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March 28th

For a fella being raised in Newfoundland when Newfoundlanders' were regarded as friendly and helpful ... eager to strike up a conversation, it's fast forward to a different world now where folks make a wide semi circle around you and avoid talking for the most part. Social distancing.

It took some getting used to but becoming part of daily life now. Perhaps changed forever for some after the Covid-19 is in the past. 

Here in Nova Scotia, those infected with the virus are dealt with quickly and put in isolation for 14 days. Averaging around 10 to 14 cases per day lately with 90 reported as of now. This big city of Halifax looks like a ghost town at times, people waiting for this virus issue to go away so life can return to normal.

No real change in the stock or crypto markets, although crypto is holding more steady which is a switch. Another wait and see situation for what's next; better or worse tomorrow or next week. Like a seesaw run amok and nobody can get a grip on it until things settle down.

March 25th

As layoffs grow and unemployment rates spike in North America, Canada and the US have packages ready to try and prop up the economy plus money for folks who are eligible to get through this tough time.

The Markets are in the green for the 2nd day mainly because of these stimulus plans as governments get ready to pump millions into where they figure it's needed the most.

Bitcoin has been holding around the same level for a few days now.

I noticed police circling around the busier retail parking lots where they can now enforce social distancing with $1000 fines per day for those that frequently don't comply. Doing their job to keep people safe as possible.

March 22nd

On a sunny and cool day here in Nova Scotia, the news is gloomy as a state of emergency has been declared. Mainly where folks are not listening or taking precautions about social distance with larger gatherings in parks, beaches and social meets over the weekend were witnessed. That's all closed now to the public for the most part with fines in place. No more than 5 people to a group.

It will eventually sink in or enforced more that it applies to everyone for the benefit of all.

Travel from province to province in Canada is getting more restricted. 14 days isolation required if returning to Nova Scotia. Newfoundland has that same requirement. That's a tough one with the every weekend (and holiday) migration of New Brunswick workers that go home and return to the jobs they here in Nova Scotia. Probably an update coming on that about the 'out of province' employed. 

March 20th

It's all kind of a weird atmosphere with different routines in daily life for me and for all those laid off with some stress building over how long the down time will last and finances. It's kind of having to resign to 'nothing can be done' and 'out of my control' but to wait it out and wonder if there are specials left in the grocery stores I'm going after. Quick darts to get what's needed and back home for a lot now or the pick-up/delivery options where available. Like waiting for a possible devastating hurricane that's not coming.

The Federal Government has a blue print out about compensation outside of the EI program and needs to be passed by Parliament before it can be set into motion with applications open. That's a daily update thing from the Feds to help those with no options left like sick days, paid leave or not eligible for EI, or having to close a small business.

Markets were up this morning but flat to losing ground to close out Friday.

Bitcoin was up over a grand this morning but has dropped some since.

March 18th

Here in Halifax, I can certainly notice the drop in traffic the last couple days. It is March break with schools closed and more than likely, closed for an additional week, or longer. Some businesses have closed for now while others are on reduced hours. Grocery and Pharmacy stores are the main focus for most who try and avoid everything else for now.

As more employed and self-employed folks have to wait it out at home, the Federal government is working on an aid package in the billions to try and get folks and businesses over this uncertain time with some extra compensation. There should be some news on that today apparently.

There's news of 3 vaccines of 22 in the development and testing stage that are making the news. Germany, China (already in use that's showing improvement in patients and test subjects) and in the US where test subjects where injected with a vaccine yesterday with results to come. Hopefully by the Fall or earlier a working vaccine will be circulating around thew world.

On the financial sides of things, Markets continue to swing wildly with an 'up' day yesterday, 'down' again today. Even with billions being readied to pump into economies, investors remain spooked.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin is holding at the low to mid 5 grand USD range ... for now.

March 16th

Here in Nova Scotia, virus precautions are being added daily and recommending folks keep their normal socializing to a minimum or stop for now to slow the spread of the COVID-19 until further updates. Specially those people 70 years of age and older are advised to stay home as much as possible.

This is a first in my lifetime I have seen anything like this unfold country wide with adjustments to my normal lifestyle while the spread continues. Warmer weather, the Doc's figure will slow it down but see if that happens as spring starts this week.

Investing ... in my opinion there remains a high chance buying in the stock market will result in a return or holdings loss for now (except dividends as long as companies don't cut or suspend) as many investors are selling for cash. That includes Bitcoin, as the value in USD continues to drop down lately; over 50% down from mid February. Not pretty when looking at the crypto 'Wallets' these days.

March 14th

Frosty mornings lately here in Nova Scotia with warming by mid morning as we head for spring.

Currently, stock market investors got the weekend to mull over the next course of action for Monday. Anticipated is another 20% down to come yet over the days or weeks but that's speculation as always.

Bitcoin trading is no fun for now as it's one of these days it's in 'no mans land'. Drop way down yet, hold or move up some? Nobody knows.

Being a hockey fan, it will be a strange Saturday night for this time of year without the traditional 'Hockey Night In Canada' I have been watching as a boy. The NHL season is delayed for the rest of March I suspect or even longer.

March - Friday

I'm sure most Canadians know and are informed about the coronavirus that's slowly spreading throughout the land and now that our Prime Minister and his wife are self quarantined after travelling abroad and his Missus having been tested positive for a mild case ... there's more talk everyday about what's next for the employed and companies plus the self employed.

The virus impact and oil price war are wreaking havoc on the stock and crypto markets as anxiety and fear compound in investors. New negative Market records were set, both in North American and European Markets with them going off a cliff during trading this past week. Some recovery today but that will 'see saw' for awhile yet I figure.

On a positive note; China, where the virus first started, is slowly getting back to business and factories ramping up where that country is recovering. The rest of the world will have to wait for the virus to take it's course while here, we are getting more precautions in place although late in acting I feel; with hopefully a workable vaccine to be made available to the public soon.

March 10th

Volatile .... is the word of the day or for probably most of March or longer. Along with the coronavirus that got investors spooked, Saudi Arabia decided to add to the 'fear' in the Markets by starting an oil price war and ramp up production in an already 'glutted' market after Russia did not agree to a reduction plan to keep oil around the $50 USD range. That inner mind battle going on with the invested ... 'sell', 'hold' or 'buy' while Markets are down with a cheaper cost than before the major drops. 

Hold on my end for now. No sense in selling at a loss. Things will reverse in time and the Bulls will feel like going for a trot once again.

Bitcoin broke it's weekend pattern of increasing slowly in price ... to a major drop there as well but recovered some today. In crypto, there are daily issues that move the price; some days more than others. Since yesterday's lows of near 7 grand USD; buying at the low came into play with some to bump the price today.

An investor can make all the right moves with a building portfolio that's showing steady and increasing gains but there isn't much or no warning when blind sided by building issues that's currently happening in March so far. However, wise investors also know to 'expect the unexpected' and be prepared.

March 8th

Outside of my 'brick and mortar' Bank here in Canada, I add funds on a regular bases to my 'High Interest' Savings accounts on my FinTeck or online bank accounts. 

Just as an example, one of the more popular Finteck (or Roboadvisor is another label used) is called Wealthsimple and their Wealthsimple Cashhad a high interest account with 2.4% yearly, calculated daily and added monthly.

However, the Bank of Canada lowered their borrowing interest rate 50 basis points to 1.25% last week and the Banks like TD, Scotiabank, etc. followed suit. Great for even lower mortgage rates and those looking to renew or with a variable interest mortgage.

The flipside is not so good and from a snippet of an article:

"But for retired Canadians, these rate cuts could eat into savings and income. 

Unfortunately, Canadians can expect these lower rates to be passed along to their high interest savings accounts, GICs and other fixed income investments,” said James Laird, Ratehub co-founder and president of Canwise Financial, in a statement.

“Retirees who rely on fixed income investments should expect their monthly cash flow to decrease.”

Another way of looking at it is that it’s good for younger Canadians, who tend to borrow more than they save, and bad for older Canadians, who save more than they borrow."

Back to Wealthsimple Cash, Not long after the Bank of Canada announced that cut in interest, they had to adjust their High Interest account rate down to 1.9%.

Still good and high where the monthly interest earned is just shy but comparable to a money market ETF that costs $50 per unit and pays 8 cents each for a monthly dividend (repeats every month where the ETF reverts to $50 per unit and builds up to $50.08 again before falling back to $50 for the next month) Probably better, where Wealthsimple Cash has no fee but the ETF does that's deducted yearly, lowering the total amount earned and invested.

Now I'm informed where I didn't realize Bank of Canada interest rate 'cuts or increases' for borrowing affected interest rates on savings accounts. The pros and cons of these moves.

March 6th

Bitcoin and the majority of Altcoins that use BTC as a benchmark are moving opposite to the stock markets today which continues to rattle investors over the China originated Virus and the collateral damage that some companies are dealing with such as production, profits and growth at this time.

March 4th

Code ... It's what Hackers around the world scrutinize and dissect 24/7; looking for a flaw and a way into the inner workings of a website, script or crypto code. Recent hacks of cell phones with millions in crypto extracted are the latest targets where SIM cards are compromised. Crooked cell phone employees selling SIM data on the black market for thousands of dollars.

Millions is spent on security and paying 'white hat' or 'good person' hackers that try and stop the crooks from finding a way in but they slip through at times. 

If it's not Hackers it's Fraud where they dupe people into taking their life savings, etc. ... from a recent Coindesk article ...Crypto Currency Fraud Operation

It's wise to be aware of any soliciting calls, change passwords often and clear the browser data daily. Be aware of any emails requesting 'log in' information, personal or sensitive information with links to click.

Even Google's 2 factor Authentication has been recently hacked allowing entry into people's sites. It's a good idea to watch out for news concerning these issues.

March 2nd

Feels like BBQ weather in Nova Scotia today and getting warmer tomorrow.

It's mid afternoon on Monday here and I'm glad the Markets squashed my prediction from yesterday with more 'green' showing and a rise in the crypto market with Bitcoin taking the lead.

The economic forecast still looks gloomy for now so it's wise to stay informed when investing.

March 1st

I expect more of a drop in the stock markets tomorrow being Monday. China seems to be getting the Virus issue more under control and where the country is one of the biggest importers and exporters, that affects a lot of businesses here at home and internationally. 

I don't expect much of a change on the crypto front but Bitcoin could drop more as well. 

Hopefully, the ol' saying normally about weather ... In like a Lion and Out like a Lamb ... will apply to the Markets in March.

Gold the normal safe haven for investors was also down on Friday as Oil continues to fall as well. Better days ahead.

Feb 29th

It's Leap Day with 29 days in February. With regards to winter, I seen a cool ad for Volkswagen with the slogan Kick Winter's Arsch and would like to do that now as March comes in with the slow weather change for the warmer here In Nova Scotia.

The brutal week in the stock markets is over and I await Monday to see what's next.

Bitcoin is down for the first time in years for an ending February cycle. The crypto scene 'was' mostly independent of international news that moved markets. But, it's a different beast now when investor fear rears it's ugly head.

On my end, I haven't moved in either Market as I wait it out for better days ahead. I am keeping an eye on bargains and lower prices since Monday.

​Read an interesting blog article last night from Millennial Revolution about the 'Thai Cocktail' and the coronavirus. A drug blend the US is testing at this time. Hopefully good news to slow the impact of the global virus problem.

Feb 27th

Not much of a change this week so far as both the Stock and Crypto Markets have headed south. 

Major companies that trade heavily with China and have manufacturing plants over there like Apple, for example weigh on the stock markets when they report they are having issues until things get back to normal. That effects 'indexes' and those invested in them plus fallout in other sectors.

Bitcoin leveled off some yesterday and that continues today in the high $8000 USD range. Will that be a bottom and move up later? Hard to call where the world wide Virus scare continues and most cryptos are reacting like the stock market these days.

China reports the coronaivirus cases are falling and slowly getting it under control but now it has spread to other countries such as South Korea, Italy as the list of countries grows.

One of Canada's rapidly growing online shopping companies, Shopify has joined up with Facebook's Libra. US, Canada and the rest of the world await the eventual launch of that 'company crypto coin' to monitor the impact on their fiat or currency in the future.

Feb 25th

The 'Virus' problem, spreading throughout the world, hit the stock market hard yesterday with about 1.7 trillion dollars coming out of global markets so far. Here in Canada and the US, it's having an impact as well. Both countries are beefing up their testing of folks for the China virus and other preparations.

Our economies are slowly feeling the impact until further news that the virus is getting under control.

In the crypto world, Bitcoin would normally go up but it's following the stock Markets and down in the low to mid $9000 USD range for now. Gold, on the other hand, continues to go up as some of the selling in the markets has 'sold for cash' going into Gold.

Otherwise, it's probably wise to 'hold' for now as many are doing the same until more positive news comes out.

Feb 23rd

When investing, you don't want to back your self into a corner, fret about it while perhaps spending cash that one can't afford to lose. Not sleeping right with stress building up about an iffy venture or questionable stock.

I like to diversify, where perhaps one or two invests take longer to produce a profit than expected or crash ... the others will pick up the slack. That's my strategy and will continue to be.

Trading on a 24 hour, 7 days a week market such as crypto is a different story although I always look forward to and happy about getting a gain. 'I won this time' sort of thing.

Although one can set audible alerts on the computer when a desired level is set to buy or sell ... or use Trading Bots, I Trade with 'coin' I can lose but I play to win.

At times that quote comes into it 'you snooze, you lose'. I bought Bitcoin in a Trade yesterday figuring it will go higher with the trend and patterns these days. It did spike higher while I was snoozin' to 10 grand on Blockchain Exchange, formerly called 'The Pit'. I still sold for a gain early this morning so my first mug of coffee tasted better than usual. Could of had a higher gain but I need my 7 to 8 hours of decent sleep and don't think about it until I log in again.

Feb 21st

We are getting some decent weather here in Nova Scotia with temps forecast to stay above 0 C the next few days heading for the last week in February already.

The price weather in the crypto market was stormy yesterday with practically all coins in the red recording losses from the previous day. Clearing today as that switched to green and rising so far. I'm just watching today and not Trading so far where there was about a $600 drop with BTC in 30 minutes late on the 19th yesterday morning. Today BTC is more stable, so far. Highly unpredictable as always like the price of oil. Not really a handle where it's going from day to day, up or down factoring in global events.

Buying insurance when entering Ether's 'Smart Contracts'? ... I mentioned in my last post. If there is flaw in a Smart Contract and a user's 100% funding/earnings or partial disappears; and that flaw is proven, a user that has bought this insurance can be reimbursed by the 'crypto' insurance issuer. That just happened recently to a tune of $130,000 for two users. 

I see Coinbase has also crypto insurance coverage arranged recently.

​Insurance, it's a debt payment but never know when it will come in handy.

Feb 19th

A few hours after my last post yesterday, Bitcoin began to move and eclipsed the 10 grand USD line once again. BTC continues to move up at this time but I expect the Bears (Sellers) to impact that price at some point seeking gains from their Trades.

​Ethereum is the 2nd largest crypto coin in Market Cap; I have held Ether for quite some time but haven't used it in ventures or the growing 'smart contracts' on the go today until a few days ago. More on 'Smart Contracts' on my Tickers and Trending page.

Taking Bitcoin as an example that I transact daily; fees are low and reasonable compared to the first major climb in the fall of 2017. Fees were about 50% if I wanted to move it and it could take days with all the blockchain congestion. I haven't had that issue since.

With 'Ether', fees are called gas and today for example with more users, more transactions and a price that's moving up, the 'gas' fees can top to $10 on a small Ether transaction, which I seen today to support the Ether and Blockchain network of miners. 

Where time is money with the opportunity to collect more, high fees can stop a person from further investing or accept it and calculate the loss in the overall gains depending how congested/busy the network is.

Fees and the bottom line ...

One of the main issues today in the North America stock markets is seeking low and the lowest fees for investments after years of blindly accepting or not being shown high mgmt rates that subtract from a portfolio's balance year after year.

Higher the balance, more cash gets deducted.

Feb 18th

There's a couple issues weighing on the price of Bitcoin keeping it below 10 grand USD although it's moving up a tad today. The US looks like it's going to makes some announcements in the near future about crypto under the Trump administration. More laws or restrictions? No idea at this time. After an Europe based 'forced' collapse of an exchange, there's also a major shutdown with a China exchange where there was an internal shortfall of 7000 to over 12,000 Bitcoin ( Approx. $130 million) that went poof leaving users of that exchange at a loss that held 'coin' in there. 

​Those into other 'coins' like me are seeing increases in those held; Ether is seeing green (up) increases with a near 9% increase and Tezos, a further 11.98% increase so far today.

 ​Feb 16th

Google 'search' trends are a decent indicator in what people's interests are. In the crypto world, searches for Bitcoin halving and other Bitcoin related clicks have gone way up recently. That's encouraging for perhaps a further boost in Bitcoin's price in the future. Meanwhile, BTC is hanging around the high 9 grand USD range.

Currently, with increased activity in Bitcoin, blockchains are getting jammed up with pending transactions depending on time of day and what wallet/exchanger a crypto holder is using. Fees are staying low. Miners/Processors also seem to be synched to complete high end transactions for their higher commissions before moving to medium and low amount transactions.

For example, I had to wait several hours yesterday for 2 BTC transactions to complete, normally a 1/2 hour to 2 at the most.

The biggest news in Canada these days is the continuing protests and blocking of the railway lines out west. Practically bringing the freight and passenger service to a standstill with temporary employee layoffs. The environment concerns over fright car accidents, that seem to be more frequent lately, releasing toxic chemicals and fuels plus the ongoing debate over future Pipeline construction; are the main reasons for the protests and blockades.

Feb 14th

Happy Valentines Day

Feb Thursday

February is treating us Nova Scotians' (Bluenosers) decent so far 'weather wise' approaching Valentine's Day and mid month. Getting a bit of snow for the 2nd time in 3 days but not much accumulation. Another couple weeks and the weather will be more spring like. At least by mid March.

Fluctuations in Bitcoin price are rapid and sporadic lately. I've been watching but not trading as large amounts of Bitcoin buys drive the price up $200 to $300 at a time and then the sellers come into play bringing it down just as rapid.

Tezos owners are liking the action where Bitcoin increases usually rally other digital tokens and Tezos has grown over 50% since that $1.50 range in the latter part of January.

One of America's biggest banks, that's into crypto ... JP Morgan is working on coming out with their own coin called JPM Coin equal to the US Dollar and be involved with the Blockchain system. Be interesting on how this high power and money driven bank behind this coin will boost the crypto world. First hurdle is getting it legalized. JP Morgan in the large bank category was the only bank during the 2008 financial crisis that actually made money.

Feb 11th

In the crypto world, the drop from over 10 grand USD with Bitcoin was expected where all the talk was about reaching that height and patient 'Sellers' waited to withdraw gains that played their cards right. Buy low, sell high.

Some speculators figure it will move over 10 grand again but for now, it's in that area where not sure which way the coin will move, up or further down.

Note: Not long after my early AM post here (Atlantic Halifax Time), BTC began moving up rapidly to $10,200 USD

The coronavirus virus is far from being contained yet as more deaths and more people are getting infected in China and around the world. More deaths being reported than with the SARS virus years ago. 

Travellers and globe trotters certainly need to be aware of this and take precautions.

Depending on the country, economies will be affected where China remains in a controlled lock down for now.

Feb 9th

After I logged out yesterday, Bitcoin climbed the hurtle of 10 grand USD and went up to $10,160 USD on my Trading site. I sold at $10,115 this morning. Interesting to see if the next Bull run will drive it higher or if that will happen today.

In July of 2019, Bitcoin rose above $12,000 USD. An interesting quote I read yesterday. 'History doesn't repeat itself but sometime it rhymes'. 

​Very true but I'm also a believer in cycles and trends.

Tezos, Kraken's only 'Staking' coin at this time also climbed to $2.46 USD from $2.20 yesterday.

On Coinbase Earn, folks can learn and earn free coins such as Tezos and EOS tokens, with the ability to trade on Coinbase for Bitcoin or other coins, or grow the coins gained.

​​Feb 8th

In the crypto world, many Bitcoiners are watching the price these days with steady growth over the last 7 weeks. Yesterday it hung around the $9800 USD range where many figure that 10 grand plateau will happen soon.

For Ethereum fans, currently around $225 USD for each coin; speculation is Ethereum 2 will be coming out in June. Ether is the 2nd highest crypto in Market Cap at over 24 billion. It has happened in the past with a coin that owning Ether for example, an equal amount in Ether 2 (when it comes out) is given to holders but I haven't seen much of that lately just investors looking for a growing bump in price of Ether 2, for example, at the start.

Feb 6th

It seems like the Bulls in Bitcoin investors and Traders are on a mission to push the coin to the 10 grand USD range. Not sure if it will make it today but

looks like that will happen with one of these off and on 'bull runs' over the next few days/weeks.

Meanwhile, other Altcoins are moving up as well, such as Tezos, around $1.51 when I bought per coin, now at $2.17 USD. Looks good in my Kraken 'staking' account.

​In the Stock Market, the numbers show investors have moved on from the China virus issue and Markets are moving up until the next international problem brings a short term drop. China also halved Tariff fees on US imports for now so that helps.

Oil is also back up some after production cuts, another factor that plays on the Markets when the price of oil is in a nose dive. Funny thing is, oil price rarely has a big effect on the price of gas. In some places, oil down, gas up .. go figure. The oil baron's excuse is whatever the price of stored gas being delivered was bought at. Could be weeks ago.


Feb 5th

On my Fintrek page, I updated about a popular Blog, Millennial Revolution and the author Firecracker. Her and her Hubbie (aka Wanderer) put together a book called, Quit Like A Millionaire (I bought and read the book) where they did just that at a young age. Now, to do that ... one needs to be able to put aside and invest a nice chunk of money each month. Not possible for everybody but those with a goal and discipline in mind, it can be achieved starting early in life.

Anyway, her last two articles were about investing and saving with a Fin-teck. Looks like we are on the same page where I'm also with Wealthsimple out of Toronto supporting Canadian, US and UK users. Their next article not published yet, is goingto dive into their ETF selections.

​Bitcoin is about $200 off of it's average price the last few days, $9300 USD. Mixed feelings out there now, which way the coin will go next. Not surprising where highly unpredictable.

Feb 3rd

It's going to be an interesting week as I suspect Don Trump impeach Senate vote will go his way Wednesday but there are further investigations outside of that about his tax affairs it seems. The rich and powerful usually skirt all this compared to your average citizen.

China, in fast time has built a hospital just for the virus containment and research so that should help some with the crisis in that country that's slowly spreading to other parts of the world.

Traders continue to put selling pressure on the Bitcoin keeping it at it's current level after a high of around $9600 USD yesterday. All about gains. The crypto scuttlebutt figures it will top 10 grand over the next few weeks.

Tezos, my other interest in 'coins' gained about 40 cents a coin since I initially bought. But, I suspect there will be some selling and transferring to other coins in the short term to come bringing it back to normal.

Feb 1st

In the stock and oil markets, things are not so rosy as they were for most of January. China is in kind of a lock down to control the coronavirus, affecting cargo in and out I'm sure to some degree. Some investors are selling in fear of a beat down in their holdings. Most long term holders ride it out as always. Gold is expected to go up in value as a result. It will be good news when the virus is contained, currently a global issue.

Looks like kind of a breather between the Bears (Sellers) and Bulls (Buyers) of Bitcoin where hovering around the $9,300 USD range. I expect the coin to continue to go up but as always ... highly unpredictable. I moved more Bitcoin and USD into my Trading accounts as I watch the numbers.

The high rollers or 'Whales' out there are watching as well, where a recent sell for 500 Bitcoin equaling about 4.5 million in USD.

It is estimated 40% of the Bitcoin holders are those who have held and accumulated Bitcoin since it's start from a few cents worth back in 2010.

Jan 30th

Bitcoin is in the news with it's rally and staying above $9000 USD so far. Predictions are for a further move higher and see how that pans out.

A lad that's been calling the major fluctuations from the start with Bitcoin and has been fairly accurate, figures a high of $12,500 USD is possible in the next 4 months or less. But again, just a prediction and different factors act on the coin now than years ago.

With Stablecoins, lot more Trading happening which occur thru the trusted Ether network as folks get more comfortable with these type coins that are equal 1:1 with currencies like the USD.

Meanwhile, I added more Tezos to my Karken 'Staking' account to gain interest every Tuesday and Thursday like clockwork

Jan 26th

Out of Europe, Switzerland meetings ... Crytpo currencies and stable coins are going to be governed by a 'Global Consortium for Digital Currency Governance'. A wide range of people will sit on the board such as bankers, Government officials, leaders in crypto, etc. An effort to tame the 'Wild West' look of it all and makes it more appealing to the financial sector is the aim I'm sure. Continue to weed out the crooks and money launderers out there thru required reporting of activities that are suspicious.

Japan and some Asian nations are working on producing their own digital coin in case Libra (Facebook coin) does go live and creates an issue in their financial sector.

What's going on with Telegram and the US SEC lately?  ... The US SEC stands by it's classification of the GRAM as a security while a future court case will determine if it is or ain't. Thru documents, the US SEC determined that Telegram is using it's past coin sale and future development purely as a money raising tactic. When pushing back against a US Federal department, usually doesn't work out well but it happens in rare occasions.

Jan 24th

If I'm not thinking about investing money or crypto, I'm thinking about returns or interest rates earned on my principals. The US has some great no fee, savings institutions ans sites (Fintechs)

Here in Canada, one Fintech that's steady in the news and looks like working to get up to par but stay different from the top 5 Banks ....Wealthsimpleis steady growing and expanding their online financial business. With their latest offer I added a post to my 'The Fintrek page. A non promotional 2.4% interest rate on Wealthsimple Cash with a Bank Card soon to come.

Jan 21st

Into the 3rd week in January and the new year, stock markets continue on their positive pace so far and Gold continues to be the talk. Fairly quiet on the 'oil' markets although rumblings about improvement in price continues as the US works to glut the market and wanting to be self sufficient on it's oil.

Don Trump's legal battles heat up as the impeachment process is under way. Hate to admit it but I figure Trump's off and on Tariff wars played into the hands of savvy investors with buy and sells through trading during the fall and rise of the Markets during these squabbles with China and Europe at times. Wider 'margins' make for more profits for those who know how to play and manipulate the game.

Meanwhile, on the crypto front, some are expecting a major breakout in the price of Bitcoin with the 'halving' coming up in the summer but not sure that will happen. Decent spreads lately for Traders to make some gains.

I decided to move more Bitcoin into Tezos for 'staking' in Kraken. Looks like the best deal in that area for earning interest on my coin with no 'lock in' period.