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Crypto-Currency News  

November 21st

Looking at the Bitcoin charts, this November is a different candle of wax, colored mostly in red and falling compared to the first few years with a steady rise starting in Sept. of 2015. In 2018, there was also a steady deep drop in price in November that leveled off at the start of 2019 and started a steady rise in Feb of 2019, peaking in the summer ... July.

Hopefully, at the least, Bitcoin will somewhat repeat that cycle specially with a 'Miner's Halving' in May of 2020 but a lot of different factors weigh on the coin currently. As always ... unpredictable.

October 9th

Bitcoin remains flat since the latter part of September, moving from around $8200 to lows of $7900 USD and back up again. Meanwhile, there's plenty of crypto news swirling about. Mainly about 'stable' type coins backed anywhere from a countries currency, to gold, to Russian mined palladium; in progress backed by a Russian billionaire working on acceptance in the US. Palladium is now worth more than gold at $1684 USD.

Libra, Facebook's coin makes headlines a few times a week. Still scheduled for next year although caught up in regulatory battles in the US and Europe. Libra may take top spot as an international 'online coin' over Bitcoin some day. Who knows. Currently in 'hearings' on Capitol Hill with Facebooks

's Zuckerberg justifying Libra to the US Feds (October 23rd)

Telegram continues to honor the 31st launch of it's crypto blockchain called TON and it's coin called the GRAM. (Oct 11th ... The US SEC halted Telegram's plans to launch GRAM in the US for now. Apparently Telegram is looking to resolve the issue with an October 24th meeting with SEC officials. Launch postponed until April, 2020 is the latest (Oct 17th) depending on 2 groups of investor voting. Oct 20th ... Telegram and SEC meeting delayed until February 2020. Oct 24th ... Investors voted to wait for the 'possible' April, 2020 launch.

Sept. 26th

After being quiet for a few weeks, Facebook's Libra 'coin' is back in the news and continues to send ripples thru banking internationally, and at home as they brace for the eventual launch. Currently delayed for now and backed by giants like Visa and Uber.

China is also testing and going to launch their own crypto currency.

All this will probably propel crypto and blockchains into the big time. Interesting to see what develops but in the end the rich involved will get richer with fees, etc.

Sept. 2nd

Telegram, the social network is developing it's own Blockchain (called TON) and the public opening of it's crypto coin called GRAM scheduled for October 31st. The building hype is that GRAM will probably spike at public launch.

Gram is currently valued over a dollar USD.

The last couple years there was a lot of hype about different coins coming on to the crypto scene with some investors envisioning 'spikes' and huge gains with selling as they peak. With so many scams and coins that fizzled, that's gone fairly quiet except for 'big name' outfits launching their own 'coin' such as Telegram.

Facebook for example, has delayed their coin launch due to US and International backlash from governments and Ruling Parties. Nothing new on that lately only that it spurred more possible regulations from the US, mainly so the Bankers remain supreme.

The GRAM is expected to spike so I'm sure there will be interest from crypto investors. Like companies and their stock that newly list on the Markets, Insiders already hold millions of dollars worth of GRAM prohibited from selling until the expected Halloween debut unless there is a delay.

August 24th

Bitcoin is hanging around the 10 grand USD mark for the past couple weeks as the news out of US Gov't departments paints cryptos with a dark stain. Such as; buying illegal drugs, money laundering, scams which also happens everyday with the USD and with the selling of Gold. I'm thinking the powerful Banking community is behind the push to a thumbs down for Bitcoin but in International news the past couple days, an opposite positive tale is being told from some top Banking bigwigs and with China coming out with their own crypto currency (a digital renminbi).

Interesting to see in a few years time how this all plays out.

August 8th

I made my first BTC/USD trade on Blockchain's The Pit ; newly opened and in Beta/Live with ongoing testing and routing out any bugs. Where I have my Blockchain.com connected to The Pit, makes for convenient transfers. My first Trade was for a gain and wish the same for future Trades but losses happen from time to time. Normally, I just sit and wait for the coin to come back and surpass where I bought it but all depends on the market volatility of the day(s). 

More pairs will be added and ETH/USD was available for Trading today.

August 2nd

After a lull in the 'Trading' action with Bitcoin while Facebook put it's Libra 'coin' on hold by request of a US Congress committee until more rules and regulations are put into play, Bitcoin is once again on the move north and I'm sure nice gains will be made by savvy Traders. The US Treasury also lowering interest rates for the 1st time in awhile also sparked a move to buy Bitcoin by some bond and stock holding folks for now. Ever changing is the financial world.

What happens from here is unpredictable of course when it comes to crypto other than stable coins.

In the last week, exchanges and 'wallet holder' sites having been making news adding options and new features to attract more folks where 'fees' are their bread n' butter which continue to build their coffers. Positive additions I feel for me being in Canada to move crypto to cash and visa versa plus easier and faster means of trading.

July 14th

Today, Bitcoin seems to have leveled off at an average price of $10,500 USD. What I call the 'Whales' or big spenders/investors, have had some huge gains with the last 'spikes' in price and then selling. I figure there will be another 'bull run' in the near future. Almost like a game of watching who and when ... is going to kick off the next run while checking the news and exchange charts, etc.

July 17th update: The US Congress - 'Facebook's Libra' Hearings have thrown a wrench into Bitcoin's value until we see what evolves 

July 2nd

The latest prediction for Bitcoin in the short term is more 'selling', which causes less Market Cap and brings the value down.

In the long term ... perhaps another 'Bull' run upwards to $14,000 USD before another cycle of 'selling'.

I'm enjoying my time in the Diversity Fund 'Facebook' group where Admins share the daily and weekly activities that take place, new venture start ups along with the winners n' loss sites out there.

Unseen during my years of being online, the owner of  My Passive Trades  took on himself to reimburse members of a failed HYIP ...  75% of the amount of principal funds not gained back after payments received; involved in a failed HYIP. 

I joined and funded My Passive Trades thru Diversity Fund. The dude who started the failed HYIP has been tossed from the Diversity Facebook group. Great to see where the online money related world can be cruel at times when losses occur.