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  Gord's    Updates

July 15th

The France team are World Cup soccer champions winning yesterday in Russia. The German team will have 4 years to present a better performance in the next World Cup in 2022. Meanwhile France and Germany will square off in the start of the Euro Cup in a couple months.

Bitcoin took a jump today up to $6600 USD so far today.

The weather remains comfortable here in Halifax, NS with low to mid 20's C. 

July 12th

World Cup of Soccer ... Croatia had more stamina in the 2nd half and won against England in extra time yesterday. They'll meet France in the final game on Sunday.

ACX  paying 1% per day, sent Bitcoin to my external wallet. I made another withdrawal request today. 

July 10th

Oil prices are on a steady climb. OPEC and Iran say thanks to Trump for sparking all that which in turn means paying more money for gas at the pumps here.

On the flipside, higher oil prices means more profits for crude producers like Alberta here in Canada if it's long term.

Meanwhile, the water continues to boil here with major issues like Trade, NATO and NAFTA. 

Bitcoin had it's first major fall since last week, dropping over $400 in the last 24 hours. Traders are betting on and buying at a 'bottom' price hoping to make some money on a possible climb, selling where they figure is a 'high' before another 'sell off' occurs.

July 8th

Watching and listening to the news these days has side effects on me like the antics of the lead singer with the band Focus above. What's makes sense, what doesn't? ... And a lot of is senseless like a true life horror show.

England won yesterday in the World Cup of Soccer and moves onto the semi-finals against Croatia on Wednesday after that team knocked out Russia.

Bitcoin in the $6700 USD range today. No big swings lately. 

ACX  ... paid me to my PM account. Brief outage again yesterday due to hosting issues.

July 5th

Yesterday was Independence Day in the US ... or as most know it ... the 4th of July. A time to celebrate as a nation.

On the political scene, the President comes across as we are strong and can go it alone. That was one time in the 1800's perhaps but today without allies, friends and healthy trade, it's a different story. For example; if OPEC and oil supplying nations suddenly shut off the taps to America ... quite the mess overnight. The lyrics to the Beatle's song 'Help' is a good simile (from my English class school days ... had to google that one but fits)

'Help' is a good tune for people who run into that situation when life takes a different turn than expected.

ACX  ... has been offline since yesterday and awaiting what's happening there. Currently 'under maintenance'. Update ... back online this morning and received a payment to my external Bitcoin wallet. Cool.

July 2nd

A hot air mass is moving in from central Canada today for a couple 30+ C days here in Nova Scotia.

Home team Russia moves on in the World Cup of Soccer after a couple thrilling "shoot out" games yesterday. England plays Columbia tomorrow.  has now moved domains to  with an auto direct for people who land on looking to register or log in.

The site is a crypto wallet for Bitcoin, BCC and Ether.

ACX  has increased the daily earning commissions to 1% per week day/0.05% on the weekends. A boost from the previous 0.02% per day.

July 1st

Canada Day

It's Canada's birthday. Low 20's C today. More comfortable here in Halifax for people out and about for today's festivities and firework shows tonight.

June 30th

A few days of high humidity levels are forecast for Nova Scotia over the long weekend into mid week ... around 30+ C during the heat of the afternoon.

ACX  ... I'm plugging away and received a daily earning payment today.

Bitcoin surged up to over the $6300 range yesterday and fairly steady today.

June 28th

Heading for July 1st and Canada Day, this coming weekend will bring the first hot days of the summer here with high humidity levels.

In the World Cup of Soccer, kind of a shock were 2014 winners ... Germany are out after losing to South Korea. A game of disjointed passes close to the goal and headers while missing that big net way too many times.

Next, it's coming down to the remaining 16 teams in knockout games headed for the Final.

Bitcoin's high is around the $6200 USD most of this week so far.

Not a lot of news from the online ventures the past few days.

June 25th

In Russia with the FIFA World Cup, Germany stayed alive with a 2 - 1 win over Sweden. Next is against Korea on Wednesday. The home team, Russia is rolling over opponents so far.

It's quiet on the front with Bitcoin based high yield ventures into this last week in June, The spiraling down price of Bitcoin isn't helping where's it's not in the best interest to invest with BTC and most likely get less plus fees in return ... weeks later or however long an investment term is.

June 23rd

The major news in Canada last week is that the Senate and the House of Commons have passed the law to make marijuana legal before the 'House' closed for the summer yesterday.

It will be another few weeks before it can be sold legally with Provinces having some say on how it will be distributed along with the Federal Government.

You would think the major 'Weed' stocks would go through the roof in Canada. Although there was a spike, prices fell back yesterday with a stock like Canopy Growth. Possible mergers and buyouts cause doubts among weed investors that has already happened in the past.

Bitcoin plunged the last couple days for a 2018 low just below 6 grand USD. On the rebound since then. Looks like the 'bounce' range for now is ... $6000 to $6700 USD.

ACX  ... with it's lowest earning rate since it started years ago, paid me yesterday to PM (Perfect Money). The revised compensation should continue for months but like everything, depends on the interest ACX can develop.

June 22nd

Folks should be wary of scam calls as they have ramped up lately. Like getting a Cell text that a refund is waiting from Fedex awaiting bank info for direct deposit although you know you didn't order anything. Trace the number to Edmonton and see online it's flagged as scam numerous times.

Phone calls from Canada's Tax agency ... CRA are also scams. In this article a woman was dupped out of 6 grand forced to deposit the money into a bitcoin ATM. The whole scam process is getting more elaborate with fake RCMP officersinvolved. Never give any personal or financial information out over a landline or cell or online.

June 20th

Trump's trade wars, as expected have brought on a dive in the stock markets for now. Apartment and industrial based (dividend) REIT's remain a stable invest here in Canada. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is holding just above the $6600 USD range.

ACX  ... it's been awhile since I got paid within 24 hours but that happened yesterday and the funds are in my external Bitcoin wallet. 

World Cup of Soccer ... Germany lost it's first match against Mexico. They play Sweden on Saturday. So far, the Germans have not shown their usual dominating style of play.

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