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March 28th

No change as yet with the Markets as they fluctuate wildly during the week. Stocks I'm looking at are low in price now and beckoning but I'll continue to hold until things get semi back to normal for now although the urge is to buy before they climb in value again. Worst scenario is Buy and another big selloff in the Market with no getting the COVID-19 under control yet and the Oil price war.

Better days ahead.

March 12th

Hold, wait and watch is what I am doing these days as the Markets are in a frenzy. With the cold 'Bear' Market now a reality, there is no sympathy for investors who seek it after watching their portfolios go down in value, only wait for the opportune time to reset and restart from where the 'bottom' will eventually be.

March 3rd

An unsettled time in the Markets these days. I continue to hold and not sell my holdings as they have recovered somewhat. I still expect turbulence ahead as Canada and the US grapple with the Virus issue slowly spreading through the countries with the elderly more at risk.

It seems from news and reports the US will escape a recession and the Feds have lowered the interest rate to stimulate the economy. Canada is expected to follow suit but not announced yet as they watch the situation. Market heavyweights like Apple expect to get their China operation back up to speed so updates like that are glimmer of more stability.

Investors in for the long term over years should ride it out but understandably human nature and the panic/fear of losing hard earned/long invested money sets in.

February 27th

For stock market investors, news is everywhere about the current 'down' state as some investors dumped their stocks since Monday in fear their portfolios will drop drastically and keep dropping. Today, there is no bottom as yet for better days ahead.

I hold and wait it out. Aside from the drop in equities, my REIT's for the most part are maintaining their price, dropped a few cents or have increased in value.

On the flipside, others buy during these times at lower prices to increase their unit holdings or stocks being considered, which have dropped to their personal price ranges; ripe for buying.

Others warn the Market bottom in the US and Canada may not see the 'bottom' for recovery yet and look for alternatives like GIC's, Bonds or Gold. Time and patience, as always, will tell.

February 14th

My first Canadian REIT, Killam (KMP.UN) I bought over a year back has your average comparable monthly dividend to REITS on the TSX but unit growth, which doesn't happen much or at a slow pace, is the exception here where Killam was at $12.59 in February of 2018 and now at $21.88 per unit today.

A 3% dividend increase was announced a couple days ago

February 11th

Interesting, where in the latest Workshop edition with Millennial Revolution; their ETF approach and Wealthsimple's pick for their investing exposure, returned near the same results in earnings and volatility. Their next workshop article is about going for it and funding ... to be published soon.

I'm reading a lot of different investing approaches in Blogs, newsletters and articles. Some are basically following another's portfolio with some additions/subtractions. In the end, an investor on a mission ... should study and choose what's right for him or her. Personally, I'm currently 100% into dividend paying stocks with REIT'S and ETF's with finance and the aim of having some or all 'dividend aristocrats' among the ETF holdings. Stand alone stocks that have potential are also on my radar as I grow my portfolio. Junior Mining and Oil, knowing the higher risk involved but just following at this time. On the fence, type of thing.

February 4th

On the Blog, Millennial Revolution ... there are money related Workshops and the latest (#55) is about Wealthsimple as the author dives into popular Fin-teck. From background, to registering and exploring the site. Their next article will be about the ETF selection and their performance.

I'm researching 3 REIT related ETF's these days from these financials ... Vanguard, Blackrock and BMO. I'm kind of leaning towards the BMO (ZRE) currently at a price of $26 with a dividend per unit of 0.09 paid monthly. 

Also with BMO, I like the ZWC, CDN Covered Call ETF, currently at $19.02 with a monthly dividend of 0.11 per unit.

On a stand alone REIT, Been researching Morguard REIT (MRT.UN), based in Quebec at $12.53 currently, with a monthly dividend of 0.08 per unit.

I primarily use the TD bank of Canada for their investor (WebBroker) site but funded Wealthsimple Trade to try out their no Trade fee and no minimum fund service.

January 30th

In 2019, I did a lot of reading and studying, getting some tips and feedback from a Canadian friend out in BC about the stock market where he's been in the Bank and Tax business. Currently running a Tax office.

So, it's time for action with still a ton to learn about the various aspects and the pulse of the stock market.

I made some Trades over the last week where I'm mainly seeking Dividend paying stock at this time and need to be in by the 31st of January to collect the dividends I bought.

One of the more interesting is an Automotive Property REIT, APR.UN. Growing steady with property acquisitions that are leased by the major car companies out there. I also bought a TD ETF, TD Q Canadian Dividend ETF that concentrates on financials and REIT's. So far so good while looking to keep fees low and to a minimum. Mistakes will happen but we learn from them.

January 24th

A no fee, no minimum amount with a 2.4% (annum, added monthly) savings/spending account is the latest product Wealthsimple out of Canada is offering. Secure and insured, I found that offer hard to resist. 

They also offer tailored investment solutions, tax services and a no fee stock trading site, Wealthsimple Trade ... currently for cell phone 'App' use only. Desktop to come later.

January 3rd

A new year and with the building ETF craze, it's about comparisons, choices and monitoring prices ... holdings and dividends.

Blackrock and Vanguard continue to be competitive and off a wide variety of investments at decent 'Fees' in Canada. Looking at their REIT offer on both sites, one can see some similar holdings but also a different mix with different 'weightings' or more funds into one REIT compared to others.

Buying individual REIT's and stocks, investors just have the 'buy' and sell' fee, if any depending on the online trading site, bank, etc. No associated fee that comes with an ETF or Mutual Fund.

I'm also a fan of High Interest savings account as some institutions offer some attractive rates. '2% per annum' is more common these day as some outfits go higher, others lower with winter and summer rate boosts over 2% with Tangerine for example.

Let's compare using $2000 for example:

High Interest Saving Account at 2% per annum. $40 gain on the year but actually more as monthly interest is added building the account for the next month's addition of interest. And, good to have as a backup for the unexpected and liquid cash.

​RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) REI-UN.TO  ... @ $26 per unit fluctuating. 76.92 units from a $2000 CAD funding.

REIT's usually don't move a lot in price but the current monthly dividend is 0.12 cents per unit: 76.92 x 0.12 = $9.23 or $110.76 for 12 months if nothing changes in the dividend distribution amount. Investors can repurchase more units at a discount or save the dividend cash. Compounding builds up over time. There's risk involved although it's low risk in my opinion, RioCan valued at near 15 Billion CAD. 

Big difference in gains depending on how much risk, if any, one wants to take on.

Doing both is ideal in this scenario. Liquid cash with savings and ... building in the Markets with the option of having liquid cash in monthly dividends.

December 16th

In the US, fees are coming down quicker than they are in Canada and with some major investment outfits wanting to outdo the competition, down to zero or no fees. The only zero fee for buying and selling stocks 'and' ETF's I know of in Canada is WeathSimple Trade but there are limitations and there are exchange fees with the USD/CDN, CDN/USD currencies. There are other brokerages that offer zero fee for ETF's only.

However, fees have dropped a lot over the past couple years depending where the 'Trading' is done. Billions have poured in ETF's this year alone where they offer attractive bundles depending on what an investor is looking for and the 'weighting' (more invested in companies than others). Just to keep in mind, there may be zero fees to buy and sell depending on the firm but ETF's come with their own fees, many dropping the percentage as the months go by.

November 17th

During my regular browsing thru news articles and finance subscription emails, a title about cash ETF's and High Interest caught my eye. So, I opened up that link and explored.

An interesting write up about 2 ETF's that are into harvesting High Interest Savings from top bank names in Canada. There is one for the US as well, all with nice monthly dividends.

For the Canadian products both have a cost of $50 each. With PI or Purpose Investments,  the dividend is 0.0936 cents per unit currently, per month. The interest rate the ETF brings in is 2.15% accumulated with a yearly MER fee of 0.16%. (Ticker: PSA)

CI First Asset has the same price of $50 each and a current monthly dividend of 0.0901 with a lower management fee of 0.14%. (Ticker: CSAV)

The price in each doesn't go up much... perhaps a 1+% a year but the dividends are the highlight and got that investor 'high interest' attraction thing happening.

​Blackrock, probably the top fund management outfit in Canada also has a $50 iShares Premium Money Market ETF with dividend of 0.07 per month with a lot more holdings for the cash distribution ... 46 currently including the top banks. 

Those 3 products are popular now as some Canadians seek somewhat safer ways to invest that are quick to liquidate to cash.

Courtesy of INO Traders Blog

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