Crypto-Currency News  

October 19th is adding something new and to be announced soon in about a week's time. There is news that they will be adding some digital coins that offer 'airdrops' or a limited amount of free coins to those interested.

Two possibilities come to mind ... 1. These coins could gain in value and 2. Possible exchange for Bitcoin in the future. More news to follow on all that.

There's also more buzz about concerning 'stable' coins attached to the value of the US dollar and precious metals such as Gold. Like the coin label 'stable' there is the opportunity for growth along with stability being linked to a fiat like the US dollar and the Euro for example. The thing is to decide which company is the best to get involved with that will be around for the long term. 

Some coin related websites have started ranking these outfits. Tether, linked to the US Dollar seems to top the list for now.

October 11th

With me, it's good to see updates from the major crypto wallet and exchangers out there as leaders emerge. Coinbase, with 1 billion in revenue last year, applied to enter the lucrative Japan market, awaiting a decision from the department responsible in Japan. The ETA is early 2019 Coinbase is hoping for while they also set up shop on Wall Street in New York  added a high profile former Banker knowledgeable in the overall picture of the Banking world and it's ties to the government ... laws of the land. To keep it's nose clean in other words as rules and regulations continue to be hashed out depending on the country.

I was going to state .... develops more trust with me using these sites but I'll stick with builds more confidence where there's still a lot of grey areas and it's all a relatively new system compared to Bankers.

October 9th

As always, there's plenty of daily crypto news and it's all over the map involving the different digital coins out there. ICO's, Initial Coin Offerings are surfacing frequently drawing the interest from investors involved hoping for a high yield in return down the road.

Digging more into the investment side of Bitcoin, the US SEC has rejected many an ETF application to date with a delayed response for two outfits yet to come. Recently, they requested more feedback from the crypto community involved  that will possibly change their stance in allowing ETF's for the first time to be launched. Interesting to see what the outcome is.

ETF's are very popular in the stock markets with their low management fees these days, flexibility with quick trades and their holdings are shuffled for optimum earnings where possible.

October 2nd

Steady as she goes with Bitcoin hanging around the $6500 USD range, the benchmark for altcoins.

ShapeShift has been in the crypto news the last couple of days. uses their site to exchange between Bitcoin, Ether and Bitcoin Cash. Smooth and quick transactions when I use their service.

Home base is Switzerland but operates out of Colorado in the US. Accusations flying around from Wall Street Journal that money has been laundered to the tune of millions through their system. The owner, Erik Voorhees says they need to get their facts straight where ShapeShift does not touch fiat (currency).

Just a crypto to crypto exchange. He complies internationally and assists in any investigations world wide.

Meanwhile. KYC, or Know Your Customer rules are now being brought into ShapeShift. 

   Gord's      Updates

The programs and companies I present on my site have no guarantee of producing a profit for members involved. It's always wise to follow the Golden Rules of investing such as setting aside funds for 'investment' account(s) separate from household and family money.