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Crypto-Currency News  

April 18th

Trends come and go while many tend to repeat over the years. With Crypto, it was the rise of Bitcoin and specially ... the Blockchain, then Alt Coins ...sort of copy cats of BTC but have their own following and system/design. ICO's followed, or Initial Coin Offerings ... too many scams made investors wary, more cautious seeking more information if possible than funding blindly.

An emerging trend is the 'Staking' or the offers and promotions to keep your Tokens or coins with an outfit and gain 'interest' calculated over a year but added in installments to accounts. With the companies and startups offering this comes with the possibility that folks will jump ship when they see their Tokens held ... steady dropping in value so that could bust a 'startup' but those with millions in reserves like Coinbase for example, doesn't effect much where they continue to earn on fees with their main focus, be it as an exchanger/Wallet provider or other revenue source(s).

Certainly an incentive to see a Token holding grow with 'Staking' in the various offers and terms out there than in traditional 'Wallets' but like everything in investing ... comes with a degree of risk.

April 3rd

Suddenly without warning, Bitcoin took a big jump the last couple days of about a $1000 USD fluctuating and stirring up some excitement I'm sure. Take heed of the sudden rise in fees as well that normally run parallel with increased activity on blockchains.

Several Altcoins have also increased in value. Namely, Litecoin, although partially related to this sudden spike, increased by about 120% or more since January, 2019.

Back a few years, Bitcoin was just making the rounds to those into investing online and caught o big time in the fall of 2017. Before that and since, some shady folks have started crypto 'shops' and ICO's, Initial Coin Offerings ... thinking Gov'ts and the law are looking the other way so no big deal if we swindle investors.

Times have changed in a hurry and already two notable investigations and court cases are underway in Canada to put the word out; we will eventually catch you. In both cases millions in assets have been seized until the investigations and court cases finish their findings. Using investor's money 'mainly' for personal gain is the major issue instead of actual development of a project or buying into ventures that create capital and possible gains for the investors involved.

March 4th

The Crytpo Community calls this time a crypto winter where there's news everyday from various sources but overall there's not a lot happening for the average Bitcoin holder. The value hasn't moved much during February except for a couple peaks and falls.

A lot of outfits are attempting to remain on an even keel and shed any losses. Downsizing and/or laying off staff. See what the spring and summer holds for Bitcoin and Altcoins.

Coinbase is in the news with a negative taint by taking on a firm with dubious characters that have been known to share and sell personal data to international bidders and governments. Somewhat comparable to Facebook's data issue. Quite a few members are now deleting their accounts in Coinbase in protest with the loss of that all important trust factor now. However, Coinbase has millions of customers so I expect the damage to be minimal.