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October 27th

One of the biggest news stories is the US Election next week. Biden or Trump ... who will be the winner?

Who ever wins will have a ton of issues on his plate, which hasn't changed much since last March ... probably getting worse now with no containing the 2nd wave of covd-19 so far in hot zones.

Bitcoin continues to break records this month as the Bull run continues while the overall stock market is blah again to start this week. Over-vauled comes to mind so I watch but don't further fund in case of a sudden crash. Meanwhile, I work with various altcoins to earn gains.

DeFi compensation plans continue to interest me 'outside' of the Ether based semi-auto sites that come with high fees. Mainly, I'm into Nexo, Binance and ousd.com.

​'ousd' is under Origin Protocol and their latest update is about expansion of future income generation plans for the ousd coin. This is the only one where I have to deal with Ether 'Gas' fees. I'll be patient and wait for the lowest fee when it comes time to move my ousd, which is comprised of the stable coins (each equal to $1 USD) DAI, USDT and USDC

I like this overall view of Defi apart from above ... 

The fast-evolving realm of decentralized finance, or DeFi, has attracted large sums of money this year from venture capitalists and traders alike. At last count, some $11 billion of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies had been socked into the semi-automated, blockchain-based trading and lending platforms as collateral, a 16-fold increase since the start of the year.

But every month or so, the fledgling industry produces a debacle so suddenly and bizarrely that sane observers have no choice but to step back and remember that the whole exercise is really just a giant game, played with real money. Or a laboratory. Or both.

October 24th

We are heading for the final week of October in this crazy year of 2020, the weather remains warm for this time of year and mild. The tourist industry here in the Atlantic provinces is probably about. "That figures!" ... specially with no lucrative Cruise Ships coming in to the port of Halifax this year and normally there's a lot of retired folks visiting the sites here from across Canada and the USA.

PayPal made a big splash into the crypto pond this week. Probably one of the main factors driving the price of Bitcoin up with the announcement they will have services for Bitcoin like buy, sell and 'move' available along with other coins for US members.

Plus, crypto shopping next year. Buy that much wanted tech device with Bitcoin plus much more. When a purchase is made, PayPal will convert Bitcoin to USD automatically when needed for the merchant requesting payment for the goods bought. 

No word yet if that will be coming to Canada later or not. I use PayPal but after I transfer the desired amount of crypto to fiat or cash and then send to PayPal.

With Bitcoin and the highest prices this year so far ... I read patient BTC 'hodlers' have been making transactions the last few days after being idle and watching for a year or more.

October 20th

China, one of the world's largest importer/exporter of goods next to the USA and where the covid started ...  reported an improving economy to start the week while other areas of the world are dealing with a rising 2nd wave.

Not sure if that coincides with the sudden rise in Bitcoin the last couple days but a bull run is on ... probably stall at around 12 grand USD or above where 'Sellers' wait to rake in the gains.

Thinking about getting in on the DeFi hooplah with the majority based on Ether smart contracts? First thing to look at it is ... how much will the fees affect my bottom line. This is an average example about a withdraw of $100 (including gains) worth of coin. Today that will cost an average of $20 in Ether 'Gas' fees. (Also factor in the Ether Gas fee to deposit). But that also depends on how busy the Ether miners are and with DeFi, that's most of a given day.

In that example, I came out ahead with the $100 in coin withdraw but the Ether needed for the fund and withdraw probably cost me $25+. So, a $75 net in the end after an initial $90 deposit. Doesn't compute to me where it's an overall loss.

Unless a person is going in with big bucks to absorb the fees, not something I'm into. I want to make money, not lose it in fees.

With my search for 'DeFi like' compensation plans without those 'Gas' fees, I've been investigating Binance, which I joined awhile back. Binance is the top crypto exchanger in the world when it comes to volume moved per day and they have a traditional Wallet, marketplace and a variety of crypto plans. And, Canadians can participate.

My first interest is their Savings plan. I got involved with that and I'll share the results after a week. I'm using Stable Coins where the coins are just that ... stable and equal to the US Dollar. USDT, DAI and USDC where an interest rate posted for a savings plan will be very close to what is calculated in dollars and cents going in ... shown on the site.

Using Bitcoin, for example, the posted rate will deliver different amounts as BTC goes up and down in value.

There's much to explore on Binance with the various Plans, tutorials and general information. Their limited time 'Launch Pool' also looks interesting. 

October 17th

It's Mid October and while the rest of Canada grapples with the 2nd wave of the virus, so far ... so good here while our border province New Brunswick is kind of a hot spot in the Atlantic Bubble with 100 active cases. That all started quickly in a retirement home with a few cases .. suspected travel to Quebec and back with out required quarantine.

In crypto and outside of DeFi, some exchangers are getting in on that action hosting 'DeFi like' farming and interest bearing savings accounts. I've been checking out some of these exchangers but some have restrictions to Canada and the US due to our tougher crypto regulations and Gov't crypto watchdogs.

I figure these are safer then many of the new DeFi sites with the associated high risk of loss and the high fees to move coin on top.

One example of a traditional exchange is Huobi Global, ranked number 3 in the world with volume/traffic offering a variety of popular earning options outside of their trade/market page. Up my alley some of those options but blocked to Canadians. More will be adding DeFi like options I'm sure where the attraction of making additional money thru fees for them and gains for members.

Bitcoin has been fairly steady lately. The stock market is about the same as main factors weigh in currently, like a timeline for a covid-19 vaccine to be ready for use on the general public and a possible trillion dollar boost from the US to further jump start it's economy ... probably an after Election thing. Their economy further sparks ours when it gets rolling with positive numbers

October 14th

When I started out outline, I was looking for what is a common term today ... side hustle. I had a starting cash amount set aside and began my search. It was like taking a run up an ice covered slope .... not gaining an inch to get to the top... steady sliding back as I quickly learned about that unforgiving online world.

Then I discovered Revenue Sharing and HYIP's, High Yield Investment Programs. Cool .... make a buck passively or as an option ... more if I promote. That was great and kind of entered it in a 1/3 of the way of a growing bubble with lucrative sites on the go. Eventually the best of that time, peaked and started to slow some.

What I stayed away from was the crazy HYIP promotions of a 1000%, etc. I preferred a decent to low percentage per day.

Fast Forward to today ... as I continue to read up on and explore the DeFi crypto world, the actual rave is about what I avoided in the HYIP's I mentioned above. Many are full time into finding and entering tokens that pop up offering 1000% APY or around there. Deposit, gain on the compounding daily percentage and withdraw ... wait for the next one while paying wicked high Ether fees. (Looks like that could change and go lower with the fees perhaps while 'Ether 2' is coming in to play soon)

This isn't just 1000's that circulate in and out of HYIP's .... I'm talking millions of dollars for thirsty 'high percentage' investors.

Meanwhile the original fairly low risk De-Fi projects continue to build up on funded crypto ... some over the billion dollar mark.

That's what's kept me interested all these years ... there's always new trends that come along to explore.

I am in a couple that are DeFi related I mentioned in earlier posts.

I'm gaining more confidence with Nexo, that started a couple years ago from a parent company, Credissimo; serving millions of customer for 10 years in Europe.

With ousd.dapp, I continue to test that one. One positive is as their new feature grows, the APY has doubled since I joined  ... around 4.40% but that fluctuates with member participation.

There will be others as I watch from a fence, avoiding any with crazy high fees.

What's in it for me? .... gaining interest on my normally idle crypto in traditional Wallets. When I need the crypto ... I route it back to my Wallet; more in value than when it left.

October 11th

It's the Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada and normally a family/close friends affair but travelling to be with family depends where you are these days with the virus situation. Hopefully, here in the Atlantic Bubble ... people will respect the rules that come with it. Travelling outside and coming back in ... or folks coming in to visit, need to quarantine for 14 days unfortunately so probably be wise to stay within the Bubble this year.

Recently in the news, some are trying to skirt around that 14 quarantine and again ... just puts others at risk

There's an interesting prediction floating around about 2021 with Bitcoin. The speculation is that folks that went into DeFi starting with Bitcoin and swapping to the many different coins within that realm will eventually be swapping back to Bitcoin in mass sometime in the future when the bubble pops in the DeFi space, which is still growing like crazy at this time. All those millions worth coming back into Bitcoin will drive up the price.

The thing is, some are already waiting for that to happen and holding their current Bitcoin stash. Interesting to see what the future holds for that theory.

I could see that happening for all bubbles pop eventually, returning to somewhat normal levels after all the panic selling is over and the smoke has cleared.

October 10th

Good to see Bitcoin back in the spotlight after the steady DeFi commotion. It tends to give some BTC watchers more interest and trust in the coin when some heavy weight companies decide to buy a big chunk to hold. This time it was Square, a payment processor and it's owner worth billions buying 1% of capital in Bitcoin ... around 50 million worth.

That sparked buying since then along with Trump now wanting to push through a covid stimulus package while Bitcoin's went over $11,400 for awhile .... currently around $11,300 with more movement ahead I'm sure. Eventually the sellers will tip the scales as they look to collect the gains as the price drops ... but not yet.

October 7th

More news about MetaMask I use on a daily basis now ... they are bringing in swapping of coins on the app/site soon where it remains an efficient 'go between' to transfer coins/tokens. I favour that move where it can make it into a 'one stop' shopping experience. Users exploded on MetaMask as the DeFi bubble increased with billions involved today.

It looks like ... taking Ether (Gas) fees as a measure ... the latest news is that fees are coming down and Ether use is slowing up from the heavy traffic and congestion before (causing fees to go up to get a transaction completed in fairly quick time via Ether Miners) as some top touted coins are losing value for now.

Is that bubble bursting? Too early to tell but like all bubbles, there will be some well managed outfits that continue to provide incentives which will rule the roost while other 'fly by nights' .. will fade away.

October 6th

Beautiful fall colors are in the woods now and looks like our temp is going to dip lower towards the weekend. I'll soon see a first frost ... where's that windshield scraper?

The Trump circus continues down south, even in quarantine as the election day draws closer. Up here in Canada, our Prime Minister, Trudeau is once again heavily involved in trying to get this 2nd wave of virus under control. Some say, it's his responsibility. Sure, that's a given where he's our Federal leader but it comes down to being everybody's responsibility to do their part.

Some protest against the mask, don't bother isolating, even going so far as threatening provincial health leaders and their families. That endangers everybody around them. But, that's the crazy world we live in today.

In the crypto world, the top coin in market cap, Bitcoin is not moving much these days but that can change in a hurry. Always better than a dip but Traders are not keen on the narrow movements. Chasing heavily inflated new coins and chasing volatile high interest coins conjured up on a whim at 1000$ APY in the DeFi world is the high risk craze these days. I like some excitement but also have to know what your doing at those risky high rates that are here today, gone tomorrow. However, some are making big bucks doing the leapfrogging thing.

On September 26th ... I mentioned how popular MetaMask is this year. Here's an update about surpassing 1 million users in a month ...

MetaMask hits 1M monthly users thanks to DeFi boom

October 3rd

There's always plenty of news daily with the crypto world where it's getting more diversified into different fields and lots of talk about what's the most popular site(s) of the day/week attracting a lot of money. At times, moving too fast and that trend is already fading before looking it over ... next! Leapfrogging I call it.

These days, it's De-Fi as it evolves rapidly based on semi-automatic or fully automatic code. But, there are many that stick with the coin that started it all ... Bitcoin and for keen investors/traders, they can build anywhere from taking care of living expenses, dining out  ... to building a tidy fortune. Depends how serious one gets because there's still the risk to consider. 

We are into the final quarter of 2020 and things aren't getting better dealing with the evolving 'new normal' as the 2nd wave of the virus is on the go. Such as wearing a mask. Months back it was a foreign thing to me and I didn't like wearing it but today ... I wear it without a second thought. It will probably initially feel weird walking into shops in the future and not have to wear one with the virus under control and in the past.

September 29th

Certainly looks like the 2nd wave of the covid-19 is ongoing in central Canada and other parts of the world as the number of cases rise while governments work on scaling back social gatherings that has increased perhaps too much since lockdowns were eased. Probably more restrictions coming if this 2nd rising of the curve can't be flattened.

On the money front ... stock markets are kind of blah now with bleak overall numbers while Bitcoin was on the rise but in kind of a holding pattern for now. One moves in relation to the other lately by the past patterns.

Tampa Bay Lightning are the Stanley Cup Champs, played in this weird year of the 'Bubble" with no fans. I'm already looking forward to the next NHL season with a possible start in January, 2021. Lots of planning going on there.

September 26th

DeFi ... even Visa is now getting in on the action with their 'owned site' called Plaid. I looked over the site but not involved with it at this time. 

As I mentioned in previous posts, my main interest in DeFi is just that... earning 'interest' on my tokens/coins and have planned it out so tokens/coins go back to cash in the hand when I decide to go that route to eventually land in my Bank.

I quickly learned when researching De-Fi, I would need a 'go between' from my traditional 'Wallet' providers such as Coinbase .. and DeFi sites. I've seen articles before about these 'go betweens' but had no use for it until a few months ago. 

MetaMask I figure is the most popular and I downloaded it, using it as a 'browser extension'. Handy to 'click on and open' with no need to add a URL, where it's right alongside where I add website URL's such as google.com, search items, etc in my Goggle Chrome browser.

I already rely on it where I have shuttled funds in and out of MetaMask with no issues. A DeFi site such as 'ousd.com', for example ... which I recently got into, will prompt to use MetaMask, one of 4 options they have available. Once I log in to MetaMask, my account details come up in ousd where I earn interest with their plan.

The difference between the standard exchanger and MetaMask is when making a transaction in ousd.com ... it's an automatic process and the details are shown in MetaMask instead of manually adding codes/amounts and the only function I have to do is 'accept' or 'decline'. Decline and the transaction is stopped. No coins/tokens are moved

I'd say MetaMask is standard and reliable across the DeFi network of sites.

All this information to many involved with DeFi is as common as using my debit card for Tim Horton's coffee in the mornings, like no big brain impulse needed ... habit like. Nothing new to them but for me ... already being an 'old school' crypto user when Bitcoin first came out ... it's a steady learning curve these days.

September 23rd

One good thing about the Hurricane centers I monitor during hurricane season, they give folks plenty of time to get prepared for the worst even if it doesn't happen. We were lucky where Teddy stayed out to sea in my area but hitting northern Nova Scotia... Cape Breton head on today as it continues to weaken and move on to the west coast of Newfoundland.

Another storm is brewing in Canada and that's the rising cases of the virus once again. That will probably escalate further without adding restrictions that were in place after in the initial outbreak.

That's also got investors thinking about the impact on the stock market and Bitcoin that seems to relate more to movements with the stocks although not always. Crypto news is recently adding more news about what's happening in the financial world that could trigger stock market swings, up or down and the after affect on Bitcoin.

Currently there are more heavily fund backed sites offering 'daily interest (APY)' opportunities in the De-Fi side of the crypto world or spin offs from De-Fi. That interests me with the crypto I am holding or 'hodling' for now while I watch and wait for ways to further 'leverage' those tokens/coins for further gains

Compared to having a stablecoin in a traditional crypto Wallet earning nada such as Tether (equal to $1 USD each), I earn 8% APY on my Tether until I need it for future use.

September 20th

It looks like the Atlantic provinces will feel the impact of a weakening hurricane (Teddy) on Tuesday. Specially the eastern shore of Nova Scotia and southern shores of Newfoundland. High winds are nothing unusual here but 'sustained' is another thing... that's what does the damage causing power outages, etc.

The last 'head on' hurricane we had was last year this time, toppling huge old trees in the city causing major and costly damage plus a sky crane that took weeks to take down safely after falling over and crashing into an apartment building.

In Crypto land, Bitcoin was on a surge but backed off some since yesterday, Sellers taking gains most likely that are keen on playing the trading game.

De-Fi remains popular as that bubble continues to swell with several billion dollars involved and growing. Getting in on new tokens that double in value or more while collecting daily interest is the craze then selling for what could be big gains. It's like getting into a 'pool' of funds and withdrawing when a person wants. Different from exchangers where traders buy and sell from each other.

September 16th

2020 is a year it seems investors get bored quickly of just watching and waiting to see what the outcomes are of all the issues in the world today. Investors are here to make money and that shows this year. In the stock market, we had the big drop in March and the expected long/delayed recovery didn't happen while records were broken in the recovery and the rapid climb that followed after ... compared to when Markets dropped off the cliff in the past

In crypto, Bitcoin holders/investors have gotten rattled a few times and the last quick drop was a humdinger ... 2 grand but once again, after a cooling off period, the price is moving up at this time.

Overall, a lot of experienced investors wait for the 'bottoms' or dips in prices after 'down' days or week(s) and prepare to buy when they figure prices are moving up instead of a steady down and there's been quite a few of those this year.

September - Sunday

It's more like a tug-of-war trend once again with the Bitcoin. Buyers push it up while 'Sellers' wait and then make a move to bring it back down again. Bitcoin has visited $10,500 briefly but back down to the usual holding pattern at the time of this writing to around $10,200 USD where it's been hanging around for a few days now.

The fine for not quarantining for 14 days when coming into Canada's Atlantic Bubble is $1000 and 5 University students have been nabbed recently while the school system after the first week is quiet of any other covid news, good to see. I suspect there are lot more than these University students not quarantining when coming in or returning to the 'bubble' and there's no excuse these days in saying ... I didn't know. Information is posted everywhere.

Although I don't want to wish time away, we are into mid September already and some want to put 2020 behind them already. Lot of the US West is on fire, hurricanes and in both countries the Virus remains with us plus the fallout from that. It's ramping up again here in Canada from Quebec to BC. Can only stay positive and hope things are for the better next year.

September 9th

After a month of more ramped-up debate about schools opening between teachers, parents and governments, we are into the school year and depending where ... not all good news as cases have shown up already in schools while there is a general spike in the population of covid-19 cases across the country. So far, here in the Atlantic Bubble ... all is well while the school system remains under scrutiny for the opening week.

In the crypto world, Bitcoin appears to be leveled off while some are anticipating a climb in price once again. The last 3 'market' days was about the selling off of Tech stocks that rocked stock markets now seems to be over with more positive numbers up today. In this day and age, good news for Bitcoin as well with this all happening in the short term where there's still a lot of bigger issues than normal in 2020 and nobody can forecast too far ahead.

September 5th

I can only think of one word after last Friday's Market results heading into the long holiday weekend ... Ouch!

History in the stock market, although it doesn't follow those trends all time but tends to rhyme they say, has shown that September is the summer's end for Wall and Bay Street outfits to adjust holdings and take profits, creating a drop in the Markets. Some years are more severe that others.

Retail investors, like me that invest outside of an 'investment company or bank' usually get warnings of what's coming and if not prepared or adjusted before hand, the market drop can come quick be a rude awakening for sure. I still don't sell during these times in a panic like many but wait it out.

They figure 'retail investors' make up about 20% of the stock market and growing where folks are educated now about the damage high fees or management costs have on mutual fund portfolios over terms, specially ... long term. As it grows, more of a hit comes with the percentage fee that's assigned every year. 

Bitcoin followed the stock market this time and dropped from a high of over 12 grand to $10,000 USD in quick time and has rebounded some since then but still a lot of uncertainty where it could go down further yet. Again, wait and see on my end where Bitcoin levels off and moves up some once again.

September 2nd

Coinbase is a crypto exchanger and Wallet provider out of the US and has built up a good reputation. There are inklings it will go public on the stock market soon. 

On my end, the site is user friendly and easy to navigate with options I look for when moving 'coins' around in the crypto world.

I've wrote a few posts about the De-Fi scene that exploded the last couple of months with billions of dollars involved and building. When I first looked at it, there were a couple of sites and I tested them but seen right off ... what's with the high fees? ... and backed out again going with a 'non fee' site. 

I've been keeping tabs on it and now it's beyond bizarre .. tokens and the outfits behind them with names like walking into a grocery store, spaghetti, yams (defunct already) and the latest Sushi taking in millions already and only 5 days old. What's crazy is ... in one day, 5 million alone has been spent just on 'fees' moving crypto.

I can only assume this is like a new z nation world and others testing/learning. A lot of the new crypto jargon I don't get yet and a building number of coins (100+) they chase to 'pump and dump'. So, one important thing about finances is .. if you don't understand what your getting into ... best to stay out. 

I just find it baffling, 10 billion involved already and growing in a 'gain feeding frenzy' where it can be found.

For example, one De-Fi (a crypto sector apart from the traditional) site and probably the most popular right now is called Uniswap ... it's doing 50% more daily trade volume than the traditional crypto trading platform on Coinbase Pro. When will the 'bubble' burst on all this? No idea, but for now ... it's like the gold rushes of old only they don't have to leave the chairs.

Hard to believe it seems I'm already turning into a crypto 'old school' thinker in this fast paced online world. I've watched some tutorial videos of people 'testing' the systems recently and they already seem outdated to what's going on now.

September 1st

Interesting Blog article below about city and country living. Certainly a preference but it also comes down to affordability and maintaining a decent lifestyle without being 'rent or house poor' (mortgage).

Me, I prefer country living and probably move back some day or to a quieter town than the city but as long as I am also doing the part time job thing, I don't like the long commute from the country to here and then into rush hour coming and going plus factor in gas/wear and tear on the vehicle plus the alarm going off earlier in the AM but that depends how far out from the city.

However, in this city ... rent and the price of housing continues to climb every year. An issue many complain about and questioning their local municipality/ government about but there is no solution.

Will Covid change the nature of work permanently

August 29th

We are slowly moving into fall here on the east coast of Canada with some cool mornings turning warmer by lunch time. I always wonder about trees and their 'time clock' ... despite all the heat and humidity, the leaves are starting to turn that fall color despite no frost or even nearing the freezing mark yet heading into September.

I've been away from the online world for a few days and lots of news getting back to it, as always.

It looks like the crypto market is getting impacted some by two factors. Where there's more institutional players now who also are into the stock market, are trading according to Market conditions on a daily basis.

For example, Gold and Bitcoin rose after news yesterday:

"The top cryptocurrency rebounded back above $11,450 on Friday, erasing nearly 70% of the decline from $11,594 to $11,141 that occurred after a speech by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell setting out a new direction for the central bank.

Gold, too, has risen back to $1,960, having dropped from $1,976 to $1,910 after the event, as per data source TradingView."


And ....

De-Fi, the wild west of investors chasing the high returns and 'pump n' dump' tokens that are the hit of the day, or what I call 'leap frogging' while watching but see faster gains than trading Bitcoin for now.

DOT (New Dot), which I mentioned before since restructuring, went from $3 to over $6 already. Crazy... right! ... but jumping in now could be leading to a trap door if suddenly a lot of 'Token, or Coin" Traders decided to dump and sell, deciding to move on to the next big thing in coins to come along. Gets into that high risk category at times.

August 22nd

Only one Canadian team remains in the NHL Playoffs and that's the Vancouver Canucks ousting the Stanley Cup champs; St. Louis Blues. The Canucks move onto to face the Vegas Golden Knights starting Sunday night.

Bitcoin has dropped down to the mid 11 grand USD range. Kind of looks like a breather from the repeated Trading that was driving it up to 12 grand and above. Some say that 'if' BTC can stabilize above 12 grand for awhile, it will go higher in price but as always, that's predictions. 'If' that happens, the price increase would be good news for those just holding BTC or what they call ... Hodlers.

For me, I like to take the 'gains' and then buy again when BTC drops to where I figure is a bottom. Certainly not an exact science .. more like a guessing game with patterns from the past thrown in for good measure.

As a followup on the DOT 'coin' listed on Kraken for Trading n' Staking on the 18th ... at the the time of this post, the coin has gained more that 50% of it's value from the 20th of August. From $2.80 to $4.15 today.

Usually when 'coins' like DOT and ATOM (Cosmos) get attention by Kraken in their news either for added to Staking plan or newly introduced (like DOT), they see an increase in price for awhile.

Once experienced, getting in on the DOT coin 'runup' can be done by trading from Bitcoin or USD or other tokens held. Where I don't get greedy, I would normally sell at the price listed today akin to 150% (principal + gains) ... trading back to Bitcoin, USD, or a stablecoin (equal to one USD each). Waiting too long for more gains could cause trouble if a sudden drop in price occurs.

August 19th

Temperatures in Nova Scotia are becoming more seasonal ... mid to low 20's C after a couple months of hot and humid weather here.

All three remaining Canadian NHL teams are on the brink of being eliminated in the playoffs including Montreal. They play again tonight against Philadelphia (3 games to 1 in the best of 4) hoping to stay alive.

Kraken has added 2 coins on the 18th of August to it's staking plan. DOT - New Dot, currently at $3.00 each USD. The current rate is an attractive 12%. 

ATOM - Cosmos, hovering around $5.50 each USD with the current 'staking' rate is 7.00%

These coins will accrue interest on Mondays and Thursdays. 

These will be added to the lone coin, Tezos in their staking program I got involved with at the start. Currently with a 6.0% interest rate.

I trust the long established Kraken a lot more than the exploding De-Fi sites that offer similar (constantly changing) rates, where a few sites (like always) will remain tops in that field while others fade into the background.

August 16th

Blockchain.com comes out with summaries about what's happening on their end and on an international level. I get a quick snapshot of what's on the go with more indepth reading available.


July Markets: Major cryptos significantly outperformed other asset classes in July as the US dollar had its worst month in a decade

Bitcoin (BTC) broke out of its ~2 month flat spell and resumed its substantial outperformance of other asset classes such as equities, +24% for the month
Ethereum (ETH) continued to outgun bitcoin, up +57% for July, driven by strong DeFi activity; Ethereum continues to lag behind bitcoin over the past two-years
The US dollar dropped 4% in July, its worst performance in a decade, helping drive up prices of other hard assets like gold (+11%) to a new all time high in USD terms.

And .. certainly don't want to see this happen .... 2020 has been brutal enough so far.

The Great Mother of All Financial Crises

July US debt outlook downgrade by Fitch and warning from Goldman Sachs analysts about risk of US dollar losing reserve currency status marked path towards a potentially bigger crisis than the 2008 GFC.

Emerging US digital dollar design consensus is not sufficiently focused on cyber security risk, increasing the odds of catastrophic, destabilizing hack following its launch.

August 15th

It's no surprise that a lot of folks within the Atlantic Bubble here in Canada don't want an opening to the rest of Canada and keep the US border closed for longer.

With school starting up in a couple weeks, that would be bad timing to allow a further opening I figure. When it does open, people coming in don't have to quarantine even if they have the virus and don't know it. Same for people here travelling out bringing the virus back with them. But, the economy and pressure from business will eventually burst the 'Bubble' here.

The crypto world is changing slowly as governments are now using tracking systems to identify folks. Long ago it was just Wallet and transaction codes. Many Exchangers started requesting KYC a few years back ... 'know your customer' but that's just within the Exchange.

American sleuths in government departments are now tracking and can identify owners of transactions, mainly to find 'bad guys' but I got to wonder how far this 'tracking' will go ... IRS, etc. Recently, 300 wallets containing millions in crypto was seized by the US belonging to terrorist outfits. That's a good thing.

Some countries have an AI setup and Russia is now spending millions to ramp up an AI or Artificial Intelligence system to identify owners of Wallets and their transactions.

However, hackers can be even smarter, moving coins/cash quickly and many times before it's too late to catch them but one day, what they call; good guy 'White Hat' hackers and governments will have ways of shutting this down.

Then it will be like currency, moving to trick people to give up their money like the thousands of scammers on the go today.

August 12th

The Markets are 'up' today, for now. The stock market (TSX - Canada) and Bitcoin is hovering around $11,500 USD, perhaps with another run at $12,000+ USD in the making. Overvalued for the times? Probably and most likely but investors are out to make money with Tech stocks like Apple, etc. and Gold related, just to name a couple of categories of many.

The NHL playoffs resume tonight for the Montreal Canadiens, the underdogs in their Round 1 matchup against the Philadelphia Flyers. Other Canadian teams left in the playoffs are Calgary and Vancouver, with the Canucks also starting their Round 1 against the St. Louis Blues.

August 9th

While wearing masks is mandatory now where I live, it took a little while but becoming routine now, even in this unusual continuing heat wave we are getting here in Nova Scotia. More of a thing for those bitter cold winter days to protect the face but these are different times in 2020 for sure. Mask wearing will probably stay in place until next year sometime.

I read the Feds have ordered millions of doses of a 'still in test mode' covid-19 vaccine from two US outfits for distribution in Canada, hopefully early 2021 when we will be already in the yearly flu season by then.

The Montreal Canadiens are resting now after defeating the Pittsburgh Penguins and face the Philadelphia Flyers in the 1st round of the playoffs soon. Some upsets have happened in the qualifying round as some underdog teams came out on top. The Toronto Maple Leafs hope to move on tonight in their series tied 2 games apiece.

I'm surprised to see Bitcoin still hanging around the mid $11,000 USD range but these are also different times in the crypto world as more folks and institutional outfits get involved with crypto-currency while the stock market world remains kind of in an iffy territory as the pandemic continues to weigh on it plus now ... Mr. Trump has decided to ramp up Tariff wars again .. starting with Canada, which has already come back with increased tariffs of their own. Nobody wins here.

August 6th

The warm, humid weather continues here, reaching 28 to 29 C in the afternoons ... feels even hotter factoring in the humidity level. And that's on the coast, warmer inland.

Speaking of hot ... folks owning Bitcoin has increased by about 30% over the last few months and once again, the price is moving up to perhaps the 12 grand USD level for the 2nd time in August. I see the term 'safe haven' thrown around in articles lately. That all depends on what price BTC is bought at with that FOMO thing ... Fear Of Missing Out and if buying at today's prices ... I don't call that a 'safe' move for people just coming into the crypto world.

​​August 3rd

Yesterday, being Sunday ... the Bulls pushed Bitcoin to over 12 grand USD and then, within a few minutes, a drop of over $1400 USD in sells. I didn't find it surprising where that's the trends with BTC at times. A rapid climb, followed by a quicker drop. Today, BTC is one again on the move after leveling off in the low $11,000 USD range.

The NHL elimination round continues today for several teams including Montreal and Pittsburgh tonight.

Wearing a mask is now mandatory here when entering shops and buildings. However, I noticed many are ignoring the 'distancing' rules while shopping figuring the 'mask' is enough protection. Certainly needs to be enforced more when the 'Atlantic Bubble' opens to the rest of Canada at some point in the future.

August 1st

The revised NHL playoffs start today with Montreal facing the Pittsburgh Penguins (Best 3 out of 5 games) in the hub city of Toronto tonight. The other 'hub' city being used is Edmonton. All Canadian teams are in the playoffs except Ottawa. Barring any covid-19 holdups, it's some different summer excitement for hockey fans.

In Crypto world  ... a good start to August as Bitcoin was on the climb again early. See if it will hit the $12,000 USD level in the near future. Bitcoin wallet holders can just sit back and watch their wallets increase in value for now. Can't get more passive than that.

Although there is a lot of activity on the blockchain, fees have been reasonable since yesterday morning.

Meanwhile, in Canada ... there's been an increase in virus cases. So we are far from being out of the woods yet while the world waits for a workable vaccine.

July 30th

On the East coast here we are going through a prolonged heat wave with temps peaking at 40 C last couple days .. that's with the humidity factored in. Some people love the heat but I'm not one of them, I like it around 20 C .. just comfortable.

Depending what exchanger being used, fees are up and for example; sky high on Blockchain.com today because of the increased traffic on that site due to the higher price of Bitcoin. When BTC zooms up about $200 USD in rapid time, I like to move those gains to cash; that being USD or a Stable coin until things settle down but I'm just on hold for now while I'm not paying the high fees at this time. It's a wait and see for when they eventually come down.

I was also looking to make a gain with Tezos, which 'normally' follows Bitcoin at the coin's own pace but that's not the case so far but I'm patient ... it will move eventually from where I bought it.

July 28th

Who said Bitcoin is unpredictable? They are certainly correct while Bitcoin was asleep for a couple weeks, the coin began to wake up and move up quickly this week to heights not expected. Now comes the time when the Sellers/Traders debate about when is the right time to begin taking gains. That always comes at some point to drop the price once again.

This Friday and the last day in July, it will be mandatory for folks to wear masks here in Nova Scotia when shopping or going in to dine, or at the drive through windows. Also for work places to enter and exit. No new cases or anyone recovering from the virus in the last week.

July 22nd

In central Canada, covid-19 cases are on the rise once again in Quebec and Ontario unfortunately. Some tested vaccines are working but still a few months off from being used in mass.

Zooming out of crypto world, the general thought on various news sites is that crypto investors have a bigger interest in various Altcoins and Ether than Bitcoin these days because of De-Fi and just general manipulation .. what I call 'pump and dump' of coins that were not mentioned much in the past. Therefore, Bitcoin is not seeing the big swings of past years. Cycles or just 'watering down' of it all ... but I'm sure there will be more offshoot categories and trends to come.

Bitcoin is staying above $9,000 USD so that's a good thing rather than a major drop, which has also happened in cycles in the past.

One caution or more of a 'good to know' thing when entering the De-Fi arena and what I experienced is that moving crypto around ... fees are paid in Ether (called Gas), which are high now with it being popular at this time. So, one needs a stash of Ether on hand getting involved.

July 19th

We are in for a hot, sticky few days here on the East Coat of Canada as a heat wave moves through. The actual temperature is bearable but the added humidity can make it uncomfortable. A part of living by the Atlantic Ocean.

t feels like we have recovered from the virus here and more day to day traffic plus the weekend afternoons being nuts as it's construction time. Bumper to bumper in areas. All good while we live in an Atlantic province 'bubble' ...  for now. Ontario is still reporting over a hundred cases per day with deaths so that's what I mean by ... 'for now'.

With crypto and Tezos (XTZ) ; back on the 15th, I made a decent trade back to USD for a gain but since then, Tezos has attracted more attention than usual and trading in a smaller margin or spread. Like going from a double or triple lane highway to a single lane. So I wait for this to ease off and get back to the normal movements in relation to Bitcoin's daily swings. There are a number of coins/tokens that move similar to Tezos but then I would be getting into a 24/7 thing to monitor it all. That's for the dedicated focusing only on the 'Trade'.

July 15th

The Canada/US border will remain closed for pleasure or non-essential travel for another month (to Aug 21), which is a good thing while the virus still rages south of the border. 

Wealthsimple, a Canadian fintech company is growing once again with it's 4th option coming soon ... the buying and selling of Bitcoin and Ethereum will be available with Canadian dollars on Wealthsimple Crypto. No fee trading they say. I joined the waitlist where the site will give me an additional option to route funds from crypto to cash in the bank and visa versa.  

July - Monday

What is a Coindesk 20 ? I do a lot of browsing on the crypto related articles on the news site ... Coindesk. So, must be somehow related.

Coindesk 20 is an informative and what I call 'good to know' snapshot of the top 20 crypto coins/tokens today as they evaluate them and some of the top Exchangers out there like Coinbase.

You can see the list  here  and they make up 90% of the total multi-billion dollar market cap. Of course Bitcoin and Ether are there as well as Tezos. I seen a jump in it's price today .. not sure if it was related to the launch of Coindesk 20 and the highlighting of the coin but missed a nice gain in price. Oh well, always next time.

July 11th

The latest on the pandemic here at home, Nova Scotia ... the province will remain in a state of emergency until near the end of July. See from there as we are getting the odd case, mostly from out of province folk coming in.

A sign of things to come when open to the rest of Canada and the US down the road that all provinces will have to deal with.

When I started with crypto ... who can I trust to get a 'Wallet' to store crypto currency? Blockchain.com out of Europe was my pick and an excellent choice. The only problem was getting digital money to 'cash in the hand' where there's no option for North American country withdrawals.

After debating for awhile, Coinbase , out of the US was my next choice to set up a Wallet and again, a good choice with their option to cashout to Canada. So now I could route my Blockchain.com Wallet crypto thru Coinbase if needed.

Coinbase has certainly grown since then and now possibly looking to go public in a US stock exchange next year but there are some hurdles to overcome first such as a blessing from the US SEC.

On my end, good to see my 'coins' are with a company that's doing well and the latest news on that ...

Since its founding in 2012, Coinbase has raised a total of $547 million, according to Crunchbase. Its Series E round, in October 2018, valued the company at $8 billion. The San Francisco-based company boasts more than 35 million users and would be the first major U.S. crypto startup to go public, if it were to pursue a listing.

July 7th

Visa? Venturing into crypto? ... like Paypal. Never thought I would see that but fee and interest rate driven companies do their research to see where there's additional potential to make more money and bring on board more clients/members. 

Bitcoin nudged up some since yesterday so I watched Tezos that initially seemed to be glued in place with it's price but finally began to move and made a decent gain with a Trade back to USD. I bought that same amount of Tezos back in June 28. Patience pays off. Now I wait for the next dip to rinse and repeat.

Backing up and looking at the big picture with DeFi and the crazy amount of cash flowing in there these days ... crypto traders that follow the rise and fall of tokens on Coinmarketcap (one of the more popular price listings) can get burnt as DeFi yield harvesters are pumping up some of the coins listed on sites like Compound looking for an inflated higher interest rate so I now see where folks can get trapped into buying a normally quiet moving coin that has suddenly moved up 200% in value for example ... it can fall just as fast resulting in a long term loss as yield harvesters 'leapfrog' from one coin/token to another looking for the highest possible gains.

July 5th

I believe that some of the mega projects out there get initial ideas from Movies and the scripts that writers think up or Movies created from past books and their authors. Take Elon Musk's SpaceX that NASA now uses for example and similarities to Sci -Fi space movies. Right down to the fashionable new space suits they use. Boeing engineers are also working on their own spacecraft project. Only the beginning of space travel and ... mining? For sure that's happening in the future. New powerplants in development that can run self sustaining once in space.

Take her out Mr. Sulu, warp speed.

Moving into crypto land ... a world in hyperspace. Billions of dollars floating around out there and doesn't become real until cash in the hand or a purchase is made, anything from plane tickets to buying a house.

Where did the Bitcoin idea come from? Well, years back I explored and got into some HYIP type ventures and profit sharing sites that already used tokens. But they disappeared with the program where they all eventually collapse or change plans. Yield Farming on the move through the years, not looking back. Always moving forward.

E-Gold is a memorable one. Digital currency backed by stored Gold. Ran from 1996 to 2007/2008 when the US Feds shut them down, which the E-Gold creators are now saying was a witch hunt and are actually fighting that ruling today in the courts. I still see the odd script or site where I see the E-Gold logo.

So ... I'm sure the Bitcoin creator got his idea from all these past digital tokens/currencies. For some reason though ... it just eventually took off where the new generation at the time where tired of high fees and the laws of the land. 

MakerDao and Compound.Finance I mentioned in my past posts ... Once funded, interest compiles every 15 seconds. I'm thinking, this all looks familiar. Yep, I seen past scripts that had earnings added to principal every second. New fad for the HYIP venture seeker at the time. But, at a fixed rate. 

However, MakerDao and Compound.Finance are designed different with fluctuating interest rates and 'lending' available in this new DeFi sector of Crypto that has attracted millions of dollars from members. All about supply and demand and 'non' stable coins also move up and down in price. Again, just the beginning as De-Fi evolves in the crypto space and they definitely are not HYIP's, although new startups get immediate attention from some yield 'seekers' if doable or not.

Projects ... from original ideas to those that get further developed from 'blasts from the past'.

July 4th

Independence Day USA

What they call the 'Atlantic Bubble' is now open to all 4 provinces in Canada, NS, NB, PEI and NFLD.

I heard yesterday there was a 90 minute delay crossing over to New Brunswick from Nova Scotia as officials checked people out ... verifying no covid-19 symptoms. So, no 14 day quarantine now within that 'bubble' unless suspected or tested positive for the virus.

Spent some time reading up on Compound. Finance within the DeFi market. Got me interested and good timing with  Coinbase Earn    where I was in a lineup to learn and earn about Compound's coin ... COMP ... now trading on Coinbase.

In a nutshell, I can fund with the tokens available on Compound.Finance and earn the associated interest rate that fluctuates while getting added every 15 seconds. Automated once I added my 'MetaMask' crypto wallet. More reading to go as I enter this relatively new area in crypto and become a 'Yield Harvester'.

I am testing the system and can withdraw back to my Wallet at any time but there are more features to explore on the site as I got one foot in and one foot out so far. Been ongoing for over 2 years so I figure I'll probably be 'all in' for the long haul later when I get more comfortable with how it all functions.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin remains kind of flat with regards to decent gains in price. See what July brings in swings for the top crypto coin in market cap.

July 1st

Happy Canada Day

It's a different Canada Day celebration this year as a limited number of people in groups or what they call bubbles, can gather depending on the province with keeping the 6 foot distancing in mind. Canada is 153 years old today, still a young country compared to others.

Bitcoin seems to be in a 'freeze frame' lately, not moving much. The Market maker for the majority of altcoins out there except stable coins.

There's lots of news about the DeFi and 'Compound' lately, now the largest by Market Cap in that category. In exchange for holding funds in the site, members get the COMP coin and that exploded in price nearing $400 USD recently but has come back to around near $200 and dropping where the 'bubble' burst on that until the COMP bottoms out in price as adjustments have been made (Now listed on Coinbase).

In these articles covering DeFi, I seen a new term for investors chasing the gains and money called Yield Farmers, or Yield Harvesters with no real fondness for the people creating the program ... just show me the money! Cool terms and I guess I'm one of those farmers always looking for the gain in these ventures. But one difference is, I support the ventures that treat me fair and they are rare.

Like stocks ... an investor can fall in love with one company and only invest in that one but when the price crashes and dividend gets cut, there is no love in return. Just grin and bear it. That's the cruel part of investing.

The North American stock markets continue to be shouldered with the rising virus numbers in the US for the second time although stats show a slow rise from the lows and panic selling of March. Here in Canada, businesses continue to open and ramp up. In Nova Scotia ... no cases for 3 weeks and counting.

However, struggling airlines continue to downsize and adjust to the new normal with hundreds of employees laid off for now.

June 27th

Looks like the escalation of covid-19 cases in the southern US States and other hot spots have investors pulling back and a lot of 'selling' going on in the Markets wrapping up last Friday and with the Bitcoin. The word is, there's a lot of institutional investors involved now and growing. I got a feeling their stock market mindset is also being applied to the crypto marketplace. See how this plays out where usually Bitcoin begins to climb some as the Markets decline. Alternative market to make some money but Bitcoin is kind of following the S&P 500 ups and downs lately... the equity market.

Hopefully, states like Florida and Texas ... just two of many, will get the virus spike under control once again as they begin closing up areas and shops.

The one thing our Prime Minister, Trudeau kept repeating ... it's something that can't be rushed with opening the economy and borders .... very true. Nova Scotia was the last of the provinces to gradually make some plans to opening.

Meanwhile, I watch Bitcoin ... after it moves down and Tezos eventually follows, I buy when I figure it's low. Then wait for the gain knowing it's possible Bitcoin and then Tezos could drop like a rock for awhile but a rebound comes in time.

June 25th

It's been a high humidity week and mostly sunny. I'm not used to that as an east coast Canadian. I'm in need of some rain day breaks in between and lower temps. Look like Nova Scotia will be opening it's borders to only the Atlantic Provinces for now ... in early July. No quarantine required for the travelling folks barring any covid-19 symptoms.

Interesting news with PayPal where they could be getting deeper into the Crypto side of things like 'buy' and 'sell' Bitcoin plus other altcoins/tokens. That could be a game changer if that monster payment processor jumps in and convenient for yours truly. I currently use PayPal as a middle 'company' to shuttle Bitcoin to cash for my Bank account. With this possible move to crypto, I could use PayPal for one-stop shopping for Bitcoin transactions. More news to follow on that.

June 21st

Happy Father's Day

The Canada Revenue Agency or more commonly known as the CRA. Canadians like them when they get a refund. Not so much when they owe money. 2020 is a different tax season for 2019 returns with delayed tax filing and no penalties if owed taxes until September.. as of now. 

If you owe money, notifications will be sent out either my mail or an email notification that there is a message(s) waiting in the online CRA account. But, they won't call you ... you'll get penalty fees added when not paid in full and eventually collection if no effort is made to pay. Then, it can get nasty.

Every year, people get scammed by crooks imitating CRA and even the RCMP/local police warn about this steady. But, people still get fleeced when they follow directions the scammers provide. Why people would fall for scammers requesting funds be added to a Bitcoin machine to cover what's owed and more .. I have no idea. I wouldn't even answer if it's a number I don't know with these crooks everywhere ...Bitcoin CRA Scam Callers

The 'WHO' reports some new active covid-19 in China but they are keeping it contained in an effort to squash their second wave. South Korea has twice so many approaching 50 active cases. An initial concern where this world wide pandemic originated in China was that it would spiral out of control again but that's not the case so far. 

Bitcoin has been fairly steady with the price these days. I figure Whales that drive up the price by adding big chunks of money are wary they might get caught where the 'Sellers' or 'Bears' are watching/waiting for the opportunity to collect on decent gains. The 'rinse and repeat' thing for savvy Traders.

June 20th

Here in Nova Scotia, no new covid cases in over a week and things are still ramping up on the business side of things where I see afternoon rush hours are getting busier. What they call 'social bubbles' are getting bigger. Down the road NS will soon open up provincial borders ... first to the rest of Atlantic Canada and then the rest of the country (that's when I figure we will probably get a few cases again). So, that means travelling inter province with out the 14 day quarantine required unless the virus count begins to tick up again.

DeFi, Decentralized Finance is getting more spotlight lately in the crypto world with millions pumped in since the start of this new sector. With these outfits that use their own developed 'coin' plus others, allows members/users to lend/borrow crypto and/or earn interest on 'staked' coins similar to a bank savings account but at a higher rate to make it attractive.

Interesting but one also needs to put some faith and trust in a DeFi for the long term while precious funds are in the works. 

Besides all this, a new and upcoming DeFi's coin has the possibility to grow in value quickly as users come on board, which is happening with the Coinbase backed 'Compound' and their coin/token 'COMP'.

One needs to do their due diligence for sure and get a broad understanding of it all like all investments before jumping in with both sandals.


June - Saturday

Lots going on in the crypto and stock world. China is getting into a 2nd wave of Covid-19 looks like in the city of Beijing. A quick outbreak occurred at an outdoor fish market that looks like contaminated cutting boards while cutting up exported Salmon. China is acting swiftly to contain the virus. Hopefully, that's as far as it goes as Canada and the US are into restarting their economies after the first wave.

Fears of a 2nd wave coming here sent the stock markets into a big selloff Thursday but somewhat of a recovery on Friday.

Bitcoin came down as well and where I look at Tezos after the fact ... I made a trade (XTZ/USD) where Tezos followed BTC down in price. Now I wait to trade back to USD when the price goes back up.

Transat, one of Canada's more popular charter flight operators has plans to start international flights towards the end of July. I'm sure Air Canada and Westjet will be following if that all goes to plan. Once again all iffy with us coming out of the pandemic slowly.

June 9th

Watching the price of Bitcoin these days, it's been fairly steady like long slow ocean swells. Last Sunday however, I noticed BTC down more than usual and checked Tezo's. Yep, it fell as well as I suspected so I made a trade from USD. Monday morning, Tezos regained it's price and I made close to a 4% gain in a trade back to USD in less than 24 hours so that's not too shabby. I'd like to repeat that daily but not going to happen so I wait and watch for the next opportune time to pounce, which could be anytime.

More people are being recalled back to work and small businesses continue to open their doors. Planning holidays are on the back burner for now I assume.

Being in the airline business for years, a lot of Canada's airline fleets are idle but being maintained ... eager to wind up again but that will take awhile. However, with folks working through the year, many will get that wanderlust on their precious few weeks off. I'm interested to see when that will start as investors are buying stocks of these airlines at the lowest they have been for a long time hoping for a climb to the skies in price. That will come in the future I'm sure.

June 7th

If your watching the news, the covid-19 pandemic has taken a back seat for now to the spreading controversy over racism. Unfortunately, it lurks everywhere with some when it comes to race, color and creed with stories being highlighted in Canada after the uprising in the US; mostly involving police but it goes far beyond that. As everybody knows, words can hurt as well, beyond the physical violence.

The virus issue still lingers however but just the odd case now in the Atlantic provinces while hope for a vaccine will be ready for the fall with the annual flu season and probably a second round of the covid-19 if not before.

Although Ether, or Ethereum is getting more popular by the day, Bitcoin rules the crypto business and kind of holding in USD value for now as it seems the stock market weekly goings on has an effect on it's price. Last Friday was a good day in the Stock Market while Bitcoin remained flat.

Ether is getting more attention with it's use of automated 'smart' contracts that are designed to cut out 'middle people' and their usually higher handling fees. I've experimented with a couple and they work just fine but fees remain internal with the parties using the contracts although minimal so far.

June 4th

'Stay Safe' is a common saying these days and used a lot with concluding emails or saying bye to someone, friends and family. 

I also try to stay safe online when dealing with crypto and money matters. Successful Hackers are smart and some are relentless with trying to worm their way into secure Data and even what they call 'secure' isn't to a person fluent in 'code' but depends on the level used like Banks, etc., which comes with a hefty price tag I'm sure.

I've wrote some posts about Sim cards in the past about being careful using cell phones and doing financial business on them, specially crypto related. A good example here in an article , is how Hackers can and have gained access to SIM cards, practically taking over the cell and locking the user out once enough information is gained.

​​​May 31st

Staking ... what's Staking? There's nothing complicated about it and a term they use in crypto land where you can put an asset/coin/token into a site that has the option to earn a yearly interest rate that gets added weekly, twice a week or monthly depending on the site's rules. This option is separate from an exchanger's crypto 'Wallet'.

Like a savings account in a Bank only at a higher rate with the ability to keep the money liquid ... can transfer to chequing or spend direct from that account at any time. In Kraken for example, I can pull my Staking funds (Savings) at any time and add to my 'Wallet' or visa versa. A yearly 6% interest rate added twice a week.

Pro's ... a token can go up in value without adding any extra and earn an increased interest on the balance. (There's also that urge to pull the token and transfer back to the Wallet when a decent gain is seen but then no further interest payments are earned.)

Con's ... a token can drop in value and stay there for a prolonged period of time earning lower interest than initially funded. (That's where patience comes in to wait it out for the token to climb in price once again.)

I haven't seen a site that has a 'Stable' coin for staking yet so the pro's and con's wouldn't apply to stable coins where they stay on par with a currency 1:1 like 1 PAX = 1 USD.

There are other crypto sites I'm watching that have the Staking feature but one also has to have that trust in them to be around for the long term.

Blockchain.com is one I trust where I have a Wallet with them but unfortunately I'm a Canadian. Otherwise I'd be doing their new Staking option ...

"We know that many of our customers are long-term holders of crypto. HODLers, if you will. So we thought we’d make it easy to put those crypto holdings to work. Simply visit your Blockchain.com Wallet, select the Earn Interest, and open an Interest Account today to immediately begin earning 4.5% annually.

Banks around the world are not only cutting the interest they pay on savings accounts to near-zero, some have even introduced negative interest rates. Compare that to 4.5% and it’s easy to see why it pays to hold crypto in an Interest Account.

We designed the feature to be:

Simple — Once you’re verified, it only takes 5 clicks to deposit your BTC directly from the wallet.
High-yield — Earn up to 4.5% annually with no max cap on deposit. The 4.5% rate applies no matter whether you are depositing 0.1 BTC or 100 BTC.
Secure — As one of the oldest and most trusted names in crypto, you know your bitcoin is safe with Blockchain.com

Other details
The interest accrues daily, is paid monthly, and represents an annualized rate. It’s only available to users who have verified their identity with us, and who live outside Canada, Japan, and the United States. The current minimum deposit is $300 worth of bitcoin.

What are you waiting for? Log in to the wallet and deposit bitcoin to an Interest Account today."