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Crypto-Currency News  

August 12th

No surprise where Bitcoin remains the most popular digital coin in the world. It's  market share is 50%  greater than all the other coins on the go, combined.

It's value has been fairly steady for the last few days wonder which way will it go next and who will have the momentum ... the bulls or the bears.

The warnings continue as normal to be careful and study new ICO's and crypto type investments that one is interested in. Reading about a young lad in his 20's that done great and a millionaire holder of crypto assets who got conned into investing 5,500 Bitcoins that was immediately swiped, converted to cash in different bank accounts. Around $35 million today.

When some folks got oodles of cash they can take more risks but obvious he was targeted/conned here and not smart. 

August 8th

Here is a lengthy news video on the debate about a Bitcoin ETF and the USA's SEC not 100% on approving at this time. next possible approval or deny date is probably October of this year.

August 3rd

It's been a wicked 'bear' fall with Bitcoin, dragging down the other major coins. Around a $1200 drop as some BTC holders continue to sell off and others see the news and get into a panic sell.

An interesting article here when a person bites into the hype about huge profits with Bitcoin, which also dragged other folks into losses ... keeping in mind the crazy swings in the last few weeks ...

After a user made an "enormous" gamble on bitcoin futures, and lost , Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange OKEx said it is having to claw back millions from counter parties.

The exchange explained on Friday that it force-liquidated an "unusually large" long position of 4,168,515 bitcoin futures contracts held by a client on July 31 after the user declined the exchange's request to lower the position.

Each futures contract has a notional value of $100, according to OKEx, so the total value of the position was over $400 million.

The platform said it subsequently froze the user's account and initiated a forced liquidation.

An OKEx spokesperson told CoinDesk that, even with the force liquidation, it has now had to trigger its societal loss risk management mechanism due to "the sheer size of the order."

Just another article that highlights the risk involved with investing and to be cautious/careful out there.

July 29th

The benchmark for other major crypto coins, Bitcoin is getting more notice of late where it's staying above $8,000 USD these days. Will an extended Bull run drive the price higher? There's a lot of speculation about that but for now it's bouncing around in the $8100 to $8500 USD range.

On trading sites like the Canadian based  QuadrigaCX , the coins normally trade at a higher value than Market.