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November 15th

Steps  is my latest post and my views on the Markets both stock and crypto as the days slowly get colder here in Nova Scotia

Meanwhile, things are normal 'to date' with the various Crypto 'Clubs' I'm involved with as payments come in on time. Knock on wood..

November 14th

With the an increase in the previous week's gains at 5.4%, Diversity Fund Club sent a payment and that put's me into profit with my first funding. 

Bitcoin took quite the drop and not sure what the cause is yet but a lot of selling going on for sure.

With the Bitcoin Cash 'hard fork' scheduled for tomorrow I mentioned on my 'Tickers and Trending' page, Exchanges that host Bitcoin Cash are taking precautions such as Blockchain.info ....

​We have been closely tracking the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork set to take place at 16:40 pm UTC (11:40am EST) on Thursday, November 15th and what it means for you. The outcome of the hard fork will likely be two different blockchains and tokens. But not to worry, we’ve got you covered!

First, your funds are safe, but we are taking some precautions on your behalf. We will temporarily disable Bitcoin Cash services starting at 13:40pm UTC (8:40am EST) on Thursday until we can determine that the situation is stable. During this time, you will still be able access Bitcoin, Ether, and Stellar services within the Wallet.

Following the fork, your Bitcoin Cash balance will reflect the value from 3 hours before the fork. The the fiat value of your Bitcoin Cash holdings will begin updating as soon as the network stabilizes.

No immediate action is required on your part. We will be closely monitoring the situation and will make sure to update you via our social channels and from within the Wallet.

November 12th

There's not a lot of gains to be made trading Bitcoin for fiat, or currency these days compared to swings of 100's of dollars at a time in the past.

There is a lot of trading going on between BTC and other coins. Specially when they pop up on popular exchanges for the first time like Coinbase. What they call 'pump and dump'.

Price usually initially goes up fast, then drops as folks sell or trade back to Bitcoin for a gain.

Meanwhile, things are moving along with my newest ventures and Token Logic sent an auto Bitcoin transaction to my 'Wallet'.

There's a lot of articles and posts about a 'possible' new Payment Processor working on a long term plan to be one of the top in the world like PayPal. They will deal with their own digital currency called 'Q'. 

Initiative Q  is giving away Q's to members who register. Q's currently have no value; their plan is to eventually 'peg' it to the US Dollar, rising in value over time.

So, I decided to register knowing that the Q's given me 'may' be worth something in the future with no further obligation. Their timeline expands over 2 years to gain a foothold in that niche and grow over time.

November 11th

Remembrance Day - Canada

Veterans Day - USA

Lest we forget

November 10th

I added a new article to my Blog ... '100 Years' with it being Remembrance Day tomorrow.

November 9th

Bitcoin's 'whitepaper' is now 10 years old. I remember when I first seen information about Bitcoin back then and with all the scams online, I put it on the back burner to 'watch'. There were many a venture already working at that time working with 'tokens' that were 'fly by nights'.

Who knew it would explode and become a 'bubble' towards the end of last year, 2017. Some early investors became millionaires.

Hundreds of Bitcoin 'copycats' followed called Altcoins but BTC remains king for now. And ... many made a ton of money with these Altcoins as well.

One of these is called Stellar and the subject of an 'airdrop'. There's an update about that on my 'Tickers and Trending page'. Stellar (XLM) is hovering around 0.25 cents USD.

November 8th

It's a beauty fall day here in Halifax, Nova Scotia with the sun out and mild temperatures. With the US Mid-Term elections going as the financial world expected, Markets continue to gain. 

Mr. Trump and his party lost the majority of the 'House' so there will be more opposition to some of his policies and decisions. In 2 years he will try to keep his position with the Presidential elections.

Through all that US hub bub, Bitcoin hasn't changed a lot and is moving above and below the $6500 line for the last couple days.

There's that feeling of satisfaction when seeing a gain and profit with an invest after accepting the risk. My initial spend with  Crypto 300 Club has surpassed 'break even' and now it's about additional gains.

November 6th

The mercury in the thermometers is steady going up and down here in Nova Scotia as we near freezing one day and then back up to mild like today, with rain. 

Interesting to see what gives with the Mid-Term elections down south in the US today. 

No changes with my online ventures to date ranging from 5.3% for the previous week with Diversity Fund Club up to 3% per day with the 'high yield' Token Logic.

Dividends continue to be my main interest in the stock market, which has recovered some from the October 'sell' blitz, wiping some of the gains for the year that are into the market indexes. The same issues remain that caused that big drop in markets but investors have digested them and moved on for now, slowly gaining once again.

More Blockchain.info news about 'airdrops' on my Tickers and Trending page.

November 5th

The Mid-Term elections in the US will be tomorrow, Tuesday and Democrats are expected to take over more of the 'House' but Congress will remain with a Republican majority for now as only some of the seats are due for re-election.

One of the biggest issues with the Stock Market is the Trade War and I don't see any progress so that will be an ongoing thing. Iran oil sanctions kick in today by the US so see what hornet's nest that stirs up.

Rising interest rates is another cloud forming but investors all know that is happening now so no surprise or sudden impact announcements.

Bitcoin moved up into the $6400 level yesterday. Certainly welcome where my online ventures all deal with the 'coin' these days.

November 2nd

The clocks will wind back one hour on Saturday night so it will get dark earlier in the afternoon as we head for winter here in Canada.

I added a new post to my Blog on the left ... Moving On Up.

With the high yield Bitcoin related;  Token Logic sent BTC to my external crypto wallet.

November 1st

Markets continue to improve today. A good sign of things to come hopefully.

Bitcoin is slowly moving up in value and a major US bank, based in New York ... Morgan Stanley has been doing a study on crypto currency; with over 7 billion in investments, the bank sees crypto moving into it's own investment sector as it grows which banks and financial outfits will eventually recognize.

However, Stable Coins is another matter and the bank doesn't see a bright future for it although more are coming on stream every week. Like everything, the most popular and biggest company(s) behind one or two will survive.

Each company that launches one has to have the equivalent dollar or currency, gold, etc. in holding to match each coin plus reserves ... or it won't hold water like many believe Tether does not with it's coin matching a US Dollar although it has shown the reserves in banks.

October 31st

Happy Halloween

It was a scary end to October but things are turning around so far in both the Stock and Crypto Markets, which is great news although it may be short term while investors wait to see if the Equity Markets stay 'normal' in the days ahead.

Diversity Fund Club  had an increase last with 5.3% and I received a payment as well.

ACX Crypto  is also following Crypto 300 Club's plan now that I mentioned in my October 27th update. I also got a Bitcoin payment today.

October 29th

It's the fourth day in operation for  Token Logic  and I requested my fist batch of Bitcoin which was paid instantly. Token Logic wants to 'rock' the HYIP niche after a sleepy year. See if it has the stamina to do that.

Bitcoin dropped about $200 since yesterday. If it comes back up to the $6500 USD range, it will be a nice gain for those 'buying' now. I got a feeling it will at some point.

Probably the continued 'down' in the stock Markets today, although not so severe, is weighing on Bitcoin and in turn other coins.

October 28th

On the International news, companies involved with the Trade War and seeing their stocks drop with the October Market sell off lately, are looking for a light at the end of the tunnel, which will eventually come once again with what I call, the Market cycles.

China is matching the US Trump's tariffs so both countries are racking in more fees into their coffers while the companies involved shell out more for the Tariff in that import/export matchup.

Meanwhile this is forcing some companies to move bases to other countries to avoid the high tariff fees.

Mid term elections taking place in the US in early November are causing more of a violent and dangerous stir than intended with the political radicals involved.

More laid back here in Canada, one of the major issues is there's not enough marijuana to supply the demand across Canada. Medical Weed shortage is also an issue where companies divert more product to the province's shops and not allowing enough to cover prescriptions. Not sure if this is an oversight on the Federal and Provincial governments.

October 27th

Investors 'selling' and looking for safer havens fueled more of a downturn in the world markets, finished up yesterday for the week, being Friday. 

On my end, I'm not shifting my focus on my invests as they are on a steady course. I'll continue to build from there.

Some news with  Crytpo 300 Club  where it is common knowledge with members that the 2% is temporary. When will that end? A decision was made on that and 'principal' spends will continue to earn at that rate (60 days) and then shift to 1% Monday to Friday with 0.05% Saturday & Sunday with no expiry.

Personally, I prefer low and steady instead of anything over 3%, even with a business day plan ... Monday to Friday only. Keen crypto and stock traders can make a lot more and do but that's not for everyone to master.

October 26th

After several months of just watching I funded a new High Yield opportunity.  Token Logic  surfaced yesterday and perked my interest so I've been watching it on Allstats.io and decided to fund early in the morning today.

The daily returns are in the range I prefer at a starting 3% per day for 50 days. 35 days to be even and in profit for the remainder of the my initial term.

I expect Bitcoin to increase in value as well where it's been below $6500 USD since the 18th of October. That should turn out to be a plus eventually with a Bitcoin value increase where I funded at $6443 USD today

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