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December 9th

The latest news from and especially if your a Bitcoin Cash fan ...


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) experienced a hard fork as planned on 15 November. As a precaution to ensure your funds were safe, we halted Bitcoin Cash services within the Wallet until we felt the situation was stable.

 What you need to know

Because one result of the fork was the emergence of another BCH chain (Bitcoin Cash SV), we have implemented a coin-splitting solution that allows us to safely resume Bitcoin Cash services in the Wallet, including trading. You can trade your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for Ether, BTC, and XLM, or buy BCH today.

 What you need to do

Please note, when we resume Bitcoin Cash services in the Wallet, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will represent Bitcoin Cash ABC. We suggest that you confirm that the party you are transacting with is also using Bitcoin Cash ABC when sending or requesting BCH within your Wallet to avoid any loss of funds.

What about Bitcoin Cash SV? We are working on a plan and will update you soon.

And while we have you, check out our other updates to your Wallet. Not only have we added support to send, receive, and trade Stellar (XLM), but we are also giving away $125M of it to our users for free! Get on the list.  We also rolled out Swap, our next generation trading product with best-in-class liquidity and execution.

Happy Trading!

December 3rd

November wasn't a good month for those into HODL , or hold for long term as billions flowed out of Bitcoin and it dropped to it's lowest level in several years. Crypto companies and Mining outfits have and still are feeling the pinch from the collateral damage to their bottom lines where the price of Bitcoin is the benchmark for other major coins. They 'normally' rise and fall with the fluctuations of Bitcoin.

For now, Bitcoin has bottomed out and remaining fairly stable for the last week. Where I'm mainly into investing with the crypto coins, these are the times I make gains with a bonus if I get paid when Bitcoin is at a low for the day and climbs in value.

November 27th

Kraken, a popular crypto exchange based in California sent me an update about the Bitcoin Cash aftermath with the hard fork ...

The recent Bitcoin Cash hard fork resulted in two (for now) viable chains:

Bitcoin Cash (following the Bitcoin Cash ABC protocol and roadmap published by Bitcoin SV (following the Bitcoin Cash SV protocol and roadmap published by nChain)

As previously announced, tokens of the Bitcoin Cash ABC protocol are listed on Kraken as Bitcoin Cash (BCH). However, Kraken now also support tokens of the Bitcoin Cash SV protocol under the designation Bitcoin SV (BSV).

We took the BCH balance you had at the time of the fork and added an equal amount of BSV to your balance (so if you had 10 BCH at this time, you now have 10 BCH and 10 BSV).

Deposits and withdrawals are presently enabled for both chains. Confirmation requirements are 15 for BCH and 30 for BSV. Sending a non-replay protected BCH or BSV transaction to a Kraken deposit address will result in a credit of BCH and BSV if the transaction transferred both. This means that if your BCH wallet doesn’t support coin splitting, you can send your BCH to Kraken and we’ll credit you both the BCH and the BSV.

November 20th

It appears, further regulation and crackdown on ICO's is another negative factor on the dropping price of Bitcoin along with turmoil over Bitcoin Cash's recent hard fork.

Whales, or holders of a high number of Bitcoins see more of an impact on their shrinking value than those holding less than 1 bitcoin, which is causing panic selling for some.

Not a great week for Crypto Miner outfits as well, where their profit margin shrinks big time, while the cost of the huge amounts of electricity they use stays the same or goes up in consumption and price.

Interesting to see when this rout with billions flowing out of the crypto market will subside.

November 12th

With an upcoming 'Fork' for a tentative Thursday, November 15th, 'Bitcoin Cash' will split into two competing coins. Currently some folks are buying BCC in anticipation of getting the same amount of the 'Forked' coin(s) free. Bitcoin ABC and SV. Either ... one will result from the hard fork or both will be seen on exhanges that accept them.

November 10th

There''s an interesting new project making some waves and Q is behind it and not 007's boss in James Bond.

Initiative Q  has a road map of a couple years and the goal is to develop a world class payment processor where Q currency will be used (eventually traded and exchanged) equaling the US Dollar.

At this early stage, Initiative Q is 'giving away' Q's to folks who register, which is easy with just name, email and password required. There's a wealth of information explaining their timeline and goals on the site.

There is zero risk or obligation with the forecast that members can see money value for their Q's in the future.

November 8th

Following up on the 'airdrop' news from October 24th, their first 'airdrop' is in the works and it's a big one. $125 million worth of Stellar lumens (XLM) to be spread out for members that create their Stellar wallet in the backoffice or on member's dashboard.'s article on that topic on their Blog

Stellar's value and stats can be seen here ...  XLM

In order to receive the Stellar 'airdrop', will be requiring identification or KYC so that the weekly giveaways only goes to one person (one time) and not multiple aliases used by a wallet holder. Smart move I'm thinking.

More info can be seen here in question and answer format ...

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