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May 20th

Victoria Day

Yesterday afternoon we had decent weather with sun and cloud but the rest of the long weekend was and still is about rain here in Nova Scotia.

There's been a lot of James Bond actors and I liked Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan but I'd say my fav is Daniel Craig ... and best 007 flick being Skyfall with the bad guy, Javier Bardem​ making the movie stand out.

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May 19th

It's been a busy Sunday on the blockchain as Bitcoin once again spiked to just over $8100 USD in the last 24 hours. 

Fees and processing delays again are an issue at times.

Thru  Diversity Fund (6.3% gains for the previous week) I see the long running Paidverts is coming out with a new site and I'll update about that while it's gearing up for a launch in June. PTCShare

May 17th

We're heading into the long Victoria Day weekend here in Canada. Also known as the May 24th weekend although the calendar doesn't line up with that date these years ... start of the Camping/RV season.

Last night was the final episode after 12 seasons of the enjoyable Big Bang Theory series.

The Boston Bruins are in the finals for the Stanley Cup in the NHL Playoffs, resting and waiting for the winner of the ongoing St. Louis/ San Jose conference championship round.

Bitcoin can become volatile as the coin dropped a $1000 in a day, equaling millions in 'sell' transactions for huge gains for those involved, while those who bought a couple days ago at $8000 USD and above, wait and look for a rebound.

My pending transactions (waiting for blockchain Miners to process) were finally completed last night. One being from C300 Club.

May 16th

It certainly looks like the Bitcoin blockchain is seeing heavy traffic these days and Miners are probably working the big money transactions first where I have smaller incoming payments waiting to be processed for a couple days now.

I would assume some 'Whales' have been doing some selling for heavy gains with the significant drops in the fluctuating value of Bitcoin recently, then waiting and hoping to repeat no doubt.

I received an invitation from  Coinbase(Coinbase Earn) for a free $10 worth of Stellar Lumens (XLM). Folks who join here at  ....  Coinbase Earn  have the opportunity to do the same, as well as select invitations to be on the waitlists to earn free Zcash, Basic Attention Token, and 0x.

Each crypto asset comes with a learning experience about the 'coin' ... why it was developed, it's use and the future, etc.

May (Monday)

Anybody who owns or watching Bitcoin knows it's all shook up these days and have to be amazed at the highs and lows in a 24 period. Being there during the 2017 sky rocket to 19 grand USD, I know what can happen at some point but enjoying the Bull run for now.

Since  has USD PAX now, I decided to move some of my Bitcoin gains to that US dollar pegged (equal to 1 USD) coin. Just as a safety net in case Bitcoin suddenly crashes again.

Coinbase  also has USD PAX in it's crypto asset list.

I can always trade back at some 'bottomed out' point with Bitcoin and look for more gains when the time comes.

May 11th

As I track Litecoin and play in the Trading game, I bought when it was at $80 USD and then it dipped to the low 70's for a few days. With Bitcoin soaring since yesterday, the top Altcoins are following suit and Litecoin (5th highest in Market Cap at over 5 billion USD) is currently at $87 so I 'sold' for a gain. Folks who bought when it in the low 70's this week and decide to sell make even a bigger gain.

With Bitcoin, be prepared for longer transaction wait times and higher fees at it's current level. 'When' it does drop again, those issues will reverse.

May 10th

One of the top Meteorologist's in the country says prepare for unpredictable weather in Newfoundland. Wilder storms and probably a hotter summer once spring breaks this year with overall average temps rising a bit at a time over the years. No telling what's in store for next year. That probably applies to most of Canada, specially the East coast.

Years ago, you could pretty well predict the weather pattern over the months. But times have changed.

An update on Binance, although I have no crypto in there ... they plan to resume funding and withdrawing early next week. Trading continues and they say they can cover the recent theft with Emergency funds while adding stricter 'log in' measures (2FA's) and KYC's (Know Your Customer)

Just an example of what can happen as the relentless Hackers out there try to gain access to data, crypto and money

Bitcoin continues to rise with no rhyme or reason why, after months of being fairly quiet. For those involved, be careful not to get burned by funding late and feeling the consequences of the late 2017 rally.

May 9th

Many a Bitcoin 'investor' is probably getting or already is excited with the coin crossing the 6 grand mark and also a 6 month high for BTC.

Is this a 'spike' or a 'peak' for now, or ... will the digital asset continue to climb? Like all markets ... no one knows 100%.

With all the recent increases, that also perks up Hacker's interest and attempts to snatch crypto even more. 

Binance, one of the top crypto exchangers in the world, was hacked for 40 million dollars worth of Bitcoin recently. The route the coin took into smaller created wallets can be seen and looks like that's still happening on the blockchains in a pre-planned and organized pattern. Almost looks like the starting point at the top of an umbrella to multiple points down and all around the circular rim.

A rich game of 'Track me if you can' ... sort of thing.

Unfortunately, the identity of these wallets is not known. perhaps the country of origin may come out.

Colorado lost in the 7th game, now San Jose moves on to meet St. Louis in the conference championship.

May 8th

Bitcoin got close to 6 grand at $5940 USD yesterday so I figure it's only a matter of time before that $6000 level is passed in May.

C300 Club  got me interested once again and receiving Bitcoin payments these days.

In a nut shell, their 'Variable Plan' gives a member a choice within and up to 7 days to decide to stay at 2% per day when funding, switch to 1% per day; or with the least risk ... 0.5% per day. It's a unique plan that gives a member options on the fly. Each 'earning rate' comes with a possible and probable 'shelf life' at some point in the future in varying degrees of risk with 0.5% being the lowest.

Although there are no expiry on spends.

Tomorrow is the start of the final round in the NHL Playoffs with 4 teams remaining before the Stanley cup matchup with the final two teams.

Colorado and San Jose play their final 7th game tonight to decide which team moves on.

May 6th

​Be interesting to see if Bitcoin can hit $6000 USD this week with all the buying and selling of the coin. Litecoin topped at $81 USD last Saturday before falling back for now.

A recent survey by a top financial group showed that about 20% of stock investors are now either involved or watching the crypto markets these days. Being unpredictable is the major issue brought up.

In the stock markets, an investor should be prepared for the unpredictable in the short term but in long term a person can build up a nice nest egg in the right sectors or a combination there of. 

Like today, Mr. Trump figured he wasn't making enough 'noise' as it was so he decided to threaten China with more tariffs after last Friday everything being ok on that front. That sent the stock and oil markets into a tizzy, hopefully short term once again.

May 4th

First when Bitcoin arrived on the scene it was about a quick and cheap way to transfer 'crypto to money' around the world to friends and family. There was also a building excitement about the investment side of it. 

Fast forward and the wild fluctuations in price that came with it and still occur today ... unpredictable is a good blanket to lay over it all.

Everybody who wants to send money to a relative overseas for example wants them to receive the same amount that's sent, not less when it hits the other end which can happen with Bitcoin.

Stable coins keep the transfer amount at the same amount with very small fluctuations in currency as these currencies/fiat also change steady; relative to each other.. like USD to JPY for example but geared for a 1:1 exchange.  has added it's first stable coin that works like that called USD PAX and I mentioned that on my Tickers and Trending page. 

Colorado has tied their series with the Sharks in the NHL playoffs and tonight it's Game #5 in San Jose.

May 2nd

Predictions are that Bitcoin will hit the $6000 USD mark in May. Considering it's already half way there from where it was hovering around in the mid to latter part of April at around $5000 USD, doesn't look so far fetched.

But in the financial investing world, predictions need to be taken with a grain of salt; specially with all the variables that can influence from day to day. 

I mentioned  C300 Club  in my April 29th post and today their 'variable' plan is live and I've added more funds where overall I gained a profit from the site.

May 1st

After a couple weeks of off and on rain, there's more sunny weather and warming temps in store for Nova Scotia over the next few days.

For last month, Bitcoin had the most gains seen in a year, which is encouraging.

Tax season has passed here in Canada except for late filers and the self employed. 

Hashing Ad Space, based in the Land Down Under, Australia has launched it's V2E, View to Earn option and on schedule as per previous updates. Asimi is earned from viewing Ads and 1 Asimi is currently valued at around 0.50 cents USD. Members who view a minimum of 25 Ads earn one entry into the daily giveaways of 4 prizes; 80-40-20-10 Asimi.