A Fintech, RoboAdvisors and Dividends Journal

 My financial Trek through the risky business of

​ investing online

My current approach is taking a percentage of my income and earnings from my online Biz for long term investments in dividend producing stocks, through REIT's, Fund Portfolios in the form of Mutual Funds and ETF's, working with the lowest management fees possible for performance.

Tips, strategies and endless information is available in print and online. Each day and month the Markets swing providing different results for a total gain or loss at the end of each year. Morningstar, Yahoo and Google financials provide stats and articles plus the Bank I deal with.

There are some inspiring and down to earth Blogs I read called Canadian Couch Potato and Dividend Investor.

Each Blog has a different approach and 'model' portfolios that make money for them. In the end it takes time and patience over a few years to build for folks with a modest income and funding.

Dividends make sense with the swaying of the markets where an investor can build the number of shares by compounding with the dividend payments. Eventually generating cash dividends to supplement a monthly income.


Each year, Warren Buffet writes his annual letter. The billionaire investor behind Berkshire Hathaway. From it all he suggests getting into an equity fund that has 90% stock, 10% bond in the US ... 'S&P 500 Index' for the long haul. Makes sense when looking at the historical growth data that investors can Google.

Upwards of 10% growth excluding the overall down years of 2008 and 2016.


REIT  ... Real Estate Investment Trust.

These are great investments and there is a lot of choices out there. 

They usually don't swing much in the value per share. Interest rate hikes and major economic upheavals in some areas have effects. Such as Alberta when the oil price crashed a couple years ago. Businesses closed and people moved from apartment/housing rental complexes. The Oil price is slowly coming back up since then.

Looking at a couple ... Killam Apartment REIT (KMP-UN-TO) AT $13.49 c per share and Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (CHP-UN-TO)

- Canada's largest at a current $11.95 C per share. Dividends are issued monthly and can be reinvested automatically at a discount from the regular price of a share.

Over time the shares build on autopilot.


I'll call it a Fintech but the Tangerine online bank has been operating for years, now owned by one of Canada's top 5 banks ... Scotia Bank or Bank of Nova Scotia. (Banner on the sidebar)

They have 5 'Fund Portfolios' currently with the newest being, the Tangerine Dividend Portfolio and with a low start up investment of $100. Building on the number of 'Units' can also be done by 'auto' invests from exterior banks if preferred such as TD Bank.