September 12th

Bulls and Bears, Doves and Hawks. Animals and birds? ...  what do they have to do with the stock market?

They are what move the Markets with Bulls and Bears that refer to Buyers and Sellers on a daily bases, Monday to Friday. Sort of a tug of war where investors make money or lose depending on their moves as the Bulls and Bears faceoff against each other

Doves and Hawks have to do with interest rates, which affects the Markets as well. Dovish reports of no or little change in interest rates is a positive thing unless they are too high but these years, they have been low.

If interest rates go up too high, too quick, it costs more for companies to run and grow their business with borrowed money.

Where I'm into dividend paying stocks, that 'could' have an impact on those payments or planned dividend hikes where there's more expense with the paying of higher interest rates that cuts into their in coming 'cash'.  Large market companies that are run by good management ... I don't figure that will be an issue as they know how to deal with ups and downs in their sector and dealing with last year's market plunge when the pandemic started here in North America.

But, cuts or suspending dividends can happen at any time so It's wise to keep up on the latest news releases from companies in a portfolio.

With all that, buying into some of the top banks in Canada or all in an ETF, is a good move. Billions in profits and so far this year, there is a federal hold on their increasing dividends. I suspect some or maybe all of the top 5 and National Bank could increase their quarterly dividends over time when when that 'hold' is lifted.

September 5th

I'm into another month of dividends as I look over my calendar on what days ex-dividend dates fall on and when paid in October. Slow but sure wins the race? Only with me, the race will never be over where it's adding funds every month.

There's endless material and news that's available to read up on stocks but I eventually settled into reading the latest with Motley Fool, Yahoo Finance articles and various Blogs. Eventually, they tend to repeat about the same top dividend paying stocks in Canada that are featured on the 'updated' BTSX list I pay attention to and have been adding these stocks as the months go by.

I figure anybody looking for a good place to start with dividend stocks, Matt's site is an excellent source of information to consult and use as a guideline with a mix of monthly and quarterly paying dividend stocks.

I continue to follow the REIT sector as well, where they tend to hold fairly steady with corrections in the Market place, especially 'residential' where folks need a place to live above all else so the rent money flows into these type REITs on a monthly basis. Where I live, there's endless construction of new buildings and I'm sure that's happening in most cities. They are near fully rented before they are even completed no matter how high the rent goes up from year to year.

 August 25th

This time of the month is when many monthly dividend paying stocks/ETF's/Funds update about ex-dividend dates and payment dates. 

Brompton Funds have been fairly steady with their suite of high dividend payers where I own a few and have added to my initial purchases and here is the list they sent out yesterday and all the information is available on their site as well.

Toronto, August 24, 2021 (TSX: DGS, DGS.PR.A GDV, LBS, LCS, PWI, SBC) – Brompton Funds announces distributions payable on September 15, 2021 to class A shareholders of record at the close of business on August 31, 2021 for each of the following funds:

Fund Name                                                              Ticker     Amount Per Share

Dividend Growth Split Corp                                      DGS      $ 0.10

Global Dividend Growth Split Corp.                         GDV       $ 0.10

Life & Banc Split Corp.                                             LBS        $ 0.10

Brompton Lifeco Split Corp.                                     LCS        $ 0.075

Sustainable Power & Infrastructure Split Corp.                      $ 0.06667

Brompton Split Banc Corp.                                      SBC        $ 0.10

Brompton Funds also announces distributions payable on September 15, 2021 to preferred shareholders of record at the close of business on August 31, 2021 for the following fund: Fund Name Ticker Amount Per Share Dividend Growth Split Corp. DGS.PR.A $ 0.1375

The funds noted above offer distribution reinvestment plans (“DRIP”) for class A shareholders which provide class A shareholders with the ability to automatically reinvest distributions, commission free, and realize the benefits of compound growth. Class A shareholders can enroll in a DRIP program by contacting their investment advisor. 

Just my opinion but I figure I can't go wrong investing in Banks like Canada's top 5 which are in the Holdings of SBC, Brompton Split Banc Corp. Over a 20% gain in my portfolio plus the monthly dividend.

The landscape of the stock market is changing where folks can start with low funding with some financials offering $0 commission compared to years ago when minimums where a grand and more plus high commissions to Trade so one can build at a desired pace.

Wealthsimple Trade and now the National Bank offer no minimums and $0 commission trading. The tide is changing here in Canada after many outfits in the US went that route long ago.

August 24th

I read a lot when it comes to the stock market. Initially, I bought a few financial and investing books that were printed a few years back. The basics are there but the traditional make-up of portfolios has changed as Markets swing with what works today. I read a few Blogs with excellent advise and strategies on how they build their dividends. Tawcan, with Bob out of Vancouver BC has grown to be my favorite. It's a mix of financial and family life today. Reading here, you can see top quality stocks Bob invests in. 

But, eventually I settled on going my own path. First accumulating with high dividend picks and then spreading out into stocks that are consistent over the years paying dividends. It takes time but the rewards are slowly building up and takes patience. 

One of my first picks was EIT.UN from Canoe Financial which has a good history of growth and a high dividend. One has to be careful where not all 'high dividend' payers are consistent and have gaps where no dividend is paid.

A new ETF caught my eye of the hundreds out there called: 

Hamilton Enhanced Multi-Sector Covered Call ETF (TSX:HDIV)

Top Holdings

TICKER        NAME                                                                            WEIGHT
ZWB         BMO Covered Call Canadian Banks ETF                            14.3%
ZWU         BMO Covered Call Utilities ETF                                           14.3%
HTA          Harvest Tech Achievers Growth & Income ETF                    14.3%
FLI           CI U.S. & Canada Lifeco Income ETF                                   14.3%
NXF         CI Energy Giants Covered Call ETF                                      14.3%
HEP         Horizons Enhanced Income Gold Producers ETF                 14.3%
HHL         Harvest Healthcare Leaders Income ETF                              14.2%

​This ETF has a target of an 8.5% yield with a price in the $16 range CAD.

This week, they updated their first monthly dividend:


HDIV distributions will be paid monthly in cash, or if the unitholder has enrolled in the dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP), reinvested in additional units of the ETF.

EX-DIVIDEND DATE         PAID                          FREQUENCY               AMOUNT
2021-08-30                       2021-09-13                 Monthly                          $0.1175

Management fee is a tad high at 0.65% and with all investments, one has to

weigh the risks involved.

On my end, I use a mix of cash and growing distributions to buy top name stocks with a history of paying dividends going back a few years like Bob in Tawcan.

I may keep a 'Fund' or 'ETF' but the future goal is to part ways with management expenses with none when owning individual stocks. 

August 17th

As I build my dividend stock portfolio, it becomes addictive I find. Accumulate more dividends while doing more reading and research on prospective picks or check up on current holdings when adding more funds.

At first (with my set schedule) it seemed ages for the time to come to add money to stocks keeping in mind monthly ex-dividend dates when a Trade needs to be settled to receive dividends. At least 'Buy' 2 days before or more and be mindful of weekends/holidays.

As time went on, ex-dividend dates were sneaking up on me quicker than I expected as I added more stocks with different important dates. 

There is only so much cash to go around while using my growing dividends for stock buys. I keep those funds separate and don't need that money to live a decent lifestyle while watching my budget. No wolves sniffing around my door but we all know things can change in a hurry.

All goes to plan in the future, I'll mostly use dividends to buy more shares of stock until I'm satisfied with the amount of dividend payments coming in. Whenever that will be where I mentioned it's addictive and interesting but pensions and clawbacks come to mind.

Thoughts enter my head about .. there is 'margin' or credit available from my Bank and other sources but I call that 'debt' that has to be repaid so I dismiss it to stay on course with my routine .. like walking instead of hurrying/running and making mistakes, owing money to accumulate dividends which eventually becomes a waste of time I feel.

But, millions of people go that route and can take it on while paying off their margin/credit. Just my feelings on it where it can snowball into unwanted stress when there is a major or minor correction resulting in losses and they always happen at some point while a margin or credit plus interest payment is still due.

August 7th

When I research dividend paying stocks/ETF's and Funds, I read the information available and past history. If I like what I see, I move on to the dividend history going back a few years. If delivering and steady performance with either an increasing dividend or fixed, I figure they are doing something right although as the infamous cautionary line says ... past performance is not or may not be an indication of future performance.

With ETF's and Funds ... there is more to consider like management fees and if the 'Holdings' of individual stocks and/or ETF's are what I'm looking for and how much weight each carries or are they 'equal' weighted.

Again ... what is the dividend history looking like. When I see missing months, quarters or years, I dismiss it and move on. 

Also important with the above is ... trading volume on a steady basis that's decently high meaning decent interest coming from traders, which can cause some nice swings for gains when able to ride that wave as a bonus besides collecting dividends. Both gaining dividends and long term growth is ideal

This year, I'm adding more quarterly dividend paying stocks with a growing list that I can stagger for each month of the year where companies stay on certain months for ex-dividend dates and payments. Adding these quarterly payments along with my monthly dividends is a work in progress.

That can get complicated so developed a google spreadsheet plus my logbook and use my google calendar for reminders. 

July 23rd

The Stock Markets tend to recover quickly these past couple of years but one can't always rely on that. Although, your average investor out there is more educated than ever before. Tons of material and what can become brain overload at times if looking for a particular sector/stock with the daily market news/articles online. But the basics and proven strategies passed on are more in people's minds these days as they size up stocks and their portfolios. And, what approach works best for them producing results.

One that stands out is Warren Buffet's strategy of 'buy low' when the opportunity presents itself.

Although I learned to dismiss the crazy daily scuttlebutt that drives stock indexes down one day and they come back up the next while some of it is already known and old news .. it just surfaces one day and causes fear... SELL!

Only time that comes in handy for me is when I'm into my monthly buying routine on particular days. Paying less is always better of course after a slight or big correction. Otherwise, I'm into dividends. So, for the most part I ignore the daily ups and downs.

Wealthsimple Trade has now introduced buying 'partial stocks' from their list of high priced stocks 

Which stocks can I invest in?
We’ll be offering fractional shares for stocks like Amazon (AMZN), Google (GOOGL), and Tesla (TSLA). Check out this link for the full list, and stay tuned for new additions.

Are Canadian stocks eligible?
We’re glad you asked! Did you know we’re the only platform to offer fractional shares for Canadian stocks? We’re proud to announce our first offerings: Shopify (SHOP), Royal Bank of Canada (RY), Toronto Dominion Bank (TD), and the Canadian National Railway Co. (CNR).

How do I trade fractional shares?
Download the latest version of the Wealthsimple Trade app. When trading eligible stocks, a fractional order type will be available. Once submitted, your order will be executed at the end of the trading day or next available trading day.

Still have questions? Learn more about fractional orders in our Help Centre.

July 10th

With investing, I look for the service provided with easy access to a companies overview and price/dividends.

I've been with TD and WebBroker or TD Direct Investing from the start of my investing journey and it's all there what I look for to make decisions and keep track of the portfolio. Their fee/commission is standard with the top Banks in Canada at $9.99 per buy and/or sell. I'm into 'long term' buying with TD. They also have commission free ETF's to choose from on their TD Goal Assist "App".

A few months back I branched off into Interactive Brokers catering to Canadians but mainly with a US concentration, which I got interested in while looking to do more short term Trading on their site with the low fees/commissions they offer. I'm very pleased with their service as well ... alerting me of internal messages about my positions and dividend payments, detailed breakdown of Stocks/ETF's, etc.

Recently they eliminated their requirement to have a 'monthly' minimum of $10 accumulated in 'buy and/or sell' commissions per month (first 3 months free) or the deference would be deducted from commissions made with Trades in a month. I'm averaging 0.50 to 0.75 per trade so that was a big plus to stay with them.  

Barron's Best Online Broker Award

2021 Awards

#1 - Best Online Broker - 5 out of 5 stars
#1 for Active Traders
#1 for Information
#1 for International Trading
#1 for Trading

July 3rd

I've been following 'Beat The TSX' or BTSX ever since I first read the article on 'Canadian Money Saver' magazine with follow-up articles but I also keep tabs on his site and receive subscribed emails with update posts. There's also an updated list of the TSX 60 stocks and dividends.

Matt's latest interesting Blog post about BTSX ...

BTSX mid-year update: back on track

June 26th

Another 'up' month for the stock markets with the odd dip in the road. 

This month, I got more involved in BMO's ETF lineup where I can collect a lot of the companies/banks/reits I follow and have them under one roof with decent and what I figure ... is higher than average dividends looking for monthly distributions with growth as a bonus. CDN Banks, US Banks, Utilities, Industrials and Real Estate (REIT) are grouped in these ETF's of different types and categories.

Picking out top stocks to hold separately along the way like Enbridge, Fortis, Banks to name a few of many for the quarterly dividends which can increase over the years is a good strategy as well. With 'Oil and Gas' related, It's wise to keep and eye on oil prices as some can swing with the price per barrel but for now demand is building as economies reboot.

June 12th

This is the time of the month I revisit Canoe Financial's, Canoe EIT Income Fund.

The Ex-Dividend is around the 20th of each month and shown on Canoe Financial's website.

CALGARY, ALBERTA –June 4, 2021– Canoe EIT Income Fund (the “Fund”) (TSX - EIT.UN) announces the June 2021 distribution of $0.10 per unit.  The distribution will be paid on July 15, 2021 to unitholders of record on June 22, 2021.  The ex-distribution date for this distribution is June 21, 2021.

Looking back, I first bought EIT.UN at $9.41 CDN on November 1st, 2020 and the last price at the close of trading on Friday: Jun, 11th, 2021 is $12.32 CDN . So, decent growth and can't beat the dividend at 0.10 per unit

May 29th

With the Bitcoin influenced crypto market going through a correction recently and more volatile than normal this past week, I focus more on the stock world while I wait for the crypto storm to calm down.

I continue with my monthly buying of dividend paying stocks/funds and adding quarterly paying dividend stocks as well that look decent for growth and possible bumps in their overall yearly distribution rate. Common with the most popular out there and most I look at make aristocrat lists that have maintaining distribution requirements.

With the covid-19 'curve' peaking here in Canada and looks like slowly going down, thoughts for many turn to travel and future bookings are already ramping up. I've been watching the price of Air Canada (AC) and Chorus (CHR) inch up lately along with the daily price movement.

With their shift to carrying more cargo, I figure these airlines will be in a good position as they eventually move back to destinations they stopped flying to for obvious reasons.  Not enough passenger revenue due to covid. Eventually breathing life back into airports dealing with expenses they can't keep up with.

When things do ramp up faster for these airlines, hiring back and/or recruiting enough pilots, flight crews and maintenance staff will probably be an issue for awhile where laid off for awhile now and some have moved on to other jobs I'm sure.

May 17th

It's a normal thing in the stock world when a Bull run is driving up the prices of stock on a steady basis that eventually some kind of correction will happen, minor or more severe, to bring things back to earth with over-valued companies on the Markets. Who knows when that will happen but always a good thing to be prepared. 

Where I'm into mostly into long term holdings that pay a dividend, I feel I'm in a good position down the road. If stocks I hold drop, they become cheaper to buy is my thinking and they will come back up in price eventually after a correction.

These days I'm spreading out more into Energy, Utilities and Telecom while continuing with Banks either thru individual stocks or various 'Funds'.

I'm also exploring the 'off and on' volatile Tech world. An expected start buying Microsoft (dividend paying) and it immediately dropped in price with others in that field but coming back since late last week so it will eventually get me into 'even' and above with patience.

May 4th

Dividend paying stocks have an 'Ex-Dividend' date when 'buys' need to be in to be eligible for the distribution of dividends. Keep in mind it takes 2 days for a spend to settle in Trade accounts so one needs to have a buy in at least 2 days or more 'before' that Ex-Dividend date.

When involved with multiple stocks and doing consistent buys, it's a good idea to keep a record of these ex-dividend dates. 

​Bob Lai did some extensive research on dividend paying companies in his latest Blog post on Tawcan entitled ... Canadian Dividend Calender.

It's great tool and reference article when mapping out Stocks and their dividend dates throughout the year where there are quarterly and monthly dividend payments.  Also, a free 'downloadable' excel chart.

​Meanwhile, the stock world continues on a 'high' so far into May. Probably a time to be cautious where some financial bigwigs say that it's 'too high' currently.

April 25th

As more crypto related ETF's launch ... 4 from Canada recently with Ethereum ETF's, I find it more beneficial on my end to Trade a portion of my Ether on crypto exchanges where it's 24/7 and 'gain' quicker with USD: USD/ETH and using Stablecoins like DAI ... DAI/ETH. I look for low Trading fees using US based Kraken and Binance more than the rest.

Brompton Funds, where I do monthly stock shopping is launching an interesting new 'Split Share -  Class A" called ... Sustainable Power and Infrastructure Split Corp. There is no 'ticker' symbol yet while waiting for approval.

A unit will cost $10 with a 0.066 monthly dividend and will focus on ESG 

​The Company will invest in a globally diversified and actively managed portfolio (the “Portfolio”) consisting primarily of dividend-paying securities of power and infrastructure companies, whose assets, products and services the Manager (as defined herein) believes are facilitating the multi-decade transition toward decarbonization and environmental sustainability.

Meanwhile, 'SBC' I buy regular ...

Brompton Funds announces distributions payable on May 14, 2021 to class A shareholders of record at the close of business on April 30, 2021 for each of the following funds:

Ticker                                                                Amount Per Share

Dividend Growth Split Corp. (“DGS”) DGS                 $ 0.10                                      Global Dividend Growth Split Corp. (“GDV”) GDV     $ 0.10                               

Life & Banc Split Corp. (“LBS”) LBS                           $ 0.10                                      Brompton Lifeco Split Corp. (“LCS”) LCS                   $ 0.075                                  Brompton Split Banc Corp. (“SBC”) SBC                    $ 0.10

April 16th

Now that I had exposure, experienced it since the last year and a half plus continually learning the ins and outs of dividend paying stocks, I'm getting deeper as the months go by staying on a steady buying routine. 

Committing on growth stocks without dividends I find is more risky where there's no .. what I call 'bonus distributions' while waiting for a move up which can happen at any time frame. Prediction sources are endless online but they are just that ... assumptions usually based on company data & stats, the sector and general interest in what a company is supplying or selling.

For example, Coinbase, COIN ... which made a big splash on the market scene this week has the potential for growth and predictions are $500 USD in the future from it's current average of $320 the last couple of days. Being on the popular NASDAQ exchange with a Market Cap floating around 10 billion, that's possible with the Bitcoin rave these days but again ... a shot in the dark when accepting the risk.

My focus lately is on energy and utilities for now like PPL, Pembina Pipelines with a monthly distribution of 0.21 cents monthly and Fortis with a quarterly distribution of 0.505 as examples while their stock prices have climbed from the start of the year. An alternative ETF that includes these companies and more in a basket of holdings is BMO Cover Call Utilities - ZWU with a 0.08 cent monthly distribution. 

Meanwhile, I'll add to my EIT.UN (Canoe Financial) holdings this month.  

April 3rd

Although it's not going to be a 'dividend paying' stock, there is a lot of ado about the upcoming listing of Coinbase on the US Stock Market under Nasdaq. As of now, that will happen on the 14th of April, Wednesday.

Starting price will be above $300 news sources figure.. looking to bring in 10 billion. Hard to say where that price will go after where it's the first of it's kind ... a crypto exchanger. There will certainly be more crypto news about that impending launch to come. 

With dividend payers ... the stock possibilities are endless between the Canadian and US Markets plus ETF's and Funds with more launching.

BMO has some of the highest dividend/distribution paying ETF's on the go and steady performers with just a couple from their ETF lineup

BMO Covered Call Canadian Banks ETF - ZWB 

BMO Covered Call Utilities  ETF - ZWU

March 27th

Although it's always wise to read up on as much information as possible to get a snapshot of what a person is investing in along with fees such as MER's, you have to be comfortable with the risk involved and what your actually investing in. 

Currently I'm in a mix of low, mid range to high dividend producing stocks. I kind of look at the healthier REIT's I own as a comparison to holding Bonds. People need residences and those that own businesses need shops/land, which REIT's provide. Dividends are not 100% guaranteed so that area carries the most risk if investing in REIT's just for that reason ... not many have a lot of growth. But, depending on the REIT ... they can be consistent monthly earners and hang in there when Markets take a dip at times.

On the high end of dividends or distributions, I'm also into Brompton Funds and seen gains with some growth as they have released their latest PDF distribution information  with an ex-dividend date of March 31st. They carry more interesting ETF's with distributions as well.

March 21st

In the February issues of Canadian Money Saver magazine, I read the latest article on Beat the TSX 60 index with what is called the BTSK Portfolio. Doesn't happen every year but over the long run, growth and dividend is ahead. Interesting stuff.

The BTSK is a list of 10 performing stocks that pay nice dividends and evaluated each year/adjusted. These can be seen on the website ...

The February article listed prices on December 31st of 2020 and dividends (yearly total where some pay quarterly and others monthly) 

Fast forward to today... all of these stocks have gained with some as much as $10 from their December price. Owning all these or some would of seen nice gains today as well as the bonus ...dividend cash payments.

They are a mix of Bank, Tech, Utilities and Oil & Gas. Pembina Pipeline ( PPL.TO) I mentioned in my last post is among them.

Another approach to consider of all the 'angles of attack' an investor can use that's out there.

Bear in mind the Markets are kind of bearish currently so of course these stock prices will fluctuate and lower at times. Even a better time to consider with the 'buy low' mindset.

March 11th

Buy low, sell high is sort of on the back burner this week as the price of certain sectors climb these days like Banks and Energy. Both have stocks that come with some nice dividends be it monthly or quarterly such as Pembina Pipeline (PPL.TO).

Although I tend to hold long term it all depends about any disruptions in the dividends I seek and to what extent.

For example, one of my REIT's ... Rio-Can, (REI-UN) which cut it's dividend for 0.12 to 0.08 recently. From what I read, many held on and ended up to be a good move as the REIT is up in price so far this year.

Meanwhile, I'm into Brompton Funds and Canoe EIT. One fund I buy is highlighted in this pdf presentation on how it has performed over the last year taking in the pandemic factor ... 

Canadian Equity Market Performance in Perspective 

With Brompton, I started with their Split Banc Corp (SBC) ... which I continue to buy.


Bank of Nova Scotia (The)    
Bank of Montreal                        
Toronto-Dominion Bank (The) 
Royal Bank of Canada 
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 
National Bank of Canada 
Brompton North American Financials Dividend ETF 

March 4th

In February, I didn't make any buys and watched mostly ... read up more on this diverse stock business and planning my next moves while letting my dividends compile. 

I recently read the book, Millionaire Teacher. Very interesting and reread a few chapters letting 'index investing' sink in. The S&P 500, TSX index has a history of beating most investor plans over the long haul with short term government bonds as a safety net through the low times like 2008, 2018 and who can forget 2020, although most are still trying to put it in the rear view.

If your young to middle age and adding funds consistently every month, you'll pile up a nice financial portfolio for the future ..some have done this at an aggressive pace in 10 years while continuing to add funds.

For folks entering retirement age, that's not so easy unless flush with cash. There are lots of 'income producing' stocks, ETF's and funds out there that will add growing distributions as the months go by.

The majority of Blogs, books, magazines, sites and newsletters I read are focused on growing dividends and the route I have chosen. 

Just a couple of examples of countless out there with not even touching the US Market.

The Canadian energy/utilities giant .. Fortis, hovering around the $50 CDN range, pays out a distribution of 0.505 cent quarterly and has been adding increases yearly ... plus the stock price growth over the years looking at the long range chart along with the dips and recovery that happen during Market declines. 

In an ETF, Vanguard's VRIF ... fluctuating around $25 CDN each paying out .08 monthly with a well organized group of holdings. 

The possibilities are endless when you add in the US with all of the North American 'income producing' picks. 

February 25th

In the stock world, there's news of 'support' with broker services getting overloaded with investors looking for info from the novice to the experienced. For sure ... when it comes to your money, you want to get the facts and rules of the road straight. That kind of exploded after the Reddit 'Pump the Stock' news that made the big time ...taking on Wall Street 'short sellers'. That ended kind of messy except for those who sold at the peak highs.

From all this, the Canadian fintech, Wealthsimple Trade got a lot of extra customers/business suddenly but some Traders may be disappointed where day trading is shunned by Wealthsimple ... they encourage long term trades and one tidbit I asked about months back with a fairly quick reply... one needs an extra 5% of a trade amount where it lags the actual market by a tad. 

That 5% (or some of it) covers any higher price a Trade closed at with the lag and if the same price asked for or lower is confirmed... that 5% is refunded back to the client's cash account. Repeats with every Trade.

The latest with Bank to 'Wealthsimple Trade' funding, which can take anywhere from 1 to 3 days to settle, I have read they are rolling out an instant credit to the account to be used while that Bank funding settles in Wealthsimple Trade cash account ... and that's up to $250. That's a cool new feature when available to all.

Wealthsimple Trade has a low $1 minimum and no fees to Trade on their listed stocks/etf's.

February 14th

We are half way through February already and I'm looking forward to spring, my fav time of year. 

Currently, I'm into 'high dividend monthly'. My plan is to begin spreading out into sectors as my dividend cash accumulates. It takes awhile depending on how much funds one is investing on a regular basis but gratifying when dividends or distributions add up month after month. From there, I'll go into Financials like the Banks, Energy, Techs and the everyday product producer companies on an individual stock basis. There are many other areas such as mining, transportation, etc. that interest me but one step at a time. 

Preferably buying low but that doesn't always happen when on a mission to build on a stock or stocks unless into short term trading ... then you wait with patience.

For example, energy stocks are more in focus all of a sudden and I've read several informative posts about them. So, prices of these stocks will probably be up some from the week or month before. Pay more now or wait for a lower price while thinking about their dividends and the ex-dividend date to be eligible for the distributions. Funding has to be in before or on that ex-dividend date.

Lots of decisions when learning the ropes and committing to the click of the mouse on a 'buy'. Established companies with a long history of paying dividends (and those that increase yearly) make that decision a lot easier.

February 7th

I renamed this page to Seeking Dividends where that's my primary focus with the Stocks. Research first; looking for a sustained dividend/distribution history while into 'monthly' distributions to grow the 'cash' part of my accounts. Eventually, I will look at companies with quarterly dividends. 

REIT's was my first choice when starting and still is a path I prefer. There are some solid ones out there that will continue long after I'm gone. Then I got into ETF's but whittled them down as I saw fluctuating dividends where I prefer to know the same amount I'm getting month after month.

Not a lover of fees, the optimal path is to add individual stocks (that have a history of growing their distributions) where not saddled with any fees after buying ... just pay the initial commission to buy.

However, where I'm into a more rapid 'dividend' build at this stage of my life, I also got into 4 monthly 'income' funds so far. The one with the longest paying steady monthly distribution (which I look for) since 1997 is, Canoe's EIT.UN  comprising of these stocks that make up 75% of it's portfolio with companies that pop up often on financial channels ...


January 25th

I like this snippet from the latest article from ... 'Equedia Investment Research'

In other words, the most important thing to remember is that you don’t make money until you sell – unless the 'company pays a dividend'. Always 'take profits'. Nothing goes up forever – and if it does, there will always be dips to reposition.

'Company pays a dividend' is what I'm building on ... growth stocks to sell for the short term with the 'take profits' ... I'll get into this year.

I bought more Brompton Split Share Funds today ...LBS for the monthly dividend with Bank and Insurance Company holdings.

The 'e-Series' index funds with TD are getting a lot of mention the last couple years where their MER's have gone down and a decent yearly return but I bought more TQCD today, being an ETF that pays monthly dividends. I'll have to study up more on the 'e-Series' funds this month. 

REIT's I own are moving up some so far this year, Killam, Rio-Can and Automotive Properties.

Lots of different opinions where the stock world is heading this year from ...over inflated and a growing bubble to pop again later this year to ... a new Bull run is building. If a correction does come later, I'm sure the recovery will be swift again with the 'buy low' strategy.

After studying and reading books, Blogs and articles on the 'financials', it depends what age you are starting with the stocks and/or dividends. At a young age, time is on your side and you can do the slow but steady build up although many are now accelerating that with their own DIY investing watching what's trending and what's coming for the future like Travel and Airlines when post virus happens. Savvy young investors on the rise.

Me ... I'm working on low cost stocks that have a decent monthly distribution for now with a history of keeping that steady with some growth over the years.

I'll eventually evolve from there looking at steady growth and dividend paying stocks which usually leads to higher ticket priced stocks with a good history.

With a building number of ETF's available out there and more added each month lately plus information overload about stocks, one needs to focus and not stray at times to remain on the path chosen.

January 19th

The Markets are kind of going sideways here lately ... are they peaked and due for a 'pull back' of some measure? Now way of telling with the crazy 2020 fall and unexpected quick resurrection despite the waves of virus hitting the populations.

This month I'll buy more EIT.UN ... income fund from Canoe Financial with a healthy selection of top companies in the fund's Holdings. With a steady 0.10 cents per share added from monthly distributions .. a nice addition to the early and building stages of my dividend paying lineup.

Meanwhile, I'll decide on more additions this month. 

I'll be seeing my first Dividend drop next month and that is with the REIT: Rio-Can going from 0.12 cents monthly to what I figure is a more reasonable 0.08 cents  per month considering what's going on in the 'rental' world with housing and commercial buildings.

January 10th

My first FinTrek post for 2021 and Markets are on a high starting this year. Probably 'too high' but with vaccines for the virus being slowly made available and the giant US stimulus package news ... that has a lot of investors on 'buy' mode but some doubt is creeping in about how long this market euphoria will continue.

Usually happens when things are going too good. 'How much longer can this last?' If there is a dip in the near future, 2020 has shown us a rebound can happen quick where 'buy low' thinking comes into play.

I'll continue with my constant learning curve about the long term numerous stock and ETF opportunities out there plus short term investing. I've been buying regular on a monthly basis plus anything I find too good to pass up.

Currently there is a lot of chatter about owning all equity ETF's running parallel with either the S&P 500, NASDAQ or here at home, the S&P/TSX or a combination there of ... with the growth and records broke since last March. Different views and going with the trends for sure.

There are lots of Blogs out there and some have good ideas to follow up on but I don't copy their methods. I make my own path and build from there while it takes shape with some changes along the way.

However, I do stumble upon some inspirational Blogs I like to pause and read such as ...

All About The Dividends.

December 29th, 2020

Markets are up overall, much farther than anyone expected after the collateral damage the virus caused in 2020. Most likely getting into an overvalued area compared to the havoc the covid-19 plus strains is having on the world and North America. But things have changed as more DYI investors come on the scene plus several 'no commission' or 'no fee' Trading sites, specially in the US. Don't have to factor in  trading commissions cutting into gains with buys and sells.

It's come along ways from 'often hidden' high mgmt fees with Mutual Funds that took a big chunk out of nest eggs each year while investors today are getting more educated and smarter with regards to keeping fees low as possible.

As I mentioned in my December 14th post, crypto related stocks and funds are creeping into the stock markets and creating a stir while Bitcoin and Ether are breaking records in the crypto world.

3iQ Ether Fund (QETH.U) for one that I mentioned is up near $5 USD today following the holidays and weekend. Up 36% since inception. Great for short term trading I figure. Their Bitcoin Fund is up over 200% since it started.

But ... they revolve around how Bitcoin and Ether are doing price wise and how 'bullish' they are and decent news about their future price movements in 2021. Although that's all speculation.

December 24th

Where I play both sides of the street with stocks and crypto, there have been some interesting IPO's this year as companies go public on the Markets. One never knows where the price will go after the start but some have a good idea gathering as much info as possible about a company. Could be a steady trend up or a quick increase, peak and fall back as short sellers take gains. Coinbase, a US based crypto exchanger giant in that world has applied to go with an IPO sometime this year, which will bring in billions.

I'll watch the news for this onw where I'm a customer with Coinbase. Makes me think of Facebook's first day on the Market, which shot up in price, only to fall back just as quick. Complaints and lawsuits threatened over that one but that's the stock world ... take your chances with money you can afford to lose and hope for the best but ... always be prepared for the worst.

With that ... Facebook's stock has been on a steady climb since that rocky start going from $25 USD in 2013 to $268.11 today so patience was and still is the key there.

December 14th

Since my November 28th post, the Markets have moved up nicely with the odd hiccup, which is normal in any week of Trading. Crypto and blockchain related funds and stocks are more in the spotlight in 2020 and create interest where Bitcoin is having another bull run, similar to 2017 but different where institutional players and companies are getting more involved. 

3iQ out of Canada has perked my interest with their new Ether Fund ... The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.U) where I watch and play in the crypto world with an interest in Trading crypto.

​Their Bitcoin Fund ... Bitcoin Fund The Class A units (QBTC) and The Bitcoin Fund (QBTC.U) has doubled in price since June of this year.

November 29th

TD Bank has come out with a Trading app called TD GoalAssist and I loaded the app on my cell. Pretty well the same as their TD WebBroker but TD ETF's come with 'no commission' fee when buying with the TD GoalAssist.

They have a decent lineup of ETF's where like all the ETF's out there ... some perform better than others depending on the focus and dealing with the pandemic in North America and around the world.


TD GoalAssist has the TFSA, RRSP and Cash accounts as options. 

November 28th

It's been quite the couple weeks with the Stock Markets showing gains and records broke. Probably an unexpected Bull run with the virus ravaging North America once again. 

Where I'm into dividend paying stocks mostly, I bought before ex-dividend dates again this month but buying higher than I initially wanted with the Markets 'up' and rising. I normally hold for the long term so no big deal.

While I carry on with that plan, I continue to 'learn up' on growth stocks with short term trading in mind. In doing that for sure want to recover my 'Trading Fees' or commissions I pay and see a decent gain besides.

Gold and Bitcoin Miners plus Blockchain related stocks come to mind so far.

November 16th

Two big rallying points for the Markets this month with Biden as President Elect and 2 vaccines that work against the covid-19 ... ETA in Canada; Jan 2021.

Today ... over in Asia, the Markets are up as China and Japan continue to ramp up their economies and usually a good sign for North American Markets but issues also 'weigh' as always such as the surge in the virus infections for now.

Meanwhile, I'm adjusting my portfolio some where stocks have rose above where I bought them but decided to sell and move into others that I feel have more potential after doing some research. The Markets are an ongoing learning curve

as I study up on long term dividend growth stocks and short term trading such as mining stocks, etc.

November 8th

Following a US Presidential election, history has shown that the Markets pick up after a couple weeks. Hopefully that will happen when Joe Biden is officially in office. 

See what happens and perhaps a good time to move some of my savings into more stocks where it's the usual thing with financials that offer higher decent saving interest rates than the 'norm' ... they drop over time. I've seen that with Tangerine and Wealthsimple Cash although 0.75% is good in the current state of affairs, I kind of expect a further drop in the future.

October 29th

To start this last week of October, there was a sea of red in the Markets where it was once again a time for investors facing reality with what's going in the world. Today, that seems to be leveled off with gains showing on my stocks but after a new 'bottom'. 

The fear of economies stalling here with the 2nd wave of the Covid is a major issue . France and Germany doing shut downs to try and stop the spread across the Big Pond. I think here in North America, economies have adjusted and moving along but far from normal and growing. There's news of long running companies having to close their doors. Bad with the good as Techs rule for now along with 'essential goods' shops like Walmart, Pharma's and 'big box' grocery stores here like Superstore (Loblaw).

One again it's 'hold', as I wait for some improvement from the drop that last few days. 

October 18th

As I watch the Markets, the Canadian TSX ended flat last Friday but made some gains earlier in the week. It never ends with what weighs daily on the major indexes like the TSX and S&P 500 down south in the US. Other factors have a longer term effect ... like the rate the economies are improving with the 2nd wave on the go around the world. In the US, Presidential Elections coming to a head soon in November, the rate covid-19 vaccines are progressing for public use, further stimulus packages for the US economy.

But, some days that all goes to the wayside as investors are in the 'Buy' mood despite all those factors above.

Long term, I seek income stock, aka dividends that are steady. Bonus ... is a slow yearly increase in the dividends. 

This month ...True North Commercial REIT (TNT.UN) continues to interest me as they have a lot of provincial and federal government clients. SmartCentres RIET (SRU.UN) with clients like Walmart, Home Depot, etc., and a new one (to me) I came across with some top US Dividend companies ... US Top 20 Dividend Trust  (TUT.UN) run by Scotiabank.

All with decent monthly dividends that can be maintained I feel with the balance of leases they have on their books. Company and Government departments that can certainly pay their monthly or yearly rent.

With ETF's, Vanguard has a decent new one out ... VRIF ; Vanguard Retirement Income ETF Portfolio. Works out to a steady 0.08 per month per unit.

Canadian Couch Potato has a few articles posted on VRIF. Answers questions like sustainability and ... the need to understand that a fund’s cash distributions can come from four different sources:

interest from bonds
dividends from stocks
capital gains from selling those bonds and stocks
return of capital

Looking long term when the 2nd wave of the virus gets under control, there's talk of a sustained Bull run to follow but in today's world, things can change in a hurry as we know.

October 4th

After a seasonal September selloff for gains and readjustments, in general it all came across as a slumping Market for the month and now the 2nd wave of Covid-19 is getting worse in places, I'm resigned to watching and waiting for better times. A positive is that my dividend paying stock picks and ETF's have not cut their monthly dividends. 

But, there are sectors that are doing well, while others wait for things to get better with the virus related economy. Meanwhile, I continue to research and look for good fits for my portfolio that will perform over the long term and there's lots of them out there. Thinking on what households, governments and companies need for everyday use. Overall. it's that expense that eventually turns into dividends for me via stocks.

Meanwhile, the cash situation between my 'picks'. I like to earn a decent interest on the cash I add to weekly/monthly. Looking it over yesterday, the highest in the country is around 1.8% but also know a lot of these rates are promotional and subject to change at any time, as well as come with conditions with some outfits. So, I'm staying with 'condition less' Wealthsimple Cash as long as they maintain their 'middle of the road' interest rate of 0.90% and I like their clear and simple layout on their site.

September 22nd

Volatility is up in the Markets and not much change since my last post where the same factors weigh in on indexes and prices. Some financial posts I have read are about people selling and figuring on going safe with bonds. That one doesn't make much sense to me where they ain't paying very much these days.

Usually, the safe haven is Gold they say but price has dropped to low $1900s per ounce. That inflating bubble has let out some air in that precious metal recently. People/investors/DIY'ers are getting more financially tuned in as time goes on and not like the old days of; out of sight ... out of mind high fee mutual funds. Day traders and such along with the big outfits in Wallstreet/Baystreet watch the news/events and when stocks or gold get unusually high in price, they sell taking gains which kicks off a roller coaster down at times like the big Tech firms these past couple weeks.

I have confidence in the Banks during turbulent times and REIT's although with REIT's and dividends; looks like Canada is now coping with a possible 2nd wave of the covid ... 'if' this is the 2nd wave or will it flare up even more later the winter?

Through it all, there are several decent and steady 'monthly' income stocks out there as individual or combined in a low fee ETF.

 September 14th

After last week's 'see-saw' battle of selling and buying major Tech stocks that affect the Markets, I'll see if things calm down this week. My mind is on Banks in the meantime this week as a more safe move during this rough patch. I own an iShares Canadian Bank, which is holding it's own and moving up some compared to the rest that are kind of flat currently with the past week's going's on.

A lot more issues on the go this year and that brings on more risk when making investing decisions. 

September 6th

Tech stocks like Apple, Google, Microsoft and online shopping giant Amazon are heavy 'weights' in the North American stock Markets along with Shopify, etc up here in Canada and their stock price increased faster during the pandemic. 

The hammer fell at the end of last week with a big drop in the Markets where it looks like it was 'profit taking time' as top weighted Tech prices fell some. Here in Canada, our TSX usually gets the fallout from all this and that was felt more on Friday although still above the 16,000 points level.

Not much to do on my end but wait for next week to see if that storm has passed, which I hope ... or more 'selling' going on and adjusting of portfolios. 

It's been quite a crazy 2020 so far and got a feeling that will spill over into 2021 while the pandemic is far from over as cases increase across Canada once again.

August 30th

Now that the Markets overall are coming up to pre-pandemic levels, there's another wrench thrown in some are speculating about. Back then, there were worries of a crash coming anyway due to an over-inflated market and now hints of that are surfacing again heading into September.

However, depending what an investor is into, most of my stocks/REIT's I held throughout are still below February 2020 high levels. Sell before the Market will possibly drop again in the near future? ... I seen in a couple articles recently. That one doesn't make sense where that would still end in a loss overall. Just because various indexes are up, doesn't mean that stocks that lag behind it are as well.

There's a lot more chatter about Bitcoin along with the stock market as a haven like Gold. Probably, where Bitcoin is more and more reacting to movements in the markets like the S&P 500. But depends at what price/level a buy is being done with Bitcoin.

Investors can still get burned where BTC remains risky with the wild and unpredictable swings. Much more volatile than Gold but I'm accustomed to it from experience over the years.

August 23rd

Months seem to fly be for me and ex-dividend dates are approaching for August for stock(s) I'm interested in. I get 'buys' in before that date to capture the following month's dividend payment.

I'm currently involved with an ETF with TD Bank and it's kind of where I like to be with an ETF ... low cost, low fee with a decent monthly distribution and a healthy list of holdings. TD categorizes their ETF's in sectors and mine is in 'Special Focus' ... targeted exposure to specific market segments or geographies. TQCD - TD Q Canadian Dividend. 

With ETF's, I watch the top weighted stocks that the managers stick with over time.

Special Focus, pretty well describes what I'm into, focusing mainly on Financials and 'low cost' REIT's with again ... decent monthly dividends. The pandemic has impacted a lot of sectors but many REIT's have come through ok so far.

Next week, where I watch Financials, the big banks of Canada are due to report how they have fared money wise. Normally reporting gains in the billions; probably short some with the covid-19 fallout but they are far from hurting I'm sure. These days though, car loans and mortgages are picking up, which Banks like to see ... interest payments.

August 19th

With the odd dip during the week, the Markets continue to rise. No rhyme or reason to it, just investors continuing on their pre-pandemic path to make money.

Lots of talk about Gold and it's hovering around the $2000 USD price per ounce. Up about $500+/- since the start of the year. 

'The Equedia Letter' I subscribe to .... the latest post is about Gold mining. He followed up on Calibre Mining Corporation ( a BC company) CXB.TO. that he wrote about last year and folks investing at that time would of more than doubled their 'stake' in that stock ... currently close to the $2 range.

Calibre continues to expand it's mining operation and making good progress while Ivan, the author ... makes a strong case to hold rather than sell.

So, I've been following this Calibre story and interested to see what the future holds. No doubt, with the price of Gold up ... that has an impact on the stock price as well and their bottom line. Also the price of Gold has an impact on the stock price as well, either short or long term effect.

August 3rd

Seems the consensus is that the Markets are over valued now to the issues and circumstances that continue as fallouts from the covid-19 pandemic. But new generations have entered the Markets and more folks moving away from 'managed' funds ... learning from history with the old theme ... buy low, sell high, trying to time the 'bottoms', which rarely works. 

I find Air Canada (AC) a good example. Mid January 2020, the stock was peaking at $52. 18th to 20th of March ... down to $12.

It went back up as high as $23 on the 8th of June where there were articles about young investors figuring the airline would soon be picking up again. Not likely ... not yet and July 31st, Friday back to $15.11 where Air Canada reported over a billion in losses while still in a pandemic phase. Parked aircraft and mass layoffs for now.

Gains were made when buying near the bottom and selling above; after March 20th but what I'm getting at is the stock was way overvalued already on the 8th of June ... driven up by hype.

Interesting to see how August fares where the TSX is bouncing around the low 16,000 points range .. way up from the bottom of 11,000 earlier this year.

July 19th

I read quite a few financial related Blogs, articles, sites and books/magazines keeping up on the latest but I like this 'Sharing With You' article by the Editor of 'Canadian Money' magazine ... Peter Hodson, CFA.

So, I'll share parts of it ...

We will focus on the Market lesson. The main lesson is this: If you ever, ever thought you could out-think the market and engage in successful market timing, then the first half of 2020 should be enough for you to forget this belief - completely and forever.

So many investors moved to cash, and now are nearly 40% behind because of their belief in 'timing' the crisis.  (They go on a giant rally. Some markets, such as the Nasdaq, have even hit all-time highs)

I can't do it. You can't do it. The experts can't do it. Don't even try ...

Stay safe; enjoy your summer. The world should be be back to normal one of these days.

July 14th

During these uncertain times, those that are into stocks for the dividends with growth as a bonus such as I am, watch the latest news and the stats from month to month. All good on my end to date all though my holding's prices fell of course with the covid-19 issue; still very much a real problem here in Canada. They'll eventually climb again but it will be awhile.

Meanwhile, seems investors are eager to make money and driving up the markets such as the TSX here in Canada. Is it too soon and will there be another major drop to come with the uncertainty about the virus and no 'needle' for it yet? Nobody knows that answer unfortunately.

The economy gears 'are' slowly turning faster but once the US/Canada border opens that could be a different picture .. that's for later to ponder over.

July 7th

Not much has changed in the Market place as covid-19 continues to rock the boat certain days of a given week. Meanwhile, with all the potential out there while most stock prices are down from their 'norms', I research the playing field for my next buy.

The latest summary from the 'Millennial Revolution' couple and their Blog with regards to Wealthsimple's ETF's; Comparing the portfolios that use about the same mix of stocks and risk ... the outcome is near similar. They estimate it will take a couple years longer putting in the same amount of funds at a steady rate into Wealthsimple than their portfolio to retire with enough cash to last. Starting at a young age like 20's that is. Good to know about all their research into that.

Ad we know, there will be unforeseen bumps in the road like the covid-19 pandemic this year with a possible rebound or 2nd wave this coming winter.

June 28th

Ending up June ... a spike in the covid-19 cases in the US (more hard hit are the southern States) have got investors stalled for now. I figure the stocks are at good buy levels again after coming down some. I did add funds looking at the future prospects not the short term.

Looking at the TSX index, it's been on a rocky, but steady climb from the end of the 10 year Bull run when the virus, covid-19 virus became shockingly real here in Canada and on March 23 ... the TSX dropped to 11,285 points. On June 8th, the TSX was just shy of 16,000 points and that's a lot of cash pumped in since the lows of March. As of last Friday, just shy of dropping to 15,100 points.

So, most stocks depending on what's happening on a particular weekday follow the S&P/TSX Composite Index. A good example is my watching the token Tezos (XTZ) with Bitcoin being the crypto 'index'. Tezos lags but eventually follows the ups and downs of the price of Bitcoin.

I'm into waiting for a 'bottoming out', which I wish I could predict but that's in a perfect world but ain't happening. Somewhere near I estimate and then I want to buy or trade. I also have to keep a reign on that where there's a 50/50 chance the bottom I figured on had a trap door and the indexes fall further down.

This is all Canada related and I'll eventually move into the US Markets looking for decent dividend related stocks for the RRSP. Basic principals apply but the US is a much larger marketplace.

June 21st

At times, any news about a possible second wave of the covid-19 sends the stock markets into the 'red'. That's usually shrugged off in a day or two and a more positive light shines on the Markets once again. Plus all the other international news that weighs in .. good or bad.

When the covid is finally in the rear view mirror, Markets will continue to react to news that's mind boggling at times and I wonder ... What?! That's insignificant compared to a world wide pandemic but that's the Markets.

Meanwhile, my recent buys climbed nicely until the news about a 2nd wave in China but still ahead overall at the end of last week. I kind of figure this is all bouncing around a possible 'bottom' so I'll carry on with some new buys.

REIT's, financials and energy (not oil related where the Saudi's on a whim can send oil related stocks crashing) are of interest currently. Travel and airlines will be coming but awhile down the road yet. 

June 9th

I'll add Millennial Revolution's latest blog post about Wealthsimple's 'robo advisor' ETF investment plans since I started the first of that series. It's a hands off approach that Wealthsimple adjusts and auto repurchases dividends earned. There are pros and cons as a DIY investor.

June 8th

Once I got started in the Stock world after a year of basically watching and learning (knowing that like everything, I learn faster by experiencing) and getting a few spends squared away, I quickly found out that I need a plan to help with the spreading out and growth. It becomes information overload after awhile.

One side, I've bought a few ETF's that are now coming up in price from the pandemic lows. On the other side, individual stocks/REIT's. I got this draft of a plan from Mark of the 'My Own Advisor' Blog/Newsletter.

I seen he bought ETF's and began building a separate portfolio from those like his own personal ETF.

I quickly seen in my ETF's, the experienced managers with BlackRock and TD have 'top weighted' stocks which they rely on for performance to keep the ETF on par with expectations.

There are equally weighted ETF's with each stock getting the same percentage to equal 100% with their holdings but I prefer individual weighting or rating ETF's.

I began concentrating on these top 'weighted' stocks. You begin to see a pattern of the best performers over time and any changes as these ETF's get re-balanced at intervals. What works for them surely will perform for me is my thinking.

However, there are some jewels down in the 'Holdings' with less weighting that perform great I have witnessed. 

I see a lot of advertising of this stock or that stock. Some of these are top performers no doubt but do these people who post the articles actually own these stocks or is it for pumping their own portfolio, or for 'pump and dump' purposes. When a lot of funds suddenly go into a stock from their suggestions there's usually a short term spike in price that can be taken advantage of  ... a flare for marketing helps.

The method I have chosen gives me a better picture with what stocks actual big firm portfolio managers are deciding on and picking to serve their clients and these days, at low MER's or yearly fees. These firms want to remain near the top or top in their field so there's some competition going on as well.

The ultimate goal here with the plan is to own and keep these top weighted stocks separate, which will require re-balancing at times from me and eventually cut down on the ETF's owned to eliminate management fees where I'm a DIY'er. There are no fees with just owning individual stocks.

June 7th

I'm not going to pretend I can 'time' the markets for a steady gain. Ain't going to happen on a consistent basis where there's too many variables involved and that gets added daily, sometimes multiple times a day affecting stocks.

But, I can get a feel with big dips in the Market and keeping a vigil on the news, when we perhaps have hit a 'bottom' of a depression and moving up because of the covid-19 pandemic the last couple months for example.

Markets didn't stay down long before trying to shrug off the weight of everything happening plus the oil price war that's settling down some these days. Keeping in mind as well, markets at times can react differently to gloom and doom news than one would expect. Instead of dropping like a rock for the day, it's inching up. What the? Yep, makes no sense at times.

Last week, midweek actually ... I was getting the feeling markets were going to rise up some more so prepared some funding for buying and did that. So far, made gains on what I bought (more on last Friday) but see if that holds up before I pat myself on the back for a decent move where it's ever a learning process in this game.

Interesting to see how next week starts out like on Monday with the 'weekend news' already influencing some investor's opinions on hold, buy more or sell some. I'm not here to sell quick or like day traders but if losers become apparent, time to act quick I figure. Haven't had to do that yet,

June 5th

May 30th

I remain 'bullish' in this bear market with the REIT scene. Although the TSX is beginning to rise from the pandemic lows, more issues begin to weigh in like the predictable Trump/China spats that get investors nervous. 

I purchased Blackrock's ETF: XRE    iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index ETF

It's a package of Canadian REIT's with monthly dividends that gets adjusted quarterly or earlier if the Managers figure it's needed. Can't go wrong I figure and hopefully the ETF will regain it's pre covid-19 price in the future for a gain as well. I'll be buying more over the months ahead.

My plan is to also buy REIT's outside of that ETF that are performing ok, as we slowly come out of the pandemic with dividends in tact. There are a few that interest me and I currently hold.

One still needs to be cautious however with the talk of a 2nd wave of covid-19 although the Feds figure we are more prepared for that.

A good measure of the market crash this year with a mixed bag of ETF's holding  a 60% weight of equities and a 1.2+ million dollar portfolio .. a loss of around $200,000 dollars of which that amount is being regained lately.

May 24th

The Markets continue to be in a fog. Is the fog lifting? If not, when and how fast? Unfortunately, no answers to that with what they call 'uncharted water's with the ongoing major virus issue. 

Quite a few of the stocks I watch haven't moved much in price lately, slightly up and slightly down over the trading days since the big drop. Suggests a bottom or new starting point in this world of the 'new' normal way of doing things.

One Blog I follow and I like they way they write their posts with a touch of comedy is called, Millennial Revolution.

The couple retired early in their lives when their goal of 1 million was reached with dedicated saving and investing. In the post link below you can see they got hit like everybody from the 'the big drop' this year but their portfolios are climbing slowly again. (Not the first time ... 2008 as well) The post shows a snapshot of what's happening with the pandemic impact as North America struggles to free itself of the virus. This can all be applied to the small and 'whale' investors as invests adjust to the whim of the Markets that stayed in. 

They mention 'cash cushions' which is important and with the history/pattern of the Markets, there will be another bull market in the future. Could be months or a year(s) but once economies get rolling again, that's certainly a plus.

Personally, I'm a DIY(Do It Yourself) investor and read/compare strategies but follow my own path. I learn quick ... like what's solid ground and what looks like quicksand (too much risk) with some fun involved plus that satisfaction when making decent choices. It's something I enjoy in both the stock and crypto markets. Keeping in mind these markets can also be cruel and unforgiving with no one to pick you up, dust you off and make you money as a DIY'er but that's the risk I accept. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

May 16th

Oil is moving up in price while reserves remain full and OPEC cutting back production some. No explaining that as Tankers bob in our oceans full to the gills but China is back in production so using more oil as other countries attempt to do the same. That's one plus for the Markets but the oil business is certainly unpredictable in 2020, with the Saudi's stirring up the works.

There are some jewels in this covid-19 filled uncertainty with the stocks but like it all, I can't base future performance based on the past but ok for reference when making choices. For example, a REIT called RioCan (REI-UN.TO) updating they will be staying as is with their monthly dividend of 0.12 cents per share. That's fairly high compared to other REIT's in Canada.

Back in February, RioCan was over $25 a share, or unit ... today; under $14.

Probably will regain it's pre-covid-19 price last Feb at some point in the future.

May 3rd

There is a lot of sound advise and strategies when it comes to the stock markets. Some excellent books of which I bought a few to compare their recommendations and plans. Blogs ... there are many with a few I read on a steady basis like 'My Own Advisor', who not only shares his thoughts and long term goals with a dividend earning history but shares other investors theories and progress.

But ... when the Market suddenly implodes like it did in March of this year and seeing losses in the portfolio, all that advise and strategic planning is in question. Many just panic and sell but overall folks are in the Markets to make money so it always rebounds after a crash so I 'hold' in times like the big drop in 2008 and currently due to the covid-19 impact on the economy.

Next, where does the crash stop or 'bottom' and will it drop again from there after a lull. Unfortunately no one knows but can only speculate. That's where I am currently; waiting to buy where stocks and reits will rebound with some nice gains later. Be awesome to capture those gains but totally risky currently as Canada and the US slowly open things up after the prolonged lockdowns.

​For example, Blackrock's XRE ...  iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index ETF. February's price was in the $20's per unit. Currently $14.99 per unit and floating around in that range. Some of the top reits in Canada are included which they adjust for performance and an increase in the monthly dividend for April.

One of many I'm watching. What do they call that? ... FIMO. 'Fear of Missing Out' on gains but patience is the main thing while I seek long term investments.

May 2nd

I'm tempted to make some buys where stocks are lower in price but continue to hold for now where the Markets are shaky, which is understandable as Canada and the US plan to slowly wake up their economies in stages.

April 15th

With my current 'watch list' focused on Financials and REIT's, I bought some of BlackRocks 'FIE' etf that's into financials like Banks, etc and comes with a monthly distribution.

The Markets will remain rocky until Canada and the US begin reviving the economy in stages so I'm expecting the 'roller coaster ride' thing with the daily markets.

April 7th

I've been watching the Markets here in Canada on a daily basis when open and what's happening in the US.

Yesterday and today the Markets are in the green so I have to assume many an investor figures the 'bottom' has been hit from the Covid-19 pandemic and oil issues ... coming back up. 

But ... is it? When numbers from 'shuttered/waiting to reopen' companies due to the virus and the unemployment numbers come in ... Markets could take a further hit. Hopefully things turn more positive as the current news on the virus is that things are slowly getting better.

Meanwhile, I'm watching the stocks I'm interested in while they are at a low price.

Mainly REIT's and Finance related for now where most energy producers are impacted by the oil price war. Power and electricity outfits are a different story.


March 28th

No change as yet with the Markets as they fluctuate wildly during the week. Stocks I'm looking at are low in price now and beckoning but I'll continue to hold until things get semi back to normal for now although the urge is to buy before they climb in value again. Worst scenario is Buy and another big selloff in the Market with no getting the Covid-19 under control yet and the Oil price war.

Better days ahead.

March 12th

Hold, wait and watch is what I am doing these days as the Markets are in a frenzy. With the cold 'Bear' Market now a reality, there is no sympathy for investors who seek it after watching their portfolios go down in value, only wait for the opportune time to reset and restart from where the 'bottom' will eventually be.

March 3rd

An unsettled time in the Markets these days. I continue to hold and not sell my holdings as they have recovered somewhat. I still expect turbulence ahead as Canada and the US grapple with the Virus issue slowly spreading through the countries with the elderly more at risk.

It seems from news and reports the US will escape a recession and the Feds have lowered the interest rate to stimulate the economy. Canada is expected to follow suit but not announced yet as they watch the situation. Market heavyweights like Apple expect to get their China operation back up to speed so updates like that are glimmer of more stability.

Investors in for the long term over years should ride it out but understandably human nature and the panic/fear of losing hard earned/long invested money sets in.

February 27th

For stock market investors, news is everywhere about the current 'down' state as some investors dumped their stocks since Monday in fear their portfolios will drop drastically and keep dropping. Today, there is no bottom as yet for better days ahead.

I hold and wait it out. Aside from the drop in equities, my REIT's for the most part are maintaining their price, dropped a few cents or have increased in value.

On the flipside, others buy during these times at lower prices to increase their unit holdings or stocks being considered, which have dropped to their personal price ranges; ripe for buying.

Others warn the Market bottom in the US and Canada may not see the 'bottom' for recovery yet and look for alternatives like GIC's, Bonds or Gold. Time and patience, as always, will tell.

February 14th

My first Canadian REIT, Killam (KMP.UN) I bought over a year back has your average comparable monthly dividend to REITS on the TSX but unit growth, which doesn't happen much or at a slow pace, is the exception here where Killam was at $12.59 in February of 2018 and now at $21.88 per unit today.

A 3% dividend increase was announced a couple days ago

February 11th

Interesting, where in the latest Workshop edition with Millennial Revolution; their ETF approach and Wealthsimple's pick for their investing exposure, returned near the same results in earnings and volatility. Their next workshop article is about going for it and funding ... to be published soon.

I'm reading a lot of different investing approaches in Blogs, newsletters and articles. Some are basically following another's portfolio with some additions/subtractions. In the end, an investor on a mission ... should study and choose what's right for him or her. Personally, I'm currently 100% into dividend paying stocks with REIT'S and ETF's with finance and the aim of having some or all 'dividend aristocrats' among the ETF holdings. Stand alone stocks that have potential are also on my radar as I grow my portfolio. Junior Mining and Oil, knowing the higher risk involved but just following at this time. On the fence, type of thing.

February 4th

On the Blog, Millennial Revolution ... there are money related Workshops and the latest (#55) is about Wealthsimple as the author dives into popular Fin-teck. From background, to registering and exploring the site. Their next article will be about the ETF selection and their performance.