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April 18th

As we head into the Easter long weekend, I've been watching the NHL Playoffs. Calgary Flames are now on the ropes after the Colorado Avalanche won again last night leading that series 3 to 1 in the best of 7.

Boston beat Toronto in Toronto last night to tie that series and now head back to Boston for Game 5.

Winnipeg Jets are tied with the St. Louis Blues in their series, 2 games apiece and play tonight in Winnipeg.

Bitcoin is moving up today once again ... at this time. Some are looking for a steady rally something like the fall of 2017 but I don't see that repeating. Good times for those into 'Trading' though with the daily rise and falls of the Tokens after the so called 'Crypto Winter' of several months.

April 16th

I added  Instant Exchanger  ,online since 2009 ... to the top left sidebar. Handy for fairly quick exchanges.

Facebook is jumping into the crypto arena. First looking for a Billion dollars to build up and then eventually come out with a Token pegged/or equal to the US Dollar that can be used/transferred on it's 'WhatsApp'.

I'm thinking there will have to an exchange service as well from currency to Token back to currency but 'fees' for Facebook is what's behind it all. There will be more news on all that I'm sure in the future.

How quick a person can make $4 ... All the top 5 crypto currencies are in high demand with huge Market Caps. Litecoin (in 5th place currently) I watch more closely where for the simple reason ... it's affordable to buy if you wanted to purchase 1 Litecoin and build up for example. 

Today, I was watching the charts. Litecoin was at $77 and debating. Had a feeling it was 'bottomed out' for now and going up but I waited. Less than 2 hours later, it zoomed up past $81 USD. $4 and change missed on every Litecoin held when trading to USD.

For me personally, keeps me interested and gets fun when I get a gain, eventually turning to cash in the hand while I work my other 'stuff'. 

April 15th

Who would of thought comics I used to read and collect as a boy costing 10 cents up to a quarter written and illustrated by Stan Lee and others, along with DC Comics would turn into a billion dollar movie industry.

For me, characters in comic pictures coming to the Big Screen was something I had to watch starting with Iron Man and Thor, Wolverine and others. Today, new productions continue. I call it an escape from the sometime stresses of the real world. Who doesn't like a superhero coming in to save the day.

Diversity Fund  sent me USD and I've been following them into some of their list of ventures they are involved in. Of course not every site realizes gains with the odd scam but that comes with the games of chance online.

One,  Revsuptime , is now into it's 5th month and I'm a satisfied member of that plan.

That old saying 'snooze and you lose'. Litecoin spiked at $84 but I was late Trading today but still gained when it was at $81. It as down around $77 entering the weekend.

April 12th

Looks like I'm going to have to fork over more cash for gas later this year with a prediction Oil per Barrel will go up to $80 USD. Probably make investors 'bullish' on energy related stocks that have been sort of idle these days. 

Bitcoin is moving up once again so far today. Litecoin is as well so I put in for a trade USD to Litecoin on Kraken. Sell at some higher point. Cost me .05 cents for the Trade. Hope to add to my earlier gain from a Trade.

My Passive Trades  'is' paying out 1% per day so far on my Advertising packages that cost $5 each. Long term venture ... again with no guarantees.

Awhile back I made a profit with Paidverts, which is still operating today. 

Along the lines of that compensation plan, a new venture is launching called  MyAddsUp  in 9 days. Over 4000 members on board so for when I registered. More information to follow about that opportunity with details on 'How it Works' and the FAQ pages ... on site.

The NHL playoffs have started with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Calgary Flames winning their opening games. The other Canadian team, the Winnipeg Jets are hoping to tie their opening series tonight.

April 11th

Coinbase is probably the most popular crypto exchange in the United States along with Kraken.

With Coinbase, US members can also exchange their crypto such as Bitcoin for cash and have it transferred to their Paypal account or Bank account. Coinbase 

Every once in a while they offer what I call an 'airdrop' or introduction into a new token they brought into their exchange. Free amount of Tokens in USD dollars by viewing 'training' videos on why the Token was developed and it's current with possible future uses.

This time it is the Stellar Lumens ($10 worth) for US members already registered or for those folks who wish to register with Coinbase  get verified and get added to the 'waitlist' for the Stellar Lumens training ( a few 3 minute videos) via Coinbase Earn and receive the Token into your account.

For folks outside of the US, like me living in Canada ... I've been offered and accepted 'airdrops' with more to come in the future.

Stellar (XLM) can be sent to other exchanges that accept the token such as 'Blockchain', where I also received some free with their airdrop and can be exchanged for other Tokens such as Bitcoin.

I've registered and funded  My Passive Trades  after watching Diversity Fund's progress with the site although I know past performance is no indication of future gains in the world of finance be it stocks, crypto or online games of chance.

I'll add more information about My Passive Trades tomorrow. On site there is an introductory video.

April 8th

Sheila's Brush is a Newfoundland term for one of the last major snow falls of the winter usually happening around March 17th ... St. Patrick's Day.

Being in Nova Scotia, that happened here but nothing 'major' like up to 100 cm of snow in 3 days I experienced more than once in Newfoundland. Last night we got a bit of a backsweep from that 'Brush' but a warming trend is coming for the rest of the week and rain.

Does a rise in Google Searches for a financial product or term relate to more activity in buying/selling with that product or company? I have to say yes. 

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency hits by 'Googlers' have increased substantial since last year and interesting enough, the price of Bitcoin has gone up, as well as tokens like Litecoin. 

Something like reading Goggle News. There's tabs to click on that's most popular with overall reader hits on a page or article at any given time and date. 

April 6th

The Montreal Canadiens didn't make the playoffs with one game left in their season tonight against the Maple Leafs although a strong effort getting close with practically a new roster, except for a few core players. I can picture them getting in next season. Improving their worst power play record in the NHL will certainly boost their goal count and probably add a few more wins.

I give kudos to ventures that provide me with a gain on my invests; The HYIP, Bitcoin-King continues to pay member at this time. Good job by the Admin but like all HYIP's, it's shelf life depends on member's deposits.

April 5th

I'm a verified member of the Toronto, Canada based exchange;  Coinsquare established back in 2015.

During April there are zero fees for funding an account.

In bigger news they are launching their own 'stable' coin pegged or equal to the Canadian Dollar. 

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinsquare is launching a stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the Canadian dollar (CAD).

The exchange plans potential roles for its new “eCAD” token in cross-border payments and remittance, peer-to-peer lending, merchant payment solutions, as well as trade settlements and forex conversions.

This is important;

The firm pledged that each eCAD token will have one Canadian dollar backing it in reserve. While it claimed transparency in the announcement, it did not detail if and how proof of its reserves might be made public.

I'm sure there will be further posts from Coinsquare about that.

April 3rd

What does it take to have an increase of near $900 in the price of Bitcoin within a day? According to sources yesterday, adding 100 million worth of Bitcoin that caused a spike in BTC on April 2nd. Apparently all from one person or group.

Meanwhile. Litecoin also increased by 20%. I bought at 60 dollars USD yesterday on the Kraken site and sold when it was over 70 dollars, so a nice gain there. At this time, Litecoin is over $80. 

Overall, creates some excitement within the crypto community for now.

Diversity Fund  had an increase to 5.8% gain for the previous week and sent me a USD payment yesterday. They also deal in Bitcoin. 

April 1st

Litecoin is making news these days as the coin increased it's value by 100% since January 2019.

That brings me to the Admin of  Revsuptime  ... I funded this venture with Bitcoin but could only be paid in Litecoin I learned later. I was thinking back then, what does he know that I don't? Turns out to be a smart way of doing business on his part.

For me, I can exchange Litecoin anytime for Bitcoin but interesting how Litecoin has moved up.

Bitcoin is staying above 4 grand USD these days so that helps being a general benchmark for the major crypto coins out there.

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