

The Bitcoin Fund is up there at 1.95% but overall a breakthrough for the Bitcoin and crypto community. ETF's next? So far in the US, all applications have been shot down but it they will eventually come.

April - Easter Monday

There are a lot of what they call 'accredited' investors miffed now over Telegram, the US SEC and the presiding judge over the court case. Especially, US investors into Telegram's 'Telegram Open Network (TON)' token called... Grams. To the tune of 1.7 billion dollars paid in from US and International investors.

The judge has ruled with the US SEC, that the Gram is like a security so it's not happening in the US. Same fight Facebook has with it's token, still in the development stages.

Overall, looked at as a 'get rich quick' scheme when the Gram initially spiked in price at launch.

Telegram will now try and carry on and launch outside the US with the TON and Gram.

From Whales to the small investor, investing in the crypto world is certainly risky with so many gray areas when it comes to the law of the land with crypto. Especially in the US and that usually means Canada as well. These days it continues to come down to a judge to determine what is what with recommendations from the SEC. 

April 12th

Happy Easter

Stay safe and healthy

April 8th

More news about the Covid-19 pandemic peaking around the world and signs in some areas that possibly the virus has run it's course for now, although stats from today don't reflect that. Wuhan, China ... where it all started has lifted the lock down in that city after 76 days and slowly getting back to normal while virus monitoring continues.

Tezos (XTZ), that I have 'staked' in Kraken is once again on the move up in price following Bitcoin. Kraken adds interest payments twice a week to the amount of Tezos I have invested. The long term plan is to trade back to Bitcoin and eventually to cash in my bank savings account.

April 6th

A rare Monday in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis and Oil price war that looked good for a change in the Stock Market and Bitcoin getting a nice boost in price today.

I'm not confident things will get better from here yet but a confidence booster for some. Is the worst over? ... News reports from the press suggest that's possible but with increasing daily numbers from people contracting the virus here in Nova Scotia from 20 to 30 people per day so far, I'm not convinced although hopeful.

April 4th

Some crypto enthusiasts are making inflated projections about the price of Bitcoin, mainly due to the 'Halving' in a few months but I can't see it with this lock down and economic environment we are in these days. BTC could move up some in price but not up by tens of thousands of dollars from where it is now that they are putting out there online

Here in Nova Scotia, no change with the Covid-19 issue. Social distancing and stay at home except for getting the necessities required and work. Getting tougher where the days are getting longer and warming, specially for the kids. I see garden centers being erected, which will get busy I'm sure where it's work around the house these days to keep busy when possible.

In Canada, the first assistance package by the Federal Liberal government is scheduled to start up on Monday, April 6th when applications will be available for those forced to stay home from work or looking after someone infected with Covid-19 that can't apply for EI. Apparently those on EI now or just applied will get topped up to the dollar amounts this financial aid package will allow.

April 2nd

Looks like here in Nova Scotia, they are keeping things as they are for the month of April unless things improve dramatically or get worse, which I doubt right now but It's a day by day assessing of the Covid-19 virus impact. Like everybody is thinking I'm sure, how much worse can it get overall and hope for improvement.

Totally weird to head downtown Halifax during usual rush hour time with normal bumper to bumper but void of traffic now, except for delivery trucks and vehicles.

Bitcoin is making a move up today as well as the Stock Markets. I assume there's an overall sense of getting used to the global situation after a few weeks of fear and anxiety. It's always about earning a dollar again when things bottom out but far from being out of the woods yet with escalating issues.

March 28th

For a fella being raised in Newfoundland when Newfoundlanders' were regarded as friendly and helpful ... eager to strike up a conversation, it's fast forward to a different world now where folks make a wide semi circle around you and avoid talking for the most part. Social distancing.

It took some getting used to but becoming part of daily life now. Perhaps changed forever for some after the Covid-19 is in the past. 

Here in Nova Scotia, those infected with the virus are dealt with quickly and put in isolation for 14 days. Averaging around 10 to 14 cases per day lately with 90 reported as of now. This big city of Halifax looks like a ghost town at times, people waiting for this virus issue to go away so life can return to normal.

No real change in the stock or crypto markets, although crypto is holding more steady which is a switch. Another wait and see situation for what's next; better or worse tomorrow or next week. Like a seesaw run amok and nobody can get a grip on it until things settle down.

March 25th

As layoffs grow and unemployment rates spike in North America, Canada and the US have packages ready to try and prop up the economy plus money for folks who are eligible to get through this tough time.

The Markets are in the green for the 2nd day mainly because of these stimulus plans as governments get ready to pump millions into where they figure it's needed the most.

Bitcoin has been holding around the same level for a few days now.

I noticed police circling around the busier retail parking lots where they can now enforce social distancing with $1000 fines per day for those that frequently don't comply. Doing their job to keep people safe as possible.

March 22nd

On a sunny and cool day here in Nova Scotia, the news is gloomy as a state of emergency has been declared. Mainly where folks are not listening or taking precautions about social distance with larger gatherings in parks, beaches and social meets over the weekend were witnessed. That's all closed now to the public for the most part with fines in place. No more than 5 people to a group.

It will eventually sink in or enforced more that it applies to everyone for the benefit of all.

Travel from province to province in Canada is getting more restricted. 14 days isolation required if returning to Nova Scotia. Newfoundland has that same requirement. That's a tough one with the every weekend (and holiday) migration of New Brunswick workers that go home and return to the jobs they here in Nova Scotia. Probably an update coming on that about the 'out of province' employed. 

March 20th

It's all kind of a weird atmosphere with different routines in daily life for me and for all those laid off with some stress building over how long the down time will last and finances. It's kind of having to resign to 'nothing can be done' and 'out of my control' but to wait it out and wonder if there are specials left in the grocery stores I'm going after. Quick darts to get what's needed and back home for a lot now or the pick-up/delivery options where available. Like waiting for a possible devastating hurricane that's not coming.

The Federal Government has a blue print out about compensation outside of the EI program and needs to be passed by Parliament before it can be set into motion with applications open. That's a daily update thing from the Feds to help those with no options left like sick days, paid leave or not eligible for EI, or having to close a small business.

Markets were up this morning but flat to losing ground to close out Friday.

Bitcoin was up over a grand this morning but has dropped some since.

March 18th

Here in Halifax, I can certainly notice the drop in traffic the last couple days. It is March break with schools closed and more than likely, closed for an additional week, or longer. Some businesses have closed for now while others are on reduced hours. Grocery and Pharmacy stores are the main focus for most who try and avoid everything else for now.

As more employed and self-employed folks have to wait it out at home, the Federal government is working on an aid package in the billions to try and get folks and businesses over this uncertain time with some extra compensation. There should be some news on that today apparently.

There's news of 3 vaccines of 22 in the development and testing stage that are making the news. Germany, China (already in use that's showing improvement in patients and test subjects) and in the US where test subjects where injected with a vaccine yesterday with results to come. Hopefully by the Fall or earlier a working vaccine will be circulating around thew world.

On the financial sides of things, Markets continue to swing wildly with an 'up' day yesterday, 'down' again today. Even with billions being readied to pump into economies, investors remain spooked.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin is holding at the low to mid 5 grand USD range ... for now.

March 16th

Here in Nova Scotia, virus precautions are being added daily and recommending folks keep their normal socializing to a minimum or stop for now to slow the spread of the COVID-19 until further updates. Specially those people 70 years of age and older are advised to stay home as much as possible.

This is a first in my lifetime I have seen anything like this unfold country wide with adjustments to my normal lifestyle while the spread continues. Warmer weather, the Doc's figure will slow it down but see if that happens as spring starts this week.

Investing ... in my opinion there remains a high chance buying in the stock market will result in a return or holdings loss for now (except dividends as long as companies don't cut or suspend) as many investors are selling for cash. That includes Bitcoin, as the value in USD continues to drop down lately; over 50% down from mid February. Not pretty when looking at the crypto 'Wallets' these days.

March 14th

Frosty mornings lately here in Nova Scotia with warming by mid morning as we head for spring.

Currently, stock market investors got the weekend to mull over the next course of action for Monday. Anticipated is another 20% down to come yet over the days or weeks but that's speculation as always.

Bitcoin trading is no fun for now as it's one of these days it's in 'no mans land'. Drop way down yet, hold or move up some? Nobody knows.

Being a hockey fan, it will be a strange Saturday night for this time of year without the traditional 'Hockey Night In Canada' I have been watching as a boy. The NHL season is delayed for the rest of March I suspect or even longer.

March - Friday

I'm sure most Canadians know and are informed about the coronavirus that's slowly spreading throughout the land and now that our Prime Minister and his wife are self quarantined after travelling abroad and his Missus having been tested positive for a mild case ... there's more talk everyday about what's next for the employed and companies plus the self employed.

The virus impact and oil price war are wreaking havoc on the stock and crypto markets as anxiety and fear compound in investors. New negative Market records were set, both in North American and European Markets with them going off a cliff during trading this past week. Some recovery today but that will 'see saw' for awhile yet I figure.

On a positive note; China, where the virus first started, is slowly getting back to business and factories ramping up where that country is recovering. The rest of the world will have to wait for the virus to take it's course while here, we are getting more precautions in place although late in acting I feel; with hopefully a workable vaccine to be made available to the public soon.

March 10th

Volatile .... is the word of the day or for probably most of March or longer. Along with the coronavirus that got investors spooked, Saudi Arabia decided to add to the 'fear' in the Markets by starting an oil price war and ramp up production in an already 'glutted' market after Russia did not agree to a reduction plan to keep oil around the $50 USD range. That inner mind battle going on with the invested ... 'sell', 'hold' or 'buy' while Markets are down with a cheaper cost than before the major drops. 

Hold on my end for now. No sense in selling at a loss. Things will reverse in time and the Bulls will feel like going for a trot once again.

Bitcoin broke it's weekend pattern of increasing slowly in price ... to a major drop there as well but recovered some today. In crypto, there are daily issues that move the price; some days more than others. Since yesterday's lows of near 7 grand USD; buying at the low came into play with some to bump the price today.

An investor can make all the right moves with a building portfolio that's showing steady and increasing gains but there isn't much or no warning when blind sided by building issues that's currently happening in March so far. However, wise investors also know to 'expect the unexpected' and be prepared.

March 8th

Outside of my 'brick and mortar' Bank here in Canada, I add funds on a regular bases to my 'High Interest' Savings accounts on my FinTeck or online bank accounts. 

Just as an example, one of the more popular Finteck (or Roboadvisor is another label used) is called Wealthsimple and their Wealthsimple Cashhad a high interest account with 2.4% yearly, calculated daily and added monthly.

However, the Bank of Canada lowered their borrowing interest rate 50 basis points to 1.25% last week and the Banks like TD, Scotiabank, etc. followed suit. Great for even lower mortgage rates and those looking to renew or with a variable interest mortgage.

The flipside is not so good and from a snippet of an article:

"But for retired Canadians, these rate cuts could eat into savings and income. 

Unfortunately, Canadians can expect these lower rates to be passed along to their high interest savings accounts, GICs and other fixed income investments,” said James Laird, Ratehub co-founder and president of Canwise Financial, in a statement.

“Retirees who rely on fixed income investments should expect their monthly cash flow to decrease.”

Another way of looking at it is that it’s good for younger Canadians, who tend to borrow more than they save, and bad for older Canadians, who save more than they borrow."

Back to Wealthsimple Cash, Not long after the Bank of Canada announced that cut in interest, they had to adjust their High Interest account rate down to 1.9%.

Still good and high where the monthly interest earned is just shy but comparable to a money market ETF that costs $50 per unit and pays 8 cents each for a monthly dividend (repeats every month where the ETF reverts to $50 per unit and builds up to $50.08 again before falling back to $50 for the next month) Probably better, where Wealthsimple Cash has no fee but the ETF does that's deducted yearly, lowering the total amount earned and invested.

Now I'm informed where I didn't realize Bank of Canada interest rate 'cuts or increases' for borrowing affected interest rates on savings accounts. The pros and cons of these moves.

March 6th

Bitcoin and the majority of Altcoins that use BTC as a benchmark are moving opposite to the stock markets today which continues to rattle investors over the China originated Virus and the collateral damage that some companies are dealing with such as production, profits and growth at this time.

March 4th

Code ... It's what Hackers around the world scrutinize and dissect 24/7; looking for a flaw and a way into the inner workings of a website, script or crypto code. Recent hacks of cell phones with millions in crypto extracted are the latest targets where SIM cards are compromised. Crooked cell phone employees selling SIM data on the black market for thousands of dollars.

Millions is spent on security and paying 'white hat' or 'good person' hackers that try and stop the crooks from finding a way in but they slip through at times. 

If it's not Hackers it's Fraud where they dupe people into taking their life savings, etc. ... from a recent Coindesk article ...Crypto Currency Fraud Operation

It's wise to be aware of any soliciting calls, change passwords often and clear the browser data daily. Be aware of any emails requesting 'log in' information, personal or sensitive information with links to click.

Even Google's 2 factor Authentication has been recently hacked allowing entry into people's sites. It's a good idea to watch out for news concerning these issues.

March 2nd

Feels like BBQ weather in Nova Scotia today and getting warmer tomorrow.

It's mid afternoon on Monday here and I'm glad the Markets squashed my prediction from yesterday with more 'green' showing and a rise in the crypto market with Bitcoin taking the lead.

The economic forecast still looks gloomy for now so it's wise to stay informed when investing.

March 1st

I expect more of a drop in the stock markets tomorrow being Monday. China seems to be getting the Virus issue more under control and where the country is one of the biggest importers and exporters, that affects a lot of businesses here at home and internationally. 

I don't expect much of a change on the crypto front but Bitcoin could drop more as well. 

Hopefully, the ol' saying normally about weather ... In like a Lion and Out like a Lamb ... will apply to the Markets in March.

Gold the normal safe haven for investors was also down on Friday as Oil continues to fall as well. Better days ahead.