Crypto-Currency News  

February 5th

It's wise not to hold too much crypto currency in any exchanger. My thing with any exchanger, wallet provider site or online payment processor is that I send funds to my Bank after I have exceeded a personal max limit I have set for myself.

I managed to withdraw all my funds in January from a British Colombia exchanger called QuadrigaCX, which I have updated about awhile back. Unfortunately for others, that outfit is in trouble now and seeking credit protection through the courts. It's estimated the exchanger owes 190 million to members. A wicked amount and puts a dark taint on the crypto scene although Hackers swipe a heck of a lot more within a year and hasn't affected activity much. See what the court rules and if members can get all or some of their funds back that are still involved.

Meanwhile, the California based exchanger and trading site called Kraken, I'm a member of, continues to grow and bought a 'Futures Trading' site called Crypto Facilities for 100 million USD. The largest amount paid for a crypto acquisition to date. Kraken has also added a facelift to it's "splash page' or home page.

February 3rd

I registered with  Waves DEX  recently, a trading platform that started in June of 2016. Mainly to deal in Bitcoin, Waves ($2.80 USD and Asimi ... worth at this date and time; $0.50 to 0.55 USD) Trading fees are 0.003 worth of Waves so I transfer 'on site' small amounts of Bitcoin to Waves to cover my Trade fees.

Just an opinion ... as Bitcoin drops down a layer at a time in value. It would be wise to transfer to USD until another investment, transfer or transaction comes into play unless using Bitcoin daily. Or, transfer to a reliable stable coin that is on par with the USD. I can no longer see Bitcoin as an environment for last years HODL'ers. Not at this time anyway. If there will be another extended Bull run ...  nobody knows.

January 12th

Ethereum is expected to fork into  Constantinople  . Looks like Ether in exchanges that will accept the Constantinople addition while 'hold' Ether transactions until the 'fork' process is over and settled. The result will be quicker transaction time and less fees depending on the amount.

'Miners' will receive less as a reward for solving 'blocks'.

Unfortunately the answer to this common question is no ... if I own Ether, will I gain an equal amount in Constantinople? But it's wise to keep on the Ether 'hard fork' news if you plan to make transactions mid month. 

January 16th - the latest news is that the Hard Fork has been delayed until further notice. ETA: Feb 28th.

January 9th

Although Bitcoin, with it's influence on other Altcoins has been slowly stepping up in price for now, the startups and businesses involved with crypto have had to adjust since the value fall in 2018. Some using their cash reserves while other's lay off staff to stay afloat and continue with an even keel.

I've done business with Shape Shift via and they just laid off 35 people, about half their staff so you get a sense of what's happening out there. Interesting is a statement about KYC, Know Your Customer document verify process. We know of data breaches more in the news in 2018. Facebook being one of the more famous. So no wonder that people stop and leave a site at that point when requested ...

Additionally, the company’s decision to begin doing know-your-customer checks on customers caused a large loss in clients and users. Lastly, transactions, in general, dropped across the board, leading to a general drop in revenue, Voorhees (owner) wrote.

   Gord's      Updates

The programs and companies I present on my site have no guarantee of producing a profit for members involved. It's always wise to follow the Golden Rules of investing such as setting aside funds for 'investment' account(s) separate from household and family money.