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Feb 19

In the Crypto trading ... it's like everything in investing. Timing, risky and throw in some luck into it. Let's take Ripple for example that was below $1 USD last week. If I bought $220 worth of Ripple then, I would be up today to $248, a gain of $28 within a few days.

Moving up to what are called the 'Whales', people who trade thousands up to a million or more at a time, you can see why the crypto trading has become so popular. Again, risk involved with two factors.1. How trustworthy is the site that trades are made on. 2. The threat of Hackers ... stealing millions since Bitcoin started and can close a targeted trading/exchanger site depending on the amount stolen.

Overall, there's the fun and excitement about it. I made a gain! With the loss that comes with the game ... thinking strategy to recoup that.

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