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May, traditionally is a time when there is a broader sell off, buying again later with slightly revised or totally overhauled portfolios. Personally, I'm staying the course for the long term.

Despite the cloud hanging over possible interest rate hikes and the major Canadian Banks already having higher mortgage rates, REIT's tend to hold in value with these interest tweaks and in some cases, continue to move up in value. Killam REIT for example has a tendency to bounce around around from $12.82 in February to today (May 11th) ... $15.07 per share.

There are some interesting REIT's at low cost per share with a history of steady monthly dividends. An advantage is building shares quicker through a DRIP. With the plus of a possible increase in share price in the future. The population of Canada keeps growing so that means more apartments to be built and retail in expanding sub divisions.

Meanwhile, I'll 'buy' more Killam REIT, probably the biggest rental unit company in Halifax/Nova Scotia with properties across Canada, recently purchasing another lot for 70 million. The latest dividend stats:

​Mar 2018  (Monthly per Share) 0.05333 (Yearly) 0.64  - Mar 29, 2018

Payable: Apr 16, 2018


We would all like to earn more interest in our saving's accounts.

Tangerine always paid a higher rate than the brick and mortar banks.

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​​​My current approach is taking a percentage of my income and earnings from my online Biz for long term investments in dividend producing stocks, through REIT's, Fund Portfolios in the form of Mutual Funds and ETF's, working with the lowest management fees possible for performance.

Tips, strategies and endless information is available in print and online. Each day the Markets swing providing different results for a total gain or loss at the end of each year. Morningstar, Yahoo and Google financials provide stats and articles plus the investment section of my online banking.

There are some inspiring and down to earth Blogs I read called Canadian Couch Potato and Dividend Investor.

Each Blog has a different approach and 'model' portfolios that make money for them. In the end it takes time and patience over a few years to build for folks with a modest income and funding.

Dividends make sense with the swaying of the markets where an investor can build the number of shares by compounding with the dividend payments. Eventually generating cash dividends to supplement a monthly income.


Investing in the S&P 500 and other stocks/funds have a history of earning a higher percentage over a year. That's also available in ETF's. Being a Canadian and initially investing with US dollars starts at a loss with the currency conversion but having a long term account with 'building' USD in it is the better option. 

Months or years down the road convert back what's needed to CDN dollars when USD and CDN are on par or get more CDN dollars back with the current exchange.

With TSX, Toronto Stock Exchange being the benchmark ...  around 6% gain the last couple years. Not too shabby but most are looking for 9% and higher.

Dividends are high on my interest level where they earn either monthly or quarterly. REITS and companies that are listed as "Aristocrats"... 25 years of dividend increases and an average of over 10% per year. Can't go wrong with them over the long term.

"Long Term" investing are the key words. Investors who have room to explore and invite more risk, go after stocks they figure will double, triple their funding and more. Sell when they figure it has peaked. Mostly driven up by speculation and hype but can reap big rewards if 'played' right.