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November 17th

During my regular browsing thru news articles and finance subscription emails, a title about cash ETF's and High Interest caught my eye. So, I opened up that link and explored.

An interesting write up about 2 ETF's that are into harvesting High Interest Savings from top bank names in Canada. There is one for the US as well, all with nice monthly dividends.

For the Canadian products both have a cost of $50 each. With PI or Purpose Investments,  the dividend is 0.0936 cents per unit currently, per month. The interest rate the ETF brings in is 2.15% accumulated with a yearly MER fee of 0.16%. (Ticker: PSA)

CI First Asset has the same price of $50 each and a current monthly dividend of 0.0901 with a lower management fee of 0.14%. (Ticker: CSAV)

The price in each doesn't go up much... perhaps a 1+% a year but the dividends are the highlight and got that investor 'high interest' attraction thing happening.

​Blackrock, probably the top fund management outfit in Canada also has a $50 iShares Premium Money Market ETF with dividend of 0.07 per month with a lot more holdings for the cash distribution ... 46 currently including the top banks. 

Those 3 products are popular now as some Canadians seek somewhat safer ways to invest that are quick to liquidate to cash.

November 8th

Despite the noise about a recession coming and many an investor thinking sell some stock for cash, looking for deals when a rebound occurs ... there is good news where there's competition going on with ETF providers and the lowering of fees to attract and keep investors happy with their products. Notable are Blackrock, Vanguard, Horizons and Banks among others. Higher returns on savings accounts with various banks and fintechs are an attraction to stash cash while and when a significant downturn in the markets occurs usually triggered by the US with some fallout felt in Canada.

October 27th

For Canadians wondering about the pros and cons with RRSP's and TFSA's, a great article here with short explanatory videos ...

October 12th

All the talk these days is about a rescission coming in the US and Canada feels the effects of that but not so harsh according to past history. 

A lot selling going on already for cash according to the investor scuttlebutt. Others will hold and ride it out, while others sell and move into Gold, Bonds and a lot of news about REIT's where they don't move much regardless, favored for their dividends. High interest savings accounts and GIC' s become more popular at times like these but both just keep on par with inflation or fall behind.

When ever that happens and an eventual rebound occurs in the Markets, that's a good time to get in on the up swing with currently held holdings and 'watched' picks. 

Sept 14th

ETF's and buying individual stocks. There are pros and cons to both.

ETF's, depending on what I'm looking for, can provide a basket of companies and there is now competition between financial institutions to provide low fees. They are adjusted as well, shifting how much is owned or 'weight' in each company for general 'rebalancing' to provide an expected or increasing yield.

Stocks or REIT's; when you buy there are no additional fees except buying and selling with that being either being zero or low depending where I go to purchase.

I prefer both ETF's and individual stocks with the majority ... 'monthly' dividends to boot. Starting out slow and cautious, I think ETF's are the way to go and then monitor the companies/REIT's within individually. You get a feel of which stocks are performing the best and they are usually the 'top weighted' in an ETF Take that stock and look at it's past history, 5 years, 10 years or lifetime. Keeping in mind, past history is not what can happen tomorrow or in the future but normally, if a top Bank stock is solid with steady dividends, that's ideal in my opinion.

August 10th

It's old news, yet causes a stir when a new/additional Tariff is slapped on China by the US, Markets dive and last week was no exception with a recovery in the latter part of the week. I read a couple articles where investors are trying to time this; get wind of it and sell ... then buy when the Markets have adjusted to the news and on the way up again. Ideal when stocks or ETF's 'bottom out' but that's tough to time.

Ignoring that, although it takes some discipline to stay on a long term path with goals to meet is a proven course to take.

Reading up on 'Millennial Revolution''s path to be millionaires, it's mainly about chosen Blackrock and Vanguard ETF's with the right balance. However what's tough and again needs discipline, is setting aside monthly cash and distributions to keep building. They mentioned 50% of their income was going to build their portfolio, which is tough to do for most households. I remember reading 'The Wealthy Barber' years ago and 10% of every dollar earned for long term growth is the key. What ever is doable and being able to sacrifice some unneeded expenses along the way. Eating out too much, Tim Horton's coffee everyday, high interest payments on credit cards that needs to be eliminated. Then there's the 'you only live once' quote.

Personally I'm at about 6.5% currently and also have a percentage go to savings from each debit card purchase I make so that does accumulate after awhile plus online ventures I pursue to raise additional cash or 'coin'. Collective, that's over 10% of funds coming in going towards savings and invests.

Good example here with an average 5% with the Markets (Usually around 6%)

Save $10 per day ($300 per month) over 10 years = $49,174

                                                                  15 years = $83,646

                                                                  20 years = $127,643


July 22nd

I'm always browsing around online for 'what works' for investing. With Blogs ... there are some awesome ones out there loaded with information on saving, debt and investing, which go hand in hand. Ideal, is to scratch any outstanding high interest debt to get down to the basics ... car payment, mortgage or rent.

Gaining enough with investments to cover the monthly bills tips the scales to being 'independent' from those debts and eventually some financial freedom.

As I view and read, I come across blogs that catch my eye and I add them to my reading list. For example, thruTawcan , I came across  Millennial Revolution  and the author FIREcracker. with a recently published book ... Quit like a Millionaire. Check it out ... very interesting and I find it addictive reading.

June 27th

It took a long time but Gold is on the move up since early this year and more so recently at over $1400 USD per ounce. I assume all the stock news lately is driving that. One day good, the next day ... trouble along the charts spurred by International and news at home. 

Folks who own REIT's should be more confident if the national interest rate goes down where there's talk of that happening but see what happens with news coming about that issue soon or the rates will stay on par as they are now. 

June 14th

I received an email from Tangerine today announcing their annual 'summer' additional savings account promo of 2.75% on all new deposits. Last summers' was 2.75% and I finished up their 'Winter' promo savings awhile back (2.50%). I activated that right away.

If interested please use my  Tangerine  Orange Key Code: 24769201S1  and we both get bonus cash into our accounts.

Considering the average return in the Markets for indexes is 6% lately and many an investor looking to the safer Bonds these days with all the uncertainty at this time ... I figure 2.75% is nothing to sneeze at.

June 1st

I've added another Blog from Bob out of British Columbia ... Tawcan . To some one moving into Vancouver, It's probably the most expensive city in Canada for housing and rent. Bob Lai shows thru his articles how the road to financial independence can still be achieved plus posts about life, work and seeking that job.

A recent article about University grads and seeking high tech jobs.

May ended with a Market downturn. As long as Mr. Trump is the President of the US, there will be off and on turmoil in that area. Meanwhile, Bitcoin and some Altcoins soared in May to new highs. For savvy stock market investors, it's not a big transition to crypto but still a learning experience and having the stress/risk level for wild swings at times. How to move fiat or currency in and out of the Crypto market is a biggie and dealing with high fees that are ongoing currently with the traffic on the Blockchains. When to hold and when to gamble for additional gains if desired. Today, I figure a whole book can get into that subject and still not cover it all.

May 29th

I've added interesting sites to my sidebar on the right where the authors are involved in the investing world. I find it interesting to read about different viewpoints and their approach to the Markets.

May 24th

Although, electric cars are more in the news lately, Oil and gas are still king and when Oil fluctuates more than the 'norm', that tends to influence stock markets ... currently related to the Trump - China tariff ongoing spat.

Wealthsimple  continues to grow as one of the top Fintech 'robo-advisers' with over 5 billion under management. With savings accounts that come with a 2% interest rate to a mix of ETF related investments. 

I recently seen a commercial about Manulife Bank so I decided to check it out. 3.5% interest on an account with a minimum and stay at or above a $1000 CDN balance. That's interesting but like Wealthsimple, that interest rate could change at any time.

Either way, can be a solution to gains without risk.

Tangerine is currently at 2.75% interest rate on savings accounts for new members.

Closing for now, REIT's don't tend to move with benchmarks in the markets but do have adjustment times usually when interest rates move up, which isn't forecast to happen for awhile.

May 3rd

With the warming temperatures here in Halifax, I'm seeing more sky cranes being erected to build more apartment complexes. Seems to be never ending here, even through the winter. With 'interest rates' on hold for now, that's all good news for REIT unit holders. There's not usually a lot of increase in the price of a REIT unit and if so, it's at a slow rate but any increase is a plus. The upside is the steady dividends these apartment and retail owners provide over the years on a monthly basis.

Overall in the big picture in Canada is the increasing issues with China, a huge importer of our goods and that's from the continuing flack over the Chinese owned cell phone provider, Huawei.

Oil and gas is always in the news and has increased in price due to production cuts and sanctions but dropping again because of increased production from the US and Russia, as well as Saudi Arabia. That weighs on the Markets from time to time.

April 12

As I collect my Dividends from the REIT's I hold with plans to steady build on that, I keep tabs on the finance news which can be information overload at times. I focus more on the overall picture as it changes from week to week, month to month and how it 'weighs' on the stock markets.

Of course Trump is not happy unless he's causing a headache for investors; currently thinking on starting a trade way with Europe.

On the positive side, slowly rising Oil prices are due to cuts/or holding production at a current flow. Good news for our oil and energy related companies/stocks.

Meanwhile, keeping fees and commissions as low as possible is my aim so there is less impact on my bottom line

Wealthsimple Trade is now live for cellphone and tablets. Currently, I'm waiting for the site to become available on desktop.

March 6th

Wealthsimple Trade  is currently testing it's Trading site available via it's 'app' on cellphones. That will be available for desktops and laptops in the future. No fees for buying stocks, which will draw a lot of customers I'm sure that are paying up to $9.95 per buy and sell currently. That takes a lot of fees out of the picture for folks who do a lot of trading.

REIT's, my main interest are for the most part, performing normally. There's not a lot of increase in the actual price of the Trusts on average but the my concentration is that the monthly dividends have a steady history of payments with low increases over time are ideal.

February 6th

The overall Stock Market has improved a lot since the December 2018 woes but there's a few issues, as always weighing on the Markets and many an investor's minds. 

The Wealthsimple Trade 'app'  is in beta testing to some and I'll update about that.

I see the Wealthsimple savings account is up to 2% now, being one of the highest in Canada to add growth to your savings each month. Yearly, calculated daily and added each month.

January 16th

Although I don't own an ETF as yet although I've been window shopping, in Canada ETF spends passed Mutual Funds by a wide margin for the first time. Two reasons are low fees and the ability to sell quick instead of waiting for a sell to 'settle' .. 2 to 3 days. 

In the first 11 months of 2018, ETF's brought in $18.7 billion compared to $7.8 billion for mutual funds. 

For example, being a fan of REIT's, there are ETF's that include all the major REIT's in Canada with monthly dividend payments. 'Weighting' where more units/shares are bought in one REIT compared to another takes some research and that is adjusted along the way.

Currently, I'm buying REIT's individually, only incurring the 'buy' trade fee and no management fees so there's good points about both.

As of today, the TSX has been moving up nicely so far from the lows of December.

January 9th

Although, the main issues that fueled a major sell off in the stock markets in the last few months of 2018, linger, Markets have improved so far, showing steady gains. I see that with my invests moving back up to their 'normal' range for now. Rising interest rates this year and no progress yet on the US - China Tariff war as yet, will factor in; or what they call 'weigh' (put pressure) on the Markets starting 2019 plus the issues that smolder slowly and those that pop up out of the blue. Like Apple's past missed revenue forecast, now history. Their shares took a dip after that report but climbing once again.

January 1st

The benchmark and index, TSX is what investors keep a watch on as they work their portfolios, Monday to Friday. Investing in a TSX based fund or ETF, 2018 ended as a loss, recovering some in the later part of December. Always on my mind is how REIT's are performing and looking at Blackrock's Canadian REIT based ETF, ended in a positive note for 2018.

REIT's do sway some with big fluctuations in the TSX but not as much as other stocks.

Very interesting to see how the stock market reacts and performs starting tomorrow for 2019. The major banks and weed stocks stirring more interest at this time.