Crypto-Currency News  

April 18

I assume Bitcoin holders are wondering what the outcome of New York's Attorney General's crypto exchange inquiry will bring about . Several big name exchanges have been sent letters and questionaires. One of the biggest, Gemini welcomed the opportunity to be complaint along with others.

One of the more important probes is about security and protecting member's funds. The results will be posted later. In the end it will be good for crypto holders to know which or do all the exchanges contacted meet the requirements and the still gray area of the crypto laws in the US. 

Here is a great step-by-step video to setup a Coinbase (US orientated) for funding, etc. On site there is information about the fee structure and a knowledge base...

April 17

Ripple (XRP) has moved up more in comparison to the other major crypto's. Although it's relative to the swings of Bitcoin.

Japan's crypto compliance watchdog is making the news today although not affecting the value of Bitcoin so far. Some major Exchanges having to drop Japanese clients or stop operating in that country if not registered. Kraken, out of the US is stopping their service in Japan regardless in June.

April 14

With the sudden rise of Bitcoin value, the coin is dragging up some of the other popular cryptos like Ether, BCC, Litecoin and Ripple. And with that, a lot of related news in those Markets.

Overall, with a crypto owner ... it's about (or should be) storing and trading in an outfit that can be trusted. With some sites under heavy scrutiny and some being shutdown it takes some research, thought and risk acceptance. Coinbase and Blockchain (Luxembourg S.A.R.L) are well known and been around for awhile.

Currently, I do most of my trading from Cryptos to CDN and USD funds with QuadrigaCX, out of British Columbia, Canada and ... Kraken.

A couple new ones coming in 2018 are worth looking into. TMX out of Toronto, Ontario is launching 'Paycase' for exchanging Bitcoin and other coins.

A huge outfit in Germany ... Borse Stuttgart, via Sowa Labs is launching 'Bison' a German exchange. I'll be looking into both of those when they go live.


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