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Sept 21st

Since not much is happening on my BTC Trade front currently, I continue to look at ventures that will add to my Bitcoin Wallet.  Eternity5  sent my first 'auto' BTC payment today without requesting. Cool.

On the USD sideSanze Profit, I funded via Diversity Fund, completed a quick withdrawal today.

Sept 20th

It's TGIF and folks looking for a Bitcoin breakout continue to wait while the coin hovers above the 10 grand USD range after the highs and lows of the day.

To break the monotony in that area, I decide to roll the dice and fund a new venture in the HYIP category calledEternity5  , with a single plan of 5% per day for as long as the site continues to operate

MeanwhileBig Investor  continues to send me payments to my external Bitcoin Wallet

Sept 17th

We are over half way thru September and the leaves are slowing turning with the first day of Fall coming on Monday.

I was poking Bitcoin with a stick to see if there was any movement or just hibernating. These low fluctuations seem to last longer than before with sudden spikes up, followed by an eventual sell off and a drop in price.

On a positive note, the 'coin' remains fairly stable this past week for peer to peer transactions, which BTC was originally created for.

When making 'Trades' with BTC - USD, I remain patient and wait for that gain to happen. Eventually, some event will cause folks (usually Whales) to kick it off. Or they are looking for action and some will start the ball rolling.

Sept 14th

Halifax continues the clean up after hurricane Dorian passed through here last weekend. There are still some uprooted massive trees to remove in the downtown core and a major street remains closed as removal of a toppled crane onto a building is underway.

The forecast for Bitcoin is for an 'up' breakout of it's pattern the last week. See if that becomes a reality. Meanwhile, I made gains yesterday in BTC 'day trading'.

The Pit , run by now has 17 trading pairs and folks who register get 30 days of free trading. Nothing difficult about it. I watch the on site chart and when busy, the price on CoinDesk. Buy low ... the goal is to sell high on peaks of the day, when possible. I like the 'Trading View' site as well for additional information and other Trader perspectives.

Federal elections started in Canada last week with the usual campaign jabs at leaders of the parties.

Sept 11th

Bitcoin is in a phase again which is akin to entering a fog bank with a boat and no compass. Which way will it go? Some early predictions showed below 10 grand that did happen today and others, a bounce back to the $10,300 USD range looking more likely at this point.

Gov.Bid   which only accepted Bitcoin at launch has added a variety of crypto coins now, as well as USD via Perfect Money as an option. I received a Bitcoin payment to further boost my profit in that venture.

Sept 9th

In the wake of the Hurricane Dorian, there's quite a bit of damage in the central and south end of Halifax while power continues to be restored in grids. By mid week, things should be back to normal but there's still cleanup to be done from uprooted trees, damaged buildings, houses, vehicles, etc.

Meanwhile,  Diversity Fund  paid me in USD, soon to have 3 years in operation. I further added to my profit with  My Passive Trades  with a Bitcoin payment. A venture I joined via Diversity Fund.

Sept 7th

I've been keeping an 'eye' on the hurricane, Dorian. Top news today here in Nova Scotia as it will make landfall

near the Halifax area late afternoon or evening. Powerful and damaging winds plus heavy rain will pick up steadily until sustained winds for awhile, (100 km/hr +) until early Sunday Morning.

I'm expecting the power to go out for several hours here from trees falling across power lines, flying debris, etc.

Bitcoin is having some good 'peaks' lately. Ideal for Traders that like bigger than normal swings. Whales are playing where two transactions of 3/4 of a million USD and a crazy 1 billion from a single Bitcoin address have a bigger impact on the price of BTC than normal trading volumes.

Sept 4th

After ravaging the Bahamas, the first major hurricane of the season, Dorian is making a path for Nova Scotia. ETA is Saturday with lower wind speeds but still capable of causing damage and periods of heavy rain I'm sure.

Gov.Bid   completed that Bitcoin send to my external Crypto Wallet on the 2nd and that puts me into profit with that site. Currently, I have 5 contracts in various stages of countdown to expiry.

I'm always interested in the developments with the Wallet providers/Exchanges I hold my crypto 'coins' in.  Blockchain's  latest addition, besides buying into additional sites that they see are doing well, their new Trading platform called  The Pit   ... has already had a wicked 41 million downloads of their 'App'. 

Sept 2nd

Expect the unexpected with crypto currencies apart from 'Stable' coins. Bitcoin began to rise early this morning despite news about it to possibly falling to 9 grand USD. Meanwhile, I made a gain on my Trades made yesterday.

My first Bitcoin payment/transfer for September comes from  Big Investor . I made a request from  Gov.Bid  as well. My contracts expired so I jumped into a few more this morning.

Telegram, the messaging service continues to grow with over 200 million users on the social network. I added a post to the 'Tickers and Trending' page about their Digital coin, GRAM making the news lately and their Blockchain development.

 ​Sept 1st

Living in this province of Canada jutting out in the Atlantic Ocean, I keep an eye on the Hurricane season news. Nova Scotia and Newfoundland have had devastating direct hits in the areas where the storms make landfall.

Currently Florida is bracing for the first major hurricane, Dorian. Today, It looks like Dorian is going to curve and go up the Eastern Seaboard so here we'll probably get some of that or a good punch. That won't be known until week's end according to the time track.

I decided to make a 'Trade' and 'Buy' with Bitcoin from my USD account at the 9600 USD level and look/wait for a gain ... thinking positive. The glass is half full thing.

Although,  Sanze Profit  does not post an earning percentage on principals, Currently, It's around a comfortable 2% on my end.

In all these ventures I pursue, it's about being spread out or diversify and add to my Crypto and USD wallets. I take out a percentage for high interest savings and where I play in the stock markets as well.

From years back I know there will be the odd loss or an invest is not performing as I expected but other ventures will pick up the earning pace and that's what's involved in investing.

August 31st

It's the last day of August and caps an unusual hot and humid month here in Halifax, with many a lawn turned brown due to the lack of rain. I've seen that more inland in previous years than out here on the coast.

Bitcoin is not moving much today and for the last half of August, BTC is not reacting to the off and on turmoil in the stock markets like Gold is now. BTC 'was' moving up on gloomy spurts with the Stocks and was beginning to look like a trend where I could time a decent 'Trade' with an upward swing of a few hundred dollars but that hasn't been the case lately. 

I remain interested in  Gov.Bid  and having fun with this challenging HYIP. As contracts countdown to expiry their calculated gains also get lower and I wait for a contract I like while my current contracts are ticking down to expiry. However, there are two pages to choose from but I look for the highest gain in a short time span ... the challenging part of it.

Dividend Fund  issued me another USD payment today. 

August 29th

Currently, I'm waiting for Bitcoin to 'bottom' in this bear 'sell off' run before I ponder 'Trading" once again with the USD. It's forecast to drop further yet but that is speculation as always.

Sanze Profit  has 3 plans to choice from and each pays out a higher 'gain'. All the details are highlighted on the Homepage and FAQ's.

August 27th

Last night and today felt like Fall weather but warming up tomorrow again, Just a hint of what's ahead in September, weather wise.

Yesterday evening, Bitcoin was up about $300 from where I bought BTC in a "Trade' so sold for a gain. Today the news is about a possible drop down to $9000 USD  followed by another surge in buying. See what happens.

Gov.Bid paid me yesterday in Bitcoin while I'm keeping the rest of my funding in the site entering and expiring contracts for gains. So far, so good.

Diversity Fund ... reading their news, they have entered a fairly new venture called  Sanze Profit  . I decided to jump on that train and fund as well. More news on that tomorrow.

August 24th

Should I stay or should I go now? Good question when it comes to investing and it comes down to a personal decision or if you have that 'ringtone' beat that goes along with that tune by The Clash , a Broker is calling or texting with advise to sell or buy. Still, the last call is up to an individual/group.

In high risk games that question is in the back of my mind once I enter a new venture and I'm committed, or I'm 'Trading' with crypto, mainly Bitcoin.

From yesterday's post, Bitcoin did drop once again and I figured it bottomed out this morning so I did some USD to Bitcoin and now wait to sell for a possible decent gain.

August 23rd

It's good to see Bitcoin move up today after spinning tires for a few days. Indications are BTC will drop again and probably repeat in the low to mid $10,000 USD range. A good spread where Traders gain when BTC does the twist.

Here in Halifax and a first for me, I passed a corner store at a busy intersection in the downtown core of the city and seen a big poster of the Bitcoin logo, 'We accept Bitcoin here'. I thought that was interesting.

Diversity Fund  , where I got a 5.9% gain for the previous week, paid me in the usual quick fashion yesterday in USD.

Big Investor  , revisited ... completing my withdrawals and running along smoothly at this time.

Gov.Bid  , liking this site and it will now break for the weekend where contract timers will freeze until Monday.

I've completed 8 contracts for gains and have 2 currently running.

August 21st

Although it's less than a couple weeks away from school start here in Halifax, it remains high tourist season until about the end of September. Cruise ships dock nearly daily in September with 2 and 3 in port the same day.

Bitcoin remains in what I call that 'gray area' where there's no consistent move up and can drop at a moment's notice like the $700 'off a cliff' today. Still not an optimum time for me to do a BTC - USD Trade and be confident about the desired gain at this time.

August 19th

All indications are, we are headed into a recession on this side of the Big Pond and the fallout will probably be felt internationally when we enter this storm. When and how long remains to be seen. China, Hong Kong, Trump/USA are some of the factors adding fuel to this.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin took a welcomed jump today and the forecast is a possible chin up to $11,000 USD.

I'm in 2 contracts currently with  Gov.Bid testing the compensation plan. Tomorrow, I calculate I'll see my first gains with this interesting site. Updates to follow.

​August 20: I had 3 contracts that have expired for gains and I entered 2 more.

I can enter contracts anytime before they expire for the gain that changes on the fly.

For example a contract for $45 is counting down with 1 day and 8 hours left to expiry;  I can enter and receive $48.89 (fluctuating) ($3.89 profit) when it expires.

Being a HYIP, certainly risky but I find it addictive. I could of walked away with my gains but decided to play on.

August 18th

It's been a long time since I joined a new HYIP, which just launched called  ....  Gov.Bid

I like unique where normally, a site attracts attention with a new concept and compensation plan.  Gov.Bid is definitely unique but reading through the on site material and information, 'get started', etc. , It's basically fund my account wallet with Bitcoin and select a contract (Starting at $5) ... more funding options to come.

For example: I bid on a contract valued at $10, with an expiry of 11.50 and a countdown clock. I'll update with more information when I experience the workings of this venture.

August 17th

A yearly anniversary is coming up and that's tomorrow. Back in 2008, Bitcoin began starting to slowly make it's rounds in social media on August 18th, giving birth to the crypto community. Today that's grown so big, some financial institutions are a tad nervous they'll shoulder in on their business.

Bitcoin was outside of any countries rules and regulations, however the noose is getting tighter and today, Banks that began to welcome crypto are now rethinking that. Where banking is still in the grey area of rules and regs ... for now, they don't want any trouble with the law.

For example, one of Britain's top banks, Barclay (Private Bank) was enjoying Coinbase's business I'm sure but has now cut ties with the Wallet/Exchange out of the US. Why? I can only think of legal repercussions if hidden in crypto transactions are crooks and terrorists moving and 'rinsing' their money. 

This all depends on the country, in Japan ... Bitcoin is a recognized currency.

On the 'Trading' front with BTC-USD, I remain on hold where uncertainty remains as Bulls and Bears wrestle daily with near end of day, equal amounts of buying and selling the last few days. 

August 15th

Read a good term to describe Bitcoin's performance lately, 'stumbling'. There's no strong trend in fairly steady 'buying' to drive the price up at this time.

Diversity Fund  sent me USD funds yesterday and I had a 5.7% gain for the previous week.

August (Tuesday)

The stock market was in a tizzy again yesterday over a weekend of some investors nervous about the China - US tariff issue. That looked good for another possible jump in the Bitcoin price but Markets rebounded today so that didn't happen and BTC continues to fall, so far today. I'll watch and wait before I do anymore trading.

August 11th

A coolish day here in Nova Scotia ... sign of Fall already? I'm sure there will be more warm and toasty days yet to come.

It was a lazy Sunday for the Bitcoin market and the coin didn't move much but did come up around 18:15 Atlantic Time so I sold for USD with a small gain, Also watched the Altcoins move some, specially Ether and Litecoin gaining today.