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 The ventures and companies I   present on my site have no   guarantee of producing a profit   for members involved. It's   always wise to follow the   Golden Rules of investing such   as setting aside funds for   'investment' account(s)   separate from household and   family money.


   Gord's      Updates

May 23rd

Fairly quiet on the venture part of those I regularly fund and get paid. Panic and making moves too quick without thinking it through since March by the managers of sites ... has slowed things down for now. In this sector of making a dollar, things can change quickly for the better so I wait it out. Meanwhile, all the ventures I'm into before and funded in 2020 are paying ... to date. Except the ones I dropped that are mentioned in previous posts.

May 18th

Fees ... I try to keep to the lowest possible where I can but it's that old saying ... 'spend money to make money.' with investing so I deal with fees pretty well on a daily basis. With Bitcoin, there are higher transaction fees now. An option is to customize the fee to bring it down but the wait time for a transaction to complete will usually take longer. That can be done in the 'send' section and I opt for that when I'm not in a rush to fund or purchase where I then pay the posted fee to complete within a couple hours, sometimes very fast.

More cliches are about 'timing and money' and 'snooze you can loose' (possibly) that I feel gels together and I apply them to the way I invest.

May 16th

One important thing I keep in mind when playing with the ventures and the risk factor is that there will be a time when they will begin stumbling and either 'reset' in some way for various reason/issues or close. I usually give them the benefit of a doubt when in profit and fund an adjustment or reset when it happens ... to a point.

8bit has been running for 2 years now and continues to pay me quick or instant when I request a withdrawal. 

With an example of venture 'resets', long running sites like 300 Club and Big Investor have shifted to what I called a limited type plan with a reset and then a repeat of the same plan with the odd change here and there compared to the previous 'run'. Working well for me and paying me steady as I have some fun trying to out think the next move the manager of the plan is doing with increasing the ROI and levels. It is a HYIP type compensation ... high yield and high risk.

​May 14th

Diversity Fund has posted news in member's backoffice and I received a USD payment today after funding.


May 10th

Nothing I hate worse is when a referral or downline member has a bad experience with a venture I post about in this section. High risk and members of these sites should withdraw with every opportunity where things can change within 24 hours even after running for years.

This occurred yesterday when a friend and downline member withdrew the refund offered by My Passive Trade but got scammed after withdrawing his full principal given by MPT to only got 8% of that when converted to USD. I wrote about this in my last post, May 7th.

Clearly they are in money trouble and can't recommend folks funding their next site/plan.

It's all high risk ... stock markets, ventures and even savings accounts you have to watch these days as monthly 'Interest' keeps dropping due to central banks dropping their rates. Even rumblings about that going negative here but so far they have dismissed that where it has been applied in some parts of the world where people are actually losing savings in Banks. Back to stuffing cash under the mattress.

Better days ahead 

May 7th

Better Bits Club, is another one of those 'slow burner' ventures I'm involved with and has paid me in Bitcoin.

My Passive Tradeshas been an awesome earner and well into profit since registering and funding. Recently, changes in the form of 'resets' have taken place with the majority of member's principal returned.

Their latest plan wasn't working out so they are shifting to another compensation plan with a daily earner. More information to follow on that. Meanwhile, I withdrew my principal and was paid that amount to add to the past gains received. I'll wait for their new plan to start up.

Note: Their on site 'message' value of 0.25 per Eureka Coin is 'not' what you can exchange it for on Exchangers that accept Eureka Coin or Erk Coin ... the current value as of today is around 0.02 cent per Erk Coin when exchanging to Bitcoin.

I will not be funding their new plan due to this.


May 6th

8bit is celebrating 2 years online with a contest open to all members ...

πŸ”₯ 2nd Anniversary Raffle
πŸ‘‰ Dear 8bit partners! It is no surprise that 🎱 8bit platform has been launched into Beta a little bit over 2 years ago. On this occasion we would like to celebrate the πŸŽ‰ 2nd Anniversary of our project by running a special 🎟 raffle.

▫️Prize Fund: $6222.22
▫️Total winner tickets: 722
▫️No limitations for wining for 1 person; the more tickets you have, the more you can πŸ† win.
▫️The promo will run exactly 32 days 22 hrs 22 mins 22 sec 

πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Each 8bit member who makes a deposit during πŸŽ‰ 2nd Anniversary Raffle promotion will receive a special 🎟 ticket for each $100 that he invests. This Raffle promo ends on June 5 22:22 UTC and the raffle will take place in a random manner among all the πŸ‘₯ participants.

✳️ Total prize fund is πŸ’΅ $6222,22 which will be paid in DOGE in accordance with the DOGE πŸ”‚ exchange rate at the moment of promo's end. See promo details here:

​May 2nd

Being a Canadian and the CDN dollar lower than usual compared to the USD, it's a good time to sell some Bitcoin and convert to CDN. Coinbase makes that an easy process on their site.

Nice gain with the coin, Tezos in my Kraken account. Hovering around $2.80 compared to it's normal $1.50 USD.

8bit sent an auto USD payment my way and received a free 110 doge in their daily faucet give away with their Telegram group yesterday.

​April 30th

I made withdraws in both Diversity Fund and My Passive Trades the last couple of days. I see Diversity Fund has added to their portfolio and I'll check out those venture additions to see if they are doable.

Crystal Clear FundsandCT Passiveare coming along as advertised.

April 25th

Stocks, Bitcoin & Crypto Currency and ventures (low to high yield sites) all come with varying types of risk but in all, a person could lose money the day after doing a buy. It's what I call a serious game and should be played with money you can afford to lose and don't bet the farm. Although some win big time, others just can't recover after a loss and move on.

Billions have been cashed out of the stock markets due to Covid-19 and a lot of that at a loss from February/2020 holdings. Markets will rebound as always but it will take some time. Months.

Bitcoin has been holding fairly steady in April after an initial fall and has been visiting the 7 grand USD level, where it currently is.

Ventures ... overall, millions circulate in and out of the hundreds of sites with a rare few that last beyond a couple months ... up to a year and I'm involved with a few of these. What I call 'slow burners' when it comes to gains but they work as the rare dedicated managers deal with issues that come up during a year. Sometimes out of their control and can also be self inflicted.

My interest in these sites is when that they involve passive investing with commissions as a bonus but not required. 

Revsuptime  is one of those sites that's been running for over a year and a half and I got a nice Bitcoin payment yesterday from that advertising site.

April 22nd

Diversity Fund increased the gains for the previous week to 3.2% after adjusting some with the big drop in the price of Bitcoin awhile back that closed a few ventures. I got paid in USD and the minimum withdrawal is now $20. Erk or Eureka coin is now also accepted as a payment method started by 'My Passive Trades' as their main coin of choice along with Bitcoin. 

In Diversity, members funding with Erk coin can withdraw in Bitcoin from previous updates.

April 18th

Lucrative Funds gets a kudos for being transparent with members in updates and performance. Received a USD payment.

What's a 'Doge Fall'?

With an initial start and daily 'Bonus' request on 8bit's Telegram group, members receive the 'Dogecoin' token into their 'Doge' Wallet in 8bit that participate.

πŸ‘‰ Dear 8bit partners! In these 🦠 times of uncertainty it is important to stick to the ones you can trust the most. For us at 🎱 8bit Ltd. these πŸ‘₯ people are our clients and partners. The least we can do now is to πŸ’΅ support you in every possible way.

✳️ In this regard, 8bit brings back πŸ’ͺ Double Flow Promo which turned out to be very popular last time. Starting with April 17 till April 24 all 🀩 FREE DOGE faucet users will receive double accruals.

1️⃣ Double DOGE accruals are applied for:
▫️ Welcoming bonus (20 DOGE for regular users and 60 DOGE for advanced ones instead of just 10 and 30 DOGE);
▫️ Daily bonus (2 DOGE for regular users and 20 DOGE for advanced ones instead of just 1 and 10 DOGE);
▫️ Progressive Bonus for reaching certain milestone and getting a level up.

I also receive 'bonus' Dogecoins from my upline on occasion. Daily lately and I give thanks for each 'Dogefall'. While my individual plans earn daily on site.

I would do the same for members who register on my link ... 8bit

Members can withdraw a minimum of 50 Dogecoin and when built up can be work something. For example;  a free 1000 Dogecoin accumulated over time is worth over $2 USD just for reading updates on Telegram and requesting a daily bonus or what they call a 'funnel'.

April 15th

8bit has brought in something new. Their packages will now be a limited number for a time frame with a countdown clock when they are available again. Makes things more interesting also with limited time bonuses for certainly packages. All detailed news and updates are available on their Telegram group and on site.

I added PAX USD (stable coin) today and increased my PAX USD holdings in that site.

​April 11th

Diversity Fund sent a USD payment my way.

April 9th

Crystal Clear Funds is now open for deposits and withdrawals. I funded with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is holding fairly steady above the 7 grand USD level for now. Something like the stock markets ... no big movement from the bears or the bulls as investors watch the Covid-19 effects on the marketplace and the price of oil.


April 8th

Crystal Clear Funds  is a new profit sharing advertising site that will launch on Thursday, April 9th.

Recommended by Diversity Funds I registered and paid for the 'optional' and not required $30 lifetime membership that has some perks. The lifetime membership is returned in payments to members shown in the member's wallet page.

Adpacks will cost $20 each and there is a set limit for now to stay manageable by the experienced Admin crew that have a current working portfolio earning funds with sites and trading platforms.

​​​​​April 4th


I further funded 8bit and received an automatic USD payment today. From time to time they offer a limited amount of bonuses for funding their plans.


​Past performance is not a predictor of future results. All investing involves risk of loss and individual investments may vary. The scenarios provided may not be representative of typical results. Your capital is at risk when you invest β€” you can lose some or all of your money. Never risk more than you can afford to lose.