March 28th

On the 'venture' front, things are fairly quiet which happens in lulls at times every year. For many a site that deals with crypto currency, the shock wave of Bitcoin falling 50% sent some closing, holding or revamping their compensation plans. Unnecessary panic in mind. Better off to take a breather such as My Passive Trades and adjust.

Bitcoin has recovered some and hanging around the $6000's USD range.

Diversity Fund sent me a USD payment and gains for last week were adjusted to 3.1% for the reasons mentioned above; in the past normally around the 5 to 6% per week range. But the owners didn't spook like most and adjusted..

My Passive Trades also adjusted as I mentioned after a short 'holding pattern' and I recommend members read my past posts and use their 'repurchase funds' to buy the Forever packs for the weekly gains. Their 'token' can be switched to Bitcoin can be sent to external Wallets. Video tutorials are in the works.

With 8bit ... no change where they deal with individual crypto coin values with a separate USD currency option as well. For example, Bitcoin gains are in Bitcoin not a USD Value assigned. Paxos Standard gains are calculated in Paxos.

March 25th

My Passive Trades  now has an internal transfer system in place for Member's Wallets to buy packs. First earnings under the new plan I seen today in my Wallet. I further funded today. 

The token Tezos (XTZ) is back to the price I first funded Kraken's 'staking' plan. Like most tokens, or digital coins, it follows Bitcoin price fluctuations. I continue to gain from the twice a week earnings from the staking plan.

March 22nd

My Passive Trades  is now active once again and members can buy the plan I mentioned in my last post (Forever) with Wallet balance and/or repurchase balance. Weekly gains will be in ERK's, or Eureka Coin.

There will also be a swap option available, perhaps tomorrow for member's Wallets for moving funds between Repurchase and Spendable/Available to Withdraw.

I registered with the EurekaX site that's an exchange where ERK gains from My Passive Trades can be sent and swapped for Bitcoin with the option to withdraw to external Wallets such as Coinbase for example. More info to follow on EurekaX. 

March 20th

Encouraging with the bump in Bitcoin price with all the underlying volatility these days.

Diversity Fundcompleted a withdrawal request for USD. 

My Passive Tradeshas a new update on their site with changes coming to their compensation plan. I'll dig into these in stages as initially it looks complicated until dissected. Stay tuned.

"We will introduce new ad packs that will allow members to participate in an open-ended cash back program where they will start receiving a weekly payout based on the performance of the trading account that is backing MPT. These ad packs will never expire and they will pay exactly the amount of profits created by the MPT trading account."

First thing for members to watch for and check on is Platinum (Transfer All to Wallet) and Passive Adpacks that will be expired and added to 'Repurchase' account. When this phase is complete ... the next step will be adding their token ... ERK or Eureka Coin.

Members can buy the token with the Repurchase balance when they become available and 'sharing' will paid 'weekly' into accounts (similar to Better Bits Club).

I'll add more information about the Eureka Coin (ERK) in my next update.

​​March 18th

8bit... issued me an instant USD payment this morning. This is not a fast money site but steady earnings as per the plans on site.

Sanze Profitalso sent me USD yesterday and I further funded that venture which started last summer.

March 17th

A new bottom for Bitcoin to reset on? ... low to mid '5 grand' USD? Time will tell.

Good to see the lads behindMy Passive Trades in a videoexplaining the current situation (with follow up videos to come) and doing Q&A sessions. It's a lengthy video with Darren doing most of the talking. More news to follow on that as a date is not set for the site to ramp up yet.

March 15th

Diversity Fund sent a USD payment my way yesterday. The minimum withdraw is now set at $20.

With Bitcoin 50% less than it was last month this time, I expected some ventures to feel the heat. 

My Passive Trades is on hold for now with an update on site.

I'm confident MPT will resume when things settle down in the crypto markets where many involved are spooked like the stock markets, which makes no sense where the two markets that are totally different. 

March 14th

A couple updates ....Diversity Fundhas a vote out to raise the minimum withdraw amount and the result of that will come out soon.

OneAdPack .... an ETA of Thursday, March 19th to resume after a second conflict with Coinbase has been overcome according to the Admin. It's rare a 'program' or what I call a 'venture', comes back and resumes after a lengthy downtime, but it has happened. More news on that when it becomes available., the crypto exchanger and Wallet provider has made enhancements to it's user dashboard ... with more info and charts for it's list of digital coins, or tokens such as Bitcoin.

In addition, USD PAX (Stable Coin) on the site is now called USD Digital and is now in the 'drop down' list for 'Swaps'. Members can also 'borrow' USD Digital using their Bitcoin for collateral. Countries not eligible to 'borrow' are USA, Canada and the UK.

March - Friday

Those into Crypto as I am, saw Wallets take a dive yesterday and even steeper overnight but recovered some today, Bitcoin, for example is worth about half what is was last month in mid February. That usually makes some people think twice about further spending at this time.

Some crypto ventures, outfits and companies skirting that thin line between black and red when it comes to being viable, will feel it now with probably closures or suspend operations for awhile, which I seen yesterday with a popular DeFi called MakerDAO (Ethereum based) considering just that.

Meanwhile, No changes or nothing new with the ventures I'm involved with.

March 10th

Diversity Fund paid me yesterday afternoon in USD. Currently with the Market turmoil, converting to my currency, I get more CDN in exchange.

With My Passive Trades, I've been withdrawing and putting 50% of my payments or more back in to increase daily earnings.

Now that I've moved more into 'Staking', there are limited options for that sector in the crypto world so far and I don't mean the many 'Mining Staking Plans' where daily fees are deducted, but earning a daily or 'twice a week' interest gain on my principal 'coins'. The interest rate also has to be enticing enough, like a reasonable 6% with Kraken and the Tezos token (registered with the State of New York). The only Token that's in their 'Staking' plan for now with more coins to be added later.

I've been a user of the Waves.Exchange since registering in 2019, which now offers 'Staking' as well so testing that with the USDN token at 10%.

March 6th

Lucrative Fund Club sent USD my way and I continue to do the optional surf Ads for points that are convertible to USD.

Diversity Fundalso paid me in USD yesterday afternoon.

After 14 years in business, SolidTrustPay is sadly closing on April 1st. Members can withdraw their funds in the usual methods available. During the years before and after the adaption of Bitcoin for transactions, STP was one of the main processors used with the categories of ventures I pursue today. Never had a worry with my funds in there run by an honest Founder/CEO.

March 4th

Despite the wild ride in the Stock Market these days, Bitcoin has been hanging around the same range for a few days now. Nothing wrong with a bit of stability in the price but usually doesn't last long.

I further funded My Passive Trades and the newer ... CT Passive that's been in sort of a prelaunch phase with Friday, March 6th being the official start date.

March 3rd

Diversity Fund sent me USD yesterday afternoon.

March 2nd

My first 'venture' payments for March came in today. My Passive Trades completed a Bitcoin transaction to my external Wallet.

ProfitableAdz issued me another quick USD payment and continue to build on my profit there while my earlier spends have expired.

Million.Money, the Ethereum 'Smart Contract' program I mentioned on Feb 19th, is working for me just through 'Spill Over' and probably some recruiting done by my uplines as Ether payments come in and I move up another level. Takes time and patience of course but just a side gig for fun to see how far I can go up the levels from a starting 0.03 ETH or about $7 USD  and maintain a profit

without adding more ETH personally.

Also experiment and test a Smart Contract where it's automated and the only support and assistance is through a Telegram or Facebook Group. That takes some getting used to.

Bitcoin and the majority of the top digital coins/tokens are looking better today.

February 29th

Sanze Profit sent USD my way yesterday.

I tested a withdrawal with8bitearly this morning and was paid instantly in USD. In return, I funded another package (These get added manually). There are 5 plans and I go for the ones that offer bonuses such as the 6 month and 1 year currently. I joined their Telegram group for additional daily bonuses and the latest updates/news.

There are several choices of payment processor or crypto coins to use with a break down of each for funding and withdrawals. I'm also using the stable coin, Paxos USD. I'm getting to like the flow of this venture.

February 28th

Diversity Club sent me USD yesterday and they have added 4 more sites to their portfolio (one is private and by invite only). I joined CT Passive and that site launched on December 8th, 2019: $5 advertising packages that earn 1.5% per day (50% goes to repurchase balance).

February 25th

My Passive Trades  sent me Bitcoin today and I further funded.

ProfitableAdz paid me in USD yesterday and I'm in profit now with that venture

Received USD from My Marketing Formula today via my earnings from the Founder shares.

OneAdPack updated they have their document issue with Coinbase resolved and back to normal.

Update for March 7th. More issues with Coinbase. Site will be on hold for 1 week to seek alternative for crypto transactions.

February 23rd

Going on about 16 months,Revsuptimecontinues to perform as advertised and the Admin updated a new site is in the works with an ETA of a month or two. I'll be joining that when it surfaces online and update about it.

I add more funds to 8bit yesterday; into the yearly plan. Interest paid on principal increases over the months with their compensation plan.​

February 21st

Lucrative Fund Club  now has a 'no surfing' Ads required to earn daily. Cool! But, members can continue to surf to gain 'points' where 100 equals 1 dollar. Come in handy down the road as I build up these bonus points. 

ProfitableAdz  paid me quick again today in USD and I funded as well.

OneAdPack sent USD funds my way yesterday. On the Bitcoin side with the site, they are working with Coinbase that requested documents. Meanwhile they are using the CoinPayments site for Bitcoin funding and withdrawals. Coinbase is cheaper 'fee' wise.

My Marketing Ads  is a new project from the AdClickXpress. This site doesn't have a daily earning compensation plan. Rather, it's function is a 'downline builder' and a passive 'sharing' plan.

Currently, the 'Founders' spots are open and the more a member funds the 'Founders' (for the lifetime of the project) the more he or she earns from all the purchases made into the site. There is information on site regarding the Founders and Affiliates areas of the plan. 

So far, I have earned more than I initially funded just for having a 'Founders' spot with no sponsoring and have been paid. 

February 20th

Diversity Fund ... for the previous week my gain was up at 5.8% based on principal and received a USD payment yesterday.

February 19th

Smart Contracts fall under the Ethereum network and are a computer program driven model that perform all the transactions on auto pilot.

For example, I followed Diversity Club into a smart contract called Million.Money. Totally new to me so a learning experience. I added a MetaMask Ether wallet to my google chrome browser that can be set up by a simple search on Google for that name, MetaMask. Can't use a regular Ether wallet like on Coinbase, for example.

From there I transferred 0.04 ETH from Coinbase to my MetaMask wallet. 

On the Million.Money site, I registered automatically and can also do that manually 'copy and pasting' my MetaMask 'Ether' or 'Receive' code. I was in and bought Level 1 with Million.Money doing an instant request to my MetaMask wallet to shift 0.03 Eth to Million.Money for Level 1. 

Now, I have a choice, just keep my commissions in my MetaMask wallet with the option to send back to my Coinbase wallet or ... buy Level 3. I'm due more commissions so I wait for now.

From there, the smart contract took over and currently in profit where downline and spillover downlines send commissions direct to my MetaMask Wallet. There is no Admin or support. The only source of information is on the Million.Money Telegram group I joined.

Just an example of 'Smart Contracts'. 

​​February 18th

Although still young with online time compared to most of my ventures,ProfitableAdzis living up to it's name so far and I received a quick USD payment yesterday. 

February 16th

I've been looking at this venture off and on for awhile now and decided to fund a couple days ago.

8Bit, over a year online, has that ... back in the day look of Atari and Nintendo 64 gaming look. Like Pong and Super Mario. I remember my son at a young age playing these games. Ok, I played as well.

Opening the hood on all that however reveals some interesting plans. From one month to a year or more, with principal return upon expiry. Daily interest is added to accounts ... plus some daily, weekly and other bonuses are added. 

There is an extensive FAQ section, Telegram group and I tried out the support with quick replies to my questions. 

February 14th

My Passive Trades sent a Bitcoin transaction my way yesterday.

ProfitableAdzpaid me quick in USD today and purchased more packs

OneAdPack   has updated they are closing in on 10,000 members and have raised the number of $1 advertising packs that can be bought and held on site.

Lucrative Fund Club ... requested a USD payment today.

Bitcoin is holding a level around $10,250 USD lately. Seems like the Bears and Bulls are waiting for the next move. I'm anticipating a further move up but as always, highly unpredictable. I wouldn't bet the farm on it rather 'coin' or funds one is prepared to endure for a short or long term loss with the Bitcoin cycles over the years.

Kind of like tracking the stock market equity indexes. A steady up trend for 10 years now. What's next? Big wigs can only predict but can't say 100% a correction is coming or when or continue on at the current pace.

February Thursday

Diversity Fundpaid me in USD yesterday and last week's gains were 5.7%.

I'm enjoying the boost in the price of Tezos (XTZ)  for now in my 'Staking' account in Kraken

February 11th

My Passive Trades had some downtime yesterday with updates from the Admin prior to the site moving to more adequate servers. I get that, where increased traffic can slow down a site's performance and security is also important. Anyway, site is back up and navigation is quick.

I received two USD payments from ProfitableAdz yesterday.

I requested a USD payment from Sanze Profit

​​February 8th

I've been doing some Trading with Bitcoin when I figure it has hit the 'high' for the day. Expectations remain for a run above the $10,000 USD level.

Over the last few days, I got payments from My Passive Trades and Diversity Fund

February 4th

Diversity Fund paid me in USD yesterday and I further funded today. My previous week gain was 5.9% of my principal.

OneAdPack paid me today in USD and further funded that advertising project.

February 1st

My first payment from my online ventures to start February came from My Passive Trades.

Yesterday, I got a USD payment Diversity Fund 

January was good month for HYIP's, Entered two and gained profit from both and from a 'revenue share' model OneAdPack, which I'm still earning in.

Tezos today was pulled up in price to $1.69 USD at this time, More than likely by the rise up of Bitcoin lately. 

January 30th

I requested my principal and earnings from Bynamic and got paid in USD. So now I wait for another HYIP'ish opportunity to come along that looks decent. Meanwhile, both CoinWallet and Bynamic continue to produce earnings and making payments for members at this time.

I added more USD to Lucrative Fund Clubyesterday and I see Diversity Fund has a new 'on site' opportunity to review that may be interesting. I'll decide on that. Not every venture they post on their 'outside' revenue sources works out but they have a good track record since I've been aboard.

January 26th

Diversity Fund  paid out a USD withdrawal to my account with a same day processing. 

I added more funds to Lucrative Fund Clubtoday and additionally gaining LFC bucks (convertible to USD) for my advertising and activities. A neat bonus and addition to my account on a daily basis. The compensation is somewhat similar to Diversity Fund with their 'Step Up ... Laddered' plan.

January 24th

Better Bits  revisited  ... not a get rich fast site but does the job where I prefer slow and steady. Every Monday, interest earnings additions and the latest updates, I got a quick BTC payment added to my external wallet. Low risk

Bynamic is sending me auto USD payments to date and sending daily updates lately. High Risk HYIP.

January 21st

After sizing up the plan for a few days and recommended by Diversity Fund, I funded Lucrative Fund Club with a progressive compensation plan and a sense that the owner(s) are looking after their members.

Bynamic  sent me a first instant USD payment.

January 20th

I decided not to over stay my welcome with CoinWallet and kudos to the Admin. Gained 20% profit and requested my principal back instantly. My first successful venture of 2020 although short term and being a HYIP.

Meanwhile, I registered and fundedBynamic, a HYIP with a similar compensation and a low $1 USD withdrawal limit, Approx. $5 for Bitcoin.

January 19th

So far so good with my treaking into 'staking' with Kraken. I got my feet wet so I'll probably expand into that area of DeFi, where I can earn an interest rate on my crypto holdings instead of gathering dust.

Meanwhile, Sanze Profit, which started back in October 2019, sent me a quick USD payment today and I further funded.

January 16th

WithOneAdPack, the first term of 30 days has elapsed and good to see a profit with extra packs built up thru their repurchase option. A source for advertising as well.

CoinWallet, sent me a couple more USD payments since the last update about that HYIP. I can request my principal now and walk away with a profit if i wish.

January 12th


With the long running Diversity Fund, I received a USD payment yesterday afternoon

My Passive Trades sent me a Bitcoin transaction yesterday as well.

Got my first USD payment from CoinWallet instantly. I'd consider this site high risk where it's a HYIP.

January 11th

Got into that gambling mode today that comes with an initial bit of excitement. I came across the first HYIP for 2020 I'm playing in and funded. CoinWallet  just launched and a plan where members can deposit $10 and up that's locked in for 24 hours; then can be requested. 3.6% is the daily earnings as long as the site runs or principal is requested. $1 minimum cashout. 

January 8th

OneAdPack continues to perform at this time, where I gained 2/3 of my principal back and gaining additional 'packs' with repurchasing. Revenue is up from last week's report. Risk Level ... medium.

With Bitcoin price up today, I decided to swap some BTC to USD Pax on, a stable coin equal to the USD  1:1.

January 4th

I gained a 'same day' USD payment from a withdrawal to start the new year with Diversity Fund and funded as well in turn.

So far, so good with the other ventures shown on this page. 

Been exploring the newest thing to come along in the crypto world called 'DeFi' or Decentralized Finance, which will probably grow in 2020. For example, setting up accounts/wallets and earn interest on 'coins' as long as they stay 'deposited'. More on that interesting sector to come.

Gain Solid Profit with 8 Bit

   Gord's      Updates

 The ventures and companies I   present on my site have no   guarantee of producing a profit for   members involved. It's always wise   to follow the Golden Rules of   investing such as setting aside   funds for 'investment' account(s)   separate from household and family   money.