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 The ventures and companies I   present on my site have no   guarantee of producing a profit   for members involved. It's   always wise to follow the   Golden Rules of investing such   as setting aside funds for   'investment' account(s)   separate from household and   family money.


July 4

It's been fairly quiet the last few days as the price of Bitcoin is what I call 'lazy' and moving down some since yesterday. My ventures are performing as advertised to date so that's all good.

As mentioned on my 'Blog Notes' page, I entered the crypto DeFi space to experience what that's all about. Definitely need to know what I'm doing there and read the latest news on all that. Basically, with Stable Coins that are equal 1:1 with the USD ... I can earn a fluctuating interest rate so can't really go wrong there but Bitcoin and other Altcoins fluctuate themselves as does their associated interest rates so could as easily lose money rather than gain. Need to keep an eye on the daily prices. Like it all, there's risk to take in consideration when playing.

I already have some experience with that where I 'Stake' on Kraken for interest on my principal twice a week for months now so I'm used to how Tezos swings up and down.

July 1

Adviev has launched and I made my initial purchases. I look forward to the gains ahead in this new venture.

No change in the compensation (15% per day/ 1/2 on weekends) with C300Club so far as daily 'express' payments get paid to my external 'Wallet". Members can also request 'non-express' cashouts as well with a time frame of 2 days to be paid currently. Each run 'caps' at 50% per day for those members purchasing 'premium' packs for a 50% gain on principal. Keep high risk in mind.

On the new Diversity Fund club site, a new feature is the DFC Coin. I enjoyed this similar feature on a past site where accumulating 100 DFC Coin; I can transfer for $1 USD and keep it in Balance or ... transfer to purchase; to assist in buying more Profit Packs.

Hunting around the site, I did some 'surfing' of websites (not required to earn) and seen I got a limited number of DFC Coins for each site visited.

June 28

This venture is a new launch, which I have more faith in ... run by the dude who owns RevsUpTime and continues to payout since starting up in November of 2018. 

Adviev has two plans ... 'passive shares' and Ads that require surfing to earn in the form of Points converted to Cash. I'll start with the passive shares that don't require surfing. 

The site is currently in prelaunch scheduled to launch in 2 days.

The 'News' tab contains information about the compensation plan.

I decided not to play in MoneyMakerAds for a few reasons after sizing it all up. I see he is now promoting a $97 optional membership plus he is owner of OnePackAds (In profit) that's been in a test pattern for awhile now. So, this has the appearance that he is short of 'on hand' funds from the start of this one. Just my opinion.

There will be plenty more ventures that surface online to look over and evaluate if they are doable.

There is no change in the C300Club laddered compensation plan yet although I'm expecting an increase in percentage and 'priority level' when it comes to 'time processing payments'. Meanwhile, the funds I put in for this 'run' so far have provided a profit and funded again today.

Tezos ... XTZ. Made a Trade using USD where it's down from it's average price lately. I bought below $2.40 on Kraken and expect a gain of 30 cents or more on each Tezos coin/token in the near future that I bought while I patiently wait.

Tezos is one of the few crypto outfits that was legalized in the state of New York. It's not easy to get by their screening process and now the outifts that are running or applying have '3 chances' to get any issues fixed that the State wants rectified before a license/license pending is revoked.

June 23

C300Club remains at 15% per day. On my end, I funded enough to get Level 1 Express payments. Requested yesterday evening and was paid this morning. I requested again today. Note, that if I don't request Express payments daily my Packs still earn the rate of 15% but can't request the 'lost' day the following day so I request daily until my Packs expire or until Level 2 comes into play. Members can request 'non express' as well if over the minimum of $5 required.

I'm into my 3rd days of 'earning' with the new Diversity Fund site. Mgmt continues to work on the site in the meantime.

8bit... my first term expired a few days back and principal returned. I have not requested it as yet while I still earn a 'balance interest'  for holding the funds in my 8bit wallet ... added weekly.

June 20

I funded the 'new' Diversity Fund site and see on the 'Funding' page there is an option to request the allotted Migration funds assigned users from the 'old' site. Look forward to the next chapter with the venture after nearly 4 years running.

Meanwhile, C300Club has moved up to 15% per day (1/2 on weekends) on bought packs that are highlighted as 15%. 'Level 1' Express payments are available with a minimum $5 withdraw and these need to be requested daily.

Currently, I am waiting for a non-express payment that are on a 2 day time frame. There are many attack plans to make the most of this compensation ... too many to mention here and have to fund what works for the maximum gain as mgmt tends to mix things up to keep investors on their toes and wits. That's where I find it interesting.

Note: There are 3 sites similar to the above plan and I'm into all of them and they are in various stages of their 'laddered' type compensation.

Update: 08:11 Atlantic Time. Bitcoin payment received.

​​June 17

C300Club  had moved up to 14% per day with 4 active packs required for express withdraw; Level 1. I additionally funded yesterday and withdrew 'non express' for now. Estimated time frame to be paid ... 2 days. Express payments are 1 day.

June - Saturday

C300Clubwith it's laddered type compensation plan has moved up from 10% and if a member involved wants a priority payment (Level 1) requires 4 ($10 positions as of today) to withdraw the minimum of $5+. On this weekend, that would double to 8 positions. I figure a move to 14% will be coming soon, perhaps within the next couple of days.

Currently, I am waiting for the percentage (return rate) to go higher before I fund more and I'm withdrawing 'non express' and being paid.

There are different approaches to this plan. I've been sticking to basically the same system I use the last few 'runs' or repeats of the '300' plan.

Winza Network  issued a quick Bitcoin payment yesterday evening

Diversty Fundcontinues with it's migration process to it's new site.

June 8th

We Are Moving  .... that's what members of Diversity Fund now see in their backoffice. 

The original Diversity Fund site will operate for another 6 months apparently. The new site at Diversity Fund Club is up and running with work ongoing in the background. 

So, by the Managers' instructions ... I registered on the new site with my same username and email address, get verified and then sent a support ticket from the 'new' site requesting 'Migration' instructions, which I have done and await an answer that could take a while.

There are compensation plan changes and depends on 'in profit' or not on the original site with more information to follow as I work through this process one step at a time.

No change in the fluid or frequent movements plan with C300Club so far. Remains at 10% on principal with a minimum of $10 with 'no express' level. I'm playing with Bitcoin. I requested another withdraw today and already in profit from my first spend since this new 'round' started. (I also had funds and adpacks moved over from the last round that factors in) June 9th ... C300Club moved up to 11% per day 'only' on new adpacks bought with it's laddered type pay plan. 

June 7th

After 11+% earned on my principal to date with the Winza Network, I got a quick Bitcoin transaction completed to my external wallet. So good, so far where the site is a HYIP with a possible 50% gain advertised.

Stepping it up in the high risk category and I've been playing in this site for a long time; repeating my performance while attempting to 'out guess' the plan movements in C300Club that can be random and quick (sometimes daily movements)

In a nutshell, the site starts a 'round' at a high 10% per day on a minimum $10 funding and it all revolves on the balance of cash coming in and cash flowing out in the total system. That's where this current round is at. I'll try and provide a sort of play by play but percentages, levels of pay and the rate at which a round finishes off at 50% of principal spends differs each round and can move at a swift pace or stay set on a percentage for a few days to a week.(The rate of percentages and Express Levels can all be seen in drop down menu to click on.)

So, next I expect a 'Level 1' payment option to be added soon to the 10% per day (1/2 on the weekends). This means when I fund the required amount and withdraw there will be an option to use 'Level 1', which means a priority payment compared to a normal withdraw. There are emails sent out with each change or 'no change' on a daily basis. I've received 3 payments so far with this round that started last week with my first funding on June 1st.

What is totally a different mind set is that when payment levels come into play and I use them, I withdraw daily. If not. when using the Levels, I miss that 'gain' for the day. I can cash it out using a normal withdraw but it could take longer or not paid at all and I end up cancelling the request back to my Wallet balance.

I find it fun and keeps me thinking ahead and the excitement/personal satisfaction that I beat the system and made gains. It's all about spending money to make more money in cycles.

Is it a scheme, a gamble and can I lose? For sure, but I play to win.

June 4th

In 3 days, I received over 4% on my principal with the HYIP I funded on the 1st of June ... Winza Network

8bit; On my balances in that site, I'm receiving additional interest "Balance Interest Accrued" besides the daily interest rate on my plans. An incentive to keep funds in accounts similar to a savings account but I'm here to make money via withdrawals so a personal choice for members involved. 

June 1st

Starting June and we are halfway through 2020. I can imagine some want this year to be over already and past the global pandemic but don't want to wish your time away either.

Starting this month, I continue with OneAdPack's testing plan and earned 2% on principal so far with withdrawals open. Updates will come about when testing is concluded and resume with the compensation plan.

A HYIP got me interested today and funded Winza Network . The HYIP comes with high risk. I put funds in the site's 'Bankroll Investments' for a daily fluctuating interest rate from 1 to 5% per day expiring when a combination of principal and gains equal 150%. As a bonus there is an hourly 'faucet' for free coins for members interested.


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