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Nov. 22

With Christmas Day about a month away, more decorations are going up around the city of Halifax and shops are getting busier. Online shopping has certainly cut into some stores bottom line where there tends to be better deals, specially with Black Friday coming.

Some store management's are getting savvy by having their own online site of products. Probably one of the biggest competitors to the physical store is Amazon, who's owner is one of the richest persons in the world, if not the richest today.

Meanwhile, I got an instant Bitcoin payment from ...  Hexabot  andremain in the '3 day plan'.

Got my first STP payment following the reset with  ACX (Tripler)


Nov 21

A new HYIP interested me called Hash World and I funded with Bitcoin. The site also accepts Ether. 7% per day for 21 days is the plan I entered while Bitcoin fees remain low.

Coins Energy  is auto depositing funds into my Bitcoin Wallet without requesting. A cool feature.

ACX (Tripler)  is finished with the final adjustments to my account as they restart at 2%. I deposited with STP and requested a withdraw. If this run is similar to the last, should take me into 2018 with the compensation plan.


Nov 20

It's been fairly quiet the last few days with the online Biz although HYIP's are launching almost daily. 5% of all these launches I estimate will make me a profit and I accept the risk funding those sites.

Meanwhile,  ACX (Tripler)  has reverted back to 2% per day based on $10 packs and reset. I earned an extra nice profit with the last run and look forward to building up and withdrawing money once again. One of the few programs these days that accept SolidTrustPay.

Nov 17

Coins Energy  is a new HYIP I funded with Bitcoin. 1% every 3 hours; Monday to Friday. 1% every 4 hours, Saturday and Sunday.

Nov 15

Colder weather so far this week in Nova Scotia but we remain green so far. 

With HYIP's, I'm handcuffed these days where I can't move my Bitcoin due to long processing times and high fees. I got a refund from the crypto provider BitWaves uses, due to them 'timing out' BTC invests after an hour or so. Mine was in limbo for 4 days n the blockchain system.

I remain invested in  HexaBot.

Nov (Monday)

Now that the majority of online programs such as HYIP's and Hybrids have gone to crypto-currency, mainly Bitcoin; there is now a building issue with getting 'confirmed', both send and receiving in the Blockchain system. I have two still in 'pending' since the 10th of November.

This has nothing to due with the status of the programs I'm involved with. Only in the Bitcoin blockchain processing system.

No word of any resolution to this issue yet.

ACX (Tripler)  had a kind of a 'reset' while at 6% per day (3% on the weekends) No major disruption on my end where I retained my packs and bought more today. Also received 2 STP payments.

Nov 11th

Remembrance Day

Today, I remember those that were involved in the great wars and those that fell. Kind of ironic today where tensions are high with Leaders bragging about their military might. The resulting huge loss of life, secondary.

We had the coldest night so far this Fall, going below freezing here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

HexaBot  issued me an instant Bitcoin payment. I've been alternating between the 'daily' and '3 day earner' Bots these days.

ACX (Tripler)  has moved up to 6% per day and I received a few STP payments since my last update about the program. 6% in the past has proved to be lucrative but that's no indication of what will happen this run.

After 6%, and in my opinion ... a 'reset' with no loss of $10 packs will come quicker.