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Sept. 18

MegaTraders  ... received my first automatic BTC payment.

Bitcoin News ... value in US dollars has risen over a $1000 since the China issue last week.

Sept. 15

Laser Online  paid me to my BTC Wallet and that concludes another week of earnings and payments from that HYIP. Continue with the plan on Monday.

The Tripler  paid me to my STP account and I renewed my monthly Silver membership for $10.

Sept. Wednesday

Bitcoin news on  The Wired Coin

Laser Online  issued a BTC payment to my wallet.

I registered with a new HYIP called ...MegaTraders

Sept. 12

Bitcoin News...  crypto currency users may be affected by a China move to ban 'initial coin offerings' while confusion clouds it all. If the ban is confirmed, the market will probably see a drop in the price of Bitcoin.

Laser Online  paid me to my Bitcoin account and I further funded.

There is a potential new HYIP soon to launch.

The Tripler  issued a payment to my STP account and new purchases are earning 3%.

Sept. 10

The Wired Coin  the latest article is entitled ... Hurricane Season

Sept. 9

My main 'interest' in 2017 has been HYIP's and I can't see that changing anytime soon where other categories are not getting comparable members, funding or that attraction factor.

I withdrew from  Laser Online  on Friday and scheduled to be paid on Monday by the withdraw countdown clock in my backoffice.

I'll 'build' a couple more days with  Coinreumand begin requesting cashouts. Membership in that plan is building nicely to date.

Sept. 7

I registered with and funded a new HYIP called ...Coinreum

The compensation includes 3 plans of which; I went into the daily plan and funded with Bitcoin.

Laser Online  paid me to my Bitcoin Wallet right in time.

Sept. 5

After the holiday Monday yesterday being Labour Day,  Laser Online  paid me right on time to my Bitcoin Wallet.

The Tripler  also paid me to my STP account within 24 hours while purchasing and making an additional withdraw today.

Sept 3

Bitcoin News....  lowest fees I've seen in some time to "send" BTC where I further invested in Laser Online today. Expired a couple terms with Laser last week for a profit.

Sept. 1

The Tripler  with my positions earning at various rates, I got paid to my STP account and further purchased while requesting another withdrawal today.

Laser Online   I got paid to my Bitcoin Wallet and that ends another week of earnings plus cashouts. I'll resume on Monday with that program.

Aug 31

DreamTeamMoney - Forum  .... this is a long running forum that's got current posts on topics that interest me and I've added it to my Update site here. Money making opportunities and Cryto-Currency.

Laser Online... I'm totally impressed with this HYIP with the high ROI that's been online for over 60 days now. I got paid to my Bitcoin Wallet and requested again today.

Bitcoin News  as per the price on the ticker in the top right hand column, BTC is certainly on the 'bullish' run these days.

Aug 29

Laser Online  sent Bitcoin to my Wallet today.

The Tripler continues to pay to my STP account within 24 hours of request. I purchased further yesterday.

Bitcoin News ... Blockchain fees to 'send' are back to normal so far today.

Aug 26

The Wired Coin  ... my Blog with the latest article published today; getting into the high fees now for the transactions for 'Send' BTC with Blockchain and touching on Ether.