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Dec 9

Currently, I'm holding off investing in any HYIP's due to how volatile they can be this time of year. And if there was a decent one starting (all are into Bitcoin), the fee's currently on the blockchain for BTC wallets is way too high to "Send". Upwards of 50% Miner fees so no profit will be gained in the end.

I believe one of the smarter moves is any additional money not needed earned from online programs, is too roll the cash into REIT's and build while gaining dividends. Eventually, down the road, accumulating an extra monthly income.

Dec 7

Being a hockey fan, the NHL season is already about 1/3 complete. My Boys, the Montreal Canadiens had a poor start but back to playing decent hockey and moved up into playoff contention at this point. Winnipeg Jets are the surprise near top of the league in points and the Toronto Maple Leafs are playing very well, 2nd in their division currently.

ACX (Tripler)  hit a minor bump in the road but I got paid within 3 hours this morning to my STP account.

Dec 6

Today, marks the 100 anniversary of the Halifax Explosion.

On my 'Tickers and Trending' page, I added some information about an online Bank that I have been dealing with for years. Initially called Ing Bank, Scotiabank ( one of the top 5 banks in Canada) bought out the Canadian branch of Ing Bank and renamed it  Tangerine  back in 2012 backed by CDIC, Canadian Deposit Insurance Corperation.

They have a current promotion where a $100 deposit will gain a new account opening a bonus of $50 to Jan 31, 2018

(Add Tangerine Key number: 24769201S1 when registering) plus a 2.40% on savings and TFSA deposits to December 31, 2017.

I'm also into their investment portfolios with a current gain through my Tax Free Savings Account ... TFSA.

Meanwhile, I'm getting paid with 24 hours of withdrawing funds to my STP account with  ACX (Tripler)

Bitcoin fund and withdraw options are available with SolidTrustPay

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