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 The ventures and companies I   present on my site have no   guarantee of producing a profit   for members involved. It's   always wise to follow the   Golden Rules of investing such   as setting aside funds for   'investment' account(s)   separate from household and   family money.


February 25th 

Like Bitcoin, the first Bitcoin ETF by Purpose is doing some moving around but micro swings in comparison to Bitcoin itself ... up to $10.50 and then down to $9.50. A lot of 'day trade' selling and buying going on. As of today with the price of BTCC  ... Day's Range 9.35 - 10.97.

594 million funded so far with 1.5 million being traded today.

Interesting bit of news today ...

Two dormant Bitcoin wallets have woken up — with 100 BTC moving for the first time in 11 years. It’s caused a stir in the crypto world. When the coins were first mined, Bitcoin was trading for just $0.08… and today the haul is worth $5.1 million. As crypto enthusiast Antoine Le Calvez pointed out, it’s very rare to see pre-GPU era Bitcoins move

February 21st

AdViev ...  paid me quick once again with Litecoin and looks like an 'earning' addition coming according to the latest 'on site' news. Look forward to that.

8bit ... I removed the banner from the page here. Although they returned my principals and paid them instantly to me ... they cut short the investment plans, offering me others in ultra long schemes that pay lower daily with principal returned at the end. Along with the daily balance interest being stopped I see, there could be underlying issues but nothing of that on the surface only that crypto prices have spiked from when investments started. 

Or, they are being smart and adjusting to the times. Either way, It's all good and have a nice gain from them plus still invested in their new 'long term' plans with profit earned.

The new Purpose Bitcoin ETF had launched and started at $10 per share/unit. As of closing Friday ... $10.51.

February 17th

On my end it's fairly quiet on hooking up with any new ventures at this time but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot on the go out there. 

After Bitcoin started for awhile a decade ago and growing in popularity, folks figured they could develop rivals or copy cat coins/tokens and make a fortune off that. Some did and also those that bought the 'coin'. 

Others jumped from coin to coin making a fortune carrying over their gains as these new cons/tokens launched. Leapfrog style.

I watched a lot go by but eventually got lucky.

I'm partial to the coin Tezos and bought some in Kraken when they first offered their 'Staking' option months back .. earning interest twice a week.. it was around $2.00 then and now over $4.00 (for now) so took awhile but doubled my money but I'll keep it 'Staked' (I can move Tezos out of Staking to my Wallet at any time).

I went into the NEXO coin kind of dubious if it would get above 50 cents but good to see it's still climbing at $1.80 and involved in 'earning interest' on top of that.

It can go the other way with coins and lose so it's risky like everything involving investing. It would be awesome to repeat like the two coins I mentioned above but I've always been conservative so usually watch for awhile before I jump in. There will be more to come and some will bloom late after launching.

And although it's all about digital money, it's not actually a gain until cashed out to money in the bank. Although, I'd give an exception to Bitcoin.


February - Saturday

While the US continues to mull over a crypto related ETF after shooting down countless applicants, Canada has approved the first and that's a Bitcoin ETF by Purpose Investments out of Toronto, Ontario.

On their site, it's registered as BTTC.B  ... Purpose Bitcoin ETF  with a start of $10. I expect that price will initially climb and then taper off in relation to it's Bitcoin 'holdings'. I'm currently waiting for the actual launch day on the stock exchange where the site states ... coming soon.

I added more funds to Nexo were their 'coin' called NEXO, is climbing the charts via market cap ... currently in 65th position with a boost in price since yesterday.

Also with Nexo, an announcement about free withdrawals depending on Ranking with their Loyalty Program ...

To keep our services as accessible as ever and give our native NEXO Token even greater utility, we are incorporating free cryptocurrency withdrawals into our Loyalty Program. Starting at 00:00 UTC today, Nexo will cover the gas fees up to 15 of your crypto withdrawals per month. 

Depending on your NEXO Token holdings and, consequently, your Loyalty tier, you will receive between 1 and 15 free crypto withdrawals, as follows:


Up to 1% NEXO
Tokens in Portfolio

1 Free Crypto Withdrawal
per month


1-5% NEXO
Tokens in Portfolio

3 Free Crypto Withdrawals
per month


5%-10% NEXO
Tokens in Portfolio

5 Free Crypto Withdrawals
per month


At least 10% NEXO
Tokens in Portfolio

15 Free Crypto Withdrawals
per month

Once the free withdrawal limit is reached, gas fees will automatically be charged to clients. The counter will reset on the first day of each month, after which you can make another set of free withdrawals.


February 9th

The Whales (big spenders) are splashing around in the Bitcoin ocean today ... scattering the little fish where fees are out of control once again for now with BTC above 45 grand USD (at this time). So, I don't bother to start transactions with BTC until this buying frenzy calms down some. 

Eventually, things will calm down with the BTC and the coin will test these heights again ... probably beyond. Usually fees lower some then when it moves up to the same price again or a few times ... in what appears to be the new normal for the coin.

In the end, it takes patience if a person wanting to move his or her Bitcoin later without the current outrageous Miner fees cutting into their bottom line.


February 7th

I decided to do some Trading with Ether (ETH) on Kraken with the ETH/USD pair where Ether has come down some from it's latest all time high.

The HYIP, Algonerve I added yesterday, refunded me this morning where something went haywire there and continues to refund thousands to members until tomorrow. That's rare indeed for a HYIP to do that.

Meanwhile, Nexo Exchange is only available as an 'app' I see so I'll set that up to test and see if it will work for me ... mainly being able to transfer funds/coins in and out.  

February 3rd​​ 

On January 20th, I was focused on trading Litecoin, LTC/USD, while factors upended my plans while I know this can happen at anytime so the motto is to 'be prepared' for that. Today, Litecoin rose above my 'sell' point once again so I made a gain in that short term trade affair.

With my latest HYIP venture ... infile, I decided to withdraw my principal and came away with a decent profit via past payments and the increase in the price of Ether (I funded with). The site continues to issue payments to members and has no problems at this time.

January 30th

Looking at the big picture with the crypto scene, social media sites have more of an impact on 'coin' prices moving forward. When billionaire Elon Musk mentions anything that people can make money from like stocks, minerals/ore for electric cars and crypto to name a few ... it seems to be the focus for a day or more. He mentions Bitcoin in his Twitter account and up goes BTC in price yesterday by 4 grand or more but sellers await and it came back down to the 33 grand range USD, it's 'bottom' price for the last week.

So ... if you follow money/investing media sites, all I can say is be careful. You can make money quick or get burned real bad.

infile, a HYIP I joined recently in the high risk area, sent me an instant Ether payment today. I can pull my principal at any time for a 10% fee before 30 days but I'll continue for now to gain enough that if I do pulll my principal early, I'll have a decent gain to boot.

January 24th 

The sure but steady AdViev sent a quick Sunday payment to my external wallet.

Trades ... I went into Litecoin with LTC/USD trades before the unexpected big drop with Bitcoin and a lot of Bitcoin Traders are are now in 'what's my next move' position. Sell for a loss? That makes no sense where BTC looks like it has bottomed out for now. So, I wait for Litecoin to move to where I want to sell. Panic and fear selling can dig quite a hole at times unless above the purchase price and taking the gain.

8bit Raffle contest ... until February 21/2021 

​🔥 Golden Crypto Bull Raffle

👉 Dear 8bit friends and partners! On the eve of Chinese New Year 8bit platform organizes a special raffle.

▫️ Prize Fund $10,000.03
▫️ Total winner tickets 1723
▫️ No limitations for wining for 1 person; the more tickets you have, the more you can win.
▫️ Promo ends on Feb 21 21:21:21 2021 UTC

📑 See promo details here: https://8bit.ltd/a/goldenraffle

🏆 Make deposits from $100 and more and get raffle tickets! The more profitable package you choose, the more tickets you get for each $100 deposited.

👉 We remind you that during 8bit’s last 2 raffles our clients have won over $12000 total in prize money. Hurry up and win your prize!

January 23rd 

​Bitcoin is rebounding some while there is kind of a 'wait and see' thing going in the crypto markets. Meanwhile, Ether is the talk for this month going over he $1200 USD mark and more.

infile .... is a new HYIP I joined and funded which launched on Wednesday, the 20th. When it comes to a HYIP, this is already into rapid aging. I'm looking for a 20 to 30 day run here and I can request my principal at anytime for a 10% fee or wait 30 days and withdraw 100% of it plus the 1.20% interest gain I earn daily.

The minimum withdrawal is $10. Accepts, USDT, Bitcoin and Ether.

January 20th

The people behind OUSD are true to their word about reimbursing folks who invested in their 'interest paying' compensation plan and I got reimbursed 100% this morning so leaving it in there to earn daily interest (APY)  at ousd.com

That was their objective since they got hacked last year and worked out a recovery plan

January 19th

Kraken ... Whales .. Krill (what they call normal spenders) are just a few of the common handles in the crypto world.

Kraken, is the exchanger/wallet provider where I do all my crypto trading, where I like the platform and comfortable with their fees.

What is a Kraken? ... a giant squid of lore known to wrap their tentacles around and sink wooden ships. Legendary and powerful.

That brings me to a new HYIP in prelaunch phase until the 25th of January called GiantSquid. These site has a unique script, registration format and compensation plan. More information to follow.

Made a fresh deposit with 8bit today where they introduced new compensation plans plus their daily bonus available for all members paid in Dogecoin. Accumulated funds also gain interest that's not withdrawn.

​👉 Dear 8bit family! 8bit introduces new batch of PROGRESSIVE and GIANT PRINCIPAL packages labeled X2. Each subsequent package offers a double maximum daily profit compared to the previous package. Thus, maximum daily profit can reach up to 3.2% depending on the package you choose.

🆕 New slots for PROGRESSIVE X2 packages will appear 7 times more frequently than it was for PROGRESSIVE BETA. Another great thing is that all GIANT PRINCIPAL X2 packages, while being limited, offer a 5% deposit bonus.

📑 The detailed description of new packages see here: 8Bit

⭐️ X2 package series have been thoroughly designed and are based on a long-term analysis that ensures stability of generated profit. 

January 16th

AdViev continues to be a steady performer and issued me another payment today while I further funded.

I'm in 3 HYIP's currently. I figure two are getting too long in the tooth now to register and fund. BitoMatic, on the other hand looks to be a long term affair with tutorials now on site. 

January 10th

AdViev paid me today in Litecoin.

Litecoin's value as of this posting is $174.69 USD and ranked 5th in market cap in overall crypto currency ranking. I've been trading Litecoin ... LTC/USD on Kraken but also use Litecoin for funding in high yield sites where minimum withdrawals are normally lower than other crypto.

If I figure a project is short term or medium, I cashout as soon as minimum withdrawals are reached to either regain my principal as quickly as possible ... or go for the gains and get back my principal at the end of a term if that's the plan I am in ... such as BitBinary for example.

January 9th

Some articles these days are about ... when will Bitcoin 'correct' or fall back after this steady Bull run? No one knows for sure but some are hinting at 50 grand USD before a substantial lowering in price as the Bears or sellers take over for awhile but that's all speculation as usual.

I received transaction payments from BitWorld and BitBinary, I funded last month. So far, so good with those HYIP's. 

I continue to hold and watch with Trading the Altcoins while the Market's are over-valued for now due to Bitcoin and Ether's heated run of late.

January 5th

Watching and reading the crypto updates and news, I come across some headlines that interest me and I open the articles/posts to further explore.

I hate fees where they deduct from my earnings and principals but a part of life in one form or another. I seen a post about OKCoin and a 'DeFi like' plan that offers no fees from me to fund or withdraw. Exchanger fees for transactions still apply from outfits like Coinbase, Blockchain, etc.

That interested me so I'm experimenting with that plan. Earn interest plus bonus coins that the plan offers with no lock in. What they call 'Flexible' to withdraw when I want or stick with it for an unlimited time.

I went with the 'DAI and Compound' combination. It looks complicated but it's not. I just funded OKCoin and then opened their 'Earn' page and selected which option I wanted. Currently earning an APY (Yearly) of 8.14% (added daily) and gaining bonus Compound coins (One of the original and established of the De-Fi outfits)

In high risk HYIP's ... I finished Block-Bank with 153% including principal and interest. That project is now done with another coming sometime in March from the same Admin. Should be interesting and I'll update about that.

January 2nd

To start 2021, the note-able trend is Bitcoin as it continues to climb for today. Besides Ether, the rest pale in comparison for now.

I continue to trade Tezos, Chainlink and added Litecoin as they move or stay put in price longer in relation to the benchmark  ... Bitcoin.

I sold Chainlink and Litecoin for gains today but I wait patiently for Tezos to move up from the $2.00 and lower 'buys' I made on the 30th. The coin went up nicely yesterday but I was away. I set 'Alerts' for the minimum price ($2.05 currently) that I want to sell at. I use three different sites so triple aware to get logged in and prepare to 'sell'. Kraken, CoinMarketCap (also for cellphone alert with their app) and CoinMarketAlert.​ 

With the Alerts set I don't have to watch the charts or price movement all day.

I don't wait around much where the price could go higher (but could also fall even quicker). I take the gain and repeat when the price is right.

Meanwhile to start off the year in Ventures ... AdViev sent me a payment and I further funded. 

BitBinary sent me a 3rd payment since joining that site. I'm using the stable coin Tether in that one ... USDT.

December 31st

As this crazy year ends, Bitcoin and Ether are on a high while Altcoins of interest to me, stay in a tight trading range for now. I look forward to continuing and expanding my crypto Trading in 2021 and see what new Ventures surface to make some extra coin in the various compensation plans they contain.

Happy New Year!

December 28th

Today, I've been watching the Altcoin prices of Tezos, Chainlink and Litecoin, which has made a surge lately as bitcoin retreats in price; for now.

Ventures I'm in are performing ok, with the newest 'long term' running site for the future I'm figuring, will be Bitomatic.

Interest payments come in Monday to Friday in the form of BTOK. Funding converts to BTOK automatic and withdrawals revert back to Bitcoin. There is a high minimum of 88 BTOK for withdrawals and members can unlock their BTOK for exchange to Bitcoin after the 'hold' period expires plus their gains that have not been withdrawn.

December 26th

AdViev sent me a quick Litecoin payment today and added to my Shares count.

The US Feds are playing the Grinch role since before Christmas looking to apply more rules to crypto outfits in the US. In one way, probably what Institutional investors prefer as long as it doesn't hinder what crypto is all about to honest folks around the world.

Probably the biggest move is by the US SEC suing Ripple, XRP ... the 4th largest in Market Cap. Since then the price has fallen and most likely causing losses for all Ripple holders who didn't sell before. Not a good Christmas present from the SEC. A post about the latest with that debacle  ... here

Why now when Ripple has been on the go for 7 years? ... who knows. I assume where Bitcoin and the crypto world is on the overall financial spotlight lately ... US and other countries figure they need to add further control over this Market.

December 24th

Meanwhile with my Trades on Kraken, Tezos and Chainlink have further fallen in price and nicely in my range to buy and now I wait for increases, which works out to gains when I sell.

December 23rd

The Feds in the US have suddenly focused on US based 'Stable Coins' with more rules coming down the pipe apparently that could have side effects on crypto exchanges operating in the US like enforcing KYC or 'Know Your Customer' rules. For US crypto holders and those outside of the US that deal with US related crypto should keep watch for news about all this and how it relates. Apparently nothing ironclad yet but it's coming I'm sure.

December 20th

A recap of some crypto related projects I got into ... Block-Bank I funded 22 days ago; with my payment today, I am in profit for the remainder of the 40 day term or the lifetime of this short term HYIP.

Bitcoin seems to be shooting for the moon as institutional or 'big money' players and companies continue to get involved that buy Bitcoin and hold in reserve as a percentage of their war chests aside from their 'working capital'.

Then there's that FOMO thing among investors ... Fear of Missing Out.

My crypto Trading is on hold while Bitcoin is on this unprecedented run because coins like Tezos, Chainlink are too high and risky I feel ... buying at this time where they may fall back at any time when Bitcoin does. 

December 16th

What's trending? Definitely Bitcoin today that suddenly took off this morning when it was around $19,400 USD, currently at $20,800 USD. Easy gains for folks just holding Bitcoin.

That brought Tezos (XTZ) up as well and I made a trade to USD for a gain I made awhile back before my recent Trades. That one was high at $2.28 when I bought and sold for above that amount today. Normally I wait until Tezos drops back to around $2.00  to $2.05 is ideal and try to buy in lots of around 100 for now. Ideal is a gain of 10 cents each or more where I'm into short term 'repeat' trading.

I continue to get a nice boost in Nexo with their NEXO token where it went up from .14 cents to around .60 cents today. Getting close to holding 700 of those Tokens as the 'staking' adds up there. The crypto Trader in me says swap those NEXO to Bitcoin while it's up and rising in price but I'll stay with the current plan I am in and I'm also currently at a Platinum standing with their 'Loyalty Level' ranking; recently added. That comes with the highest interest rate to earn on and the lowest 'borrowing' rate if I want to go that route.

December - Sunday

A welcome update from the crew behind OUSD. With the 7 million dollar hack I mentioned, they are moving on from that and in this Blog post lay out the future compensation plan to kick in ... mid to end January 2021 ... here

According to the details, I'll be compensated 100% of my OUSD coins currently on hold (supported by underlying stablecoins) and carry on from there with additional protections in place. I'll have 90 days to claim my OUSD, which I'll do quickly and return to their restart of the OUSD compensation plan. Cool.

The Trades I mentioned in my last post with Tezos and Chainlink went well with gains yesterday evening where I sold back to USD. Mostly just watching today where these coins are a tad high to buy back into at this time. I'll wait until they fall back some ... specially Tezos.

The latest news from 8bit

Dear 8bit users and partners!

We are very happy to see our loyal community expanding and supporting us since the beginning of our project. Over the past 12 months there is so much have been going on on 8bit platform, so it is a great opportunity to share some information with you about our accomplishments made throughout 2020.

8bit website keeps evolving as new technologies are implemented to provide our customers with best experience. Due to constant system updates and relentless work of our team the results speak better than any words: 8bit audience keeps growing in a large measure and this is only the beginning.

Now, the facts. Over the course of 1 year on 8bit:
- Several massive promotions were held
- 8bit Telegram bot has been improved significantly
- 30+ news pieces were published on site and 30+ more system updates were posted in our Telegram channel
- New 8bit branch office has been opened in Singapore
- 4 games were introduced in 8bit Telegram bot
- EPS transaction limits and fees were adjusted for users' convenience
- FREE DOGE faucet has been enhanced with many features including claiming reminder and progress saver
- By the end of August 8bit channel in Telegram hit 10.000 subscribers. By now it amassed 4k+ users more
- DOGEcodes have been introduced as an additional source of FREE DOGE for all our users in Telegram bot

Since customers' feedback and trust means a lot for us, 8bit.ltd administration decided to bring back 8bit New Year Extravaganza in order to show appreciation for customers' loyalty and their engagement in the project's development process. We want to thank all our users and we have prepared some promotions, raffles, surprizes and gifts for the upcoming New Year's season.

Here's a brief overview of the things about to come within December, 15 - January, 15 period as a part of 8bit New Year Extravaganza:
- Zero-Fee Month
- Snowball mini-game in Telegram
- Awesome DOGE contest with $5500 prize fund
- Special time-limited investment offers
- Winter bonuses for users who are claiming DOGE in Telegram, increased DOGE giveaways

Exact dates and detailed description for each promotion and special event will be posted later, so stay tuned.

December 11th

An update from an oldie but goodie and shows what a dedicated Admin can accomplish ...

Hello, dear users. On November 8 Revsuptime.com turned 2 years old 🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳. Now our site is 2 years 1 month old. During this time, we have done a great job and at the moment have paid our users more than 40 000$. During these two years we have strengthened our investment portfolio, which will allow us to work for many years to come.

In honor of the second anniversary of our site, we are running the "+7% deposit bonus" promotion. Make a deposit from 10.12.2020 to 17.12.2020 and we will add to your "Re-invest Balance" +7% of the deposit amount. The bonus will be added manually within 24 hours.

We also want to tell you one more great news. From today, the profit from advertising packages will be distributed as follows:
65% of the profit will be added to the "Earning Balance".
35% of the profit will be added to the "Re-invest Balance".

In 2021, we will smoothly switch to the distribution of profits from advertising packages: 70% of profit on the "Earning Balance", 30% of profit on the "Re-invest Balance" and so on.

Thanks for attention.

AdViev paid me quickly and I'll continue to fund there.

8bit, another long running crypto based program sent me a quick payment.

On the Trading front .. I bought more Tezos today and Chainlink (LINK), which in the past has increased nicely when Bitcoin was on the move up in price. Rare, that Chainlink falls back much so taking the chance on it. I'll update on how those trades worked out. 

December 9th

Block-Bank continues to send me payments I request daily. I'd rate it as a fast paced HYIP so probably in a short term rating.

With the 'pull back' with Bitcoin and that filters down to Tezos, I now wait patiently where I bought Tezos recently; for the coin to rise in price once again. That's the part about short-term trading, I can make gains daily to a couple days or wait for a few days for the numbers to move in the direction I want.. and that's up. I'll buy again when 'low'. What they call 'rinse and repeat'.

BitBinary is sending me emails about my gains daily so that's rare for a site I haven't seen in awhile but welcome. I rate this site as a mid to a long term opportunity.

December 6th

BitBinary  ... has the feel of a long term run with lengthy plans that retain principals until a member can close and withdraw it at the minimum 'days' stated per plan/Bot (or let it run for 365 days for more gains) so I registered with BitBinary and funded today. I also received a $20 bonus that was converted to a $20 Bot.

There is a lot of information on the 'homepage' to browse through, look at the different Bots and decide on accepting the risk.

Nexo, started a 'buyback' of their NEXO token and I'm seeing the benefit of that as the price has increased while I continue to 'stake' the coin. 

December 5th

While trading crypto, I'm 'trialing' some new opportunities. Like everything involving money and in pursuit of gains in the crypto, stock or the 'high-yield' online world there are various degrees of risk and I'll post about the sites that are performing for me.

​​December 3rd

Nexo is introducing a Loyalty Program with information posted by clicking this link ... Nexo Loyalty Program

Also a bonus program for people joining this month with the details available by clicking here ... https://nexo.io/x3inbtc

Earn X3 in BTC is a special offer that lets you earn triple interest and have the bonus paid in Bitcoin!

'All you have to do is use Nexo’s Earn on Crypto & Fiat services for the first time in December and submit your account verification by the end of 2020

I registered and got verified awhile back and earning a passive 10% APY on my Stablecoins such as DAI with an additional 2% paid on their coin NEXO token. I'm pleased to date with the returns and will pursue the Loyalty program starting on Dec. 9, 2020.

NEXO token ... Nexo price on Jan 1st, 2020 ... 0.09 cents ... today is $0.337805 USD each with a 24-hour trading volume of $12,270,135 USD. Nexo is up 3.63% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #74, with a market cap of $189,170,752 USD.

December 2nd

AdViev paid me in Litecoin and I further funded there. The latest Stats ...

5 months of stable work!🚀🚀🚀

Our statistics for today:
Registered Members: 47435
Average number of registrations per month: 9487 users.
Alexa Rank: 12189
Number of payments: 283
Total payments: 5564.16$

Best regards.

After a successful trade from Tezos back to USD with a decent gain on Monday, I bought Tezos again today where it was sort of in a holding pattern after Bitcoin dropped but both tokens are on the rise once again today.


​Past performance is not a predictor of future results. All investing involves risk of loss and individual investments may vary. The scenarios provided may not be representative of typical results. Your capital is at risk when you invest — you can lose some or all of your money. Never risk more than you can afford to lose.