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 The ventures and companies I   present on my site have no   guarantee of producing a profit   for members involved. It's   always wise to follow the   Golden Rules of investing such   as setting aside funds for   'investment' account(s)   separate from household and   family money.


September 23rd

So far, I'm pleased with my stablecoin: Tether I moved intoNexoearning 8% APY. Interest is added daily to my principal Tether and that compounds for the next day's interest rate. The majority of De-Fi sites run this way and I can withdraw at any time.

I continue to look over new opportunities in this area.

September 20th

Big Investor's 'step ladder' like compensation plan has made a few increases in it's Premium Pack earning rate ... now at 22% during the weekdays with an optional Level 2 for priority payments from withdrawals. My next move is to buy more Premiums and withdraw daily for Level 2 payments. 'Normally', these are paid the following day while normal withdrawals, by my experience with these 'runs', will take longer to get paid out.

September 17th

I've been involved and funded with Mirror Trading for a few days now and the earnings that are added Monday to Friday fluctuate but averages around 0.5% per day so far. The minimum to fund is $40 worth of Bitcoin with no expiry. Shaping up to be a long term venture.

September 16

Revisiting Adviev and Kraken goes Banking

I've been With Adviev for awhile now and slowly building on my investor shares. Got paid quick today to my Litecoin wallet I'm using. Bitcoin is available but Litecoin has a lower withdrawal minimum ..$8.00. I can readily swap from Bitcoin to Litecoin and visa versa in Coinbase.

So, I've more than gained back my first share bought and purchased again today.

Big Investor ... received my first Level 1 Express payment to my external BTC Wallet and received my 'normal' withdrawal I've been getting since the start of this current 'run'. The BI system with Express withdrawals is actually kind of forced withdraws. If I don't withdraw, I can't 'carry forward' a day's earnings allotted for Express to the next day ... so I withdraw daily.

Kraken is one of my 'Fav' trading sites with reasonable fees where they carry the coins/tokens I look for and add occasionally like DOT recently. I use it as a crypto wallet as well. Been with them a long time now and today they updated they have been approved as a Bank in the state of Wyoming ... Kraken Financial with a host of services and options becoming available for US customers/clients.

That's a first for me ... joining with a crypto exchanger and now legal to start up banking operations. Cool

We are thrilled to announce that the State of Wyoming has approved Kraken’s application to form the world’s first Special Purpose Depository Institution (SPDI), and has granted a charter to Wyoming's newest state-chartered bank, tentatively called "Kraken Financial."

Headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Kraken Financial will enable Kraken clients in the U.S. to bank seamlessly between digital assets and national currencies.

From paying bills and receiving salaries in cryptocurrency to incorporating digital assets into investment and trading portfolios, Kraken Financial will be the first regulated, U.S. bank to provide comprehensive deposit-taking, custody and fiduciary services for digital assets. This new institution will be regulated in largely the same manner as other U.S. banks.

September - Sunday

Superstition and trading coin

I've always been superstitious so I don't add the date on posts that come after the 12th of the month. Oh my ... that would throw me right off and I can't have that. Does it make any difference? Probably not but doesn't hurt instead of going against the grain that conjures all that stuff up in my brain.

I bought 'DOT' the other day at $4.4503 each on Kraken and waited. Not much was happening after Bitcoin fell from 12 grand so probably spooked a lot of crypto traders for awhile. Yesterday, DOT began to move up and I sold today at $5.17 each for a gain. I'm looking to 'rinse and repeat' and as always, patience is required.

Big Investor is going into full 'percentage' days (14%) .... Monday to Friday so I'll buy more premium packs in the the AM to boost my earnings. Also with the 'Express Level" for priority payments, a member has to calculate how many Premium Packs ($10) is required to get to a $5 minimum withdrawal or over. The site provides that information as well. I'll request that daily where members can't accumulate, or carry over to the next day amounts for Express withdrawals.

There's also the option to request 'normal' withdrawals that get paid after Express withdrawals are done. I'll be doing that as well.

 September 10th

Cool Running and the addition of a 'venture'.

After several 'runs', I'm particularly pleased with the start of this one with Big Investor, where mgmt is staying longer in the lower end of their 'step up' compensation plan. Fund and cashout when able is the plan from the start and working fine as my Premium Packs expire with a 50% gain.

Update; Sept: 12th: Big Investor has moved up to 14% during weekdays on Premium Packs and 1st Level Express payments available for priority payments. 

I've added Mirror Trading and funded. Accepts Bitcoin and payments come into my account from Monday to Friday. See what the first few payments look like before I get deeper into the site and compensation plan.

September 9th

Bitcoin is edging up in price today but too early to tell if it will be an extended 'rally' after dropping a grand recently. More of interest to me is watching 'DOT'  since being introduced by Kraken and to it's 'Staking' line of tokens which included Tezos. I added Tezos into staking way back when that first started.

DOT started at $3 and went over $6 before falling back and with the recent Market drop, fell back to above $3. Today I bought DOT where I bet on things leveling off and moving up once again. DOT has already gained since I bought but too early to see where it will move in the near future. I added DOT to the Staking plan while I wait for hopefully more gains in price ... at a fixed 12%. Interest payments are added Mondays and Thursdays with Kraken. When and if DOT goes up in price high enough, I will sell DOT for USD, USDT or Bitcoin for the 'planned on' gain.

On the high risk venture side, I now added De-Fi sites to this where it is the wild west in that lawless crypto section as more scams, manipulation plus trickery news comes out daily from that sector as more sites open up.

The original few that started it all, remain running but high fees kept me out and with their governance system... an interest rate I funded for may not be available the next day. I kind of understand that where they try to balance things out with funds going in and out but new people entering will probably be miffed and disappointed at the same time. However, 'seed' funds can be pulled out at any time via the route used to fund a De-Fi, dealing with the 'exit' fees again.

But that doesn't deter thousands as millions continue to be pumped into these sites with profit goals in mind with what they call 'yield farming'.

September 6th

The biggest news from the last few days is the rapid drop in the price of bitcoin of 2 grand or more but if your experienced with Bitcoin, that will happen and occur again from time to time.

Meanwhile, it appears BTC has leveled off in the low 10 grand USD range. Where it reacts more to stock markets movements and other daily news, it will be interesting to see what happens next week when the Markets open on Tuesday, Monday being a holiday; Labour Day. As I mentioned before there are a lot more institutional players (finance and bankers around the world) involved so they have a stock market mindset and buy & sell with big bucks.

Big Investor issued me a couple more Bitcoin payments and has moved up to 12% per weekday (1/2 on weekends) on $10 Premium Packs.

With other ventures, the Bitcoin drop will once again could be a reason to close up shop for some that are not prepared for these big swings.

September 1st

In 2020, they say we have to deal with the 'new normals' ... for sure. Things have changed while other issues and basically life in general stay the same. For the most part, it's adapt and move on.

With crypto, I can see a change where Bitcoin reacts more to the stock market movements at times and so does Gold. Is this the 'new normal' for Bitcoin? Time will tell.

With the Markets down some yesterday, generally 'flat', Bitcoin and Gold began to move up in price until it shifts to 'sellers' or the 'bears' in general ... "how far will we let this go up before taking gains?"

Interesting in Trading USD for Gold and visa versa like in the market place ... only in the crypto world? PAX Gold follows the price Gold fairly closely.

​For example at this time on ... an ounce is $1975. On Coinmarket .. PAX Gold is $1982.

"PAX Gold (PAXG) is a digital asset where one token is backed by one fine troy ounce (t oz) of a 400 oz London Good Delivery gold bar, stored in Brink’s gold vaults. Anyone who owns PAXG owns the underlying physical gold, held in custody by Paxos Trust Company."

With the 'ventures', it's wise to 'cash out' when possible to regain principal and see some gains before getting too deep with a lot of further funding where no one knows when the end is near. That's the way I approach the high risk games.

For example ... Big Investor ... received my 7th payment since the 14th of August (with this 'run')

August 29

I received a quick payment from Adviev and further funded. 

Big Investor, remains at 10% per day on it's progressive interest scale and I received another Bitcoin payment. The next rate for Premium packs will be 11%.

My initial Premium pack purchases have expired and earned 150%. Principal plus 50% profit.

In, Nexo, I'm using the stablecoin, USDT or, Tether and earning 8% APY. What's happening there is Nexo calculates the interest based on my principal, in this case Tether (1:1 with USD) and that gets added to my principal daily. The compounding comes in where the next day's interest is applied to my 'principal + interest' earned to date. 

August 23

I'm no expert in Trading crypto but I do ok at times and important to keep up on the news where crypto is fast paced. But, I know better not to jump in and out when things don't go initially as planned like the dude in this article that seems to be some kind of celebrity although I have never heard of him before ...

No matter how big or small you start in on buying/selling or trading crypto you have to get a sense of what the market is doing although you can forget trying to 'time it' .. can't do it in the stock market and can't do it in crypto either.

I've done a few trades where to my dismay, the crypto I'm trading suddenly heads south hours later and loses value for some reason that might come out in the following day's news. Rarely do I sell for a loss. I wait for the coin to repeat a swing up and come up again for a gain. Patience is required or best not get involved. 

My theory is, if I'm not going to use the funds for anything else only for what I intended, then I'm in no rush to pull them out because the price drops some. More times than not, the price will increase again with my experience and turns out to be a win for the home team.

For example, today I made a Trade from USD to DOT on Kraken at a price of $3.909 each in the AM my time. Not longer after the price dropped to $3.73. I'm in a loss position but I'll wait. Hours later I sold for $4.02... a gain of 12 cents on each DOT I held. Adds up. 

The full time Traders are doing this all day long, earning a living or trying to (more Redbull) and I'm sure stressed at times but I like the fun in getting a gain.

Two words to describe crypto price movements for the most popular Traded coins like the king coin, Bitcoin. Volatile and unpredictable.

August 22

It remains fairly quite on the venture side of things. More quiet than I can recall for so long a period. See what surfaces in September and into the fall, if anything exciting that catches my eye.

No changes in Big Investor so far. Remains at the starting 10% per day (half on the weekends) on $10 premium packs with 'normal' withdrawal requests going out to members.

August 19

I don't like and avoid high fees. I've been experimenting with the De-Fi side of things in the crypto world and got involved with Compound.Finance but every transaction incurs high fees paid in Ether, no matter which coin a member has an interest in. With over 3 billion dollars pumped into these De-Fi sites and a lot of activity ... that usually brings high internal fees with it.

A few days ago after reading up on Nexo , I switched to them and earning 8% on the stable coin, Tether - USDT. Just straight transfers from my Crypto Wallets to Nexo with no Ether fees involved. So far so good and I can borrow funds if I wish but not what I'm into Nexo for, which is collecting interest.

Similar to Kraken's 'Staking' plan, I can pull coins/funds when I wish with no lock in periods. Goes against the laws of physics but I like to keep my coins 'fluid' for Trading.

Big Investor remains at 10% per day on Premium packs and got paid early this morning while I was snoozing. I expect Level 1 to come soon for priority payments.

August 17

I decided to further fund 8Bit and requested a withdraw that was paid right after I submitted. 

C300Club is at it's highest earning rate before the site resets back to 10% for premium packs. Currently, 50% per day and a priority pay level up to Level 4. I suspect the reset to come will not be far off, a few days perhaps to a week from today. I requested a Level 4 today and was paid yesterday as well. This will be my last post doing sort of a 'play by play' of how a 'run' plays out with '300'. 

A few days into it's run, Big Investor also paid me to my Bitcoin Wallet and is currently at 10% with no priority payment levels in place at this time. In other words ... normal withdrawals with processing time posted on site.

August 15

There is a lot of potential to make some decent gains swapping the 'coins' ... even double your 'seed' money and more these days. But ... getting in on these 'coins' before they begin to move 'up' is the thing. Any news that comes out is usually 'after the fact' where the 'run up' has already occurred.

Also, this chasing or Trading 'Altcoins' for gains tends to go on hold at times somewhat while the increases in Bitcoin from mid $11 grand US to near 12 grand (or above) happens and BTC is on the move more frequently lately. Bigger money in the Bitcoin trades for USD or Stable coin for some.

Received my first Bitcoin payment from Big Investor ... this being the weekend, earnings are 1/2 the weekday rate. With BI just starting this new run, I'll build up in packs along the way and the next thing to expect is Level 1 (for priority payments on Premium Packs - $10 each); probably a few days off yet.

C300Club has been in a Level 4 now for a couple days and at 38%. The next move up is 50% before resetting for a new run at 10% for premium packs. 

August 12

As I mentioned on my August 3rd post ... Big Investor is starting a new run today at 10% per day for Premium packs ($10). It will run along the same plan as C300Club but on it's agenda and timeline. I made gains in the last run so all set for another one.

To start, members can withdraw without priority payments in place (Levels and Express pay) and that normally lasts for a week before Level 1 is introduced but each 'run' is different.

I find it like a game of Blackjack where I'm trying to out-think or outsmart the dealer .. or in this case the mgmt of Big Investor.

When a coin or token is on a steady increase ... they call this  a 'Bull' run similar to the stock market term... traders buying to drive up the price. Once again taking Tezos (XTZ), it has been on a Bull run .. going from 

$2.26 on July 5th to over $4.20 USD at this time. Folks buying at $2.26 have easily doubled their money just watching the price going up.

The trend today seems to be a lot of Traders drive up the price of different coins and collect the gains later.

That came more into play when crypto De-Fi became popular not long ago. Those involved chasing the high interest coins, moving in and out of them to the next coin on the way up in price.

August 9

It's been fairly quiet on the 'ventures' side of things on my end but I continue to gain from sites I'm involved with.

C300Club has moved up to 30% per day now, with up to a Level 3 for priority payments (express). I continue to get paid in Bitcoin completing the cashouts I requested.

There are two 'Premium Earnings Cycles' left before this current 'run' will reset back to 10% for premium packs. Those are 38% and 50% and a possible Level 4 for priority payments to come. I expect that Level 4 sooner rather than later.

I'm just showing this current C300Club 'run' from start to finish for information purposes and not a promotional thing for anyone to join. 

Tezos ... missed gains on my end where there's what I call volatile trading going on steady during the day. Again, unusual for Tezos to move so much up and down. I was debating Tezos at $3.10 yesterday morning early .. it went up to $3.58 for the high at the time of this post. Using a $200 USD for a trade for example... that's a missed gain of 31 USD in 24 hours... a quick gain of 15%.

So, that's an example of the interest Traders have just in the the Tezos coin among many, including the top in market cap. ... Bitcoin.

August 3

A new week with C300Club and remains at 28% with up to a Level 3 priority for withdrawals. I'm not encouraging anyone to join this where it's over 'mid run' with regards to Premium pack 'percentages' ... just showing how a 'run' performs.

I prefer the newer site, Big Investor ... which is nearing the end of a current run and will restart again at 10% for Premium packs. I'll update when that happens. An opportune time to start again on my end, with high risk in mind.

Sad news today where Diversity Fund is no more after 3.5 years. Since mid March of this year, things have been going downhill for the club. It was a good run.

August 2

Adviev  paid me today in fairly quick time. Same owner as Revsuptime which has a good reputation to date.

Patience paid off where I made a gain with a Tezos to USD trade after it moved up after being 'anchored' at about the same price for a few days. I'll wait for it drop in price once again and repeat. I useKrakenwhere they have a vast variety of trading pairs and options plus 'staking' available.

After researching the De-Fi niche of crypto land, which by the way ... now has moved up to a crazy 4 billion USD involved, the bulk of that since mid June ...

I figure Compound.Finance is the most popular at this time and the highest staking interest rate (APY) in Compound is for USDT (Tether) so I funded. Rate was 8% this morning but that fluctuates

July 31

C300Club has moved up again to 28% per day on Premium packs. They have also added Level 3 for priority payments; essentially this means members that want to use Level 3 for withdrawals are required to buy new Premium packs for this level ... enough to be at or over the minimum withdrawal amount.

Note: Premium packs bought at Level 2 and lower do not qualify for Level 3. 

This 'run' started around the 1st of June. It will end when mgmt makes the call after the maximum amount of 50% per day on Premium packs has run it's course. A new run will start after that resetting to 10% per day.

July 30

I added funds to Adviev today and soon be over the minimum withdrawal hump. Moving along nicely to date.

C300Club has moved up to 25% per day on 'Premium' packs while staying on Level 2 for withdrawals. I've been paid since my last post about the site. Keeping high risk in mind.

July 28

Besides Bitcoin taking an unexpected shoot upwards in price, it's been fairly quiet in this last week of July.

C300Club has moved up to 22% per day for Premium packs and remains at Level 2. I've been paid consistent throughout this current run. Premium packs expire quicker as the 'rate per day' goes up.

July 22

As I follow the current run of C300Club, which offers 'Premium' packs that 'start a run' with a gain 10% per day to the ending 50% per day ... the site remains on 19% per day, Level 2 priority available for withdrawals.

I'm getting closer to my first withdrawal on the new Diversity Fund site and seen payment proofs so a good start. I'm sure they lost a lot of their momentum since April/May. Hopefully, they will regain that in the weeks/months to come.

​Paypal I see, is going to use a Paxos platform to launch their crypto section of the payment processor. More information to follow on all that.

July 19

The venture sites that I have highlighted on this page in banner form are performing normally to date as advertised and updated. It's been a fairly slow but steady go since April except for C300Club (which also comes with more risk but a consistent payer) .... plus the crypto coin/token Trades I find fun and added excitement at times trying to beat the 'game'. Trying to out think the other Traders out there with the buying and selling.

Winza, the HYIP I joined and funded back on June 1st, sent Bitcoin my way today but I see daily interest is getting lower so don't recommend joining at this late stage, looking at the average run of a HYIP this year.

July 14

C300Club continues to hold at 17% and Level 1. I expect Level 2 soon for priority payments. With this run there was an influx of heavy hitters all of a sudden. Not something I like where it rocks the boat in their favor for awhile but I continue to play. Note: July 15 ... 19% and Level 2 priority for Premium packs.

July 11

Some ventures I deal with us Coinpayments as an option, a growing payment processor with additional features. I actually prefer using Coinpayments where payments that 'time out' or the Admin/Script just plain made a boo boo with the correct amount to send and that has happened ... the refund option is there; sent to the email provider of your choice such as Gmail for example ... with a link to refund and that happens near instant to get the transaction on the go.

For example, has millions of members and when Bitcoin is on the rise, the 'mempool', which is the list of transactions to be completed can spike. causing delays from a couple to several hours. 

So, I made a funding to one of my ventures via Coinpayments. 8 hour limit to be completed. The transaction from Blockchain took longer .. timed out. I then got an email from Coinpayments to claim my refund and that was sent back to my Blockchain 'Wallet'. Cool.

I could then use those funds/coins to make another transaction. Otherwise dealing direct with Blockchain I would have had to wait out the Transaction, which took about 12 hours to complete. Either way the transaction will complete no matter how long it takes by the way.

​I went the Coinpayments route again today with a 'time out' limit of 3 hours with Blockchain ... completed in 6 minutes. All depends how busy it gets.

C300Club is on the move compensation wise. The weekly rate is now 17% and staying at Level 1 (for priority payments). This run, as a recap will conclude at a high of 50% and Level 3 or possibly Level 4 for express payments and that will take awhile to reach at their current pace. At the conclusion of the 'run' there will be an adjustment and then the start of another run, reset back to Premium packs earning 10% ... resuming usually on the same day.

July 7

C300Club ... I continue to get payments daily from my 'Express' Level 1 withdrawal requests and the percentage rate from premiums ($10 each) remains the same at 15% for now. 

Adviev is coming along as gains from my shares accumulate. Cool looking member's dashboard where all the stats are in plain view. ... I'm moving more towards the 'Dai' token (available on Coinbase) that has the highest savings rate compared to the other coins on site. One thing to beware of is that with each transaction where it's under an Ether Smart Contract ... an Ether fee is required or what they call a 'gas' fee so that has to be in my Wallet being used to complete transactions such as send coin/funds from Compound back to my Wallet. Where DeFi is taking off now with over a billion dollars in funds already pumped into that market ... Ether 'Gas' fees can get up there. So far, so good.

July 4

It's been fairly quiet the last few days as the price of Bitcoin is what I call 'lazy' and moving down some since yesterday. My ventures are performing as advertised to date so that's all good.

As mentioned on my 'Blog Notes' page, I entered the crypto DeFi space to experience what that's all about. Definitely need to know what I'm doing there and read the latest news on all that. Basically, with Stable Coins that are equal 1:1 with the USD ... I can earn a fluctuating interest rate so can't really go wrong there but Bitcoin and other Altcoins fluctuate themselves as does their associated interest rates so could as easily lose money rather than gain. Need to keep an eye on the daily prices. Like it all, there's risk to take in consideration when playing.

I already have some experience with that where I 'Stake' on Kraken for interest on my principal twice a week for months now so I'm used to how Tezos swings up and down.

July 1

Adviev has launched and I made my initial purchases. I look forward to the gains ahead in this new venture.

No change in the compensation (15% per day/ 1/2 on weekends) with C300Club so far as daily 'express' payments get paid to my external 'Wallet". Members can also request 'non-express' cashouts as well with a time frame of 2 days to be paid currently. Each run 'caps' at 50% per day for those members purchasing 'premium' packs for a 50% gain on principal. Keep high risk in mind.


​Past performance is not a predictor of future results. All investing involves risk of loss and individual investments may vary. The scenarios provided may not be representative of typical results. Your capital is at risk when you invest — you can lose some or all of your money. Never risk more than you can afford to lose.