Jan 19th

We are getting a few centimeters of snow here in Nova Scotia, every 2nd or 3rd day lately with more today, followed by a week of sun so far. Nothing compared to St. John's, Newfoundland which got hit with a wicked 70 to 90 centimeters that completely shut down the city Saturday into today. Now the process of digging out after a state of emergency was declared.

When I first got into crypto and Bitcoin, my next thought was about converting the digital coin to 'cash in the hand'. Not many options available I soon found out where it was a new thing. In Canada, I had a SolidTrustPay account and STP eventually jumped into crypto as well. Soon, the option was there to swap BTC for CDN and transfer direct to my Bank. Cool.

As an additional option, I registered with Coinbase awhile back and they eventually added the option of withdrawing to Paypal for Canadians and from there I could also transfer to my Bank. For funding and withdrawing that arrangement has worked out well.

Jan 16th

I had an unfortunate accident and haven't been posting as frequent as I usually do. Recovery stage over the next few weeks after surgery. 

Good to see Bitcoin staying above $8500 USD so far after the lows of last December.

Kraken grows again, moving into Australia and buying the oldest crypto exchange in that country called Bit Trade. Being a member of Kraken, the more business they bring in the better.

Jan 11th

A tad more excitement with Bitcoin this past week as the coin rallied to the mid $8000's USD during the US-Iran trouble.

I don't see much of 'ICO's' anymore. 'Initial Coin Offerings' where crypto investors buy and hope for a gain down the road, if the coin goes up in price. The most notable one is Telegram's 'gram' token with 1.7 billion dollars invested that got the attention of the US SEC. Telegram apparently is making changes to avoid the coin looking as a 'security' for now. Investors were no doubt anticipating a big gain when sold and that is a security.

Otherwise, some ICO's worked out well for investors and others ... scams that were steady in the news with the owners eventually ending up in the klink or paying huge fines to avoid jail time.

Jan 8th

There are some theories on why the sudden jump in the price of Bitcoin (over a grand since New Year's Day) with a more rapid climb since the US - Iran conflict started. Iran retaliated today with missiles fired at US Bases in Iraq but no casualties as of now. Hopefully, an all out war will not be the result as cooler heads need to prevail. Gold and Oil have also gone up as a result.

More on the 'waitlist' with Coinbase Earn , where I got an email that it was my turn to learn about Tezos and gain some XTZ for doing so. The price of Tezos (XTZ) climbed today as well ... bonus for my 'staking' with Kraken.

Jan 3rd

It's been great weather here in Nova Scotia over the holidays and starting the new year. Next, is a couple months of the odd snow fall before the weather turns again in March to more rain, heading for the spring.

Bitcoin fell some over the last couple days. That was kind of predictable where some sell, unsure of what 2020 will bring. Sort of an 'end of the year' cashout and reassess. Stock Markets are the same but a good start so far in that area.

First new thing I got into is what I mentioned in my last post for 2019. Staking ... and of course 'returns' all depend on the amount invested. Both Kraken and Coinbase offer swapping of Tezos, which is the 10th largest 'coin' in market capitalization, shy of a billion at this time. 

Coinbase Earn , offers mini courses on the coins it hosts and Tezos is one of them. Folks can also register and get into a wait list to gain Tezos just by watching and learning through short video information sessions. 

Dec 31st

Happy New Year

Entering 2020, I got interested in Kraken's 'Staking' opportunity and added Tezos (XTZ) as their first listed coin for their Staking option with a reward of 6% based on a year. More on Tezos to follow, hovering around $1.20 to $1.30 USD these days.

Dec 29th

Bitcoin, the top digital coin by Market Cap. is getting a bump today ... probably getting the attention of price watchers and Traders.

On the subject of 'Trading', Blockchain.com has changed the name of their trading site opened this year called The Pit, to Blockchain Exchange. I assume that new name is more catchy when Google searches enter key words like blockchain, exchange, etc. More info on that ....

That’s why in addition to the new Blockchain.com, we’re also changing the name of The PIT to Blockchain Exchange. It’s a clear, descriptive name that will not just clarify that the Exchange is a Blockchain.com product, but gives us an opportunity to re-introduce the exchange to customers around the world.

Along with these name changes, we’ll be rolling up our charts, prices, and stats products into the Blockchain Explorer. And our entire institutional business — including the Lending Desk, Blockchain Principal Strategies, and the Institutional Trading — will be rolled into Blockchain Markets. Finally, our venture arm will update its name to Blockchain.com Ventures.

Dec 27th

There are a lot of posts this time of year reflecting on 2019 and predictions/opinions about what's in store for 2020.

On the economy side of things, predictions are more of the same starting the new year with more growth depending on the sector keeping the Markets on a slow uptrend. Top Banks in Canada, where money is on the brain, generally agree with that forecast.

With the crypto world, interesting developments ahead. The FATF, an international regulatory outfit will impact exchangers that comply. 'Know Your Customer' rules will be enforced more and what exchangers are 'black listed'. Good example of that involves Binance not allowing a transaction to a 'scrambler' wallet that hides identities ... 


​Outside of exchangers and crypto outfits; impacting the average Bitcoin owner with the price of the coin ... a theory from a 'new and original' financing authority involved with 2 major universities that China is possible working to manipulate Bitcoin where the most activity takes place out that country. Makes sense and some of his conclusions is what I have mentioned in previous posts. 

'The People's Republic of China, in a matter of weeks, announced a warm embrace of blockchain on the one hand, and began aggressive enforcement actions against crypto companies on the other. 

Tracking price movements of bitcoin recently has given me whiplash. I have long told people I don’t speculate for my own account, because I can’t predict the price movements of crypto well enough to make money, and November is a good example as to why. I also note that in some regards bitcoin represents a competitor for the newly announced RMB central bank digital currency, so the Chinese government has a vested interest in talking down the price.'

Dec 24th

Merry Christmas 

I wish all a safe Christmas, happy holidays and with that always important .... good health.

Dec 22nd

It's been a fairly steady few days with the price of Bitcoin. Not what Traders want to see but more stable with all the chatter about big financial outfits luring 'institutional' investors to look at crypto and BTC. Institutional investors is what I call 'Whales', Individuals, groups or companies with big bucks. Like a million is throw around money or good for testing a risky opportunity. In the end, a good thing for Bitcoin's future.

With big money invested even small changes in price means big gains but they are not keen on major drops off a cliff like all Bitcoiners. So, like this past few days, price wise is what they like to see with small dips and gains. However, it all remains highly unpredictable going forward with no changes planned.

Otherwise, the current majority of the crypto news is about the 'blockchain' system that continues to be adapted by big name companies and banks.

Dec 18th

Those into 'Trading' got lucky today with the bounce back from the low of $6500 to $7170 currently. That's a nifty gain. So, what caused that drop? ... could be a number of things or just one issue driving the price. There's a lot of articles since yesterday about how a ponzi site that took in about 3 billion in crypto and then the owners decided to start cashing out some members crypto that was in their wallets and trying to hide the way they were doing it. More about that in this article about a 'detective' like site that kicked off a rash of recent selling although this started back in June ... https://blog.chainalysis.com/reports/plustoken-scam-bitcoin-price

Just an example of why there are those that want the crypto world regulated and governed while others want to keep it as is with the consequences being the above report.

​The biggest news today is about the ongoing impeachment process of Don Trump, Pres of the US. He is impeached and a trial date in the Republican majority held Senate is not yet set in the new year.

A week to go until Christmas Day.

Dec 17th

Some Exchangers out there in the crypto world are expanding into different areas, not only to continue to attract clients but keep them tuned in. Kraken, Blockchain.com and Coinbase have their own Blogs with the latest articles about what's happening and at times ... what's planned for the future. A good source of information to get an idea of how things are progressing.

Kraken, for example is now into 'Staking' , which I posted about on the 'Ticker and Trending' page; where you can not only hold a coin like Tezos but also get rewarded for doing so. Normally, just holding coins in an exchange, there is no interest gain applied only fees to be paid when I move them. In a round about way, Staking is an incentive.

Dec 16th

Next week is Christmas and the super ferries here in Nova Scotia to Newfoundland will probably get into a 'load and go' schedule at times where weather, mainly wind and the sea state is a factor this time of year.

Airlines will be busy as well and new compensation rules have kicked in for the flying public with delayed flights, depending on the circumstances. For example, a delay of 3 to 6 hours, an airline, like Air Canada is required to pay passengers $400 each and that goes up if not mechanical or weather related. More details here in this article and good to know when flying with Canadian carriers;  https://globalnews.ca/news/6296978/air-passenger-rights-phase-2/

In the crypto world, another year is nearly done and although Bitcoin has been down for the last couple months, averages out to about 120% gain for the year or 10% per month. There is a lot of debate about how high Bitcoin will go leading up to and after the next 'Halving' in May of 2020 or will the market just react short term like it has done this year. Like all investment markets, it's about predictions and assumptions for the future and no certainty of reacting like in the past.

Dec 14th

Superstitious? I survived another Friday (that day after the 12th) yesterday in one piece and superstition has been with me since I was a young gaffer. Being a NHL hockey fan and watching players/goalies go through their (for luck) routines like a goalie double tapping each goal post with his goalie stick, where hockey is game of skill and luck. Of course that doesn't change the final score, but when on a winning streak, means everything to a superstitious individual.

A lot like investing. There are some sure sure things out there but the majority is based on luck hoping nothing will bring a house down, like a stock falling off a cliff with some sudden unforeseen circumstances or an opportunity suddenly going south. That old saying 'hope for the best but plan for the worst'. The reason many like to diversify, absorb a possible loss with building gains from other sources.

I always look at a new venture I'm interested in with a coffee mug half full attitude. I accepted the risk now it's on me in my mind, seeking a gain.

Moving forward, OneAdPack is another 3 days away from getting started. Low minimum cost is making it popular.

Diversity Fund, which paid me in USD and continue to fund has a new opportunity to share called, Mind.Capital and I decided to register, with plenty of time to size it up where the start is sometime in January of 2020. Different from OneAdPack, the minimum is more expensive at $100 with 0.5 to 1.5 variable daily earnings, Monday to Friday. More information to follow about Mind.Capital and other ventures on my 'Tickers and Trending' page as it become available.

Dec. 11th

Years ago, before Bitcoin became more popular, there was usually a general slow down with online ventures where investment funds shifted to holiday funds with 2 weeks to go before Christmas Day. 

Today with Bitcoin and Altcoins, I'm sure there is a ton of swapping to currency for this time of year but doesn't have that much of an impact compared to those 'pre coin' lulls from years past.

What's your pleasure ... ritzy glitzy with a flare for promotional effect or old school type website scripts when it comes to earning a digital coin or dollar? In the end, it's the management behind the scenes that makes for a decent venture producing a profit or ... go bust. Not easy to find and what the majority search for.

Meanwhile, My Passive Trades sent a quick Bitcoin transaction my way. 

More news on Telegram's TON and grams. A UK court has sided with the US SEC ordering Telegram's top brass to be available for discussions about their past 'grams' sales and intentions to be held in the UK about their crypto business; now on hold until Feb 2020 with court proceedings in the US.

Just one example of how investors can get caught up with how the law now views crypto outfits that don't come forward and comply (although still some grey areas) and the power they have to block, suspend or shut down an operation.

Dec. 8th

There's more drama with Telegram's TON and it's token, grams. Last Friday, the US SEC wanted info and have a chat with the head of advice on investment and distribution of the grams. He's in the UK and avoiding the SEC but he's not the owner of Telegram. Not good so they are going through the court system over there to get him to talk about the 1.7 billion dollar grams sales and look over his documents. 

All the fuss is over the US SEC considering grams, securities and Telegram not registering with them to be compliant so being blocked from launching. That saga continues and for holders of grams, I hope it works out in the end for them.

Meanwhile, coming down to the thousands and hundreds of dollars area, I've been sizing up a new venture, OneAdPack with a low minimum cost of $1 each for advertising packages with an expiring gain of 30% in 30 days. Seems the owner has a history of operating decent programs. 20% goes to a repurchase account to buy more $1 packs. A $10 minimum withdraw via Bitcoin and other options. 8 days to go before that launch starts.

Dec 7th

When Bitcoin stays in that $300 to $400 USD gap lately between the highs and lows these days, that's about as stable as it gets for the coin with the most market cap. among the cryptos. Keen 'Traders' continue to make gains with that scenario.

Meanwhile, I continue to add Bitcoin to my 'Wallets' with what I call 'slow burner' ventures that are steady. 

When I want to swap to cash, it's a watch and see game with me. I want Bitcoin at it's highest rate from the average of the last few days or week but that's not always possible where I'm not glued to the 'charts' 24/7.

Reminds of my commercial fishing days and out to sea in huge rolling swells. Once my boat crests the top of a swell I can see the marker for my fishing gear and that means money. Swaying side to side, my Longliner heads down into the trough of a swell and all I can see is ocean in front like an office tower. Where's the money!!? I want to be at the peak.

Dec 4th

Down to 20 shopping days left for Christmas. Creeping up too fast for those who haven't started decorating yet or browsing for gifts.

It's the usual daily scuttlebutt on news articles about Bitcoin and cryptos in general. Some days positive, others; not so much.

Dealing with the USD, I received transactions from  Diversity Fund  and  Sanze Profit (I entered via Diversity Fund). 

Dec 1st 

Entering the Christmas Holiday's month, It's been a busy weekend with Black Friday sales continuing in the shops until today and online. Next is Cyber Monday, Dec. 2nd where there will probably be a few billion in total sales raked up. . In 2018, it was just shy of 8 billion for online sales. Wicked.

Bitcoin's slow climb for a few days has stalled for now

While Germany is getting more crypto friendly in 2020, Russia is the opposite with the Bank of Russia supporting a ban on crypto. A ruling by the Russian government is still in the works to decide on that issue.

It's a world of pros and cons when it comes to crypto currency affecting prices on a daily basis, except the more popular Stable Coins.

Nov 29th

While China weighed in on the price of Bitcoin this month ... first causing a boost and then later a crackdown on exchanges over there helped bring the price down, there's upbeat news out of Germany where that country is getting more crypto friendly allowing banks to deal with and hold crypto in 2020.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin has been on a steady rise. November hasn't been the best month for crypto this year. See what December brings.

I added some USD to  Diversity Fund  today and all the ventures listed under the Diversity Fund banner on the right sidebar are performing as advertised, to date. 

Kraken , the popular US exchange and trade site that's been expanding and buying up other assets, has a new option for Canadians to fund their accounts ... thru Canada Post. That's new and I haven't heard of or tried that option yet.

Nov 27th

Good to see Bitcoin come out of the fog it's been in lately and started a rally today with a gain of over $500 USD so far in the last 24 hours, pulling up other Altcoins with it.

I added some Bitcoin to my crypto wallets from venture cashouts when it was down so liking the double gain today. Could be short lived or start of a decent Bull run.

Nov 23rd

Just as it's been cloudy here in Nova Scotia for the last few days, Bitcoin has been clouded over this past week with a monthly loss of near 10% in November so far but ... sun and warmer tomorrow and BTC is in the 'green', climbing some at this time. The crypto scuttlebutt is about China causing issues last week, cracking down on illegal exchangers in that countries major cities ... spurring a lot of selling, dropping just below $7000 USD yesterday. Hopefully, that news has drifted off and things have leveled off until next time.

Despite that, BTC has had an overall gain of about 67% up to this point in 2019.

Diversity Fund  issued me a quick USD payment today and I've been stocking up on their $50 profit units.

Nov 21st

The daily slide continues with the price of Bitcoin in November (-3.84% so far). As BTC slides into my Wallets, I have a few options. I can hodl (crypto jargon for hold long term), swap to a stable coin or convert to USD. Lately I have opted to swap for the stablecoin, PAX (1 to 1 with the USD) as I add to my Wallet rather than lose steady as BTC drops. By using PAX, I can quickly swap back to Bitcoin when it gets back on track and begins gaining in price.

In Blockchain.com, 'swaps' usually take an hour or less with my experience. When I initially joined Blockchain, exchanging was done through Shapeshift.

ShapeShift, a Switzerland based company operating out of the US in Denver, Colorado has introduced it's own coin called, FOX, which provides for free trading on their exchange.

All platform users who sign up get 100 FOX tokens automatically, which, if held, never expire and provide $10 worth of free trading volume per token on a rolling 30-day basis

Nov 19th

I was reading an article yesterday that everybody online should be wary of. When you receive an email, even if it's from someone you are expecting to send a message to you or from strangers when it comes to anything involving your personal information or money matters ... and it comes flagged with 'suspicious activity'  ... what do you do?

Simply ignore and open it. Not a good idea. There is a reason it was flagged. Stop! and check the senders email first and still don't open it. If you are expecting an email, check with the sender and send a message to verify explaining that you received a flagged email. 'Did you send a message at this time?'

People have lost billions of dollars by simply ignoring a 'suspicious message' flagged email and even Bank employees ignore at times when instructed to send money ... that complacency thing. Scary for sure.

Notice in this article how the sender's email was altered slightly from the original to look authentic. 


Be wary and careful out there guys.

My Passive Trades , sent me a 'same day' Bitcoin transaction in my latest withdraw from that venture. Not all sites that Diversity Fund recommends are winners and no investor is a 100% winner all the time (not even Warren Buffet), but MPT was and still is a good pick.

I added a new post on my Fintrek page about Cash ETF's dealing with high interest gains. Just another interesting option to explore.

Nov 16th

As Bitcoin continues to tank for now, there's not much to cheer about as the value in 'wallets' drops. I think there was a hope BTC would go on another steady climb headed for the new year bringing other Altcoins up with it but I don't see that happening at this time.

Meanwhile, in the stock markets, things are rosy so far, compared to the end of 2018 ... even with worries about the economy and trade woes with China. However, there is one comparison between the crypto and stock markets, things can change for the good or worse in a hurry.

Stable coins are looking good now to keep funds on par with the USD or a country's currency where they can be exchanged for BTC when there is a Bull run.

Nov (Wed.)

There's not a lot of movement with Bitcoin these days. I'd like to see a sustained Bull run but not in the cards currently. Telegram is back in the news with it's token, Gram ... asking the court that the US SEC played foul and to drop their block. Not sure how that will work out, going head to head with a US department. Doesn't usually end well. Won't know about that until February of 2020.

The impeachment process is under way against Trump. Republicans have the majority when it comes to vote. Will they back him despite all the issues piling up?

Diversity Club  sent me USD and I purchased once again. Only new thing is that Sunday is a day off for processing withdrawals. Otherwise ... business as usual.

Nov 11th

Remembrance Day in Canada

Veterans Day in the United States

Nov 8th

Bitcoin is taking a dive in price so far today. During these times I'm thinking 'Trade' low and sell high (or when a possible daily peak occurs). What triggered this sudden drop is unknown at this time but educated guesses usually follow on the crypto news. The recent high occurred on October 28th ... $9578 USD and BTC has been dipping ever since.

Sanze Profit  , I joined via Diversity Fund, issued me a quick USD payment. 

Nov 7th

Tax ... in a couple months and in the new year, some folks are thinking about tax time once again. Investors usually plan ahead for the impact their stock earnings may have. 

With Crypto, I read a month or so back, the IRS has added a form for reporting crypto income as if tax prep wasn't complicated enough. In Canada, the CRA says you should report any income not included in the tax slips (T4's for example) including crypto. Still kind of a grey area but knowing the CRA, they will address that more in the coming years. For example, if an individual sold Bitcoin for cash and routed the funds to their bank account. Stands to reason, that's income. So, lots of calculatin' for those with multiple sources of income from the stock and crypto markets.

Nov 5th

California on fire again, Trump and the impeach proceedings, Canada's Federal Liberals with a minority government attempting to cut a deal with other parties to get their policies passed are among top stories these days. Lots of news.

In Crypto land, a second exchange in British Columbia had gone toast and BC SEC agents have taken over Einstein Crypto Exchange to sort things out and hopefully return 'coin'/funds to members to the tune of around 16.3 million CAD.

It's wise if your looking at exchanges/wallet providers to search the top listed in the world, how long they have been operating, their market cap and any issues such as frequent Hacks, missing coin or any funny business. To date, Coinbase, Blockchain.com/The Pit and Kraken have been excellent with my experience.

Nov 3rd

While the top coin in the crypto market share, Bitcoin ... stays below $9500 USD, Telegram has made available it's  TON wallet  for 'testing' despite the holdup with the US SEC and a possible settlement in February of 2020. Initial investors bought gram above the 30 cent range. Next year, these investors hope for a smooth launch and a boost in the price of the gram for gains on their investments.

Diversity Fund  sent me USD funds and had a previous week's gain of 8.2%. A tad higher than normal to celebrate 3 years online.

Nov 1st

Here in Nova Scotia, it's quite the start to November with near 20 degrees C. We're getting spoiled before the coldest part of the winter starts in a couple months.

Bitcoin ... now that crypto outfits are offering different invest options as well as the traditional 'Trade', they are only so good as their 'scripts' and 'security'. If there are script errors, which happened yesterday with 2 sites that lowered the price of Bitcoin by mistake (down $1500 USD in one), that sets off a panic in selling all over the world if not corrected quickly. Shouldn't happen but have to expect that now with the crypto market where there are so many competing sites with flaws in their programming. A similar incident happen a few weeks back causing a big drop in the BTC price.

The BTC in my Wallet grew this morning from a payment via  My Passive Trades.

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