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October 21st

After the traditional Saturday Night Hockey Night in Canada. Montreal gained a point with a loss 'in' Ottawa in overtime. The big guns in Toronto have been kept quiet after a 2nd consecutive loss, this time to St. Louis.

Carey Price, the Habs top goalie was denied a win in tying Patrick Roy's record for 2nd all time wins with the team. Jacque Plante holds the record for the most wins in franchise history and that's 28 wins away for Price to catch. He will eventually pass that entered into a 8 year contract.

There's a lot of chatter now about folks wanting Bitcoin to stay unregulated with anonymous users but the tide is changing as rule and regulations are being saddled on crypto currency: with Bankers in the background looking to cash in with their own fees for transactions, keeping with the laws of the land.

Recently, for example, TD Ameritrade has launched it's own crypto currency exchange addition, currently in construction, Certainly trustworthy with a major bank overseeing it all so that will eventually draw customers that way.

October 20th

Nova Scotia is 'high' on the list of most pot sales on opening day ... $600,000 from 12 NSLC stores across the province. Alberta had the most with $750,000.

In the Canadian market place looks like a meeting about another Federal Interest rate hike on the 24th could effect stocks for the short term.

Meanwhile, gas for my ride dropped a nice bit and a bonus that directly impacts my wallet. For how long is anybodies guess. China wants more oil now so will supply and demand drive up Oil prices? Probably.

I did some research on Tether, I wrote about in 'Tickers and Trending' yesterday.

What's the main reason for owning Tether ... to swap it for the US dollar for which it is tied to (pegged) or exchange it for another crypto for gains. Problem is, folks who own it can't exchange it for USD within the Tether site.

Currently, Kraken now exchanges Tether for the USD, going at a current 0.9746 cents USD. That will fluctuate. Meanwhile with the flood gates open, Kraken is building a massive wallet of Tether worth an estimated 48 million US dollars with all this sudden rush to swap the coin for USD in their exchanger service.

October 19th

Closing the business week being Friday, Weed continues to be the talk being legal in Canada. Demand is up and supply is getting low in places like Newfoundland.

One would think that weed stocks would spike but it's also a time when a lot of investors sell figuring it's all overvalued and get out (Sell) on opening legal day,

So, Weed stocks remain fairly flat for now on top of another couple days of overall 'down' in the Markets.

Bitcoin is not moving a lot with all this financial news. Seems it adjusts more (Up) when laws and rules are applied in countries around the world and down when issues like ETF'S are denied to date by the US SEC.

Meanwhile, My Bitcoin wallet increased with payments from  ACX Crypto  and  Crypto 300 Club.

October 17th

I'm not into 'weed' but interested in the companies that grow and distribute it. Canopy Growth, as far as I know, is one of the biggest in the world already and is the supplier for Newfoundland, Weed became legal in Newfoundland at 12:01 (midnight) with first products sold in Canada waiting for the countdown. Quite the crowd and lineups.


Crypto 300 Club  sent Bitcoin my way and with Bitcoin coming back in value since Monday, it's a bonus.

Diversity Fund Club  , celebrating 2 years in operation sent funds to my Perfect Money account yesterday.

October 16th

The Toronto Maple Leafs in the NHL are off to a wicked start and now lead the league in points with another win last night.

My Boys, the Montreal Canadiens beat Detroit at home; playing fast and solid hockey the last two games. Ottawa Senators are also doing better than expected with the trade away of their All Star Captain, Erik Karlsson before the season started. They won last night.

With Bitcoin being down over the weekend, I made a 'Buy' via QuadrigaCX  and sold for a gain this morning where BTC went up yesterday.

Diversity Fund Club  is up again with their weekly rate for last week increasing to 5.1%.

Today is also the 2 year anniversary. Quite an accomplishment to date by the Admin team.

October 15th

I half expected to see more doom and gloom in the Markets today with the International focus on Saudi Arabia but improvement instead and Bitcoin went up to the $6700 USD range before coming back down to it's normal perch these days of around $6500. Sweet ... a good time to crank out some moves like in the video above. A lot of hip action going on there

October Saturday

The Markets rebounded some on Friday, while investors dwell over the weekend with all the issues last week. Will it continue to rebound on Monday?

The general murmurs out there is that the fall in the Markets currently is temporary with a larger correction occurring in the future. We'll have to wait and see where there's nothing but fog in that crystal ball.

Looks like Bitcoin is swinging with the broad sell off as well but should move back up if things continue to improve next week.

Both  ACX Crypto and  Crypto 300 Club  sent me Bitcoin today. 

October 12

Toronto Maple Leaf fans must be on a 'weed free' high as they roll over opponents. 

Meanwhile, Montreal lost their home opener. Better days ahead with that revamped team.

The 'Markets' are looking forward to better days ahead as well. Tech companies are taking a hit for sure at this time but the giants like Apple, Google, etc. have seen all these storms before. Business as usual.

Looks like a lot of folks continue to sell their stocks, even with some at a loss while others wait to buy at a 52 week low or close to it for the eventual rebound.

First Man , is a movie based on a book about Nell Armstrong, a true US hero. The first man to step on the moon and how he got to that time in history. I remember that well.

October 11

This a day of 'down'. North American stock markets are falling for now, effecting a lot of stocks where they are 'benchmarks'. Bitcoin being the benchmark for Altcoins also fell rapidly.

Investors panic for various reasons and a lot of 'selling' going on. A time for cooler heads to wait it out. 

News of a possible further interest rate hike. Oil dropped by a single dollar (what? your kidding me!). The price of oil fluctuates but just adds more fuel to the panic on top of everything else.

Data Farming is my latest post on my Blog. What's the going rate for your personal information?

Crypto 300 Club  sent me a Bitcoin payment. Just happens his time, the value of Bitcoin dropped below $6500 range today. So, in the end less value for me but I'm sure it will gain again soon. 

Bitcoin fluctuates constantly in value so it's just one of those days.

October 9th

It's left over Turkey day with the shortened work week here in Canada, cept' for online were folks are off and on 24/7 depending on time zones.

Last week's rate was up from the previous week: 5% with  Diversity Fund Club .

Although some politicians here in Canada along with the President of the United States, snub their nose at global warming: what problem?  ... our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau knows it's a growing issue while the United Nations calls for nations to act as things 'will' get worse in the future. Growing populations and a lot of unfiltered pollution being pumped into the air and oceans.

I have no doubt it will as polar caps continue to melt, more rapid each year.

October 8th

Thanksgiving Day

Bitcoin had a spike but coming back down some since, probably settling in at that $6500 range USD.

I posted a new article on my Blog entitled ... Thanksgiving

October 6th

It's the long Thanksgiving Day weekend here in Canada, traditionally a time for family gatherings when possible with a Turkey Dinner as the highlight.

Also a time to celebrate the fall harvest. Here in Nova Scotia, Dairy farmers that also grow corn among other things are not so happy however with the signing of the Canada/US/Mexico Trade agreement. 

Cut back up to 3 1/2 percent of milk production to allow for more US dairy product entering the country. Running a farm, like a business ... expenses only go up over time so makes it tougher for some.

Dairy farmers across Canada are complaining. Meanwhile, a planned Federal compensation package for Dairy Farmers affected to compensate for the loss in production will cost taxpayers in the end. Certainly doesn't make sense all around but that's politics.

Switching to the online Biz, Crypto 300 Club sent me Bitcoin thru the blockchain. Fees are low and transactions are quick in the blockchain system these days.

October 4th

I've started a new Blog called  Nova Scotian Wired  where I'll expand on topics I make short bursts about here.

Speculation (comments are welcome) is the subject of my 2nd article and the start of the hockey season last night. I was surprised by the opening performance by the Habs (Montreal Canadiens), specially with the practically new team from last season.

October 3rd

It's a long awaited day for Hockey fans as the NHL season starts tonight on it's 82 game schedule for the teams. Montreal is in Toronto. The Habs have made a lot of changes to get back in playoff contention while the Leafs added more scoring power and experience with the addition of John Tavares. 

The Maple Leafs will make the playoffs I'm sure and probably advance farther than last spring.

Crypto 300 Club  sent Bitcoin to my external wallet today. The site also accepts Perfect Money.

October 2nd

The 'Boss' having some fun with "You Never Can Tell".

You Never Can Tell ... applies to investing as well, although we research as much as we can and do our homework. Who knows when another crash will happen in the markets like back in 2008 for example, right out of the blue.

A couple years ago Oil tumbled down from $110 per barrel to $30 and less affecting the markets big time.

In 2008, I didn't panic and sell at a huge loss although it crossed my mind a few times; get out what I can. As we know, the markets recovered and so did my stuff.

In the Crypto world and a few 'sites' I'm involved with, it's accept the risk and fund knowing there is no selling of a unit or adpack to get back my capital. Earnings accumulate over time to a break even point and then profit.

Diversity Fund Club , since 2016 had a 4.8% gain for the previous week. Up from the week before. 

Crytpo 300 Club's  membership continues to grow and I requested a withdrawal to my external Bitcoin wallet.

A couple years back, high yield sites from 3% per day and up to 7%+ were very popular but these days more and more folks are looking for low and long term

October 1st

The Markets should be upbeat today with Canada entering into a tentative trade deal with the US and Mexico. Marijuana will become legal across Canada later this month as Provinces monitor and regulate sales under Federal guidelines.

Meanwhile getting involved in 'weed' stocks now is like the wild west years ago. Take your chances. 

When I look at a web page and then 'right' click and click on "view page source' in Windows, the 'code' behind the page can be seen. Foreign stuff but a language to Programmers and script developers. 

And like every language there are some words or meanings not understood until googled. Not commonly used in other words like ... paradox?

For example: Is there really a man made machine on Mars? Pictures are being sent NASA states so must be true.

Exploring if a statement is true or seems right.

Last week apparently, there was a code (or phrase) discovered not seen for 2 years in the Blockchain program. With that it was possible to make more Bitcoin recognized by the Blockchain ... like endless coins and free money in the end for a hacker or crook. As if they haven't swiped enough already ... millions every month from crypto outfits.

That has been corrected since.

Doesn't matter to me much but it's about the integrity of the Blockchain system. Are there anymore hidden codes? The crypto community wants more scrutiny of the code to weed out any more 'faults'.

To end September I gained Bitcoin from the two sites mentioned in my Sept. 28th post.

Sept. 29th

What are your searching for? Great tune by Billy Joel ... The River of Dreams.

Stable Coins ... Eidoo, a swiss company I have been watching has a 'preorder' page up now for Ekon, their coin that adjusts to the price of one gram of Gold.

There is mention of and a good example of how crypto companies are staying legal where Eidoo explains, the Ekon coin can only by exchanged for Gold they store in their vaults, or you can 'trade' it eventually; but 'can't exchange for cash'. That would make it a 'security' and for instance ... what the USA SEC harps on ... new 'security' based Tokens can have consequences with them.

The ore Gold is fairly steady this past year but has taken quite a jump in the past, up to $1800+ USD. I'm thinking that holding Ekon could bring about a decent gain when Gold climbs.

Sept. 28th

We are getting our fair share of rain now in Nova Scotia. Third day in a row with warm temperatures.

My Bitcoin Wallet grew some in value from a payment issued by  Crytpo 300 Club.

ACX  also sent me Bitcoin today within the 'site' time frame.

Yesterday I explored a new advertising site that's been online for over a year. Liking what I say, I registered and bought advertising packs with  Diversity Fund Club 

Advertise and earn in a long term plan varying 4 to 8% per week. I've added the site's banner to the sidebar on the left.

Sept 26th

There are the investor 'keeners' out there that wait and look for the next 'trend' while they work and fine tune their portfolios. Bitcoin hit the scene a few years back and not long after that ... the talks about making marijuana legal in all of Canada and then; the first grow-op licenses issued by the Federal Government.

Buying into those stocks when a couple of these young companies became 'public' has been a windfall for some who had and still have ... hold for long term ... in mind.

The weed will be available in a variety of ways to consume. One of the biggest 'stirs' now is liquid based. 

People are more educated now on clean and chemical free water that tastes good as well. Even with the younger generation. Cannabis oil mixed with a pure supply of water by a reputable company; that will be a huge seller I'm sure.

Investors are already buying into this. I watched one such company near triple in price since the start of September. Triple a $1000 investment for example and the word gets around. Start of another 'bubble' probably. It will grow but came back down to normal values in the future at some point.

Speaking of Bitcoin, it's been fairly steady staying in the low to upper $6000 USD range. Steady, meaning not falling drastically below or shooting above that range.

Sept 25th

It's Fall and certainly had the look and feel early this morning with cooler temperatures.

Some major banks around the world including the Royal Bank of Canada is testing a Ether based Blockchain system engineered to speed up transfers between banks. I assume that will include International transfers that currently take a couple days or more. If there is an error or glitch, funds could be in limbo for days or weeks until the banks figure out the issue manually. They are testing sending funds within a day now.

In my mind, that looks like the banks want to shoulder their way into the peer to peer blockchains used by crypto holders (Bitcoin for example). "Fees comes to mind".

So a couple years ago, most banks turned their backs on all that. Never go anywhere and 'it will fade out' type thinking.

Ok, now it's competition and some business is going elsewhere. Time for action. Introducing IIN   ... Interbank Information Network

Probably, in the near future it will be about ... you trust us with your money, now you can store your Bitcoin with us. Again, about fees in the end but yah, why wouldn't I trust my own bank with crypto if that happens.

Sept 22nd

Clean money. Being 'old school' I keep thinking our Canadian money bills are paper. But they are made of a synthetic polymer material embedded with a security precaution against counterfeits.

Doing laundry, I forgot I had a couple twenties in my shorts. Not until I pulled the clothes out of the washer and seen them laying at the bottom with a shiny newly washed Toonie. Oh crap ... I delicately picked up the twenties expecting to lay them out to dry. They weren't even wet. I had to chuckle at that after. Spun dry cash!

Talk about risk; Marijuana stocks were big in the news last week and continues into the weekend. With less than a month to go before weed becomes legal in Canada. US and International beverage companies are interested in getting in on the action.

Even being a prospect of a billion dollar outfit like Coke for example, ramps up investor speculation and thoughts of a quick cash grab, which in turn spurns more buying of that Canadian based weed stock, although not selected yet. Thousands up to millions can be made or lost in these rapid market swings. Many poised on the phone with a broker or the clicker on a mouse to 'sell' for a gain before a drop if Coke (for example) decides to look at a different weed company or delays their decision.

Look familiar? Crypto coins comes to mind.

Meanwhile, coming down to less than a hundred up to a few thousand dollar invests and the ever present risk factor ...Crypto 300 Club  paid me for the 2nd time to my Bitcoin Wallet.

ACX  also paid me to my external Bitcoin Wallet within the 'on site' time frame.